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Background to the necessity of “everybody-all-at-once”

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This is an introduction to a series of articles that will focus on the great vision of “everybody-all-at-once” and the “Global Cooperative Forum” as described by the World-Friend, Adi Da, in his book, Not-Two Is Peace []. From what I see going on in the world right now and what I understand of Adi Da’s urgent communication in Not-Two Is Peace, we really do not have a lot of time to choose the principle of “everybody-all-at-once” before it gets so bad that there is very little we can do to avert terrible events, even collectively. Adi Da clearly states on the first page of part one in Not-Two Is Peace that the “next handful of years is the period in which this choice has to be animated, one way or the other” – referring to the choice between “catastrophic disaster” (that will inevitably be brought about by continuing in the mode of dark “tribalism”) and the “new mode of human cooperative order”. With this understanding in focus, let us briefly consider the political and historical background to the current world situation.

Political and historical background

The broadcasts I have sent recently relative to Obama and the “new” administration of the USA are a way of introducing this discussion about what is needed for real change to occur in the world. Such broadcasts are primarily intended as a wake-up call relative to the fact that although the actors on the stage of government change, the negative and destructive “game” they are playing remains the same. The current administration was put into power in precisely the same type of bloodless “coup d’état” (achieved by every kind of mass manipulation of the common mind via repetitive propaganda and technological “wizardry”) that put the previous administration in power (and the previous one before that and so on). When I was a teenager and started studying politics for the first time, it quickly became clear to me that the charade of “government” is simply a “good cop, bad cop” routine, with the same policies that are negative for the majority of humanity being implemented regardless of whether a “left-wing” or “right-wing” government is in power. One writer calls it the game of “opposames” while in the USA people refer to the “Republicrats” and both terms do help to evoke an understanding of what is truly going on in politics.

“Ruling class” and the “little people”

So, how is it that when the government changes, things stay just the same? The answer to this is that the government is quite literally owned and run by an extremely small group of “elite” families and organisational entities, who presume themselves to be the “rulers” of humanity and have presumed such for many hundreds of years (and even far longer). These families run the global banking system and can create “boom” or “bust” at a whim, based on massive movements of money (these days in the trillions) that can cause markets to crash overnight. Thus, the “little people” (all of us) are easily and skillfully swindled out of a lifetime of hard work, through incredibly criminal and fraudulent acts. The current global economic situation is exactly such a pre-planned and pre-meditated collapse, that is consolidating even more power and wealth in the hands of the few. This is the age-old dynamic on planet Earth of a “ruling class” and “the rest of us” (who are essentially their “slaves”), so there is nothing new about the fact that it is continuing with the current administration of the USA. Interestingly, one should be aware that many key players in this “elite” group are related by blood relatively closely (and have always been so related historically), so it is also evidently some kind of genetic pre-disposition.

[See for a list of the former Presidents and political figures that are blood-relations of Obama by no more than 10 generations – very interesting.]

Whatever combination of forces (including genes and upbringing and so on) it is in these “ruling” folk, that results in an insatiable appetite for power, it is evidently not near as strong in most of us “little people” who would generally just like to live our lives in relative peace and enjoy (as much as possible) the simple pleasures that being alive on Earth can bring. The ones who are addicted to ruling us, however, are not satisfied with such simple pleasures and are constantly involved in seeking greater control and power over their fellow human beings and even over the natural world altogether. In the 1990s I watched a video containing a very enlightening interview with the founder of Nike corporation (who at the time was worth billions of dollars). This man candidly said during the interview that he regularly suffers extreme stress and anxiety to the point of losing sleep, due to being concerned with how to increase his wealth and power even more! Clearly, he is a very ill person (pscyhologically and spiritually) as there is absolutely no positive use or need for a single person to even be worth a billion dollars, let alone more than that! In fact, it is entirely toxic to accumulate to such a great degree, yet our society on the whole idolises such negative accumulation of wealth, as if it is the “goal” of life on this planet.

Failure of “ordinary people” to act makes us complicit

Albert Einstein once said: “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of evil people, but because ordinary people do nothing about it.” So, even though us “ordinary people” (who do not have this kind of evil bent for domination and power built in to us quite so much) would just like to live our lives in peace, we cannot even do that if we choose to do nothing about the real forces of negativity and control that are trying to rule us all. The real issue is actually “ego” and the fact that all of us (including the “ordinary people” and the “rulers”) are constantly working to create a self-serving and limited circle of power and control around us (whether small-scale for “ordinary” folk or large-scale for “ruling” folk), rather than living life as surrender to Reality Itself (whatever you would like to call it – the “Divine Source” or “God” or whatever other term).

Living life from the egoic point-of-view is always destructive to not only oneself but to the world. We are always transmitting our state to everyone and everything, regardless of whether we are holed up in our own living room TV-land or out on the street yelling abuse at people directly. So, in reality all of us “ordinary people” are just as much a part of the game of power and control as the “ruling class” – we are complicit in perpetuating a false and destructive world-view by simply buying into it as “consumers” without using our inherent discriminative intelligence to see that such a choice is not only self-destructive, it is destructive to the whole planet. We would not be ritually distracting ourselves with every form of “poor man” pleasure – such as “reality TV” shows, fast food, fast news and all the other negative anti-culture that people are commonly obsessed with today – if we were choosing to live from a deeper and more fundamental heart-place of real happiness. Some call that heart-place “spiritual” and it is a good word for it. Whatever word is used, it is a place of “prior unity” to use Adi Da’s beautiful term.

“Prior unity” is the necessary understanding

Without the real understanding and acknowledgement of the fundamental truth of “prior unity” we are only living in “ego-land” and causing destruction to ourselves and the world. This is where Adi Da’s “Global Cooperative Forum” and “everybody-all-at-once” comes in to the picture. Ordinary people are the true and necessary source of the real and positive changes required on planet Earth. When millions, then hundreds of millions, then billions of human beings come together from the place of “prior unity” with a cooperative voice that demands good and positive changes (and resists wrong and negative changes), this will be an unstoppable force that will “turn the tide” and change the course of events for the better.

Even with such a turning of the tide, it certainly doesn’t mean that it will suddenly be a glorious, utopian dream here on Earth, which was clearly a whole lot of idealistic nonsense that came from a time when the resources of planet Earth appeared to be unlimited. We now know that the resources are not unlimited, but with intelligent and rapid choices made at a global scale and within the next couple of years, human beings the world over could at least live a much more tolerable life, without threat of immediate starvation or disease or bombing or whatever other terrible fate.

Thus, it is clear that “everybody-all-at-once” is an absolutely necessary requirement from here on out, if humankind is going to have any kind of opportunity for living a relatively positive life on planet Earth.

Written by Savvy108

June 14, 2009 at 6:21 pm

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