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Re: Factcheck or pro-Obama site?

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[This is a copy of an e-mail reply I sent to a friend who wrote me in response to my critical commentary about Obama. He said he suspects the birth certificate issue is a “red herring” and also stated that he wants to make sure “we don’t cannibalise our own in this melee”. My comments in reply are below.]

Thanks for your considered reply to the piece I sent on Obama. I have a number of things to say in response, so please read on…

I’m not so sure about the birth thing being a red herring, having examined many of the claims, counter-claims and so on about it (including the “factcheck” article you cited [here]). Personally, I do not at all trust what is on the factcheck website, having looked into it previously. That is due to the historical and strong association between Annenberg and Obama throughout much of Obama’s political career. Searching with the three key words “annenberg obama connection” on Google brings up many hits to articles proving a direct relationship between Obama and this web site. For example:

Opinion: Why the Obama-Ayers Connection Matters

Obama, Ayers, Annenberg, and ACORN: a family affair?

Thus, there is an obvious conflict of interest and I therefore do not trust this as a reliable source of “facts” after all. A personal determination for sure, but that’s my conclusion. Investigating “factcheck” also leads to a look at Obama’s stance on gun ownership:

Factcheck And Brady Campaign Share Same Sugar Daddy

Note at the end of this article a discussion about Obama and the likelihood of him appointing a judge who supports his positions. Well, this has actually happened now as of late May! Obama’s pick for the Supreme court, Sotomayor, is certainly a hard-line anti-gun advocate and what appears to be an entirely unconstitutional (and extremely dangerous in precedent) decision has just this past week been passed (in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals) relative to the 2nd amendment:

Sotomayor Has Decided That The Bill Of Rights Does Not Apply To The States

It is clear that this woman already has a history of using her influence to effectively shred the Bill of Rights at her whim. That’s at least my straight-talk interpretation of who she is and what her influence means for all of America. Very, very dangerous territory indeed, especially given the simultaneous drive by Obama to establish mandatory youth service (with a very military overtone) and a “national police force” (I can only read this as “S.S.” based on my understanding of history). I see a “perfect storm” brewing that will likely manifest most obviously within 2-3 months, by my estimations. And being someone who is living in the “mother land” right now I am very, very worried about what is taking place very quickly under the “Obama” banner. In fact, I have never felt so seriously disturbed about what I see happening on the political landscape globally (not just in America) in my life.

Personally, I do not support in any way, shape or form either the “soft” or “hard” faction of the Illuminati [one title for the current “power system” in the world] agenda. The “soft” faction wants a totalitarian global police state as far as I see it. While this can be interpreted as “better” than total destruction of the planet, it certainly is no better for the human race, as we would all most directly be slaves to the ruling class at that point. Adi Da has given profound warnings about all of this for many years, including in Not-Two Is Peace most specifically. There is no “answer” from the current political system whatsoever is what I am stating. Adi Da’s direct statement that “the old order is dead” throughout this book clearly says the same thing. We have to move on from the wreckage of a failed system and that is via the “Global Cooperative Forum” and via no other way, as far as I understand things.

Interestingly, much of the negative criticism of Obama is not from “neocons” or whatever one can call that political faction. Much of it is from people who confess to being life-long “liberals” and who have lost all faith in the system due to the obvious fraudulent nature of Obama, his campaign, his new administration and so on. There are entire web sites that were devoted to stopping Obama last year that are run by liberals! For example:

I am neither “left” nor “right” and never really have been. When I was a teenager and started studying politics, it became pretty clear to me that the whole charade is quite simply the “good cop, bad cop” routine. Thus, I do not have any faith in the “opposames” as David Icke likes to call them. None.

My impression of Obama just at a personal experience level is that I do not feel true empathy in him at all. I do not experience anything about his words or actions as “sincere” in any meaningful way. He seems devoid of depthful emotional character, just as Icke writes in his lengthy article (the first link I listed in my e-mail [here]). In my experience, Obama’s whole persona is disturbingly shallow and this worries me greatly. I feel a deep-seated Oedipal [referring to early-life emotional patterning as originally described by Sigmund Freud] relative to his father and it seems badly unresolved. Obama’s main fault in terms of his Oedipal is clearly that he “wants to be liked by everyone” – this is a profound fault when you are elevated to the highest poltiical office in the land (and even the world). Hitler evidently had the same fault. I cannot help but make the comparison. And many, many people loved and worshipped and adored Hitler during his rise to power, just as I am seeing with Obama.

You may think the Hitler analogy is going too far, as some of my friends here have also said to me. However, I do not. There is very strong correlation between the lives of Obama and Hitler at many levels. I cannot write this off and just “hope” that he will turn out differently than Hitler did.

Many people see Obama as a kind of “gift” to the world in the sense of him being a “good” person or some kind of political “saviour” or what have you. I agree with him being a “gift” yet disagree with the interpretation that he is inherently “good” in himself. My distinct understanding is that Obama is a “gift” due to him actually being a perfect fraud that everyone will be able to grasp and see for themselves, such that the entire criminal cartel that is called “government” (really run by international bankers) will finally once and for all be exposed to the light. This whole systemically corrupt “old order” does need to be exposed to the light in my opinion, such that humanity as a whole can realise that there is no solution from the “old order” that is now dead. We must move on from this old paradigm!

I’m not into the melee that surrounds all of these issues (and is perpetuated by mainstream media and so on), quite honestly. My writing about Obama is more a “wake up” call to people relative to the fact that no version of the current political system is ever going to be our “saviour” no matter who the current “actor” (ie. President) is on stage. The only way I see for humanity to move on and survive this mess in a non-destructive way is for the “everybody-all-at-once” awakening to occur and through this, establish and make use of the “Global Cooperative Forum” exactly as described by Adi Da. I do not see any other “solution” to the current crisis that humanity finds itself in.

So, the mystery does indeed continue to unfold and as it does I continue to pray for the heart-awakening of “everybody-all-at-once” as this is the only thing that I feel will make any real difference at all.

Written by Savvy108

June 14, 2009 at 5:06 pm

Posted in Old World Order

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