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Un-learning and re-learning (relative to Obama and more)

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[This is a copy of an e-mail that I sent to a friend recently about Obama.]

Please consider the following important statement about the included references, which is part of the longer introduction [here] that I added to the original e-mail below, prior to sending it to a number of additional friends:

Note that by sending the attached list of article links I am not stating that I agree with every word contained therein! Every person naturally writes from their own egoic “point-of-view” and some writers can at times be expressive of strong nationalism, racism and/or religious discrimination. While I do not support nor condone bigotry or any form of discrimination directed at those presumed to be “other” it can also be said that such attitudes do not inherently invalidate the facts and evidence that any writer is addressing. Every one of us is required to go through a personal consideration of the available evidence such that we can determine our own conclusions as to what is going on. This is what I am inviting each of you to do relative to Obama and the current government of the USA.


Below are some links to get you started on your un-learning and re-learning process, with respect to Obama, the current government and world events… So, here we go down the rabbit hole… Be prepared for a variety of emotions that may arise in you as you read. Everything from tears to anger to “shock and awe” at the depth of the deception is entirely appropriate (and even to be expected) as part of the “un-learning” and “re-learning” process. The process of discovering the “truth” relative to the world definitely can take one through a whole gamut of emotions.

The links below are a good overview of the current situation (totalling approximately 2% of the more than 1,500 documents I have researched in the past two months alone) and there is a whole lot more if you want to go further. It is disturbing stuff for sure, but we do have the complete “blueprint” for the way to resolve this mess, as provided in beautiful detail by the World-Friend, Adi Da. I am absolutely certain that “everybody-all-at-once” is the only way that we will avert the coming disasters and I whole-heartedly pray for such a wonderful awakening and mass movement of positive human energy. May it be so.

[The “blueprint” I am referring to in the above paragraph is the “Global Cooperative Forum” as Adi Da describes in detail in His brilliant book, Not-Two Is Peace (see to download this book for free). ]


Barack Obama: The Naked Emperor
– Excellent summary written in the last days of 2008. Note that I have independently researched all of the things stated in this piece, everything stated has solid backing from the available written news sources on the Internet (mainstream and non-mainstream) and I have come to pretty much exactly the same conclusions (and this was before knowing about this piece of writing). So, research any key names, key words, or themes discussed to find out more background for yourself.

Obama: Transparency, Invisibility, or Treason?
– Detailed look at the secretive nature of Obama and his now formed administration, with a summary of key appointments Obama has made who come from insider CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) background. Also, discusses Zbigniew Brzezinski (Obama’s main handler) in detail and the real intended outcome of the game plan of Brzezinski’s policies (that were first published in his book, The Great Chessboard, in 1979).

Obama Grandmother audio: Barack Born in Kenya
– Audio recording (with on-screen transcript) of a telephone conversation with Obama’s Kenyan grandmother, via a translator (she does not speak English). She attests that she was present at Obama’s birth in Kenya, which if true makes him ineligible to run for President based on the Constitution of the USA.

Obama Crimes: Just the Facts
– Site dedicated to the legal proceedings that have been undertaken to determine if Obama is legally able to be President. Note that rather than simply produce a valid, authentic birth certificate, Obama has instead been paying a team of lawyers (in the order of $1 million of taxpayer money, thus far) to block these court actions. I simply ask, what is he hiding and is this “transparency”?

The Truth VS. Barack Obama (full version)
– List of 67 key lies that Obama made before and during his campaign for President, with numerous links to information sources that give background to each lie. Note that the original site that published the article has removed it for reasons unspecified and it took me some time to find the full list (which did not come up via Google, by the way, but only through other search engines – interestingly). The page link above had some issues with the links still, so I have fixed them up and attached the exact article to this e-mail.

Business International Corporation
– Obama held his first job here after Columbia University. The company was known to have been a CIA cover organisation.

Obama’s Arab name and Muslim heritage
– A detailed look at the fact that Obama’s name is most definitely Arabic. Also discusses his association with the black Muslim, Khalid al-Mansour, an adviser to several Saudi billionaires who also had a history of involvement with militant “community organisations” in the USA. Some very suspicious covering up definitely took place relative to this story.

Obama Administration Enables Saudi Princes to Escape Accountability for Material Support for 9/11 Terror Attacks, Families Charge
– Obama works to block court cases investigating the Saudi Arabian princes who provided material support and financing for the organisations that are said to have carried out the attacks of September 11th.

Obama visits Saudi king before high-stakes speech
– Obama made a point of visiting the Saudi king prior to making his Cairo speech. He was gifted with the kingdom’s highest honour, the King Abdul Aziz Order of Merit, which is a heavy gold chain and medallion. Is this a “thank you” for working to block the legal investigations into the Saudi Arabian princes?

The Hitler Factor: Is It Fair To Compare?
– An in-depth comparison between Hitler and Obama in terms of early life, rise to power, political ideologies and so on.

Parallels – Obama & Hitler
– Punchy and disturbing video comparison of Obama and Hitler. Compelling evidence of great similarities.

Why Obama Really Voted For Infanticide
– Detailed look at Obama’s vote to support “infanticide” (a practice Hitler also suported). [WARNING: graphic description follows – do not read more of this paragraph if such a desciption will be upsetting to you.] This means the killing of “late-term” aborted babies, ie. if a baby of 7 months old is being aborted and happens to come out alive, the doctor potentially does something such as stab the baby in the back of the head with scissors, drain out the brain, and throw the now dead baby in the trash can (not an exaggerated description, by the way, as I have looked into this practice somewhat). Even if the baby is just left in the “utility closet” to die, it is still murder of an absolutely innocent and vulnerable human being. According to his own vote, Obama completely supports this form of horrific murder.

Obama Taps Slime, Barely Passing For Human, To Be His Chief Of Staff
– Scathing look at Rahm Emanuel and his murderous, evil character. Obama officially announced him to as his Chief of Staff a few days after this article was written.

Updated Audio Shocker: Obama’s Gestapo Plan Created Over Two Years Ago With Jew Emanuel In Chicago’s-chief-of-staff-describes-mandatory-civil-service-plan/
– One of the single most disturbing facts about Obama is his intention to create a “national police force” that will essentially be identical to the S.S. created by Hitler. Watch and listen to the links in this article as they make it crystal clear how serious Obama and “Rahm-bo” (as he is known) are about this terrible and dangerous idea.

Journalist Reaches From Grave To Nail Rahm
– Lengthy article that looks at the criminal background and thug mentality of Obama’s Chief of Staff (Chief of SS?). Details many events in Rahm’s political history, involving corruption and scandals all along the way. Discusses his background in terms of his extreme loyalty to Israel, his father who was a member of a known terrorist organisation, plus many more disturbing facts.

Rothschild Agents Take 10 Key Posts In Administration of Rookie President
– Brief summary of 10 appointments made by Obama all of whom are insiders and in bed with the bankers.

The Smooth Criminal Transition from Bush/Cheney to Obama
– Detailed look at the incredible corruption in the new administration and the fact that the criminal acts and war agenda of the previous administration is, in fact, being expanded upon by Obama and his gang (a gang that is really just the same as ever before).

Obama’s ‘Pound Of Flesh’
– Brutal assessment of the complete failure of new administration’s policies and the need for massive and radical changes to be made immediately, including a comparison between the direction of America with that of Hitler’s Germany. This is a highly disturbing article for the simple reason that it is all correct (as far as I can see). Time for everyone to wake up!

American capitalism gone with a whimper
– Blunt and accurate assessment of America’s rapid descent into Marxist totalitarianism, by a Russian writer (who is not too fond of homosexuals, as you can read in the article, but that is not relevant to the otherwise completely accurate critique).

Leading Democrats: Congress, Senate Owned And Run By Bankers
– A true statement like a shining light in the darkness, made by a brave Democrat.

Hope Abandoned: Obama Protects and Promotes CIA Torture Mavens
– A very direct and brutal assessment of Obama’s stance relative to torture and the fact that there is no “hope” for change with the new government, as the same policies are being perpetuated and defended.

Obama’s Middle East Imperialism
– Discusses the increase in the military budget and the escalation of Middle East war and conflict under the Obama administration.

Barack Obama – Mass Murderer
– Brief commentary on the murder of innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan due to the escalation of bombing in the region that has taken place under the Obama administration.

Obama’s Nazi Doctors And Their ‘Reforms’
– Discussion about the revival of identical “health” policies to those used by Hitler, being done by Obama appointed doctors.

Watching Obama Morph Into Dick Cheney
– Discussion about Obama’s expansion of unconstitutional executive powers in the areas of preventative detention and illegal wiretapping of US citizens, as well as commentary on the expansion of wars in the Middle East.

Obama Out-Bushes Bush on Preventive Detention
– Commentary on the fact that Obama’s “preventative detention” policies are worse than those under Bush.

America’s Nightmare: The Obama Dystopia
– Summarises many of the assualts on freedom and sanity that are taking place under Obama.

Obama’s support for the new Graham-Lieberman secrecy law
– Commentary on the new bill being pushed by the administration (with full support from Obama) that will intentionally violate the “Freedom of Information Act” such that one specific thing and one specific thing only can be achieved: blocking the release of torture photos. This administration is certainly no friend of the truth or of transparency.

Time to Look Past Obama’s Words and Face-up to His Actions
– Excellent summary of the militaristic Obama administration with discussion on the suppression of torture evidence, the escalation of military conflicts in multiple countries, the broken promises in terms of Iraq as well as Guantanamo, the huge increases in the military budget and more. This administration is more militaristic than the Bush administration by a long shot and here is good proof.


Emergency Broadcast! New World Order Ahead!
– This 10 minute video is brilliant. It covers all the essential facts about the planned “New World Order” (which is a polite way of describing the totalitarian, banker controlled planet that is being worked towards) and is a great introduction to the issue.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the New World Order
– Another great 10 minute video outlining key the planned “New World Order” and exposing the power that is behind this diabolical plan for a totalitarian police state covering the whole Earth.

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June 14, 2009 at 4:22 pm

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