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Who is Obama and where is his birth certificate?

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[This is a copy of an e-mail that I sent to a number of friends recently.]

The attached message discussing Obama and the new administration of the USA [here] came about in response to conversations I had with a close friend recently. He and I were discussing at length many issues facing America and the world (a number of which he had not previously heard about) and during these discussions he repeatedly requested that I send him an e-mail with appropriate references, such that he can research the material for himself. Thus, I sent him the attached message that includes some 30 or so links to articles that specifically relate to Obama and his new administration, yet they also inherently relate to the whole planet given America’s continuing significant influence in global affairs.

A summary is that Obama is certainly not at all who he said he is during his election campaign (I am being very polite by saying it this simply). His election to the office of President is quite possibly the biggest fraud in the history of the United States of America.

One single issue that makes this likely – without even examing the voluminous evidence that speaks against this man, given the policies he and his administration have been implementing since he took office – is that he has yet to prove that he is a “natural born citizen” of the USA. This is an absolute Constitutional requirement to hold the position of President, yet instead of simply releasing his full birth certificate into the public domain for examination, Obama has been using a team of lawyers to fight literally dozens of court cases taken up by concerned citizens and lawyers across the country (who come from all “sides” of the political spectrum). The expense of Obama fighting some 30-40 such cases has already cost American tax payers in the order of US$1,000,000.

Several members of Obama’s immediate family claim that he was born in Mombasa, Kenya. This includes his step-grandmother as well as his half-brother and half-sister. If true, it would disqualify him from holding the office of President and if proven in court would throw the country into a massive Constitutional crisis, as all laws and policies signed off on by Obama would immediately be null and void. The longer he holds out from simply providing his full Hawaiian birth certificate that he claims exists (as stated in his book, Dreams From My Father, p.26, last paragraph), the more suspicions will arise about his legitimacy to be President of the USA.

Thus far, the only document ever provided by Obama’s staff has been a “Certification of Live Birth” that was (allegedly) scanned and placed on the Internet mid-2008, with the idea that this document was sufficient “proof” of his eligibility to be President. Firstly, this “Certification of Live Birth” does not mean that a baby was physically born in Hawaii. It is compulsory for any newborn child of a Hawaiin resident to be registered, even if no documentation of time and place of birth are given (thus allowing foreign born babies to be registered). Furthermore, only the word of one parent is required to register a birth. Thus, Obama could well have been born in Kenya and then after his parents flew back to Hawaii with him they could have simply registered his birth there for the record.

Secondly and more disturbingly is that the “Certification of Live Birth” Obama’s staff produced on the Internet has been proven to be a forgery by several experts as well as a multitude of intelligent concerned citizens who have examined the digital copy closely. Thus, even if the “Certification of Live Birth” was sufficient proof of place of birth (which it is not) the document produced on the Internet (that has allegedly been handled physically, but only by Obama’s staff) has been proven to be a forgery.

Almost 400,000 citizens of the USA have already signed an online petition asking Obama to produce his real and authentic birth certificate. This is a phenomenal number, given that a common idea held by politicians in Congress is that dozens of people likely feel the same way as every one person who signs a petition. Thus, we are certainly talking about millions of Americans (and counting) who want an answer to this perfectly valid question relating to Obama’s legitimacy.

As yet, there has been barely one mention of this huge story in any mainstream press in the USA (or anywhere in the world). It is an issue that is consistently ignored and suppressed with passion. Why? If he does have a real and authentic birth certificate, he could simply pay approximately US$12 to get a real and authentic certified copy of this birth certificate mailed to him. Yet he has not done this in almost one year since this issue arose.

Three useful links relative to the issue of where Obama was born:

I have added the above commentary about this significant and important issue to the e-mail that I originally sent my friend, as this is evidently the “elephant in the living room” relative to Obama’s election as President of the USA. Many additional and very disturbing facts about Obama and the new administration are presented in the attached [here] via several dozen links for your perusal.

Note that by sending the attached list of article links I am not stating that I agree with every word contained therein! Every person naturally writes from their own egoic “point-of-view” and some writers can at times be expressive of strong nationalism, racism and/or religious discrimination. While I do not support nor condone bigotry or any form of discrimination directed at those presumed to be “other” it can also be said that such attitudes do not inherently invalidate the facts and evidence that any writer is addressing. Every one of us is required to go through a personal consideration of the available evidence such that we can determine our own conclusions as to what is going on. This is what I am inviting each of you to do relative to Obama and the current government of the USA.

Written by Savvy108

June 14, 2009 at 4:37 pm

Posted in Old World Order

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  1. Don’t forget this major compilation surrounding the birth certificate:


    June 14, 2009 at 10:58 pm

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