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“Global Warming” or “Global Cooling”?

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The below links are a small sample of the massive amount of evidence contrary to the “anthropogenic global warming” (AGW) theory – “anthropogenic” meaning “caused by humans”. There are many thousands of articles on the Internet discussing climate change and this page will be updated periodically with links to new articles of particular interest.

Note that by providing these links to discussion of evidence contrary to the current “official” AGW theory, I am most certainly not advocating any kind of continuing destruction to the environment! Human beings have indeed had a calamitous impact on the total Earth-system, through all kinds of terrible and short-sighted practices,  including:

  • Destruction of huge areas of natural wilderness for timber, mining of ore (for metals and minerals) and industrial farming;
  • Toxification of huge areas of land globally through use of chemicals in mass-farming operations and through general dumping of toxic waste (in landfills and even in natural habitats without any legal permission);
  • Toxification of a huge amount of fresh water sources globally, via putting  every kind of industrial by-product into the waterways without regard for the fact that this waste is usually extremely dangerous and often causes all manner of disease in humans and non-humans;
  • Toxification of the air globally, through every kind of gas by-product of industry and commerce, including many that are far more dangerous than CO2 (which is actually plant food and not truly a “toxin” as it is essential to all life on Earth!);
  • Destruction of entire species at an alarming rate due to human overpopulation (and the synchronous infringement on natural habitats) and mass slaughter (for food or “precious” items such as tusks), to the degree of sending 30% of all plants and animals into extinction over the tiny period of 30 years from 1970 to 2000 (a truly alarming rate!);
  • Industrial farming of genetically modified (GM) crops (of “hybrid” plants that have been proven to cause cancer by hundreds of studies in many different countries), resulting in the spread of GM crops (via scattering of seeds) into the wild such that they mix with non-GM crops and begin to destroy the natural and essential bio-diversity of planet Earth; and
  • Use of nuclear munitions in armed conflicts that pollute natural environments on a massive scale and for potentially hundreds of years, such as in Iraq (where there are now thousands upon thousands of horrific radiation-related deaths, illnesses and birth defects, due to the use of nuclear munitions by the Anglo-American invaders).

This is a small list of some of the most obvious destructive effects that human beings are having on the Earth-system. Clearly, a number of these issues are far more urgent and pressing than the possibility of humankind causing “global warming” – if we continue to toxify the land and the water, soon there will be massive starvation and literal dying of thirst globally. This is far more urgent a concern than whatever possible effect humans are having on the overall heat of the Earth, yet there is almost no attention on such issues in the mainstream media. Why?

The only answer to this is that such issues cannot be as easily used to gain more political and economic power over the “masses” of humanity. Dealing with the terribly toxic practices of big industry is not really in the interests of big industry, as it happens! So, instead of dealing with these more serious and systemic problems (due to our abuse of technological means over the past 100 or so years) we are instead sold a bunch of fear-mongering via the media using the psychology of  “you little people are bad, because you drive those naughty farting cars and have homes that use too much electricity created by other naughty farty processes” – yet, the proposed (and in some places, already implemented) “solutions” to the presumption that we are emitting too much CO2 do not actually make any significant difference to the overall CO2 that humankind will continue emitting! The only benefactors of the various “cap-and-trade” schemes are the wealthy and the powerful, as they will make more money on such schemes that we will be paying for via huge increases in our taxes.

It is time for humankind to wake up to the fact that we are destroying the environment of planet Earth through a multitude of terrible industrial practices that urgently need to be transformed such that they are made benign and sustainable.


Articles on Climate

It’s The Sun, Stupid!
– A brief introduction to the correlation between solar activity, cosmic ray activity and temperature on Planet Earth.

Rise of sea levels is ‘the greatest lie ever told’
– Discusses the fact that the sea level has not risen in over 50 years.

Antarctic Sea Ice Up Over 43% Since 1980, Where Is The Media?
– Discussion about the 43% increase in Antarctic sea ice since 1980 and lack of any mainstream media coverage of this fact.

The Antarctic Wilkins Ice Shelf Collapse: Media recycles photos and storylines from previous years
– Proof that the mainstream media is involved in a conspiracy of lies relating to “global warming” shown by the recycling of exactly the same photographs and storylines from previous years for the sake of fear-mongering.

US Navy Physicist warns of possibly ‘several decades of crushing cold temperatures and global famine’
– Discusses the currently quiet sun (lack of sunspots) and the real threat of much colder temperatures for a number of years.

Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier is advancing at the rate of seven feet per day!
– Talks about the rapidly advancing Hubbard Glacier in Alaska and the likely association with the currently quiet sun.

Global warming alarmists out in cold,21985,25401759-25717,00.html
– Covers 10 common myths about “global warming” with rebuttals to each based on the scientific evidence.

Scientists proclaim climate change is natural
– Discussion about the economic destruction that would result from Australia’s version of “cap-and-trade” (ETS) and the fact that the real climate threat right now is global cooling.

The Climate In May: Cold!
– Temperatures in New Zealand for May 2009 have been lowest ever recorded in many places.

Global Warming Petition Project
– Petition signed by 31,478 American scientists (9,029 with PhDs) rejecting the notion that CO2 causes warming.

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June 15, 2009 at 3:41 pm

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