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“Principles Regarding A Global Cooperative Forum” – Section I (1.1 – 1.19)

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Not-TwoIsPeaceBookHaving briefly described the political and historical background to the necessity of “everybody-all-at-once” (in my previous article), here I take a direct look at part one of Adi Da’s book, Not-Two Is Peace. Part one is titled “Principles Regarding A Global Cooperative Forum” and is written by Adi Da in a numbered format, so for example it progresses from 1.1 through 1.55, then 2.1 through 2.43, then 3.1 and so on. In this discussion I am going to focus my commentary on specific passages, though I also urge everyone to read and consider the entirety of part one (and indeed the whole book!) for themselves, so as to fully receive Adi Da’s brilliant and timely vision of the Global Cooperative Forum.

All quotes from the book below are indented and in bold type. My commentary is interspersed throughout.

I. On The Dangers of The Old “Tribalisms”, and the Necessity For A Global Cooperative Forum Based On The Prior Unity of Humankind

This sub-title for part one, section I, clear summarises the source of the current problems in the world and also states what is required to move on.

1.1    The old moral, social, and political order of humankind is now dead.

This is the first statement in part one and essentially the opening sentence for the entire book. It is evidently extremely blunt and to the point. Adi Da is not beating around the bush with any indication that there is a way for the old order to work or for it to be somehow “fixed” such that it can be better. He point-blank states the obvious reality of our situation: the old order is dead. This is a wake up call. We need to collectively let go of any “hope” or “belief” in the idea that the old order is ever going to be of true help to humanity any longer. It is not. Period. Time to move on to a new paradigm entirely.

1.2    This is the moment when it will be decided what the future is going to be.

1.3    The future is either going to be catastrophic disaster, or it is going to be the turnabout moment in human history, in which humankind will step out of its dark ages of “tribalism” into a new mode of human cooperative order.

These statements express profound urgency relative to the current moment on planet Earth. Also, here is the first description by Adi Da of the new paradigm that is required to move on from “tribalism” and that is “human cooperative order”.

1.4    This next handful of years is the period in which this choice has to be animated, one way or the other.

1.5    All generations now alive will have to make things right, or everything is lost.

Again, the immediate urgency of the situation is made clear by Adi Da, as well as the fact that everything is at stake here.

1.6    The old civilization is about “tribalism”. The new politics is about the civilization of “humankind-as-a-whole”, and only this has the potential for a viable human future. Humankind cannot survive a “tribal” world.

We are indeed one “human family” as Adi Da has said many times over the years. The biological and historical differences between us are essentially miniscule, yet so much is made of these differences in our continuing “tribal” world. Genetically, all humans are at least 99% exactly the same. That tiny and superficial 1% is what accounts for all the physical differences such as skin colour, physical build and so on. Yet, the propoganda machine of the “tribal” world (via TV and every other form of mass media nonsense) continues to make much of these tiny “differences” between human beings. This is entirely divisive and destructive. Adi Da is making it very clear that humankind cannot survive a world that continues in this “tribal” mode.

1.7    Starting in the nineteenth century and through the twentieth century, all the “tribes” found themselves face to face—and terrible wars, using the means of industrial civilization, have been the consequence.

1.8    At the same time, there are all the other effects of humankind’s impact on the Earth—from global warming to migrations, urban chaos, shortage of crucial resources, disease, and poverty.

1.9    At present, most of the energy of humankind is going into industrial-age warrior conflicts rather than addressing urgent global realities.

The truth of 1.9 is patently obvious even with the most basic understanding of current world events. We are in a massive “financial crisis” globally that has been brought about by misuse of energy on a monumental scale (in many ways, but especially in relation to armed conflict). Trillions upon trillions of dollars, billions of man-hours (when you consider that the US military alone employs hundreds of thousands of people, who in one year can expend at least 2,000 hours of work each), as well as vast amounts of finite natural resources have already been wasted on enormous and violent conflicts around the world.

As anyone who has read the slightest details about the US budget knows, more than US$500 billion per year (officially) goes to the military. These days “emergency funding” is also used for aggressive conflicts in other countries (done under Bush and now under Obama) that in total comes to additional hundreds of billions of dollars. And then there are all the less obvious billions upon billions that go to “espionage” and “security” (in the form of the growing technological apparatus of a totalitarian police-state) and on and on and on.

Since the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq took place in March 2003, it is estimated that at least two trillion dollars has been wasted on this one conflict alone! This is apart from the horrendous loss of life estimated to be 1.5 million Iraqi deaths as of earlier this year (2009) that would not have been so without the ongoing violent conflict. This terrible waste of human life and energy and resources on useless “industrial-age warrior conflicts” must be stopped immediately. This energy and these resources need to be re-directed to the pressing issues facing humankind immediately. The voice of “humankind-as-a-whole” needs to rise up in a global outcry demanding that these violent conflicts be brought to an immediate end, such that we can get on with the real business of dealing with “urgent global realities”.

1.10   Wise leadership is essential for humanity now. The necessity is for those who have the clarity to see what is going on, and who know what to do about it, to get the support of the human population.

1.11   The kind of leadership needed begins with disciplined individuals who are responsibly managing their own lives, rather than merely going along with the consumerism of conventional society.

A direct call for the necessary leadership of the global cooperative movement, which will be fully responsible individuals who are not bound by the conventional mode of “consumerism” that is currently ruling our society. It is going to take an organic, street-level process to find such leadership and to then empower such leadership with the support of the human population. This needs to be happening now, so if you feel you are such a person or know someone who you feel is such a person, post a comment to this article and start the conversation about how you can be involved!

1.12   The modern “everyman” of consumer society is a propagandized individual, participating in illusions and, effectively, self-destructing.

1.13   The modern “everyman” is being created by the power system of the world, because it is in the interests of that power system for there to be consumer egos who are “self”-involved, “self”-seeking, and stupefied.

These two passages together are a brilliant and brutal critique of the current “status quo” that is being perpetuated by the “power system” as well as by the choices of “everyman” to be a stupefied consumer. It is clear that the modern “everyman” is a slave to a system that they barely even notice or understand (if at all). This is entirely as intended by those who run the “power system” as it means that the modern “everyman” does not even blink as all our human rights are stripped from us – due to hyped fears of “terrorism” and the subsequent “need” for greater “security” or whatever other Orwellian double-speak that the “power system” fills the headlines with on any particular day.

1.14   Generally speaking, politicians have to stay identified with the common mind and common illusions. But it is too late for that. The world cannot afford leaders who are deluded by the old patterns of culture and of mind.

Yet, the current leaders of the day are evidently all continuing to be deluded by these same old patterns. Obama has made reference to Jesus numerous times in a variety of public statements to the USA and the world, far beyond what Bush even did. Then, in his recent Cairo speech Obama specifically attacked everyone who does not subscribe to the “official” government lie (or “illusion”) relative to the events of September 11th, 2001, as well as denigrating and calling “ignorant” and “hateful” anyone who happens to question various “official facts” of history relative to World War II.

Such statements are completely arrogant and divisive, as words like this make it clear that the power system of the USA intends to continue enforcing the particular “old patterns of culture and of mind” that it believes to be true, over against any other possibilities. Obama ran for president as a “uniter” yet through observing his actions and listening to his words over the past six months, it is clear this is very far from the truth. His indoctrination with precisely the “deluded old patterns” and his idenfitication with “the common mind and common illusions” is clearly revealing him as a leader we “cannot afford” at this critical moment of human events.

Obama is definitely not at all unique in this failing, as many other world leaders (including in England, Canada, Australia, much of Europe and so on) are also continuing to animate and perpetuate the useless old patterns of mind relative to all manner of issues. We truly cannot afford any of these leaders right now and people must awaken beyond these old patterns of mind to realise that we are all in this together and thus, we need to find cooperative solutions without resorting to divisive language and actions based on “the common mind and common illusions”.

1.15   If the global chaos that is now happening is not re-organized by the force of truth, it is going to be done by other means—including totalitarian and dark materialistic means.

The real probable path humankind is facing right now is precisely this “totalitarian and dark materialistic” one. This is being worked on in earnest by the “power system” of the world as I write this, just as it has been worked on consistently for decades (and more). A key avenue that is being used to help bring about such a totalitarian situation in the present moment (June 2009) is this “swine flu” that has just been announced as an official “pandemic” a few days ago.

This “pandemic” declaration is a matter of serious concern to every human being. Not due to the lethality of the virus (pneumonia kills almost 200 people per day on average in the USA, by way of comparison), but due to the fact that it can now be used as a deceptive cover to begin the literal and direct implementation of a (“medical”) police state around the world. The “power system” is certainly behind this, as there are already multiple countries where human rights are being massively infringed upon, with this virus being the excuse.

1.16   Humankind now needs to choose its collective survival and well-being in the real world, rather than determining its politics based on old mythologies.

1.17   There has to be a global understanding that world peace requires stepping beyond both religious mythologies and secular ideologies.

1.18   The old “tribal” mythologies may touch upon Reality and the Absolute, but they are also human inventions—and their exclusivist and absolutist claims must now be relinquished.

1.19   If there is not this relinquishment, there is going to be nothing but disaster, created by the psychotic struggle for one or the other to be the winner.

Clearly, we are still in a situation where these old “tribal” religious myths and secular ideologies are continuing to create disaster. This all needs to be relinquished if world peace is going to be allowed to manifest. No one has the right to continue enforcing any of these myths or ideologies on anyone else. Yet, the USA continues to violently attempt such enforcement of its secular ideologies on entire nations, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, resulting in massive loss of life and destruction of whole societies. Meanwhile, Israel continues to violently enforce its religious mythology on the innocent people of Palestine, who get slaughtered by the Israeli army with barely a whisper of this atrocity in the Western press.

An unwavering demand to end this terrible “psychotic struggle” must now come from humankind-as-a-whole. This will require each and all to relinquish their own attachment to “tribal” mind, through understanding that these variations in the “texture” of humanity are only due to historical and superficial reasons. We are all part of the one “human family” and we must begin to live from the basis of this understanding, such that the new “human cooperative order” can be the foundation of rightening the situation globally.


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Written by Savvy108

June 15, 2009 at 5:47 pm

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