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Stop “Cap and Trade” (ETS) Scheme

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Sign a petition to oppose the “Flawed Carbon Trading Scheme”

This petition of certain citizens of Australia draws to the attention of the House the fact that:

  • We live on a dynamic planet; natural climate change occurs all the time.
  • As a nation we need appropriate infrastructure and planning to protect against climate change including long-term warming or cooling and severe weather related events such as cyclones, droughts and bushfires.
  • Global temperature increased slightly in the late 20th century and has been decreasing since 1998. Neither the warming nor the cooling is of an unusual rate or magnitude.
  • Cutting carbon dioxide emissions in Australia will result in no measurable change in future climate. Australia contributes less than 1.5% of global emissions.
  • The introduction of a Carbon Trading Scheme represents a major economic intervention that will drive Australian industries and jobs overseas.


“During the American Revolution, there was the cry that taxation without representation was tyranny. This should now be a global outcry. Governments everywhere are taxing people, and they are not rightly representing the interests of the people.” – Adi Da, Not-Two Is Peace


The carbon trading scheme being pushed forwards by the Rudd government would have massive negative implications for the lives of every Australian if passed into law. In the USA an equivalent “cap-and-trade” scheme is being pushed forwards that would have a “scientifically meangingless” effect on any potential warming [1], while resulting in an increase of US$10,000 in new energy taxes for the average American family [2].

Similarly, the Australian carbon trading scheme would cost the average Australian family at least AUD$3,000 in extra energy taxes while giving “an immeasurable temperature reduction of one ten thousandth of one degree” [3]. It would also favour jobs and industry moving overseas, to countries that do not have similar carbon trading laws. Thus, food and products that Australia businesses currently provide directly to Australians would end up being imported as many local businesses would not be able to afford the huge increases in energy tax!

A Victorian agricultural scientist says “Rudd’s carbon tax [is] bad governance” [4] and provides a lengthy list of the real and negative implications of any such scheme for Australia. Another commentary describes it as a “policy of slow strangulation” that “can achieve absolutely nothing, in terms of any perceived climate outcomes, but it will hurt all Australians and damage the economy” [5].




Further Reading

Carbon Tax
– Summarises the false science behind “global warming” and the very negative economic implications of a carbon tax.

Australian Climate Madness
– Background to the petition against the carbon trading scheme with a few key facts.

“Global Warming” or “Global Cooling”?
– A number of links (that will be updated periodically) to information and articles about climate change. The brief introduction on this page makes the point that there are many other environmental issues that need more urgent attention than possible “global warming” and a list of some of these key issues is provided. Discussion about possible “global cooling” has become more common over the past year, due to obvious lower temperatures globally (2008-09 was the coldest winter for many years in much of the northern hemisphere), huge increases in ice mass that are happening in many places, the much quieter sun (with very few sunspots over the past two years) than seen since about 80-90 years ago (when it was noticeably cooler globally) and so on.

Written by Savvy108

June 15, 2009 at 3:51 pm

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