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Is a “false flag” terror attack planned for 2009?

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Jun 19, 2009: Please understand that the following is not written for the purpose of creating any fear in anyone. It is true that the corporate mainstream media is ritually used as an instrument of fear-mongering through the many over-hyped “threats” that are blasted out over the airwaves on a daily basis. This is done most often for the purposes of “selling” something to the propagandised audience, such as the need for less liberties to achieve greater “freedom and security” or the need for greater government control to achieve less corruption or whatever other oxymoronic and Orwellian ideas the power system of the world wants to promulgate.

The purpose of this blog site is entirely distinct from such fear-creating madness, yet to be free of fear inherently requires that hidden darkness be exposed to the light. Thus, some articles on this site will inevitably require an investigation of certain terrible events and possibilities. The purpose of such articles (including this one) is to reveal the agenda of the power system in the world, such that we are collectively empowered (through a more accurate and true understanding of current events) to resist the attempts of the power system to gain further control over humankind.


Terror attacks – “cui bono?”

Is a “false flag” terror attack [1] planned for 2009 in the USA? This is a question that thousands of US citizens are now asking, who have been “joining the dots” between certain pieces of information readily available on the Internet. Before we look at this information, though, it is useful to discuss the likely outcomes of any future “terrorist” attack on the USA while considering the age-old question, “cui bono” – “to whose benefit?”

Applying “cui bono” to the attacks of September 11, 2001, we immediately see that it is the power system of the world that benefited from those terrible acts (and not some vague group of “freedom hating” terrorists holed up in caves in Afghanistan). The mass-murder of close to 3,000 human beings on that day has been the “excuse” used by the military-industrial complex to justify seven and a half years of horrific warfare in multiple countries on Earth. It has also been the “excuse” used by the government of the USA (and the governments of many other countries, such as the UK, Canada and Australia) to implement more and more of the apparatus of a totalitarian police state. Thus, we easily see that corporate and government interests were the true benefactors of September 11.

If another “terrorist” attack occurs in the USA, it is almost certain that martial law will be implemented in some form. During the two terms of the previous administration, a number of new laws were created that make it extremely easy for the President to declare a national “emergency” in response to certain threats (such as a “terrorist” attack or a “pandemic” virus outbreak to name the two most likely possibilities, which could in fact occur as a single event via a “bioterrorist attack”). If such a national “emergency” is declared by the President, he can take full dictatorial control of the entire country (including every government agency, every financial institution, every media agency and so on), via the un-Constitutional and totalitarian laws that have already been put in place [2].

In a totalitarian situation of declared martial law, a number of negative and controlling policies would then easily be enforcable on the whole population. Many such policies would greatly benefit corporate money-interests, such as: enforced use of “cashless” microchips for all financial transactions (dramatically increasing the potential for fraud and theft by the wealthy, that is already systemic without even having such totally centralised control); enforced “health care” in a variety of forms, including involuntary vaccinations (at a cost to the receiver) and involuntary drug prescriptions (to “pacify” those who continue to resist the totalitarian situation); enforced employment with companies that make equipment for use in armed conflicts; and so on.

Thus, applying “cui bono” to the possilbility of another “terrorist” attack in the USA clearly reveals that corporate and government interests would once again be the benefactors. This understanding is essential to any real investigation of “terrorist” attacks (or any investigation of the financial meltdown, or the flu pandemic, or whatever other crises that are happening today). So, knowing clearly that corporate and government interests benefited from the “terrorist” attacks of recent years, we now look at the available information relating to the possibility of another “false flag” attack in the USA.

Precedent of “training exercises” coinciding with real attacks

Two of the most prominent terror attacks in the past eight years occurred coincident with “training exercises” being held on the exact same day. The first of these was in relation to the morning of September 11, 2001, while the second was in relation to the July 7, 2005, London tube bombings. On the morning of September 11, there were multiple large-scale exercises taking place involving the US Air Force (some of which had started the day or week beforehand and were still continuing). These exercises included at least the following: Northern Vigilance [3][4]; Global Guardian [5]; and Vigilant Guardian [6][7].

The fact that multiple exercises involving the US Air Force were taking place on the morning of September 11 did not actually help the response to the suddenly real situation. Due to numerous “fake” blips being on FAA radar screens (for the purposes of at least one of the training exercises taking place), there was much confusion as to which blips were the real hijacked planes and which were “fake” insertions. Also, many fighter jets that would normally have been able to respond to a threat on the East Coast were in the far north-western part of the country (for the “Northern Vigilance” exercise), meaning they were unable to assist.

In addition to these Air Force and military exercises, the CIA was running a “pre-planned simulation to explore the emergency response issues that would be created if a plane were to strike a building” [8] on the morning of September 11, 2001. According to the CIA manager of this exercise, it was merely an “incredible coincidence” that this exercise was taking place on the same day that the real attacks occurred in New York. In case this isn’t already enough “coincidences” surrounding the biggest ever “terrorist” attack in the USA, the Office of Emergency Management for New York City had pre-planned a “biological-terrorism drill” to take place on September 12, 2001, that was to involve FEMA and the FBI [9]. Thus, there was a huge team of emergency responders ready to get to work on the morning after the attacks.

With regards to the London tube bombings of July 7, 2005, a private firm on contract to the London Metropolitan police was conducting an anti-terror drill involving response to bomb attacks on the underground [10]. This “drill” was taking place at exactly the same time and in the exactly the same places that the real attacks occurred. The Managing Director of this company, Visor Consultants, was formerly a “senior Scotland Yard official specializing in counterterrorism” and he remained adamant that his company had no foreknowledge of the attacks, even with this remarkable “coincidence” of timing and location.

NORAD – Ardent Sentry 09

A huge multi-faceted training exercise involving NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), the U.S. Northern Command and the National Guard is running from June 18 – 24, 2009 [11]. A key aspect of this “exercise” is the response to a potential nuclear weapon “incident” in the USA. This is very disturbing, especially given the possibility that a live nuclear bomb may have gone “missing” during late 2007, when a B-52 “mistakenly” took off with six nuclear warheads onboard [12]. After a few articles appeared about this in the mainstream press, it was never mentioned by major news sources again.

Investigations by an independent journalist revealed that several of the military personnel involved in the “mistake” happened to turn up dead under suspicious circumstances within days or weeks afterwards. In addition, it is possible that one of the six nuclear weapons actually went missing, as the initial reports from the military stated that only five of the warheads were accounted for at the base where the B-52 landed [13]. There is speculation that Dick Cheney was possibly behind this “accident” and if this is true and one of the nuclear warheads did indeed get stolen, it would allow the element(s) of the power system Cheney serves to perpetrate a “false flag” nuclear attack within the USA whenever they choose [14].

Many people who have studied these events are asking: is there a plan for a “false flag” attack with a nuclear weapon in the USA and if so, could it be coincident with the “Ardent Sentry” exercise that is now taking place? This is a terrible possibility, yet people need to be aware that there are elements of the current power system who would commit just such an atrocity for the sake of furthering their agenda of totalitarian control over humankind. This is why it is absolutely necessary for there to be a sudden and powerful awakening of “everybody-all-at-once” such that humankind can collectively (and cooperatively) demand positive changes in the world, including the full disarmament of all nuclear weapons and immediate ceasefire in all armed conflicts.

FEMA – National Level Excercise 09

From July 27 – 31, 2009, an unprecendented “National Level Exercise” is to be carried out by FEMA with the involvement of forces from several foreign countries, including Australia, Canada, Mexico, and the UK. This exercise will be exclusively focused on terrorism prevention, rather than incident response and recovery. According to the official information release, the “scenario will begin in the aftermath of a notional terrorist event outside of the United States, and exercise play will center on preventing subsequent efforts by the terrorists to enter the United States and carry out additional attacks” [15].

Again, it is useful to consider the possibility of a “false flag” attack along the lines of the “scenario” given. One possibility is that a “false flag” bioterrorism attack might be carried out in Mexico or Canada (or even somewhere just over the border inside the USA), leading to a state of declared martial law in the interests of preventing any “additional attacks” within the USA. A recent news article specifically discussed supposed threats from “al Qaeda” (often called “al CIA-da” by those who have studied a little history on the subject [16][17][18]) that they want to smuggle a biological weapon into the USA from Mexico to “stage another mass-casualty attack on the U.S. homeland” [19].

Thus, many people are asking: is there a plan for such a “false flag” biological attack in the USA and if so, could it be coincident with the “National Level Exercise” taking place in the final days of July? Again, this is a terrible possibility, yet it is completely plausible that elements of the power system controlling the USA would commit such a crime for the sake of rapidly implementing a totalitarian police state. Those citizens who resist the new situation will then quickly be labelled as “terrorists” themselves by the “newspeak” mass media machine and with the assistance of foreign forces from the four mentioned countries, any organised resistance to a declared state of martial law by the people of the USA could be forcefully suppressed.

Detention facilities and “terrorist” dissenters

In early 2006, a $385 million contract was awarded to the Halliburton subsidiary, Kellogg Brown & Root, for the sake of building so-called “temporary immigration detention centers” [20]. These have been getting built at a rapid pace over the past three years, though none of them are in use yet. What possible need does the US government have for such “detention” facilities that in total can hold hundreds of thousands (and perhaps even millions) of people? A clear possibility is that such facilities would be used to lock up “undesirables” and dissenters in a martial law situation [21], exactly as was done during the rise of Nazism in Germany.

After the attack by an almost 90 year old man at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., last week [22], there has been an irrational cacophony of negative attacks directed at so-called “hate promoters” by people who are behaving in quite a fascist manner themselves [23]. Bizarre attempts are being made at connecting “9/11 truthers” (people who do not accept the absurd and impossible government “conspiracy theory” relative to the events of September 11, 2001) with “white supremacism” and “anti-Semitism” [24], thus implying that anyone who questions the federal government is inherently involved in “terrorism” or racism. In his recent Cairo speech, Obama also attacked those who question the “official” story relative to September 11, 2001 [25], revealing him as yet another divider and not the “uniter” that he claimed to be during his election campaign.

It is a very disturbing sign when the head of state aligns himself with thug “journalists” by making it clear that dissent on key issues will not be tolerated. In a recent Department of Homeland Security document from April, 2009, “rightwing extremism” is defined to include those “groups that reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority” [26]. Such dangerously broad defintions should have no place in government policy, yet we live in a time when the suppression of freedom in the name of “security” is the normal event of the day. Thus, with any forceful “push” such as a “false flag” terror attack, we could very quickly see the implementation of martial law followed by the rounding up of large numbers of “terrorist” dissenters.

“Promise” from Biden about “international crisis” in Obama’s first “six months”

On October 19, 2008, Joe Biden made some unusual and disturbing remarks to a group of Obama supporters at a Seattle fundraiser. The essence of these remarks is a “prophetic” warning from Biden that Obama will be seriously tested by an “international crisis” within his first “six months” in office, if he is elected to President [27]. Given that similar warnings of this nature were made by prominent people in government and industry during the six months leading up to September 11, 2001 (warnings that were completely ignored by senior officials in the CIA, FBI, and the US government), these comments are worthy of serious consideration. Here are some direct statements that Biden made on that day in October:

“Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama … Remember I said it standing here, if you don’t remember anything else I said. Watch, we are going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy. He’s gonna have to make some really tough – I don’t know what the decisions will be – but I promise you it will occur. As a student of history that has served seven Presidents, I guarantee you it’s gonna happen. I can give you at least four or five scenarios from where it might originate.” [28]

Biden then made reference to the Middle East and Russia as two possible sources of this “international crisis” as well as mentioning that Pakistan is “bristling with nuclear weapons” (and of course, the USA is “bristling” with thousands more nuclear weapons than any country on Earth). The fact that Biden made both a “promise” and a “guarantee” that this “generated crisis” is going to occur gives his comments a highly prophetic tone. This “six month” period for Obama extends to late July, given that his inauguration was on January 20, 2009. Thus, both of the above mentioned “exercises” fall within the time frame emphatically affirmed by Biden.

Given all of this evidence, if a “mass-casualty attack” does indeed occur before the end of July, 2009, in the USA (or even in a neighbouring or allied country, such that the attack has significant political impact on the USA by proxy), we can be quite certain that such an atrocity is a pre-planned “false flag” operation carried out by the power system of the world against the people. The motive behind such an atrocity would be to gain further control and dominance over humankind, as has been clearly explained in this article.


The world is in great turmoil and is dangerously close to complete disaster. Any one of a number of “trigger” events could result in even far greater chaos for much or even all of humankind. It is time for people everywhere to “wake up” from the current mode of sleepwalking into a potential global nightmare. The inherent strength of “everybody-all-at-once” is essential at this time, as only such a great force can oblige the current power system to divert from these planned atrocities against humankind and the Earth itself.

The stark look at some of these potential crimes in this article is to inform about the real negative possibilities we are collectively facing, as well as to dispel any illusions that the governments of the world are taking into account the wishes of the people. The governments are not listening to the people any longer and it is urgent that “everybody-all-at-once” address this situation, such that the power system of the world is obliged by humankind-as-a-whole to take a different course.

May the understanding of “prior unity” become the foundation for human affairs. May “everybody-all-at-once” become the expression of this understanding in the world. May it be so.



Real Deaths, False Flags, OpEdNews (George Washington), Dec 7, 2007. An overview of “false flag” terror, citing key historical examples from the 20th century. Looks at several widely known “false flag” operations carried out by the USA and discusses the over-hyped “al Qaeda” threat.

Rule by fear or rule by law?, San Francisco Chronicle (Lewis Seiler, Dan Hamburg), Feb 4, 2008. Details several un-Constitutional Acts and Directives that were signed into law under the previous administration, including the 2007 “National Defense Authorization Act”, the 2006 “Military Commissions Act” and “National Security Presidential Directive 51” (NSPD-51). The sum total of these laws is that the executive can at any time declare full martial law in the USA, making full use of the military in situations such as a “disease outbreak” or a “natural disaster”. In relation to NSPD-51, it has never even been discussed in Congress, yet it allows the President to become full totalitarian dictator in the event of a vaguely defined “catastrophic emergency” that he alone can declare.

NORAD Maintains Northern Vigilance, NORAD, Sep 9, 2001. A brief statement about the “Northern Vigilance” exercise that was occupying a number of fighter aircraft on the morning of September 11, 2001.

The scene at NORAD on Sept. 11: Playing Russian war games … and then someone shouted to look at the monitor, Toronto Star (Scott Simmie), Dec 9, 2001. Describes the “Northern Vigilance” exercise and mentions the fact that simulated (“inject”) information had to be purged from the screen once it was clear that a real terrorist attack was taking place.

Inside StratCom on September 11 Offutt exercise took real-life twist, The Omaha World-Herald (Joe Dejka), Feb 27, 2002. A discussion of the “Global Guardian” exercise that is one of many “practice Armageddons”. The writer states that it “is at least an odd coincidence” that the exercise was “in full swing” when the US experienced a real attack.

Amid Crisis Simulation, ‘We Were Suddenly No-Kidding Under Attack’, Newhouse News (Hart Seely), Jan 25, 2002. Discusses the “Vigilant Guardian” exercise and the confusion that ensued with the simultaneous real attacks, due to the many fake “blips” on the radar screen.

Exercise Jump-Starts Response to Attacks, Aviation Week (William B. Scott), Jun 3, 2002. Describes the “Vigilant Guardian” exercise and the fact that no fighters were able to get to New York City in time to prevent the two impacts with the towers. This was partly due to the fact that many fighters were in Alaska and Canada.

On 9/11, CIA Was Running Simulation of a Plane Crashing into a Building, The Memory Hole, Aug 22, 2002. Details about the CIA “simulation” involving a plane crashing into a building that was taking place on the morning of the real attacks. This was described by the government as a “bizarre coincidence”.

Man Behind the Mayor, New York Magazine (Amanda Griscom), Oct 8, 2001. Describes the biological-terrorism drill that had been pre-planned by the Office of Emergency Management in New York City, which was to take place on September 12, 2001.

7/7 Mock Terror Drill: What Relationship to the Real Time Terror Attacks?, Global Research (Michel Chossudovsky), Aug 8, 2005. Detailed look at the pre-planned simulation “exercises” that were taking place on both 7/7 in London and 9/11 in New York.

NORAD and USNORTHCOM exercise planned for mid-June, NORAD, Jun 8, 2009. This document outlines the exercises taking place from June 18 – 24, 2009, involving NORAD, U.S. Northern Command, and the National Guard. Specific reference is made to an exercise to take place in Wyoming involving a “simulated nuclear weapon”.

B-52 flies with nuclear bombs by mistake, The Times (Tom Baldwin), Sep 6, 2007. Article about the six nuclear warheads that were “mistakenly” loaded on a B-52 before it flew 1,500 miles across the USA.

Missing Nukes: Treason of the Highest Order, Global Research (Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya), Oct 29, 2007. In-depth investigation into the “unprecedented” procedural errors that resulted in six nuclear warheads being loaded on a B-52. Also, discusses the multiple deaths of personnel who were associated with the “mistake” in the days and weeks afterwards.

Dick Cheney & Vigilant Shield: Will a Missing Nuke from the B-52 Incident be used in a Simulated Terrorist Attack?, OpEd News (Michael Salla, Ph.D.), Oct 13, 2007. Details the real possibility that one nuclear warhead might have gone missing in the course of the B-52 incident. Also, looks at how a missing nuke might be used during a training “exercise” to simulate a terrorist attack.

National Level Exercise 2009 (NLE 09), FEMA, Jun 4, 2009. Description of the “exercise” planned for July 27 – 31, 2009, that will involve forces from Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom. The focus on “terrorism prevention and protection” is made clear.

Washington’s consensus al-Qaeda deception, Online Journal (Larry Chin), Jul 19, 2007. An excellent summary of the deception being perpetuated by the government of the USA (and the complicit mainstream media), relative to the Western intelligence operation called “al Qaeda”. Here is the essence of the analysis: “‘Al-Qaeda’ is indeed a ‘global brand’: the pre-eminent brand of Anglo-American covert operation and propaganda apparatus, created, funded, guided and manipulated by leading government powers and intelligence agencies.

Al Qaeda and the “War on Terrorism”, Global Research (Michel Chossudovsky), Jan 20, 2008. Extensive look at the history of the CIA operation called “al Qaeda” that was initiated in 1979. Details the usefulness of Islamic fundamentalism to the CIA and the USA, in terms of the disruption caused to the countries where such radical beliefs are promoted. A country in chaos is more easily bent to the will of the Empire.

Al-Qaeda, a Secret Service Operation, Zaman (Ercan Gun), Aug 14, 2005. This article states the following: “Turkish intelligence specialists agree that there is no such organization as al-Qaeda. Rather, Al-Qaeda is the name of a secret service operation.”

Al Qaeda eyes bio attack from Mexico, Washington Times (Sara A. Carter), Jun 3, 2009. Priming the USA for a coming “false flag” biological terror attack, as well as working to establish false links between Islamic terrorists and “white supremacist militias”. Very simple and effective psychological programming all through this article.

Halliburton Subsidiary Gets Contract to Add Temporary Immigration Detention Centers, New York Times (Rachel L. Swarns), Feb 4, 2006. Describes the $385 million contract awarded to Kellogg Brown & Root to build “detention” facilities throughout the USA. Focuses mainly on the use of taxpayer money, rather than get into difficult questions such as: why is this being done?

Homeland Security Contracts for Vast New Detention Camps, Global Research (Peter Dale Scott), Feb 6, 2006. An honest look at the fact that in a situation of martial law, these new “detention” facilities would almost certainly be used for locking up dissenters and other targeted groups (such as Muslims).

Shooting at Holocaust Museum in D.C. Kills Guard, New York Times (David Stout), Jun 11, 2009. This piece links the shooter, von Brunn, with “conspiracy theorists” and “holocaust deniers”, implying that anyone who questions the “official” story about any events is a lunatic. It is also suggests that anger with the corrupt Federal Reserve is the realm of psychos, as von Brunn attempted to take several board members hostage in 1981 so as to focus media attention on the responsibility of the Fed for the economic difficulties of the nation.

Journalist calls for rounding up ‘hate promoters’, Examiner (Robert Stark), Jun 15, 2009. A brief look at the intolerant attitudes being expressed by those who claim to be “anti-hate”. This sums it up well: “In the 1930’s Louisiana Governor Huey Long was asked if fascism could ever come to America. His response was, ‘Sure, only here they’ll call it anti-fascism.’ Fascism is here in America and it is under the banner of anti-fascism.”

CBS Editorial Urges Internet Providers Remove “Hate Speech”, Infowars (Kurt Nimmo),  Jun 17, 2009. The Anti-Defamation League is working to link the shooting at the Holocaust museum with any form of dissent expressed on the Internet, specifically including in relation to the events of September 11, 2001. They are working fast to limit this bastion of (relatively) free speech, due to the fact that it undermines their controlling agenda.

Obama Warns not to challenge Official 9/11 Story, Barack Obama, Jun 5, 2009. One minute video excerpt from the speech Obama gave in Cairo, relating to the events of September 11, 2001. He says that the government theory relating to “al Qaeda” carrying out the attacks is not an opinion to be “debated”. It is a clear warning from the current “head of state” of the USA that dissent will no longer be tolerated.

Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment, Department of Homeland Security, Apr 7, 2009. This document is highly disturbing due to it labelling a huge cross-section of American people as “rightwing extremists” including anyone who is resistive of federal government control, or who is a so-called “conspiracy theorist”, or who is disaffected by some aspect of the current global situation in one of many other ways.

Biden to Supporters: “Gird Your Loins”, For the Next President “It’s Like Cleaning Augean Stables”, ABC News (Matthew Jaffe), Oct 20, 2008. In a candid discussion with supporters at a Seattle fundraiser, Joe Biden made a series of highly disturbing remarks about the fact that Obama will be seriously tested by a significant “international crisis” within his first six months, if he is elected to President.

Biden: Obama will be tested in the first 6 months, Joe Biden, Oct 20, 2008. Audio with on-screen text of the “six month” warning made by Joe Biden.

NORAD Maintains Northern Vigilance

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