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“Principles Regarding A Global Cooperative Forum” – Section I (1.20 – 1.35)

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Not-TwoIsPeaceBookThis article continues the study of Not-Two Is Peace, written by the World-Friend, Adi Da.

In the first article of this series, statements 1.1 – 1.19 of “Principles Regarding A Global Cooperative Forum” were discussed. Progressing with the study of this section of part one, we now look at statements 1.20 – 1.35. These statements describe the terrible nature of “total war” (where the people become the target of destructive attacks by nation-states), while also profoundly criticising the culture of death that is currently ruling the world and explaining that the total human population is the only power that can stop this trend.

All quotes from the book below are indented and in bold type, with my commentary interspersed throughout.


I. On The Dangers of The Old “Tribalisms”, and the Necessity For A Global Cooperative Forum Based On The Prior Unity of Humankind

1.20   History is filled with the destruction of past cultural monuments and temples, and the conquering of homelands. But industrial-age “tribal” wars cannot reclaim what has been lost. Rather, they threaten to bring an end to everything.

As is evident in the case of Iraq. During the initial weeks and months of the Anglo-American invasion, incredible destruction was intentionally directed at all kinds of cultural monuments and temples, as well as museums, libraries, and other places of significant value to humankind. All of this makes the invasion of Iraq one of the greatest crimes in history, in terms of the destruction of places with cultural value. Ancient artifacts that are the heritage of all Westerners, given that much of the West is descended from ancient Mesopotamia, were willfully destroyed in brutal and aggressive fashion. All of this is now permanently lost.

1.21   The idea behind nuclear weapons is the idea of total war. Total war is not about conflicts based on confrontations between the armies of the warring states. Total war is about a practice of war in which the people are the target.

This is completely true and this practice of “total war” was used against the people of Iraq under the banner of “shock and awe”. In fact, this practice has been used in many, many conflicts during the past century, without nuclear weapons even being involved. It must be noted, though, that nuclear weapons were used by the USA against Japan – the USA being the only country ever to use nuclear weapons in warfare.

There are numerous other cases of bombing campaigns against entire countries or regions or cities, with the express intention of causing terror in masses of people, such that they will submit to the dominance of the forces doing the bombing (or the forces they are supporting by proxy with the bombing). The massive firebombing campaign of Dresden by the “Allies” (meaning Anglo-American imperial forces) during World War II is a prime example, in which at least 35,000 civilians were killed. In total, it is estimated that some 800,000 German civilians were killed by such bombing campaigns during the course of that terrible war.

1.22   Total war is an obscenity. It is evil. Total war would destroy the people, and it would destroy everything—for a political advantage.

Such a blunt and true assessment of “total war” is necessary. It is also essential to understand that big powers such as the Anglo-American alliance are the ones who have made use of “total war” more than any other. These big powers have used their technology and might for the purposes of “total war” many times during the past century, specifically to gain all manner of political advantages. For instance, the firebombing of Germany and the nuclear bombing of Japan led to both countries being completely subdued by the end of the war. This allowed the enforcement of numerous political and economic policies that were crippling to these two countries, yet highly beneficial to the Anglo-American alliance.

As an exercise it is useful to simply add up the civilian casualties inflicted through conflicts involving the USA (or their direct proxies) during the past 110 years (starting with the war against the Philippines in 1898 and continuing to the present day). A total of at least 15 – 20 million deaths of innocent human beings is quickly reached, entirely based on official records (such as government documents, Encyclopedias, mainstream news articles, and so on). Given that such civilian casualties are almost always underestimated by official sources, we can be relatively certain that the true figure is well over 20 million innocent people killed by actions of the USA since 1898 (which does not, therefore, include the massive numbers of native American Indians killed by the original colonial invaders).

It is interesting that this terrible number of civilian deaths caused by US foreign policy that consistently makes use of “total war” is never talked about by the US government or by any Western news media. It is obvious why this is so, as it would immediately reveal the utter hypocrisy of the claims that US politics are about “freedom and democracy”. In fact, for over a century US politics have very consistently been about destroying huge numbers of innocent people for the sake of political advantage.

1.23   The seed, or root, of the idea of total war is the commitment to global dominance. Total war has no function except for a nation-state, or an alliance of nation-states, that is interested in global dominance.

Again, the Anglo-American alliance is the pre-eminent example of a political force committed to global dominance. The consistent Anglo-American commitment to “total war” over such an extended time (now more than a century) exceeds that of any other nation or alliance of nations. It is true that Germany made use of a simliar practice of “total war” during the course of World War II, yet many people are still unaware (70 years later!) that significant Anglo-American political support and massive financing from Anglo-American banks played an enormously significant role in the rise of Hitler and Nazism.

Thus, the Anglo-American alliance has consistently demonstrated an incredible drive towards global dominance both directly and by proxy, even to the point of completely supporting and funding the “opposing” side with the longer-term intention of completely destroying that side (as was the case with Germany) for the sake of ever greater global dominance and power. All of this information is readily available in the history books and it can quickly and easily be found by searching the Internet, so if you find any of the above information controversial, please do some further research into the subject!

1.24   This kind of warfare has become global policy in the course of the twentieth century, and now into the twenty-first century.

Of course, it is not only the Anglo-American alliance who use this policy of “total war”. Many nations have made use of the same kind of policy and have intentionally caused massive civilian casualties for the sake of political advantage. In addition, many nations have established large arsenals of nuclear weapons over recent decades and this is one of the clearest signs that the policy of “total war” is indeed global.

1.25   Total war is absolutely unacceptable, and so the current warlike posturing must stop. It is on the verge of producing its ultimate catastrophe.

Evidence of this is the continuing “warlike posturing” of the Anglo-American alliance relative to Iran, as well as the mutual aggression between the USA and North Korea. It is essential that all this be stopped immediately, as any mis-calculated provocation in such tense situations could quickly result in “total war” on a scale that has never been seen before, in terms of the potential for the use of large numbers of nuclear weapons. This would inded by the “ultimate catastrophe” and it must be averted by a radical and immediate change in global policies.

1.26   It is not that this or that nation-state should not have nuclear weapons. Absolutely no state and nobody should have nuclear weapons.

The complete hypocrisy of the USA, the UK, and Israel (to name the three worst offenders) is that the threat of some other nation(s) potentially acquiring their own nuclear weapons is constantly hyped by these countries. Yet, they each have some of the largest arsenals of nuclear weapons on Earth (along with Russia, of course)! This is a perfect example of how the big powers do not “play by the rules” that they presume to apply to other nations. Such big powers use the ever-present threat of their own nuclear weapons to try and gain further dominance in the world, while dictating what this or that nation can or cannot do. All of this must end.

1.27   There needs to be an immediate intervention on behalf of humankind to eliminate all nuclear weapons and to establish a working process for settling issues.

Currently, the issue of complete nuclear disarmament is barely being addressed anywhere in the world. When it is discussed, it is usually in the context of all of the “reasons” why it cannot happen yet (and even for many decades). Or it is discussed in terms of “reducing” the weapons (in the case of the USA and Russia) to a mere few thousand, which is completely meaningless (as even a few dozen such weapons could destroy most or even all life on Earth).

All of this talk about the impossibility of complete disarmament or negotiations about “partial” disarmament is utter nonsense! As already mentioned, the USA is the only country to ever use nuclear weapons in warfare. Yet, the US government and media constantly ignore this fact and consistently create hype and fear about some other nation or group that is supposedly going to do what only the USA has ever done. Consider that if the US had never made use of such weapons, other countries would have been far less inclined to acquire them since, as the presumed necessity (based on history) for such a powerful deterrent would not exist.

There is a false concept that if nuclear disarmanent is to take place, the USA should “have the last one” of these terrible weapons. Says who? Well, the USA, of course! This is the nature of the big powers, as already discussed. Big powers presume to play by their own rules and presume to dictate the terms of international relations to the entire world. Given the massive civilian deaths inflicted by the USA in the violent history of the past century, it seems clear that the USA should in fact be the first country to fully disarm! Such a dangerous force as the USA needs to be accountable to all of humankind and it will apparently never be so accountable while it still posseses even a single nuclear weapon.

It is patently obvious that the only way for nuclear disarmament to happen is for it to happen in the present and universally. All nations and parties with such weapons must agree to relinquish them simultaneously, such that “a working process for settling issues” can be immediately established.

1.28   At present, a culture of total war, a culture of death, is ruling, while the people are engrossed in consumerism.

Such a dark situation is indeed the reality of this time. People everywhere are so engrossed in their addicted and self-absorbed consumer lives that they barely have the slightest sensitivity to the horrors that are being committed all over the Earth (and often in “their names” by the powerful forces that rule “their” nations). There is a bombardment of violent and horrific imagery being blasted out from TV-land every hour of every day, which only serves to further de-sensitise the stupefied consumer audience. Death “tallies” are the daily norm, whether related to violent conflicts, or car accidents, or natural disasters, or the current flu pandemic – to name only a few sources of terrible human suffering that we are grotesquely fascinated with, in our numb state of un-consciousness.

Recent “debate” in the USA about the violent torture of human beings is a powerful sign of the depth of depravity that people have allowed themselves to be reduced to collectively. No civilised and ethical person or nation “debates” torture. Period. It is a vile and sub-human crime that is never acceptable under any circumstances whatsoever. This is simple and obvious humanity, yet somehow, people have become so perverted that it is perceived to be acceptable to debate what is inherently indefensible and wrong! All of this is a sign of the total war and death culture that is ruling the planet at present.

1.29   The only power on Earth that can stop the trend toward total war is the power of the human population declaring it will not cooperate with this nihilistic culture of total war and the ideologies of total dominance.

What a power it is that we have never yet used as a race! The power of humankind together, voicing non-cooperation with the nihilistic and competitive dominance ideologies that are currently ruling. That is certainly the “only power on Earth” that can avert the potentially catastrophic destruction we are collectively sleepwalking towards at present. For such power to awaken will require us to move beyond our addiction to consumerism, which will need to be replaced with unprecedented positive communication and cooperation between all of humankind. This is the essence of what is required for this declaration to be realised.

1.30   In the present day, declarations of independent nation-states based on ethnic and religious traditions are creating huge problems. Previous larger confederacies are breaking down.

1.31   This trend is all about “tribalization”, setting up absolute pockets of power—based on the mythologies of the past, the traditions of the past, the separateness of geographical zones, the separateness of particular classes or races of people.

All of this is obvious with a cursory glance at the daily news. We are constantly propagandised into fearing the “other” by our governments and the news media, whether the “other” is someone from a different religious background or has different skin colour or comes from a distant “foreign” land. This trend is also occurring within nations that are progressively dividing into smaller “units” due to historical distinctions between various ethnic groups, all of which is often fully supported by the big powers such as the Anglo-American alliance (as in the case of Iraqi Kurdistan breaking off as a “separate” federal entity from Iraq, subsequent to the invasion of 2003). There is an age-old term for such behaviour, which is “divide and conquer”. When people are separated into smaller and smaller collectives, the power of humankind to change events becomes less and less.

Within the USA itself, this trend is completely pervasive at the present time. The theme of conflict between “left-wing” (or “liberal”) people and “right-wing” (or “conservative”) people is constantly exploited by the news media, as well as being perpetuated by millions of propagandised people in their private conversations. Similarly, conflict between “whites” and “latinos”, or “whites” and “blacks”, or “Christians” and “Muslims”, or “Christians” and “Jews”, or “Muslims and Jews” is constantly focused on and made much of by people everywhere.

This is all madness. Genetically, modern scientific research has shown that all human beings are more than 99% identical (at the DNA level, being the fundamental “building blocks” of life). Thus, we are involved in every kind of terrible conflict due to a less than 1% difference! We must move on from making much of such tiny differences and this is not to say that cultural and traditional background should be ignored or suppressed. That background has led to the many interesting variations in the “texture” of humankind, which is all fine and good. However, it is obviously insane to be involved in global conflicts on the basis of such superficial “differences” between us all.

1.32   This disastrous fragmentation of humanity has to stop. What is needed is exactly the opposite of that.

It is time for us to realise that we are indeed one “human family” with a common past and a common destiny. There is no ultimate “separateness” and to continue presuming such a false notion will inevitably lead to further destruction. Humankind is an inherently inter-dependent unity and this must be made much of all over the world. It is time for us all to understand that causing suffering to any human beings anywhere absolutely causes suffering to the whole of humankind. We can no longer presume that “our way of life is not negotiable” if the way of life we are living is inherently causing chaos and destruction in the lives of countless others.

1.33   The absolutization of “tribal” minds is the happening of the human race in this moment, and this is exactly what must be transcended. That requires a new kind of political orientation.

1.34   Right leadership, disposed toward global cooperation—based on a comprehension of the inherent and always prior unity of humankind and the total Earth-system—is now needed.

A new politics is indeed required, with leaders who truly understand the inherent “prior unity” of humankind and the Earth-system. The old politics of “divide and conquer” that is being perpetuated by the current leadership and power system of the world is only serving this absolute degeneration into “tribal” minds. It is completely clear that we do urgently need leaders who are completely focused on global cooperation, such that this will be a real and positive example for the masses of humankind who are yet addicted to consumerism, while remaining stuck in a propagandised “tribal” mind state.

Such “right leadership” will come from all throughout humankind and the individuals who can serve effectively in this capacity will not simply be the “usual suspects” who have an approved “pedigree” according to the current power system. We need ordinary human beings from a diverse range of backgrounds to be the leaders of this new political way, whose discipline, clarity and wisdom will allow them to effectively serve the rightening of the global situation.

1.35   What needs to be supported everywhere is cooperative, participatory existence for the entire human population globally—and the establishment of a Global Cooperative Forum to express and implement that reality.

Truly, this is a brilliant and timely vision of what is needed to transform the current politics. A grassroots movement must take a hold in the populations all over the Earth that encourages and supports this “cooperative, participatory existence” such that humankind-as-a-whole can realise the means for dealing with the common issues facing people everywhere. And what is the means for this expression? The “Global Cooperative Forum”.


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June 21, 2009 at 3:18 am

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