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End of the nuclear age – Fukushima

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Apr 5, 2011: A great tragedy for humankind is unfolding in the events of the recent weeks. The terrible earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan have now led to a global nuclear disaster – Fukushima. This is not a problem only for Japan and any such point-of-view at this time is completely inappropriate. This is a crisis for all of humankind of the greatest magnitude and will certainly require untold levels of international cooperation on a global scale if it is to be resolved as quickly as possible.

Nuclear Age is Over

The Earth has spoken clearly in these events. The nuclear age is over. We have split the atom and have created a fire so great that we do not have the means to put it out. A fire that burns so hot and so long that it spews out incredibly toxic materials into the entire global atmosphere, many of which will be present for years and decades to come. This nuclear technology as we have done it thus far is the greatest insanity and it must come to an end.

Incredible good for all humankind could potentially come from these events, if there is the sudden understanding of the implications of all that is happening. It is time for complete and utter nuclear disarmament of planet Earth, which includes all 443 nuclear power stations that are currently in operation globally, as well as the many thousands of nuclear bombs. Clearly, this is technology that we do not have the intelligence or resources or means to control and it is technology that is now having a toxic and endangering effect on the lives of hundreds of millions of human beings, without us even having dropped another bomb.

As the World-Friend, Adi Da, states very early on in his book titled Not-Two Is Peace:

There needs to be an immediate intervention on behalf of humankind to eliminate all nuclear weapons and to establish a working process for settling issues. [1]

Let us place Fukushima and all other nuclear power plants under the category of “nuclear weapons” given that the disaster at Fukushima is already negatively affecting the health of hundreds of millions of human beings. We have made a weapon out of nuclear power unintentionally and we need to collectively understand that this is the time for full nuclear disarmament globally, including all of the nuclear power stations. They are simply too life-endangering for potentially billions of people, through even one such disaster as Fukushima.

Everybody-all-at-once is the only power on earth that will lead to the collective disarmament of all nuclear weapons and nuclear power stations. There needs to be a clear and unified voice saying “Enough!” to these insane and dangerous practices that are all about power, control and profit for a very few. The existing power system will only move aside and allow this disarmament if it is clear that everybody-all-at-once is the voice asking for that to happen.

Nuclear Fallout

There is a massive amount of information that is currently being largely suppressed in any mainstream sources. Disturbing facts are already known about the radiation that is hitting many countries, especially the USA in the north-west. Here are some of the places where rain water tests have already shown radioactive iodine-131 is in the water at significantly elevated levels:

  • Samples of rain water in Berkeley at 181 times the federal drinking water standard [2] [3]
  • Samples of rain water in Boise, Idaho at levels 80 times the federal standard [4]
  • Samples of rain water as far away as Pennsylvania at levels 33 times the federal standard [5]

That’s just one of the many incredibly toxic radioactive by-products of nuclear power that is billowing out of Fukushima. Not to mention the untold toxicity of the entire surrounding area in Japan itself, with radioactive particles being measured at unsafe levels in beef from cows 50 miles from Fukushima, with levels in the sea water near Fukushima being recorded at many thousands of times safe levels. Remember that the sea is connected globally, so those radioactive particles leaking from Fukushima are already entering the global food chain.

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UPDATE – May 11, 2011 (2pm PDT): As at 9.12pm local time in Norway (now almost two hours ago), the Norwegian Institute for Air Research has stopped their Fukushima forecasts that are referenced in this article (below). On the page that formerly had links to the forecasts ( it simply says: “Thank you for your interest in the FLEXPART products for Fukushima. The Forecast system is no longer running.” No explanation as to why. No reasons given at all.

This is evidently part of a wider conspiracy to suppress any and all information relative to the severity of radioactive releases from Fukushima. Please see the following posts on this site for clear proof of this conspiracy:

2011/05/05 ~ LIES from every “official mouthpiece” ~ claims about decreasing radiation levels are lies

2011/05/07 ~ Radioactive “Weather” Update ~ a highly visual examination of the radiation dispersal maps

So, unfortunately there is almost no information to the public any longer and the below statements relative to monitoring of radioactive particles can therefore be disregarded.

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Fortunately there is some information for those of us who want to know more detail about what is happening and a good source has proven to be the Norwegian Institute for Air Research. They are publishing frequently updated charts showing the probable concentration of radioactive particles moving around the northern hemisphere from the damaged reactors at Fukushima. The main three that are talked about – iodine-131, xenon-133 and cesium-137 – are presented in separate pages that show a chart of airflow over the map of the northern hemisphere. These charts give clear pictures that we are indeed already receiving radiation from this disaster in the USA at significantly elevated levels.

Charts showing elevated levels of radioactive pollution in the northern hemisphere:

Radioactive Iodine-131;region=NH

Radioactive Xenon-133;region=NH

Radioactive Cesium-137;region=NH

On these charts, the light blue is a magnitude of 10 greater than the purple. Thus, it is clear that for about two or so days starting later tonight and going through early Friday morning (April 6-8) the west coast of the USA is going to be hit with very high concentrations of xenon-133, similar to levels very close to Fukushima in Japan.

Radioactive Isotopes

Radioactive xenon-133 is generally perceived as being the least worrying of the pollution, given it has a half-life of only 5.243 days and given that there has not been a lot of study (and therefore medically accepted evidence) relative to the potential harm it can cause living organisms.

The term half-life simply means that in however long there will be only half as much of the radioactive isotope, due to it decaying over time. Thus, xenon-133 passes from the atmosphere relatively quickly, but what does it do when ingested into living organisms at significantly elevated levels such as those in Japan (and that are coming to the USA this week)? There is not really a lot of research on this subject, yet intuitively it simply seems not good to be exposed to any radioactive anything. Even the U.S. Department of Energy admits there is “no level of radiation that is so low that it is without health risks.” [6]

Iodine-131 has been talked about a lot in the media, with people buying potassium iodide tablets and so on, to protect the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland regulates many critical body functions related to protein creation, metabolism, and energy usage. It is also the main store of iodine in the body and it needs a certain amount in the diet to function correctly. Thus, the thyroid will readily absorb iodine from any source, including radioactive iodine, if the diet is lacking in it. Some 95% of Americans are estimated to be lacking in iodine, so it is very disturbing that this radioactive element is being found so much in so many places in the USA.

Radioactive iodine-131 has a half-life of 8.02 days, so once again it mostly passes from the environment within weeks. However, it is readily absorbed by living organisms and thus quickly gets into the food chain. For example, grass eaten by cows who then have the radioactive iodine-131 in their bodies will be giving radioactive milk and thus all the other products made from the milk will also have radioactive contamination. This is why dairy products from an ever-widening radius around Fukushima are no longer being sold, but we are not being warned about this in the USA where we are also being contaminated.

Finally, there is radioactive cesium-137. This heavy metal has a half-life of 30 years. It is no doubt the cause of the increase in cancer rates that has been observed globally in the last few decades, due to the atmospheric nuclear tests carried out primarily by the USA in the 1950s and 1960s. So, it is best not to have any contact with this isotope at all, yet is is also hitting the USA in measurable amounts since the disaster began at Fukushima, including during the April 6-8 window. Note the purple trail that passes over most of California in the cesium-137 chart above during those dates.

In the case of radioactive iodine-131, having enough iodine in the diet means that the thyroid will not try to absorb the radioactive isotope that is now in the northern hemisphere atmosphere. However, with xenon-133, cesium-137 and all of the other isotopes there is no best course of action apart from not being exposed in the first place. All of these isotopes accumulate in the body, so any radioactive cesium-137 will be there in the body over decades, with still half as much there causing damage to the body 30 years later. So, best not to be exposed, yet the USA is already being exposed to cesium-137 and this will intensify for the west coast for a couple of days this week.

True Health Risks

Some nuclear industry experts are outraged at the misleading information in the media about the levels of radiation being similar to what you are exposed to on an airplane flight across the country. Such comparisons are completely inappropriate, as ingesting radiation is not at all comparable with being exposed to background radiation. Once radioactive particles are in the body, they become “ internal emitters” (constantly emitting radiation into the cells near to the radioactive particle) rather than external ones (which you are only exposed to when physically nearby) and the amount of radiation required to cause cell damage and cancer inside the body is much, much smaller than that required to damage the body from an external source. The bottom line is that “any additional exposure to radiation will increase your risk of developing cancer.” [7]

In addition, it is a medical fact that the relationship between radiation exposure and potential cancers is non-linear. That is to say, very low-level exposure to radiation can be as dangerous or even more dangerous than very high-level exposure. Specifically, low-level exposure over longer time periods is known to be potentially more dangerous to the body than super-high exposure for very short times. This non-linear relationship between exposure and risk is called the “Petkau Effect” [8] due to one Dr. Petkau discovering this fact in the early 1970s. To make it very clear, even tiny exposure can be just as risky as massive exposure in terms of potentially causing cancer.

Health Practices

The best practice is simply to maintain a strong immune system that can therefore deal better with any intrusive toxicity from an event such as Fukushima. Eating a maximally raw diet with many green leafy vegetables serves this well and using key supplements in such a diet assists greatly. Vitamin C is one of the single best supplements to take, yet there are many varying qualities. It is best to get a high-quality powdered product that comes with bioflavinoids as well, so that it is a more natural and absorbable supplement for the body. Chlorella also boosts the immune system and is highly recommended. Now is the time to start taking regular doses of whatever supplements you personally use to boost your system, as you would do if fighting an illness. This is preventative, as the free radicals that the radioactive particles introduce to the body will be defended against far better if your system is as strong as possible in the first place.

Foods that naturally provide good iodine intake include kelp, seaweed, seafood in general, yoghurt, milk, cheese, dairy in general, strawberries, spinach, chard, asparagus, soy sauce and milk, as well as eggs [9] [10] [11]. Also, iodised salt obviously gives the body iodine, but something like himalayan salt that is unrefined gives it naturally and in a better way for the body than mass-produced salts, so use that type of product instead if possible.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that all green leafy vegetables and all grasses so readily absorb the airborne radioactive particles, most of the foods mentioned above that give the body iodine (including all dairy and fresh grown food) will become increasingly contaminated with radiation in the USA. Also, with the incredibly radioactive leak into the sea at Fukushima, any seafood from that region and increasingly seafood from all over the world will be liable to radioactive contamination. So, anyone eating dairy products and anyone eating fresh green leafy vegetables needs to take note that these foods will unfortunately be getting more contaminated over time (for as long as the reactors at Fukushima continue to leak radioactive pollution).

Given the availability of the high-quality data from the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, it is also relatively easy to determine what days are going to see spikes of radiation magnitudes of 10 or more greater than most days, so it seems advisable to stay indoors as much as possible on those days. I will certainly be absolutely minimising my time outdoors on days where the radiation levels are spiking. Not to be alarmist, but simply a practical precaution to minimise the amount of radiation that will inevitably be getting into my body given the huge amount of radioactive pollution still coming from Fukushima on a daily basis. The best practice is simply to absolutely minimise all exposure to these radioactive particles and that is the practice that I personally recommend at this time.

End of the Old and Birth of the New

It is interesting to note that the Mayan calendar depicted the current cycle of approximately 400 years as the age of our scientific advancement and our ability to transform matter into energy. We have clearly demonstrated their prophecy with our nuclear technology. This 400 year cycle is actually part of a larger 5,200 year cycle (400 x 13), which is then part of the approximately 26,000 year long (5,200 x 5) “great year”. Not only the 400 year cycle, but the entire “great year” (of 26,000 Earth years) comes to a close on the winter solstice of 2012, December 21st, at precisely 11:11am (UTC).

It is the end of both the “nuclear age” and the entire cycle of human history spanning the past 26,000 years of gradual then rapid material advancement as a race. Where is our Spiritual advancement? Without the Spiritual maturity, our technology is actually beyond our wisdom and intelligence, thus making it out-of-control. This is clearly proven by the disaster that is on-going at Fukushima, which is now affecting the entire world.

We must grow Spiritually and realise the inherent inter-connectedness of everything on this planet and realise the inherent need to act as everybody-all-at-once to resolve these critical problems that humankind is facing right now. This can potentially be the time of the greatest breakthrough that humankind has ever experienced. Let us act as everybody-all-at-once to resolve this terrible crisis at Fukushima and let us act as everybody-all-at-once to disarm the world of these insanely dangerous nuclear devices (both bomb and power station alike). That is the only true foundation upon which world peace can be built, making it the utmost priority for us as a race. Once complete nuclear disarmament has taken place the “working process for settling issues” will naturally be born. As everybody-all-at-once, let us make it so.

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[1] The World-Friend, Adi Da, Not-Two Is Peace, 3rd Ed, 2009, p.44 (please go to to download Not-Two Is Peace for free)











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Only everybody-all-at-once can change the current chaos.” —Adi Da

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as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam. All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.

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  1. Very good work my dear and deep friend!

    Will include an excerpt from our space bros about this issue via email.



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