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Nuclear Warfare on All Earthkind

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Apr 26, 2011: Yes, it is indeed “nuclear warfare” on all Earthkind that is currently taking place. Nuclear warfare by stealth and subterfuge and constant obfuscation of the truth. Nuclear warfare on the people and indeed on all life on Earth. It is one of the greatest and most murderous crimes in human history, which has in fact been taking place for more than 65 years since the atom bombs were dropped by the USA on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, killing in most horrific fashion some 200–250,000 people [1] in total. If you would like to find out more about the ongoing nuclear warfare on humankind and planet Earth as well as how to help “retire” nuclear technology from use (given that 65 years is a generally accepted age for retirement, after all) then I highly recommend you read this entire article and even pass it on to any and all that you feel will be interested (which I hope will be basically everyone you know and love)!

Fukushima Disaster Continues Unabated

An excellent summary of the situation at Fukushima was given about two weeks ago by the Japanese American physicist and bestselling author, Dr. Michio Kaku [emphasis added]:

when the utility says that things are stable, it’s only stable in the sense that you’re dangling from a cliff hanging by your fingernails. And as the time goes by, each fingernail starts to crack. That’s the situation now. [2]

Several days ago it was revealed that a supposed “calculation error” had resulted in the stated daily radiation releases from Fukushima being less than 1/7th the actual daily radiation releases since the end of the first week of this disaster [3] (after the explosions had taken place). It is reasonable to assume that this was an intentional deception, due to how much is at stake for the entire global nuclear industry and given that the announcement of the seven times higher levels of daily release came after most foreign journalists had already left Japan. Incredibly, I have yet to see one major news source in the USA even mention that the radiation being released is many times higher than initially stated. It is patently obvious that there are powerful forces working to keep the entire story of Fukushima out of the public consciousness in the USA (and many other so-called “first world” countries). Yet no matter how much the story is buried, the radiation already released from Fukushima will not be buried and it will continue to sicken and kill great numbers of Earthkind for many decades to come.

Radiation is invisible. You cannot smell it. You cannot see it. You cannot taste it. Therefore, it is so very easy to believe that it is not even there and that there is no danger at all. Yet, the ever-increasing amounts of radioactive isotopes that are being invisibly deposited all around us from Fukushima will slowly damage our bodies, leading to cancer and death over the next 2-60 years for at least a million people globally [4].

Saying this is not about creating fear in anyone. It is about facing the real facts of this situation, facts that have come from vast amounts of empirical evidence and research collected over the past 70 years relative to the effect of nuclear radiation on human health. Consider the following sober warning relative to the path that humanity is walking with this technology [emphasis added throughout]:

With the ongoing disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plants in Japan, some people ask: can nuclear power be made safe? The answer is no. Nuclear power can never be made safe.

This was clearly explained by Admiral Hyman Rickover, the “father” of the U.S. nuclear navy and in charge of construction of the first nuclear power plant in the nation, Shippingport in Pennsylvania. Before a committee of Congress, as he retired from the navy in 1982, Rickover warned of the inherent lethality of nuclear power—and urged that “we outlaw nuclear reactors.”

The basic problem: radioactivity.

“I’ll be philosophical,” testified Rickover. “Until about two billion years ago, it was impossible to have any life on Earth; that is, there was so much radiation on earth you couldn’t have any life—fish or anything.” This was from naturally-occurring cosmic radiation when the Earth was in the process of formation. “Gradually,” said Rickover, “about two billion years ago, the amount of radiation on this planet…reduced and made it possible for some form of life to begin.”

“Now, when we go back to using nuclear power, we are creating something which nature tried to destroy to make life possible,” he said. “Every time you produce radiation” a “horrible force” is unleashed. By splitting the atom, people are recreating the poisons that precluded life from existing. “And I think there the human race is going to wreck itself,” Rickover stated.

This was Rickover, a key figure in nuclear power history, not Greenpeace. [5]

At a time of great disaster, slipping into the state described as “normalcy bias” can happen so very readily as it is incredibly difficult for any one person to acknowledge a truly grave threat to life and the implications that such threat brings:

normalcy bias refers to a mental state people enter when facing a disaster. It causes people to underestimate both the possibility of a disaster occurring and its possible effects. This often results in situations where people fail to adequately prepare for a disaster, and on a larger scale, the failure of the government to include the populace in its disaster preparations. The assumption that is made in the case of the normalcy bias is that since a disaster never has occurred then it never will occur. It also results in the inability of people to cope with a disaster once it occurs. People with a normalcy bias have difficulties reacting to something they have not experienced before. People also tend to interpret warnings in the most optimistic way possible, seizing on any ambiguities to infer a less serious situation. [6]

All around me I see people stuck in this state of “normalcy bias” relative to Fukushima. No doubt the sheer size of the disaster makes it hard to accept, given that it is already affecting the lives of hundreds of millions of people especially in the northern hemisphere (thus far). This is not the time to be stuck in any state of apathy or ambiguity relative to this crisis, however. Look at the mainstream news and note that there is essentially nothing being said about the worst industrial catastrophe in modern history that is ongoing and that could yet become significantly worse at any moment. This should make one profoundly suspicious about what is going on with this crisis.

Media Controlled by Nuclear Players

One can easily determine why there is no news about this on TV by simply looking at the corporations that have a stake in the nuclear industry. What is quickly seen is that some of the same corporations with a major stake in the nuclear industry also own the media! For instance, General Electric is one of the key protagonists in this global catastrophe. They were one of the companies that helped build the Fukushima reactors and they are one of the biggest players in the global nuclear industry. As it happens, they also own a good chunk of the media outlets in the USA, so it is pretty clear that they will never intentionally allow anything to be said by their media mouthpieces that would in any way be critical of themselves. Criminals (especially global-scale criminals like GE) do not typically tell on themselves, after all.

Another very familiar corporation and brand is also part of the indoctrination of humankind to accept the supposed “safety” of nuclear power. Indeed it is true that the Walt Disney Company played a crucial role in brainwashing millions of minds (especially young ones) through their pro-nuclear animated film in 1957 titled “Our Friend, the Atom” (produced in cooperation with the US Navy) [7] amongst other propaganda espousing the virtues of nuclear power [8]. Along with GE, the Walt Disney Company also happens to be one of the so-called “big six” companies who own essentially all the media outlets in the USA [9]. In regards to the other mega-corporations on this short list, without even doing any additional research into the subject it can be safely assumed that they are no more likely to say anything critical of nuclear power than GE or Walt Disney, as they too are big players within the current “power system” of the world.

What all this means is that it is highly unlikely that you will be seeing or hearing anything about the real (and ever-increasing) dangers of this massive radioactive disaster in any of the vast majority of media outlets dominated by this tiny “cartel” of corporations. They presume the right to tell us what news is actually important, don’t you know? And it is certainly not important to them at all to help protect hundreds of millions of human beings from many of the avoidable dangers of the radioactive fallout that is even going to be entering the bodies of them and theirs too. Nuclear radiation is a completely non-discriminating killer.

The fact of the matter is that these people who are currently suppressing the truth about the dangers of radioactivity are all (already) accomplices to genocide. Every person in the current “power system” (whether in government or industry) who plays any conscious part in the suppression of vital information that could potentially save the lives of hundreds of thousands or even millions should, by any law on Earth, end up in prison for the rest of their natural lives. And no, that is not at all harsh. And yes, that could potentially involve locking up many thousands upon thousands of very wealthy psychotic assholes. Or perhaps we could simply send them to Fukushima where they can all be scheduled in round-the-clock shifts to help resolve and clean-up this terrible disaster they have foisted on the world. After all, they keep telling us with every breath that it is “safe radiation” so they should have no problem with going over there to help fix the problem. May the day for any such true justice come very soon!

“We the People Must Allow and Use Our Anger Positively

There is nothing inherently wrong with anger. It is anathema to much of western society, where such overt expression of emotion is typically frowned upon and suppressed as much as possible. Yet, anger is an inherent human emotion and one that arises as a natural response to certain situations, such as where the lives of oneself and potentially billions of human beings are being threatened due to the genocidal actions of a very small minority. Yes, I am personally angry and significantly so! I do not enjoy nor appreciate my life and the lives of all those I love and even the lives of all human beings and all living things being put under threat by the never-satisfied power-hungry motives of the very few. No, it is not appropriate to try and sell me or anyone the utter bullshit about “safe levels” of ionising radiation from nuclear reactions. There are no safe levels. Even all the research carried out by recognised scientific bodies in this country acknowledges that. For instance, in a 323 page study published in 2006 by the National Research Council of the National Academies (Washington, DC) the final conclusion relative to the risks of ionising radiation is as follows [emphasis added]:

The committee concludes that the current scientific evidence is consistent with the hypothesis that there is a linear, no-threshold dose-response relationship between exposure to ionizing radiation and the development of cancer in humans. [10]

In more straightforward terms, this means that there is no minimum safe level (“no-threshold”) of ionising radiation for humans (thus, any exposure at all will inherently increase the risk of cancer). Also, it is clearly stating that every additional dose cumulatively adds to the risk of cancer in a linear fashion. Given that a 323 page report from only five years ago by a committee in Washington, DC, states these facts so clearly, is it really possible to believe that there is any confusion about the dangers of radioactivity? There is truly no confusion about this matter whatsoever in the global scientific community, as the above-quoted 323 page study clearly shows.

Based on the overwhelming evidence, it is obvious that we are being continuously and systematically lied to by the government, by big industry players, by bought-scientists and by the usual media mouthpieces constantly speaking their deceitful, obfuscating mumbo-jumbo. If all of this does not result in you feeling even a tiny bit angry then I suggest you might need to have someone take your pulse to make sure you are alive! That is, unless you are suffering from “cognitive dissonance” [11] in the sense that you still believe the government and what is on TV even after being presented with all of this evidence (plus the years and years of evidence to now!) proving that you are being fed a bunch of lies.

If you are not at all angry about these events and are not suffering from “cognitive dissonance” then perhaps you are one of the “dark side” players who are fine with sacrificing millions or even billions of people for your own selfish ends. If you who are reading this are such a dark one, then know this: Your time is up! The masses of humanity are awakening! We will not go silently into the night of the nuclear holocaust you and yours have planned for this world! We, as everybody-all-at-once, will rise up peacefully as a single unified force with a clear and a common demand for the permanent end to all of this nuclear madness! The force of everybody-all-at-once will change the world for the good of all, unlike you utterly self-possessed dark creeps who are only intent on colouring the world with your nihilistic philosophy while raping everyone and even the whole world for all that you can. Assholes! This is the end-time of your reign on this Earth. Humanity will not allow your psychotic bullshit any longer. You have been warned.

An excellent and passionate summary of the situation we are all facing is also given in some remarks made a week or so back by a former editor of the Japan Times, Yoichi Shimatsu, who said the following:

When we look at how the IAEA is reacting, it is clear that it is a priesthood of a false cult, of a false religion, a god that has failed, a nuclear god, and I think for the rest of us we have got to take a hard look at that. You know we just cannot believe anymore, we have got to stop believing, take their temple apart, I mean these people are as cruel and cynical as the Aztec Witchdoctors that used to cut peoples hearts out, we’ve got to look at them, we cannot allow these globalist people to be running the world anymore, I mean look at what they are doing, they are on a death wish, they are in denial, they have no right to govern this planet any longer. [12]

And all I can say to that is this: Amen.

Bombing of Japan a Demonstration of power by the new nuclear “Empire”

As is widely known (though always publicly denied) there was absolutely no necessity to bomb Japan to end the second world war [13]. This reveals that one of the primary purposes of these genocidal acts was to demonstrate the incredibly destructive nuclear power in the hands of the new muscle-flexing nuclear “Empire.”

A simple and extremely clear message was sent to the world in that very dark month of August 1945: obey the nuclear “Empire” or risk annihilation. The world certainly did take note, with history proving that much of the past 65 years of global events have been shaped by the use of those terrible bombs on Japan. Consider the following short list of facts:

  • In 1945 the first ever nuclear bombs were detonated, including the test bomb in the USA and the two bombs dropped on Japan (to this day, the only two nuclear bombs ever used in warfare)
  • From the late 1940s onwards global cancer rates began to increase rapidly, such that by the year 2000 many common cancers were up to five times more prevalent than in 1945 [14]
  • Cancer rates of the survivors who were alive in Hiroshima and Nagasaki when the bombs were dropped are more than double the current global average (therefore, up to 10 times the global average in 1945) [15]
  • A global “nuclear arms race” followed on from the detonation of the bombs in Japan, with a number of other world powers quickly working to acquire their own nuclear weapons [16]
  • In the course of this ensuing arms race, a total of 2,053 nuclear bombs were detonated globally between 1945 and 1998 by seven countries (a hall of infamy comprising the USA, USSR, France, England, China, India and Pakistan) with 1,032 (slightly more than 50%) being detonated by the USA alone [17]

What sort of “Empire” is it exactly that started humanity down the insane road of nuclear technology? Why, it is the global corporate oligarchy (rule by a faction of very few and very large corporate interests) of course, which can variously be described as the “ruling class” or the “power system” or the “Old World Order” (and thus they are definitely not the “New World Order” at all).

This “Empire” consists of the very global banking corporations who constantly move all wealth to themselves in their self-possessed drive for dominance and power, with the very global military corporations who have for decades sold every form of horrific and violently destructive weaponry to every side of every conflict, with the very global pharmaceutical corporations that even now are continuing in their drive to own the patents for every natural health supplement imaginable such that they will be the only source of any herb or plant extract or vitamin, with the very global biotechnology companies who are destroying the natural balance of life on Earth with their cancer-causing GMO fake foods that will have untold environmental consequences for perhaps thousands of years or even longer, and with the very global media corporations who constantly lie, lie and lie, to always helpfully assist the “Empire” in achieving its goals.

When Eisenhower warned of what was to come on January 17th, 1961, he spoke some incredibly prophetic words about this very structure that I have just described:

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.

It is clear at this juncture that humanity did not heed Eisenhower’s warning well enough at all. More than half a century has passed since his prophetic words and it can now easily be seen that “government” in the 21st century is nothing more than the merely superficial façade for the above mentioned corporate interests (along with the many less powerful corporate interests who are servants of the same dark “Empire”). From my teenage years when I first studied “political science” it has always been clear to me that the whole government act is simply a “good cop, bad cop” routine, where each opposing party takes the stage for a time to simply further the agenda and interests of the same very powerful few.

Global Cancer Rates and the “Nuclear Project”

The connection between the enormous global cancer increases over the past 65 years and nuclear radiation has been extensively demonstrated with wide-ranging research. For instance, in their 2003 report on the effects of long-term low doses of ionising radiation (the type from nuclear reactors or bombs and not from natural “background radiation”) on the global population, the European Committee on Radiation Risk (ECRR) says [emphasis added]:

… the committee calculates the total number of deaths resulting from the nuclear project since 1945The ECRR model predicts 61,600,000 deaths from cancer, 1,600,000 infant deaths and 1,900,000 foetal deaths. In addition, the ECRR predict a 10% loss of life quality integrated over all diseases and conditions in those who were exposed over the period of global weapons fallout. [18]

Nuclear bombs and reactors are definitely not the only causative reason behind the huge increase in cancers globally, with other significant factors including: the toxic chemicals used all over the Earth for industry and in food production; the huge number of transmissions we are constantly exposed to on a daily basis (including radio stations, TV stations, cell phone towers, cell phone handsets, wireless Internet technology and so on); microwave ovens (which have interestingly been entirely banned in Russia for decades, due to how dangerous they are to human health); and western medical procedures such as x-rays, scans and chemotherapy. However, let us look more closely at the specific contribution that the “nuclear project” (to use the ECRR term) has made to these increases:

  • Cancer currently accounts for approximately 8 million of 57 million total deaths globally per year, which works out to approximately 14% (ie. at least 1 in 7 people die from cancer) [19]
  • Assuming that cancer has globally increased approximately 4–5 times since 1940, it would have been the cause of only 2.8–3.5% of total deaths 70 years ago
  • In 1940 the global population was approximately 2.3 billion while it was estimated at 6.9 billion by 2010 giving an average growth of about 65 million per year
  • Using a simple mathematical series with an average death rate of 0.9% (it was higher than 1% in 1940 and is now closer to 0.8%) an approximate sum of the deaths for the past 70 years can be calculated, which comes out to approximately 2.9 billion people (this is a very rough calculation, yes, but good enough for these purposes)
  • Using another mathematical series for cancer rates starting at 3.5% in 1940 and increasing linearly by 0.15% per year to 14% in 2010 shows that approximately 280 million people have died of cancer in the past 70 years
  • The ECRR report says that more than 60 million of these approximately 280 million cancer deaths in the past 70 years have been due to the “nuclear project”!

Please seriously consider what this is saying: about 20% (or 1 in 5) of all cancer deaths are attributable to the “nuclear project” that has been an ongoing global experiment (on all life on Earth) since 1945.

Ask yourself this: given that approximately 1.6 million deaths per year can currently be attributed to the “nuclear project” and given that nuclear power generation is a primary ongoing aspect of this mad-scientist “project” that is contuining to toxify and kill millions of people, is it worth the extraordinarily high cost of human pain, suffering and death (apart from all the other pain, suffering and death in the animals and in the plant life)? Also, ask yourself this: is it worth risking the possible (even if accidental) extinction of humankind and all life on Earth for the sake of only 13–14% (or approximately 1/7th) of the global electricity generation [20] (the amount that nuclear power produces)?

Apart from all of the above, one of the key reasons (some would say the only reason) that nuclear power stations even exist is that they are the pathway for creation of weapons-grade fissile materials (including plutonium-239) for nuclear bombs [21]. Indeed, Britain’s first nuclear disaster in 1957 revealed (30 years later when the documents were declassified) that a fire broke out while barrels of uranium were being irradiated to make plutonium for Britain’s nuclear weapons companies [22]. The fire at the British nuclear plant sent radioactive poison to parts of Ireland and in these places cancer rates were seen to double.

Thus, without nuclear reactors all over the world it would be significantly harder (if not impossible) for any entity (whether that entity be a person, group, or State) to obtain the necessary “ingredients” for making a nuclear bomb. If the States that like to give lip service to the idea of global nuclear disarmament were actually serious about it, then they would clearly need to have the permanent shutdown of all their nuclear reactors as part of the disarmament plan. Many other forms of technology provide infinitely safer electricity than uranium-based nuclear reactors, yet such alternative forms of electricity generation clearly have a major disadvantage for the war-mongering States of the early 21st century: you cannot get nuclear weapons grade fissile materials from anything but a uranium-based nuclear reactor!

Time for Humankind to Slow Down

Perhaps it is time we slow down as a species such that we can simply let go of this insane and completely unsustainable drive for constant economic and materialistic growth. No society of living entities (whether plant, animal or human) can continue growing indefinitely in a system that has clearly finite resources (as is the case with our home, being planet Earth). An equilibrium must be reached at some point, as constant growth will only lead to the inevitable cycle of “overshoot and collapse” (as it is described in the biological sciences). The collapse part of that statement is where it really hurts and that is what we are now directly facing as a collective.

There is an urgent need right now for humanity to economise on all usage of finite resources, which especially means that we need a complete and immediate end to all wars and armed conflict. Most of the energy of humankind and the Earth itself is currently being utterly wasted in self-and-other-destructive pursuits. This is not an overstatement. Consider where most of each $1 of your tax money in the USA goes and this premise is immediately proven. More than 50c of every $1 paid in tax in the USA goes to support some form of violent and murderous armed conflict. Money represents life-energy, so that is a majority of life-energy going to support death and destruction. Also, a good percentage of every $1 in tax is used to support companies exactly such as GE, who pays zero in taxes. You did read that right. One of the major criminal companies behind this nuclear disaster reported their Q1 2011 profits jumped by 77% to $3.43 billion late last week and they paid zero in taxes [23]. How is this possible? Why, they are part of the global corporate oligarchy who own the US government (amongst the many other governments they own) and therefore they (and not the “government”) decide that their tax bill is zero.

So, there you have it folks. This out-of-control genocide-delivering company called “General Electric” who own the media and clearly the government too are getting fatter and fatter off the mass suffering and death of Earthkind. Now, if that does not result in you feeling some real anger then I suggest that someone might need to be calling the coroner for you pretty soon. It is not that I am advocating anything violent whatsoever. No! Violence is absolutely 100% not the answer. However, anger is certainly a key part of the answer and a key part that is profoundly lacking in the (still) largely apathetic masses of stupefied society in the so-called “first world” countries. Without even feeling these issues enough to feel some level of real (and non-violent) anger about it all, there really is no chance that one will ever have enough passion to get off their butt and do anything about it.

Nuclear Testing Radiation Releases

Now, while considering these grotesque profits garnered from dealing death and destruction all around the globe (as we all know that GE makes bombs and military vehicles, amongst their many other profoundly destructive “contributions” to planet Earth, such as the reactors at Fukushima), consider the following facts about the nuclear tests that were carried out for decades:

  • In the years from 1960–1998 it is estimated that over 2,500 exa-becquerels (“exa” meaning million, million, million or 18 0’s after the 2,500) of radiation in total were globally dispersed into the environment from nuclear tests [24]
  • This 2,500 exa-becquerels was from 440 megatons equivalent of nuclear explosives, which does not count at least 60 megatons detonated globally from 1945-1960 (given that the known global total of detonated nuclear explosives exceeds 500 megatons)
  • Using a ratio of 5.7 exa-becquerels per megaton gives a total of approximately 2,850 exa-becquerels of radiation released by intentional nuclear explosions into the environment of our home, planet Earth
  • In the range of 240–570 times more radiation was released by the testing of nuclear weapons than in the catastrophic Chernobyl accident, which is estimated to have released between 5–12 exa-becquerels [25]

These phenomenally large releases of radioactivity into the environment from nuclear testing are continuing to kill and maim today, just as the releases from Chernobyl continue to kill and maim. We must dismantle and remove from the world every single nuclear bomb and every single nuclear reactor, such that we do not continue to add to the ever-growing death toll that is being caused by such massive radioactive contamination of the planet.

Chernobyl 25th Anniversary

Today is the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. It is as if much of humankind has learned nothing in the 25 years since that terrible nightmare unfolded (though surely many have also learned a lot!). I remember hearing about it as a young teenager and being horrified by what happened. Yes, I was good at science, but it did not take any kind of great science mind to completely understand the inherent dangers of boiling water with what is actually a slow burning nuclear bomb. What if the bomb gets out of control, as it did at Chernobyl (and now Fukushima)? Well, BANG is often going to be the result of that. And then a lot of terrible sickness-and-death-dealing radioactive isotopes all over the world for every one of Earthkind to deal with on top of the already difficult enough place that this is to live! Let’s just say that I figured out back then some 25 years ago that this nuclear technology ain’t good for anyone and I readily became a lifelong advocate of the removal of all nuclear weapons and reactors from the face of the Earth.

With regards to Fukushima, it is useful enough to compare the current (and ongoing) disaster to that of Chernobyl. As stated earlier, the radioactive releases from the disaster at Chernobyl were estimated to be from 5–12 exa-becquerels (with a commonly accepted low-end figure of 5.2 exa-becquerels being quoted in recent press articles from Japan [26]). Currently, the Japanese authorities have stated that the estimated releases from Fukushima total from 370,000-630,000 tera-becquerels [27] or around  0.5 exa-becquerels. Thus, according to the latest estimtates there has been (so far) 1/10th the release at Fukushima as there was at Chernobyl. However, the Japanese utility company has stated that at best they might be able to bring the reactors to a stable point and the radiation under control in a 6–9 month period [28]!

Now, even though the radioactive releases are presently being estimated at 1/10th of the Chernobyl disaster, the situation with Fukushima is completely different due to the location of the nuclear reactors. They are sitting right on the ocean edge, meaning the incredibly radioactive water that has already been dumped (some 10,000 tons) and that is continually leaking out of the reactors all goes straight into the Pacific Ocean. Radioactivity in fish in the local area has consistently been magnitudes higher than allowable for human consumption. The highly radioactive water will over time disperse into the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, with much of it eventually ending up in the food chain through absorbtion by plankton (and then by fish, then by bigger fish, then by a bird or a person or whoever). So, though it might disperse over a vast volume of water, it is still only necessary to ingest a single particle of plutonium to be 100% certain of getting cancer. Personally, though I love seafood very much it might be going off the menu for now (and maybe forever).

Apart from the obvious huge danger with the reactors right by the ocean, there are several other significant facts that make the Fukushima disaster very different (and in fact, much worse) than Chernobyl:

  • Fukushima is located on the main island of Japan, which has one of the highest population densities in the world of about 880 persons per square kilometre
  • Most of the region directly around Chernobyl where the radiation fell (especially Belarus) has a population density of about 40 persons per square kilometre
  • With 22 times the population density in Japan than in the region surrounding Chernobyl, one can extrapolate that it would be quite possible for more people to die in Japan than have died from the Chernobyl radiation
  • Various reports have come in of extremely radioactive debris (including plutonium) being found up to a mile or more from the Fukushima reactors, with some readings showing higher ground-level radioactive contamination 30km from Fukushima than ever occurred at the same distance from Chernobyl
  • Fast moving air currents carry the radioactive fallout from Japan with great speed across the Pacific Ocean to north America and then to Europe, with the west coast of the USA being exposed to levels of radiation that are only marginally lower than what a lot of Japan is seeing (though the USA levels are obviously far, far lower than the 50km zone around the Fukushima reactors)
  • Due to the massive amount of radioactive isotopes flying over and falling into the Pacific Ocean, seaweed as far away as Vancouver, BC and Washington/Oregon is already seeing levels of radioactivity above any so-called safe standards for human consumption
  • Given that much of the world’s best fishing waters stretch from Japan to Alaska and then down the USA west coast, this is very, very bad news for the world’s food supply – much of the fish that is caught could well end up being radioactively contaminated, so this will be something to watch carefully if you are a seafood lover (such as myself)!

All of the above facts make it clear that Fukushima is significantly bad enough that it can very well be equated (already) with the scale of the disaster at Chernobyl. Here are some of the latest statistics about Chernobyl based on research covering the period from 1986–2010:

  • Incident cancers expected after 10 years of approximately 492,000
  • Incident cancers expected after 50 years of approximately 1.4 million
  • A general consensus amongst multiple researchers (not tied to the nuclear industry) is that the number of deaths from Chernobyl after 25 years is at least 1 million

ECRR2010 also predicts significant harm from a wide range of conditions and causes of death, including heart disease, strokes, diabetes, congenital illness in children, infant mortality and loss of fertility as a result of damage to sperm and ova. In general it is now clear that radiation causes a general loss of lifespan through premature ageing and therefore, as in the areas heavily contaminated from Chernobyl, the overall increases in cancer predicted here on a linear basis may be truncated at higher doses by competing causes of early death [29]

Be aware that there is an incredible difference between the above estimates and those given by the IAEA, who states that a maximum of 4,000 deaths [30] have occurred due to Chernobyl. The difference between the estimates is a factor of 250! This is not a surprise given the following interesting piece of information:

… the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), which is literally the mouthpiece of the nuclear industry and [the] WHO (World Health Organization) have a standing secret agreement not to reveal number of casualties from any nuclear mishap. This agreement was reached between the two UN outfits, way back in the 1950’s [31]

It makes it exceedingly clear that one simply cannot expect any honest or truthful information to be forthcoming from any agency, organisation or entity that is directly tied in with the nuclear industry. Given the incredible power of the nuclear industry it really does operate like an “Empire,” with willing serfs such as the IAEA, the WHO, and of course the government of the USA (along with the many other governments) doing exactly what the “Empire” commands them to do.

Urgency of a “Nuclear Free” World

The ongoing disaster at Fukushima is the clearest, loudest, most urgent wake-up call for humankind relative to our use of nuclear technology and the incredibly damaging effects it has on the health of all life on Earth. At present, the entire world is under constant threat due to the mass proliferation of this insane and inherently unsafe nuclear technology. With over 440 nuclear power plants in operation, thousands upon thousands of nuclear bombs, as well as the thousands of military reactors in submarines and the like it is easy to understand if one describes it as an absolute miracle that we have not annihilated ourselves (even many times over) already!

Until there is complete and utter nuclear disarmament of planet Earth (including all nuclear bombs, reactors, submarines and the rest) there will never be lasting peace. How can there possibly be lasting peace when we are under constant threat of nuclear warfare on a global scale? To categorise Fukushima (and all nuclear tests and reactors) as nuclear warfare is the only true way of describing the situation, as those who actually own, control and advocate this technology are a tiny minority of humankind who are always only working to maintain their power and dominance over everyone and everything. Thus, they are constantly choosing to be at war with “we the people” by their own every design and action.

Good and positive intentions of a vast majority of humankind have been ritually suppressed (and with great force) over many decades by this criminal cartel who currently rule the world. Through creating every kind of conflict and war on a mass scale, through profiting from as many sides of every such conflict as they possibly can, through the destruction of our health in thousands of ways (including nuclear radiation), through the concentration of wealth in the hands of the few (including energy, food, water and most critical natural resources), through all the possible means they can find to maintain their presumed superior status to the “masses” these people continue to work at devouring humankind and even the Earth itself.

These most parasitic, destructive, life-negative and nihilistic few who comprise the current “power system” will continue on at a rapid pace with their plans until either humankind wakes up and gets together as everybody-all-at-once to change the course of history, or until we all inevitably perish due to some terrible catastrophe (which could yet be Fukushima, as it is still officially acknowledged to be spewing more than 150 tera-becquerels of radiation a day!) wiping out most if not all of humankind.

Wartime Emergency

Please consider what is being said here and treat the situation as it really is: a literal wartime emergency. All life on Earth is currently under attack from nuclear warfare and it must be stopped. This will require that all of sane humankind (thus, not including anyone who yet advocates or supports the continuing use of nuclear technology) come together in unison and demand a nuclear-free world. As stated by the World-Friend, Adi Da, in his book titled Not-Two Is Peace:

Only everybody-all-at-once can change the current chaos.

Specifically in regards to nuclear weapons, Adi Da says the following [emphasis added]:

The idea behind nuclear weapons is the idea of total war. Total war is not about conflicts based on confrontations between the armies of the warring states. Total war is about a practice of war in which the people are the target.

Total war is an obscenity. It is evil. Total war would destroy the people, and it would destroy everything—for a political advantage.

The seed, or root, of the idea of total war is the commitment to global dominance. Total war has no function except for a nation-state, or an alliance of nation-states, that is interested in global dominance.

This kind of warfare has become global policy in the course of the twentieth century, and now into the twenty-first century.

Total war is absolutely unacceptable, and so the current warlike posturing must stop. It is on the verge of producing its ultimate catastrophe.

It is not that this or that nation-state should not have nuclear weapons. Absolutely no state and nobody should have nuclear weapons.

There needs to be an immediate intervention on behalf of humankind to eliminate all nuclear weapons and to establish a working process for settling issues. [32]

Based on all of the information presented in this article, it is an obvious conclusion that nuclear reactors are indeed a form of nuclear weapon – they are simply weapons that operate more slowly and more silently and more secretively than conventional bombs, yet the extensive research on this type of nuclear weapon reveals that the dangers over years and decades are even greater than the dangers from a single explosion. Long-term exposure to low doses of ionising radioactive particles from nuclear reactors (especially from a major disaster such as Chernobyl or Fukushima) is proven to have been lethal to tens of millions of human beings already.

Specifically in the case of Fukushima, it can easily be seen that there is criminal and even genocidal intent behind the mass suppression and obfuscation of any and all information about the greatest single industrial disaster in modern history. The only obvious answer that many have come up with relative to this incredible suppression of critical data is the following: the present ruling “power system” of the world is quite fine with (or even intentionally wants) the suffering and deaths of millions of human beings from the horrific effects of radioactive poisoning. Such an attitude towards humankind and the Earth itself is beyond contemptible, yet this is exactly the attitude that the ruling “power system” evidently has towards the mass of humanity. They will no doubt do everything in their power to protect “their” interests as these events unfold, so we all need to be strong, calm, fearless, happy, loving and forceful in our consistent and steady and sane demand, as everybody-all-at-once, for a nuclear free world.

Act Now – Water, Supplements, Food

This is where YOU need to ACT. There are many actions to take at this time and they definitely include (first and foremost) taking care of the health and well-being of yourself  and your loved ones as best you can, given the nature and scale of the disaster and taking into account your personal means and circumstances. Firstly, filtering all drinking water (and even all household water if possible) is a very good idea. Reverse osmosis with activated carbon filters [33] is the baseline standard for removing a significant amount of radioactive isotopes from water. For extra removal, add a radioactive isotope removal cartridge [34] into the system (though I am not very familiar with these systems myself, having not yet purchased one, I have read many good reviews from people already using them who have installed them after the beginning of this crisis).

There are a variety of supplements that can be taken to assist in removing radioactivity from the body. Several of the most important ones include: N-Acetyl-Cysteine; zeolite; apple pectin [35]; bentonite clay [36]; vitamin E and good ‘ol vitamin C (preferably with a bioflavinoid basis to give it more availability to the body) in the order of 2-3 grams per day at least. The N-A-C is a 500-600mg per day capsule (quite stinky), zeolite is a fine volcanic looking ash (it actually is a volcanic ash, so that makes sense!) and a teaspoon can be taken in liquid with every meal (it was used extensively after Chernobyl, including large amounts in all animal feed to help remove cesium-137 from dairy and meat products), and bentonite clay can be taken internally as well as being used to wash produce. Note that zeolite and bentonite clay should be served out and stirred with a non-metallic spoon, as contact with metal will detract from the benefits of these supplements.

If non-contaminated sources of any of the following seafoods can be found (packaging date must be prior to March 12, 2011, to be certain of no radioactive contamination) then buy as much as you can and eat as much as you can, as they are all rich in iodine and other good nutrients to support the immune system (in order of benefit, based on the information I’ve seen): kelp; dulse; brown (or any other) seaweed; and arame. Cholorella is an excellent immune booster and remover of radioactive isotopes from the body, though much of it originates in the sea around Japan, Taiwan, and China. If a brand of Cholorella can be sourced that is from elsewhere (such as the Atlantic or the south Pacific) then that would be a good option, otherwise possibly not so good. Consuming a lot of good fibre will also help with cleansing out radioactive particles from the gut and intestines.

Relative to food gardening, some have been suggesting concentrating on in-ground or root vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, beets and the like. Also, above-ground vegetables that do not as readily absorb water through the skin are preferable. Covering the garden with something to keep off rainwater is the best option, as any cesium-137 that gets in the soil will be there until it is either eaten in food or until at least 100-200 years have passed. Any vegetables with large green leaves (such as everything that those of us who love green drinks usually have every day) should be treated with care, due to the especially large surface area that so readily absorbs any and all radioactive contaminants.

Stay away from all fresh dairy completely. Period. This is one of the surest ways to expose yourself to the highest possible concentrations of radioactivity that are being experienced so far, as dairy is an extreme concentrator of the radioactive isotopes. Cheeses that state “aged for X months” should evidently be fine if the number of months puts the date of production before March 12th, 2011. However, any raw or pastuerised milk, raw or jack cheese (usually aged only around a month) and other soft white cheeses (feta and so on) should definitely be completely avoided. As should all butter, which can be one of the single highest concentrators of radioactive fallout. Damn! Any beef is a definite not-good as well, due to the same reasons as the dairy – cows eat a helluva lot of grass and the grass is one of the best single concentrators of radioactive fallout in the environment. Other meats will also potentially be risky, depending on the dietary intake of the animals. Basically, knowing that the animal is fed on grain or feed that was produced prior to March 12th, 2011, would be a good indicator that the meat should be relatively safe.

Stay out of the rain (or at least wear good protection)! Due to the way rain droplets form around dust particles, rain tends to concentrate any radioactive fallout significantly. Based on reading many first-hand accounts of radioactivity measurements made by people all across the USA, it is clear that rain can temporarily concentrate the radioactivity anywhere from 2-10 times the current levels in the air! Also, try not to breathe dust in too much (or at all), as it is quite likely going to be higher in radioactivity than the average due to some dust coming down in the rainwater and also the simple fact that the rain lands on the surface, thus contaminating any top layer of dust the most. If you do get rained on and wet, then it is essential to wash any skin that gets wet as thoroughly as possible (the usual recommendation is a shower with a good soap and scrub) and any clothing that gets wet should be washed twice (at least), though not with any bleach or chlorine based products, as these will cause any radioactive iodine-131 to vapourise, thus making it very easy to breathe in such particles. Any sign of unusual stickiness after being outside or in the rain is almost certainly iodine-131 based on a number of reports.

All of the above is the best advice I can share with you all based on extensive (somewhat exhaustive!) reading about this radiation crisis. The best way forwards is clearly to do all of the above and then some, but I am not able to even do that myself as yet. Do as much as you can of the above and you will certainly at least reduce your ingestion of radioactive particles, thus keeping your lifetime cancer risk to a lower level than it would be if you do less!


In closing, please seriously consider sending this article to anyone and everyone you care about and love, as I stated in the beginning. The only reason I am writing all of this for you all (which has now taken me a full day of on and off research and typing!) is that I feel an overwhelming sense of duty to my fellow human beings to inform them of the best information that I have been able to find about the entire Fukushima mess. Due to the obvious criminal negligence/conspiracy by the current power system to suppress as much about this terrible disaster as possible, it is all the more urgent that we work to maintain strong and clear communication with each other and the wider community, outside the paradigm of the absurd and clearly failing structure of corporate dominated society.

Personally, I would prefer to be outside working on my hiking trail in the local canyon, but alas I have put that on the backburner at present due to not wanting to spend too much time outdoors (especially digging in the dusty radioactive-ness of a dirt trail). This world is a strange and dynamic place and we simply do not know where this crisis will end.

My heart-prayer is that the best possible benign outcomes eventuate from what is currently an extremely dicey situation for potentially all Earthkind. May those outcomes include the utter disarmament and dismantling of all nuclear bombs and reactors, such that all of us here on Earth finally have the chance to live without the threat of total annihilation at any time. Please be clear that every single one of us will need to work together, as everybody-all-at-once, if this plan of nuclear disarmament has a chance of success. And that will require you (and your friends, and their friends, and their friends, and so on to all six-degrees of separation!) to stay conversant and conscious about these events, and to not allow ourselves to pretend that nothing is happening simply because it is not on the nightly news.

May the Force be with us all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~    ~ ~    ~ ~ ~

Appendix: Cesium-137 forecasts

Rhenish Cesium-137 Dry Deposition (April 25) [37]

* Dry Deposition essentially means the accumulated surface buildup

Rhenish Cesium-137 Dry Deposition


NILU Cesium-137 Total Column (April 25) [38]

* Yes, that is the USA with a large concentrated band of Cesium-137 forecast for the west coast

(note that there are other NILU forecasts that do not show levels this high [39] – who knows what is correct?!)

NILU Cs-137 Total Column (April 25)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~    ~ ~    ~ ~ ~











[10] (cover) and (p.323)







[17] or







[24] (p.5)








[32] The World-Friend, Adi Da, Not-Two Is Peace, 3rd Ed, 2009, p.44 (please go to to download Not-Two Is Peace for free)

[33] or


[35] and

[36] (scroll down to heading “Short Term Antidotes”)

[37] (click link, scroll down, then click chart on left titled “dry depositions”)



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~    ~ ~    ~ ~ ~

Only everybody-all-at-once can change the current chaos.” —Adi Da

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~    ~ ~    ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~    ~ ~    ~ ~ ~

Copyright Notice

Quotations/images from the World Friend Adi Da are copyright © The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam. All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.

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Written by Free723

April 26, 2011 at 11:59 pm

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  1. I appreciate this post. Thanks!

    Gerrit Ypema

    April 27, 2011 at 2:36 pm

  2. Brilliant work! I must say the fever in which this is written is perfect and well thought out.
    May I please recite some of your writing in a video? Your words convey many messages that need to be heard and it would be an honor to help spread some truth.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Joni Rae


    May 8, 2011 at 11:28 pm

    • Yes, please do recite any of the writing from this blog in your videos. It really is urgent to get the truth out there at this time.

      If you do quote anything directly from the World-Friend, Adi Da (whom I quote throughout the blogs on this site), then please do give credit to him for the specific words of his that you read out. Thanks!



      May 9, 2011 at 10:19 am

    • Thank you kindly. I will send you the link after I’ve uploaded it and attach a link to you within the video.


      May 9, 2011 at 2:03 pm

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