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The Royal (NUCLEAR) Family

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Apr 29, 2011: What a bizarre time it is in the world! Thanks largely to the ruling “power system” (that most certainly includes the Royal House of Windsor) we are currently experiencing a global pandemic of unemployment, with millions losing their homes and even all they have worked for their entire lives, and with more and more millions going hungry by the day. Meanwhile, a fanastical and grotesque sideshow of indulgence by a very tiny minority is force-fed to the world, thanks to the always willing assistance of the mass media mouthpieces.

Nuclear Lizzy

What contributions has this “Royal” family truly made to our world in recent times? Apart from their contuining theft of massive wealth (in the forms of money and also vast amounts of valuable natural resources) on a global scale, they have also contributed every form of destructive and diabolical weaponry and technology that continues to cause the mass suffering and death of millions every year.

In the past 65 years of the “nuclear age” one of their biggest contributions has been ever-increasing amounts of one of the most deadly poisons on Earth into the global environment and food chain: uranium. Yes, they are (and always have been) one of the biggest players in the nuclear industry, cleverly using their many front companies to obscure the fact that they actually have a huge stake in global uranium mining [1] and nuclear technology (both nuclear weapons and reactors [2]).

The lust for power and profits by any means (and at any cost to all Earthkind) that is demonstrated year after year by this family is a truly dark display. This family is indeed a demonstration of the worst kind of nihilistic and destructive qualities that humankind can ever possibly manifest. Amongst their many abilities, these vile creeps are also incredible actors who constantly fool the stupefied masses into believing that there is actually anything redeeming or good about them at all, with their big smiles and cute little waves.

Do not be fooled, humankind, about the true nature of these dark beasts. In recent years, the contribution of depleted uranium to the global enviornment through the wars in the Middle East has been sickening and killing ever-increasing numbers of human beings. In Iraq especially, where these depleted uranium munitions have been used on a massive scale, there have been huge rises in the incidences of radiation related cancers, illnesses, deaths, and birth deformities [3].

Extensive evidence of the destruction of life by this terrible poison is easy to find on the Internet, including compilations of horrific photographs [4] clearly showing to all the end result of this utterly insane policy of nuclear warfare. Yes, it is nuclear warfare without a big attention-grabbing BANG associated, which means that much of humankind does not even know it is going on at all.

This lack of a big explosive bang does not, however, stop the silent and deadly flow of radioactive poisons around the entire globe [5] that are continually adding to the already huge death toll from the “nuclear experiment” being carried out on all Earthkind. Thus, here is an accurate and truthful description of the contributions that this so-called “Royal” family is actually making:

“Royal” pain in the DNA for all life on Earth.

Only through real and committed action on the part of all humankind will this complete madness of death-dealing destruction be brought to an end. We must all urgently put our energy into quickly achieving the extremely important outcome of a nuclear free world.

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UPDATE: Apr 30, 2011: Below is a link to what is quite simply the most brilliant article I have ever read that in only two pages summarises the global corporate beast that is now openly destroying the world for the sake of their continued reign of power over all Earthkind. A must read for anyone who wants to know what is actually going on !

~ Britain’s Royal Wedding: A Big Day For The Global Oligarchy

~ by Finian Cunningham, Centre for Research on Globalization

. . . the royal wedding is not just a peculiar Big Day for the seemingly quaint House of Windsor. It is in many ways a celebration of the dictatorship of global Capital over democracy in Britain and elsewhere around the world, including the ‘Republic of the USA’. As the assorted global dictators assembled in London’s  Westminster Abbey might say in harmony with the happy couple: ‘Till death do us part’.

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Only everybody-all-at-once can change the current chaos.” —Adi Da

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Written by Savvy108

April 29, 2011 at 8:35 am

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