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Who belongs to the REAL global “nuclear family”?

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May 2, 2011: An unusual term for the “family unit” was brought into common usage from about 1947 onwards [1] (only two years after the nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan): the “nuclear family”. Using the word “nuclear” in connection to “family” evidently comes from a simple analogy: parents are like protons (bigger and closer to the centre of the “nucleus” of an atom) and children are like electrons (smaller and flying around outside the nucleus or centre of the atom). That’s all easy to understand, but the question is: why was this term (amongst many thousands of possible analogies for the “family unit”) specifically brought into common usage in 1947 and by whom?

Real Global “Nuclear Family”

Marketing is an extremely powerful force in the modern world. It has been a powerful force throughout all of history, but in the modern (specifically 20th and 21st century) era marketing has been taken to the global level. In previous centuries, folk would have to ride around on horses and so on, with banners and posters and simple printed materials publicising this or that. With the birth of the wireless radio and then television in the past century, those who own and control such technology suddenly had the means at their disposal to globally and rapidly “popularise” any idea or concept or term at all. Thus, any presumed “popularity” of an idea or concept or term certainly does not have to start in a natural way. What is naturally “popular” amongst the population is one reality. And then there is that which is artificially manufactured as being “popular” through constant repetition of the idea or concept or term (by those within the “power system” of the day, using all the marketing means at their disposal).

Based on the above simple understanding, let us ask again: why was the term “nuclear family” brought into common usage in 1947 and by whom? This is an important question to be answered, especially given the dire situation that humankind (and even all Earthkind) is now in, with regards to the unprecedented amounts of radioactive poisons that are flowing every day from an out-of-control nuclear meltdown that is occurring in multiple nuclear reactors [2] simultaneously.

Looking at the facts shows us that the term “nuclear family” gained “popular” usage status exactly at the birth of the era of nuclear power. Within only one decade of the term “nuclear family” being put into common usage, the first nuclear reactors in the world were constructed (including in the UK and the USA). These “nuclear reactors”, otherwise known as slowdirty bombs”, were sold to the public as being “safe” by all manner of powerful marketing (truly, “brainwashing”). This marketing came from some very “popular” culture sources, including Walt Disney and many others [3]. For example, the pro-nuclear animated film from Disney in 1957, titled “Our Friend, the Atom” was certainly a key part in the brainwashing of millions of young children [4] (before they even had the science-mind to truly examine the facts) into accepting the “safety” and “friendliness” of nuclear technology.

Pairing the words “nuclear” and “family” makes a powerful psychological suggestion that “nuclear” is “safe” and “friendly”, as it is a natural and ordinary desire that anything to do with “family” be safe and friendly. Thus, we readily project our desire of “safe and friendly” onto a new term “nuclear” especially when it is paired with the word “family”. And especially when we are also told about how “friendly” nuclear power is from many popular culture sources simultaneously!

Unless one is able to convince oneself that this carefully planned, brilliantly executed, hugely funded marketing effort over many years only happened by some “dumb luck” for the nuclear industry, then the only conclusion is that these events took place by conspiracy amongst those in the “power system” of the day. Thus, such events can truly not be “explained away” by any kind of “coincidence theory” or such similar nonsense. As Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said:

In politics, nothing happens by accident.

If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.

Well, nuclear power is certainly the height of political power in this world, as proven by the past 65 years of the “nuclear experiment” on all Earthkind [5]. Thus, based on the very telling comment of a person who one would expect to truly know about such matters (given the job he held for years) it is obvious that the entire “nuclear experiment” (including all of the pro-nuclear marketing from the 1950s and even until today) was certainly planned by a political force.

The Real Global “Nuclear Family”

Now let us return again to the original question posed by this article: who belongs to the real global “nuclear family”? From Websters Dictionary, 1913, we find this definition:


A group of kindred or closely related individuals; as, a family of languages;

a family of States; the chlorine family.

What a perfect meaning for the matter under consideration! The example terms given almost exactly describe the situation. Given that only five nation-States on Earth are supposedly “allowed” to have nuclear weapons (by their own decision and not the decision of humankind – not very surprisingly!) and given that those exact same five nation-States are the only permanent members of the “UN [In-]Security Council”, the following conclusion is simply obvious:

The “nuclear family” is the “family of States” that possess nuclear weapons.

This “family of States” includes the following core “family members” (in chronological order of their acquisition of nuclear weapons): the USA (1945); Russia (1949); Britain (1952); France (1960); and China (1964). In addition, several “relatives” of this core “nuclear family” have acquired nuclear weapons in recent years, including: India (1974); Pakistan (1998); and North Korea (2006). And we must include the great “rogue state” of Israel in this short list of the real global “nuclear family” members. The use of the term “rogue state” is evidently appropriate for Israel, as they are the only member of the extended “nuclear family” that has never made an honest statement about their possession of nuclear weapons in the now more than 30 years that they are assumed to have had such technology [6]. This proves that Israel is utterly untrustworthy on the global stage (how can humankind possibly trust any nation-State that practices deception about such a critical issue?!), hence the specific title of “rogue state” given them here.

Some 65 years (and counting) of history on Earth proves that the core “nuclear family of five” have used their tremendous and utterly disproportionate power (wielded by means of the threat to anyone or all of nuclear annihilation) to continually advance the globalist agenda of the “power system” that is currently ruling the entire world. Studying events over the past decade or so also shows that the “relatives” in the “nuclear family” (including India, Pakistan, North Korea, and Israel) are likewise key parts of the political picture, as they create the global threat of a “rogue” nation (or “terrorist” group or even a single “lone gunman”) gaining access to nuclear weapons. Once again, it is the classic “good cop, bad cop” routine being played out on a global scale, unfortunately with nuclear weapons being the threat to all. These globalists truly do play this all as a “game” (a “game” that unfortunately for all Earthkind results in unwarranted mass death and destruction) and so we all must quickly learn to out-play them at their own “game” through the power of “everybody-all-at-once” (as the very existence of all Earthkind is what is actually at stake).

Full Nuclear Disarmament (of Both Bombs and Reactors) Required

It is true that there is no power on Earth great enough to stop the machine of death-dealing destruction wielded by the 21st century “power system” except the power of everybody-all-at-once. Only a universal demand for full nuclear disarmament (meaning both types of nuclear weapon: bombs and reactors) will succeed in achieving this necessary first step towards global peace. Until that first step is taken, all Earthkind will be under the constant threat of potentially total annihilation. How can there possibly be lasting peace in this world while such a threat is the case?!

An excellent summary of the situation is explicitily spelled out by the World-Friend, Adi Da, who says this about nuclear weapons [emphasis added]:

The idea behind nuclear weapons is the idea of total war. Total war is not about conflicts based on confrontations between the armies of the warring states. Total war is about a practice of war in which the people are the target.

Total war is an obscenity. It is evil. Total war would destroy the people, and it would destroy everything—for a political advantage.

The seed, or root, of the idea of total war is the commitment to global dominance. Total war has no function except for a nation-state, or an alliance of nation-states, that is interested in global dominance.

This kind of warfare has become global policy in the course of the twentieth century, and now into the twenty-first century.

Total war is absolutely unacceptable, and so the current warlike posturing must stop. It is on the verge of producing its ultimate catastrophe.

It is not that this or that nation-state should not have nuclear weapons. Absolutely no state and nobody should have nuclear weapons.

There needs to be an immediate intervention on behalf of humankind to eliminate all nuclear weapons and to establish a working process for settling issues.

At present, a culture of total war, a culture of death, is ruling, while the people are engrossed in consumerism.

The only power on Earth that can stop this trend toward total war is the power of the human population declaring it will not cooperate with this nihilistic culture of total war and the ideologies of total dominance. [7]

Yes! This is the most powerful summary of what is going on relative to these forces interested in global dominance. We must all urgently take heed of these incredibly wise words and we must all work quickly to bring this wisdom to all we know, such that people everywhere can be helped in coming to a right understanding of the current global situation.

Brothers and Sisters of Planet Earth

O dear human beings every-where, brothers and sisters of this precious world of Earth, please awaken from your slumber and get together now such that we can all together, as everybody-all-at-once, avert the ultimate catastrophe we have been warned about for so many years already, which catastrophe is now knocking on the “door” of all Earthkind.

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The image used at the beginning of this article is a modified version of an image found on Wikipedia, in the article relating to States with nuclear weapons (see [6] below). This image provides an excellent example of the power of marketing. Note that the image on Wikipedia uses blue for the most dangerous countries (being the “nuclear family of five”), which is psychologically suggesting cool (as in temperature) and safety rather than danger. Also, red is used for the least dangerous countries, simply because they are not part of the “nuclear non-proliferation treaty” club that happens to be the same “nuclear family of five” that possess almost all of the nuclear weapons on Earth.

It is obvious that the choices of colour in the original image are to manipulate the mind of the viewer. Thus, I have re-coloured the image with the most dangerous countries being marked in red (as is simply appropriate), the second most dangerous being marked in orange (those countries who have access to nuclear weapons usage via NATO) and the least dangerous being marked in yellow (India, Pakistan, and South Korea). Green remains the same, representing countries that previously possessed nuclear weapons, as does black, representing countries that are claimed (by key members of the “nuclear family of five”) to have a “nuclear weapons program” (being Iran and Syria – it simply couldn’t be more obvious who the “power system” is working to conquer next, based on this fact alone).

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[7] The World-Friend, Adi Da, Not-Two Is Peace, 3rd Ed, 2009, p.44-5 (please go to to download Not-Two Is Peace for free)

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Only everybody-all-at-once can change the current chaos.” —Adi Da

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Copyright Notice

Quotations/images from the World Friend Adi Da are copyright © The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam. All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.

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