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LIES from every “official mouthpiece”

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May 5, 2011: In the past few days, monitoring of the radioactive releases from Fukushima has been stopped by a number of institutions around the world. There are various claims being made to justify the sudden end of such a critical service that provides essential and life-saving information to the public. An almost identical wording is found in the claims made by two of the most prominent organisations who have been monitoring the radiation releases from Fukushima. In the USA, the EPA claims that there is a “consistent decrease in radiation levels across the country” [1] and in Germany, the Rhenish Institute for the Environment claims that there is a “clear decrease of the worldwide radioactive concentrations outside of Japan” [2] – however, both these statements are outright lies, as will be easily shown in this article.

With some simple analysis of the available data and a little basic math, we can quickly prove that the official institutions who are there to protect us in exactly this type of emergency are actually speaking outright lies, which will very specifically result in millions of unnecessary deaths from radiation-related cancers over the next 2–60 years (and beyond). In addition, birth defects and infant mortality rates will increase many-fold for more than a hundred years (as it takes more than a hundred years for cesium-137 to lose even 90% of its radioactive power). The self-evident conclusion relative to the lies being spoken is therefore that the “power system” of today has genocidal intent towards humankind and even all life on Earth [3].

Dry Deposition (ie. Surface Concentration) of Cesium-137

Let us look at only one specific data set for this proof, being the amount of cesium-137 accumulating on the surface (the “dry deposition”). Firstly, it is important to reiterate a crucial fact: any and all cesium-137 accumulating on the surface will take more than 100 years to lose even 90% of its radioactive power (cesium-137 will be at approximately 50% radioactive power after the first 30 year “half-life”, then 25% after 60 years, 12.5% after 90 years, and so on). This is highly significant, as the Chernobyl disaster has shown. The cesium-137 landing all over the USA from Japan will continue to enter the food-chain over the coming months and years, inevitably leading to at least hundreds of thousands (though ultimately it will almost certainly be millions) of radiation-related cancers and deaths in the USA alone (over the next century and more).

So, using the data from the Rhenish Institute for the Environment for dry deposition of cesium-137 on the US west coast (measured in L.A.) [4] we get the following graph for the actual deposits until the end of April (the last public release of data):

Dry Deposition Cs-137 (Actual)

If one can truly look at this graph and see a “clear decrease of radioactive concentrations” then it is obvious that “cognitive dissonance” [5] must be the case for such a one. Even a grade school student with the slightest math education can see the trend of this graph, which is clearly up (ie. consistent increases in radioactive concentrations). Using this actual data as the baseline for a projected forecast of the continuing build-up of this cancer-and-death-causing radioactive pollution, we get the following graph:

Dry Deposition Cs-137 Forecast

Note that the main forecast (coloured area) above ignores the significant radioactive releases that occurred in the 10 day period from April 6–15 (inclusive), during which time the dry deposition of cesium-137 on the US west coast (measured in L.A.) rose from 0.7 Bq/m2 to 3.6 Bq/m2 (a rise of 2.9 Bq/m2 in only 10 days!). The main coloured area forecast simply uses the two weeks from April 17 – May 1 (inclusive) as this period showed a relatively consistent rate of increase.

So, what does the forecast show us? Well, it shows us that by July 4th the levels of radioactive cesium-137 on the ground throughout much of the western USA will be approximately double what they are now. Given that TEPCO have stated on the record that it will take them at least 6–9 months to even stop the radioactive releases [6] a mid-point in this timeframe of Christmas Day has been used for the final data point. By Christmas Day we can see that the dry deposition of radioactive cesium-137 on the US west coast (and even the western half of the USA altogether) will be approximately five times what it is already!

Radioactive Cesium-137 with your Christmas turkey, anyone? Or are we all to be the radioactive “turkeys” on the Christmas “dinner table” of the “power system” this coming December?

Significant Radioactive Releases Continuing Every Day

In the above forecast, an additional linear “trend line” is shown that is based on all of the data from mid-March to the end of April, including the 10 day period of significant radioactive releases that took place in mid-April. Given that such major releases can (and will) continue to happen periodically (or even often, for all we know, given the incredible suppression of this information by the “power system”) it is actually realistic to include such data in any forecast. Thus, taking into account the likelihood of significant radioactive releases occurring every month or so (similar to the mid-April releases) we get a forecast for Christmas Day that is 20% higher than the previous one, which would mean levels of radioactive cesium-137 six times higher than today.

Given that the reactors are in an out-of-control meltdown situation [7] we can reasonably conclude that the radioactive releases may well end up being much, much higher than this simple forecast. Without the actual data from the institutions that are there to protect people through providing life-saving information, we will simply not even know the exact situation with regards to the cumulative build-up of radioactive poisons in the soil and food and water all over the USA.

The “bread basket” of north America is mainly found in the western regions of the USA (the massive Sacramento Valley being a prime example of this fact). Most food for the north American continent is grown in these western regions, yet these exact same regions are fast becoming the worst places to grow food outside of Japan (and the Chernobyl region, of course). That is, unless you like to eat and drink radioactive particles that will continually emit damaging energy at the microscopic level once they get inside you, mutating and destroying the very cells of your body (and doing so more powerfully than any other known carcinogen on Earth).

This is a catastrophe beyond the ability of most people to “accept” or even to comprehend, it is true. Hence the regular reminders about “cognitive dissonance” and “normalcy bias” in the various articles being written. The psychological aspect of this disaster must be addressed if people are to be served in “waking up” from their stupor, such that they can actually be free to respond in a positive and direct manner to this incredible crisis. Many are evidently in a state of massive denial relative to the fact that this nuclear reactor disaster is the worst industrial catastrophe in history that will inevitably kill at least millions of people in the northern hemisphere.

Over the course of the first few days of May there has once again been visible smoke and steam spewing out from the reactors at Fukushima [8] [9] [10] and we all know the old saying: “Where there is smoke, there is fire.” The fact that there are once again visible signs of the radioactive releases means that there are certainly significant amounts of radioactive poisons spewing out over these first days of May, which poisons will continue to land all over the northern hemisphere (and especially on the US west coast, being “next in line” from Japan, due to the fast-moving air currents across the Pacific Ocean).

EPA (Environmental Pollution Agency)

For those who are wondering why there has been no mention of “data” from the EPA in this article, it must be noted that the EPA has not even been making public any data relative to radioactive releases from Fukushima throughout much of April. The most recent air sampling data on the EPA site is from April 5th [11], now one month ago! Wow. These official “mouthpieces” make statements about a “consistent decrease in radiation levels” yet how could they possibly know that if they are not even measuring the levels?! And if the levels of radioactivity were being measured throughout April, where is the data? Finally, would you believe it in any case, given the decades long track record of lies and obfuscation by the “Environmental Pollution Agency”?

It is actually more than likely that the EPA has not even been monitoring the radiation levels at all. An example of their dis-interest in providing such critical life-saving information to the public is shown by the fact that the EPA took 8 out of 18 air monitors on the US west coast offline in late March for “quality review” [12] due to spikes in radiation levels that were observed within weeks of the Fukushima catastrophe beginning. Rather than making the obvious logical conclusion that the spikes in radiation levels all around us are most likely due to the massive radioactive releases from multiple nuclear reactors in meltdown, the EPA “decided” (based on no scientific evidence whatsoever) that the radiation monitors must not be “working correctly”.

Seriously folks, can you ever trust an institution that practices such blatant deception and obfuscation of the facts? Are we really supposed to “believe” that 8 out of 18 air monitors on the US west coast all mysteriously stopped “working correctly” (ie. stopped showing levels low enough for the EPA to most easefully continue in assisting with the marketing campaign of the nuclear industry) right on the same day and specifically during the week or two that the worst nuclear disaster in history was releasing much of the estimated 500,000 trillion becquerels of radioactivity into the atmosphere of the northern hemisphere? What an Orwellian world it truly has become in the early 21st century. “Newspeak” abounds and getting at the truth is like trying to find the proverbial needle in the monumental bullshit-stack that is being served up every day by the willing mouthpieces of the “power system”.

“Global Cooperative Forum” Required

It is obvious that humankind is currently under the rule of a tyrannical “power system” (a.k.a. the “global corporate oligarchy”) that has genocidal intent. This is the only realistic conclusion possible based on the factual evidence. If this were not so, then the environmental instititutions that are (ostensibly!) here to protect us would be making much of this terrible nuclear catastrophe and they would specifically be providing all the necessary information and warnings relative to the radioactive poisons that will now be part of the lives of all those who live where these poisons are landing (and in the end this will include all Earthkind, due to the spread of these poisons throughout the entire Ocean over time).

Thus, we all urgently require that the “Global Cooperative Forum” be established, such that there is a voice from the people that is powerful and unified. This voice must now awaken in humankind to address the nihilistic political policies that are causing enormous death and destruction on a global scale – policies that are being enforced by the current “power system” that rules the entire world. Please do your part in helping to get the truth out to the millions and eventually billions of human beings who will ultimately be the actual membership of the “Global Cooperative Forum”. Please communicate frequently about the great principles of “everybody-all-at-once” and the “Global Cooperative Forum” to any and all who have an ear to listen. This “Global Cooperative” movement must arise now if all on Earth are going to have any kind of enjoyable home within even a handful of years.

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[11] (click the “Date Collected“ column heading twice to see the most recent data first)


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Only everybody-all-at-once can change the current chaos.” —Adi Da

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Written by Savvy108

May 5, 2011 at 9:23 am

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  1. Very interesting info. The EPA doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record, and their horrendous lag-time in measuring isotopes throughout the crisis hasn’t improved their image one bit. Thanks for your research.


    May 7, 2011 at 11:37 pm

  2. THANK YOU !!!


    May 12, 2011 at 6:49 pm

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