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Radiation Levels Spiking (After EPA Stops Tests)

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May 10, 2011: Now that there is so little data available to the public relative to global radiation levels it is becoming more and more difficult for any of us to know the actual amount of radioactive poisons that are currently flowing from Fukushima to the world. However, several small graphs on the web site of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection in Germany [1] clearly show that releases of radioactive isotopes have begun to spike again in the past week [2]. Only due to the efforts of blogs such as Energy News [3] are many of us even aware of this data and I heartily commend the efforts of the people helping to provide radiation-related news on such sites. So, let us now take a quick look at two graphs that provide further proof relative to the lies stating that radiation levels outside of Japan are “decreasing”.

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CTBTO – Mar 16 to May 7, Radioactive Iodine-131

CTBTO – Mar 16 to May 7, I-131~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~    ~ ~    ~ ~ ~

CTBTO – Mar 16 to May 7, Radioactive Cesium-137

CTBTO – Mar 16 to May 7, Cs-137~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~    ~ ~    ~ ~ ~

It is obvious from these two graphs that levels of radioactive releases during the past few days (as measured in Japan) have been of the same magnitude as at any time since the first week of massive releases (excepting the approximately five days that show slightly higher levels – in the last few days of March and in the second last week of April). Hawaii shows levels of both iodine-131 and cesium-137 that are of the same magnitude as the second last week of April (and higher than anything since that time). Also, Stockholm shows a sudden spike in cesium-137 on May 7 to levels that are equivalent to the second last week of April.

On the US west coast it is seen that levels of these radioactive poisons are at the same order of magnitude as any time during the past three weeks, yet we are being told by the EPA (who have stopped all additional testing for this specific crisis [4]) that levels of radiation are reducing in the USA! Meanwhile, forecasts in an obscure folder on a server run by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research show levels of radioactive poisons constantly flowing over north America that are 100 times higher than the levels shown by their public forecasts [5] – which is the true and accurate data and which is false?

Nuclear EmpireOwns Governments – “We the PeopleMust Demand Change!

It is being left up to “we the people” to determine the magnitude of the nuclear disaster that started now almost two months ago, based on the best information that is still available. As the very institutions that are there to protect us are proving through their recent actions, they are acting as willing accomplices to the genocidal actions of the “global corporate oligarchy” (or “power system”) that currently rules the world.

Due to nuclear technology being one of the primary “tools” of the “power system” [6] that is evidently involved in a psychotic and genocidal attempt to achieve total world domination in the current era, it is certain that the nuclear death industry will continue until “we the people” speak with a universal demand for an immediate end to this nuclear insanity (both bombs and reactors). Only “we the people” or “everybody-all-at-once” [7] (meaning people in every country and from every background all over the entire planet) can effect this necessary change, as it is clear that those who are currently ruling the world are some of the most insane death-dealing nihilists who have perhaps ever lived in all of history.

Thus, it is very important that we all make every effort to communicate the facts of the hidden radioactive warfare being waged by the “power system” on all Earthkind. The very existence of all life on Earth depends on humankind awakening to the absolutely urgent nature of this nuclear crisis. Only with a completely unified voice from “everybody-all-at-once” will terrible outcomes be averted. This literally means that the vast majority of all human beings on Earth must come together now to demand the urgent changes that are obviously needed if this world is going to be a friendly home for any form of life in even a few years!

Naturally, this vast majority will not include the 1% or so of the population who currently rule the world, as they are evidently sub-human and bloody-thirsty power-mongers, who are willing to kill all life on Earth to maintain their falsely-claimed “ruler” status. This murderous minority must specifically be excluded from any part of the conversation relative to necessary nuclear disarmament, as they obviously cannot be trusted in the slightest. So, in the absence of one iota of sanity from any of our so-called “leaders” it is truly up to the rest of us (meaning most of the 6.9 billion human beings on Earth) to show some sanity about this critical issue.

Full global nuclear disarmament will be the greatest victory for all Earthkind. This is a victory that we must collectively do everything we can to achieve. Through the power of “everybody-all-at-once” let us make it so.

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[2] (German to English translation here:






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Only everybody-all-at-once can change the current chaos.” —Adi Da

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Written by Savvy108

May 10, 2011 at 1:43 pm

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