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A History of Information Suppression

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May 19, 2011: Since the days of the telegraph, the ruling “power system” or “global oligarchy” on planet Earth have been able to powerfully manipulate and control the information that gets to the majority of the global human population. The self-chosen rulers of our world are almost always behind the development of critical technology (such as the telegraph), due to them possessing sufficient wealth to fund such projects — wealth accumulated through generations-long thievery on a global scale, by this tiny and presumed-to-be “elite” minority. These self-proclaimed “rulers” have also always ensured (in their mode of power-addicted and nihilistic self-interest) that they are the main beneficiaries of all such critical technology, quite likely due to them presuming the “right” to benefit the most, given that the development of said technology is typically funded by “their” wealth (even though “their” wealth was criminally stolen from all in the first place!).

Based on this historical background, it is no surprise whatsoever that during these recent weeks — that are only the beginning of the single worst industrial disaster (by many orders of magnitude) in the history of humankind — the ruling powers are in most stunning fashion ensuring that critical news relative to this terrible (and worsening [1]) nuclear catastrophe is being almost utterly suppressed from reaching the public at large. Given that the nuclear industry is one of the primary (and literal) “weapons” of the ruling power system in their constant war against all Earthkind [2] the fact that massive suppression of information relative to this nuclear disaster is taking place is truly to be expected. This insane technology came out of the laboratories of the very same nihilistic power system that is ruling the world, which insane technology has been sold to humankind through trickery and lies [3] with only the benefits of ever-increasing wealth and power for the very few being the intended outcomes of what is truly the nuclear death industry.

Key benefits that the power system has derived from the nuclear death industry obviously include both nuclear weapons (as weapons-grade materials only come from nuclear reactors) and a rapid acceleration of their age-old plan for mass “population reduction” (meaning genocide, even to the degree of killing billions on Earth through means including radioactive poisoning on a global scale). Given that the very same ruling power system behind this death-dealing nuclear technology own almost all of the news media outlets in the world, they are not about to publicise that many millions of human beings (at the minimum) are without doubt going to die from this ongoing and terrible catastrophe that they have very significantly contributed to creating. Criminals do not tend to consciously incriminate themselves after all, which especially applies to the literal families of incredibly clever and scheming global criminals [4] who have been ruling planet Earth for many generations (and even for hundreds of years, from at least the time that modern banking and paper money — developed by this very same criminal global oligarchy — was cunningly imposed upon the world).

It is time for humankind to stand up and say “NO!” to the ruling power system relative to the nihilistic and genocidal “policies” that they are enforcing on all Earthkind (and have been so enforcing at an ever-increasing pace for years and decades now). Now is the time for humankind to make a universal demand [5] to the ruling power system that all destructive and negative and darkly controlling “policies” (especially relative to nuclear power as well as all warfare and all armed conflict) are no longer allowed on this planet!

If humankind does not wake up to the fact that a literal nuclear war is being waged (and has been so waged for 65 years already) on all Earthkind by the present-day ruling power system, then many billions of human (and non-human) beings will inevitably be killed off by the “policies” of the self-proclaimed and genocidal rulers of our world, with those who remain alive being prisoners in a hell-realm of totalitarian rule (achieved by every terrible and dark technological means). The structure for such totalitarian control of the entire world is even now (and for many years already) being implemented at an alarming pace by the very same power system that has sold humankind the nuclear death industry.

Thus, for there to be the slightest chance for all Earthkind to “live long and prosper” we must very rapidly and collectively awaken to the real necessity for all of humankind to be involved in a global political reality. It is time for humankind to take on responsibility for selfmanaging the affairs of our race (and even of planet Earth altogether) in cooperative and responsible fashion, rather than collectively acting as “children” (who are addictively and chronically indulging in every kind of nihilistic-consumeristic-materialistic behaviour [6]) that are effectively dominated and controlled by the great “Parental”-State (which can also be accurately described as the “global corporate oligarchy” or “power system” that presently rules the world).

Out of great love and compassion for humankind and our terrible plight (and the terrible plight of Earth itself!) at this moment of history, the World-Friend, Adi Da, elucidated the entire solution for global cooperative management of planet Earth in his book on global affairs, titled Not-Two Is Peace [7] (sub-titled “The Ordinary People’s Way of Global Cooperative Order”) — a brilliant communication of absolutely urgent import for all on Earth. The great principles given by the World-Friend, Adi Da, of “everybodyallatonce” (“meaning not merely mob power, but a new cooperative system for dealing with issues” [8]) and the “Global Cooperative Forum[9] (being the new and unique global institution that gives all of humankind a real means to benignly and cooperatively transform global affairs) are the very and exact principles that we must collectively manifest with great urgency if there is to be any kind of turnabout from the current disastrous course of events. As the World-Friend, Adi Da, has said:

This is the great project.

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[6] ~ “Moment of Truth”

[7] Not-Two Is Peace can be downloaded for free here:

[8] The World-Friend, Adi Da, Not-Two Is Peace, 3rd Edition, 2009, p.47

[9] Ibid, p.45

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Only everybody-all-at-once can change the current chaos.” —Adi Da

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Not-Two Is Peace

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as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam. All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.

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