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Doubling of Nuclear Catastrophe (from 3-11 to 6-22)?

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Jun 27, 2011: For many weeks, people following the story about the threat to the nuclear power plants on the Missouri River have been disturbed about the potential for a nuclear catastrophe right there in the Midwest. On June 22nd, an official state of emergency was declared by the US government for the two Nebraska counties with nuclear plants [1] (Fort Calhoun and Cooper) threatened by the flood waters. This is the connection with the title of this article. On March 11th (3-11) the Fukushima catastrophe began. A state of emergency was declared for the two Nebraska counties on June 22nd (6-22). Numerically, this date of 6-22 is exactly double 3-11. Perhaps the global rulers are sending a message that a doubling of nuclear catastrophe for planet Earth is now starting, so look out!

As of yesterday, June 26th, the situation has certainly become critical. In the early Sunday morning hours, a 2000 foot long water-filled “aquadam” (a water-filled rubber “berm”) protecting critical buildings at the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant was punctured in an “accident” involving “heavy equipment”! From a New York Times article yesterday (Sunday, 26 June) [emphasis added]:

… Cooper Station, is one of two nuclear plants on the Missouri River, which has been beset by flooding in recent days.

Another reactor, Fort Calhoun, took two steps backward on Sunday. In the pre-dawn hours, a piece of heavy equipment nicked a temporary rubber berm, 8 feet high and 2,000 feet long, and it deflated. And water there began to approach the switchyard, where grid power enters the complex, so operators started up their diesel generators. [2]

After the rubber “berm” was punctured, the waters have surrounded critical buildings. This includes the auxiliary building. From another article yesterday [emphasis added]:

The federal commission had inspectors at the plant 20 miles north of Omaha when the 2,000-foot berm collapsed about 1:30 a.m. Sunday. Water surrounded the auxiliary and containment buildings at the plant, it said in a statement. [3]

This is a huge problem, based on the letter that the NRC sent the OPPD (Omaha Public Power District) in October 2010 relating to the Fort Calhoun flood defenses. From a New York Times article on June 24th [emphasis added]:

Pictures of the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant north of Omaha, Neb., show it encircled by the swollen waters of the Missouri River, which reached a height of nearly 1,007 feet above sea level at the plant yesterday [June 23rd].

. . .

At 1,010 feet, water would begin to enter the auxiliary building, “shorting power and submerging pumps. The plant could then experience a station blackout with core damage estimated within 15 to 18 hours,” under a worst-case scenario, the NRC said.

. . .

The NRC has not completed its evaluation of the new defenses installed at Fort Calhoun, nor has it resolved how OPPD handled the new information about flood threat that the NRC says the utility received via the Corps of Engineers. [4]

So, let us be clear. After the puncturing of the rubber “berm” there is now water surrounding the auxiliary building. The river level was about 1,007 feet four days ago (June 23rd) and has been rising since. The flood waters are expected to rise “five feet or more” [5] and there is only three feet left before the “water would begin to enter the auxiliary building” — based on these numbers, even if the generators hold out for weeks, at some point the water is still expected to enter the auxiliary building and this will likely then cause a blackout leading to core damage within 15-18 hours!

Some are saying that the situation is already significantly worse than is being let on by the NRC and the OPPD. This is certainly a reasonable assumption based on the constant lies from every “official mouthpiece” about the Fukushima catastrophe over the past few months. For instance, a retired nuclear physicist who has commented numerous times relative to the Fukushima disaster, Tom Burnett, said these words in an article released during the early hours of this morning (June 27th) [emphasis added throughout]:

I’ll guess that when the aqua dam burst, the control room was flooded. They are saying “no problem, there is no danger” — but, of course, there IS a problem.

The REASON there is a problem and why they aren’t telling the truth is because, while Fukishima is equivalent to about twenty Chernobyls, Ft. Calhoun is equivalent to about twenty Fukushimas.

Not because it has a lot of reactors — or even a very big one. But because it is holding an immense amount of nuclear fuel in its cooling pool.

…  If they can’t cool it, the corn belt is in trouble.  …

. . .

The back-up generators are probably flooded as well. They were ALSO what the rubber dam was in place to protect. Even if they aren’t, there is water in the electrical system.

. . .

So, when they tell me there is no danger at all, I know otherwise because the rubber dam was the last resort… and that ANY water higher than that is too much — and the water was clearly VERY high up on it when it burst. [6]

Thus, at this stage it seems highly likely that we will never find out if the diesel generators can somehow “last the distance” until the flood waters recede. It is almost certain that significant problems are developing even as I write this article. Of course, there is always the chance for positive “spin” from the mainstream media sources, who have now all “suddenly” started picking up the story on Sunday (after ignoring it studiously for weeks). From an ABC article yesterday [emphasis added throughout]:

A berm at a nuclear power plant in Fort Calhoun, Neb., collapsed early this morning, allowing Missouri River flood waters to reach containment buildings and transformers and forcing the shutdown of electrical power.

Tonight, backup generators are cooling the nuclear material at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station.

. . .

the federal government is so concerned the head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is headed to the plant. [7]

The problem with this story is that it directly implies the head of the NRC is on the way to Fort Calhoun due to this “sudden” turn of events for the worse. However, this is a lie, as it was reported days ago that the NRC head man was on the way there already — prior to the “berm” being punctured in an “accident” the day before his expected arrival (the man has uncanny timing, that’s for sure!). From an article on Friday, June 24th [emphasis added throughout]:

The chair of the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission will arrive in Nebraska Sunday to monitor preparations against Missouri River flooding at two Nebraska nuclear power plants, officials said Friday.

NRC Chair Gregory Jaczko will visit the Cooper Nuclear Station south of Omaha Sunday and the Fort Calhoun plant north of Omaha Monday, said agency spokesman Victor Dricks. [8]

Well, it certainly is incredible timing indeed. The situation becomes critical a day before the head NRC guy is due to arrive at Fort Calhoun nuclear plant. So, the mainstream media talk about his visit as if it is a rapid response to the situation (working the PR angle), yet it was pre-planned days before the water barrier was even destroyed.

Also in the early hours of this morning, the Wall Street Journal reported on the situation with Fort Calhoun. Here are some key words from the article [emphasis added]:

Even when in shutdown mode, a nuclear plant requires electricity to keep key components cool in order to avoid any degradation or melting of the core that could result in the release of radiation. [9]

Yes, that “slight” technicality of needing cooling for many months (or even years) before spent nuclear fuel is cool enough to move. The Wall Street Journal article also does claim that the plant is protected from flood waters rising to 1,014 feet, which is the supposed level of protection that the combination of the water berm and other defenses was to give. However, the NRC never even verified this level of protection prior to the current flooding, so it is not even known if this 1,014 number is accurate. In any case, the water berm is now gone and this evidently changes the equation. Whatever these numbers being quoted, the reality physically is that water is currently surrounding the auxiliary building and if the water enters that building causing a full blackout then core damage is inevitable.

The situation is incredibly serious at this moment. A clear sign that things are changing for the worse is the fact that mainstream news sources picked up the story yesterday, June 26th. Will it make the TV in the next day or two? Quite possibly. Will this turn out to be a doubling of nuclear catastrophe? Unfortunately, it seems highly likely. All following the Fukushima crisis closely are very familiar with the incredibly consistent lies and deceit that any “official mouthpieces” speak about nuclear power and nuclear disasters. Such lies and deceit are certainly going to feature prominently in whatever upcoming “news” is released from the mainstream sources (= primary mouthpieces of the global “power system”) about the critical situation with these two Nebraska nuclear plants.

People talk about the number of “minutes until midnight” before total global calamity ensues, taking into consideration current world events as well as the supremely dangerous technologies humankind is using (and the terribly destructive relationship our race has to planet Earth altogether). At this stage, it looks that the clock is about to start striking midnight, if it has not already begun doing so.

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This is the moment of truth for humankind.” —Adi Da

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Only everybody-all-at-once can change the current chaos.” —Adi Da

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Written by Free723

June 27, 2011 at 3:21 am

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