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Tiny minority of ultra-wealthy people swindles humankind and falsely blames virus

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Understand that ultra-wealthy people are behind the current events. There are between 2,000 and 2,500 billionaires on the planet according to various estimates. The number changes year to year, and no doubt there are at least some number (maybe dozens, maybe a few hundred) with even greater wealth who (by their incredible control over the media, along with extreme cleverness in hiding their wealth behind how ever many fronts that are not in their own names) never get mentioned. These ultra-wealthy people are some of the sickest, most sociopathic and psychotic to ever exist. Understand that well.

It’s a special club, the one for people who have billions of dollars. With only a couple thousand or so of such people out of more than 7.7 billion, they no doubt think they are pretty “special”. Who couldn’t? That level of power corrupts. We know this due the lessons from all of human history and the insights of all of modern psychology as well. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. An obvious truism, without needing to verify who said it or where the term originated. It is true.

These people include Bill Gates, a truly sick human being who peddles the poisons known as vaccines (plus the idea about needing mass population reduction [1]) while also “officially” being the second wealthiest man on the planet [2] (though there are no doubt at least some number of others far more wealthy than either he or Jeff Bozo, but just not “officially” due cleverness in hiding their wealth).

Then Jeff Bozo, who is nominally the wealthiest man on Earth, makes sure to eradicate any and all truthful information about vaccines from Amazon [3] with such practice accelerating rapidly exactly one year ago—is that even possibly a coincidence in timing, with the events happening today, one year later? Clearly it was a pro-active attack by Bozo (and Co.) on the truth about vaccines, prior to the current global misinformation campaign relative a non-event “virus”.

Again, these ultra-wealthy couple thousand or so people are very, very sick. They love to profit hugely, to make money by the trillions (big pharma is a $1-2 trillion per annum industry globally) and live lives of luxury beyond any ordinary person’s wildest dreams, with their wealth and power coming from inflicting misery, pain, death and suffering on the rest of us 7.7 billion humans (and all the billions upon billions of non-humans, the plants and the animals).

In a world with a real system of justice that had any integrity whatsoever, these people would be imprisoned for life such as in a new high security lock down on the far side of the moon. All of them in there in one big pen together, of course, all couple thousand or so. Then they would be able to play out their psychotic, mass-murderous, literally evil agenda as much as they want, but only on others of that kind and so not able to mass-murder hundreds of millions or more of the rest of us who happen to be peaceable and not at all interested in their psychotic machinations!

This massive economic crash was well underway before any “virus” came into the news [4] in recent weeks. The swindlers are pulling yet another massive global swindle, consolidating even more power, wealth and influence into the hands of the tiny, tiny minority of a few thousand people who actually rule the world. Countries do as they are told, clearly, as we are seeing globally right now, March 2020. Whole governments by the dozens are everywhere indeed on the march, marching in lock-step to the tune played by the ruling class, the ultra-wealthy few, that undeniably hateful and sick tiny, tiny miniority that presumes they are “better” than the rest of us, mainly due their cleverness at one thing: accumulation.

To accumulate is only one skill in life and a skill that thugs especially excel at in this human world. In truth, the billionaires who are behind these dark and destructive events created by falsity and illusion are just a pack of low-life thugs. Unfortunately for the other 7.7 plus billion of us, in the 21st century that pack of thugs have astronomical and out-of-all-sane-proportion influence over global events and over humankind altogether. Wake up people and know that your governments are about to do things like forced vaccinations with the injection including digital tracking technology [5] that stays within the body forever after, just as other microchip implants from Big Brother [6] are planned.

The ultra-wealthy few are rapidly working towards a cowed, poverty-stricken, poisoned (aka “vaccinated”), tracked, chipped, fearful-of-the-sky-falling population of completely controllable slaves. Say, I heard about a great film that sounds a bit like all of this, hmm, oh yes the title is: The Matrix.


The power of industry and money has actually become senior to the power of governments, and is now controlling the entire world.

– The World-Friend Adi Da, Not-Two Is Peace (3rd ed., p.37, 2009)


In actual practice, law is nothing but organized force used by the ruling class to shape the social order in a way favorable to itself.

– Nelson Mandela (quoted by Richard Stengel, Mandela’s Way, p.110, 2010)


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Written by Free723

March 20, 2020 at 11:21 am

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