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“Horrific Air Pollution” is Probable Cause of Most Claimed “Virus” Deaths

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Update (5/14/20): An article documenting the role of air (and other) pollution in the “excess deaths” being seen in particular “hot-spots” has been significantly updated by the author, Jim West, a renowned investigative writer relative large scale cover-ups of mass environmental (and human) poisoning by big industries. Given the key information presented by Jim in his article here is a direct link for easy access:

The link below referenced by this post has been updated to a copy from that accurately reflects the content of Jim West’s article at the time this post was written.



There is a critical common factor with all claimed “virus hot-spots” (including Wuhan, northern Italy, Madrid, New York City, and other key locations) that has not been fully and properly investigated with valid science in the recent weeks of “virus” mania. That critical common factor is horrific air pollution. Locations where most of the deaths claimed to be “from” a “new virus” are happening have this critical factor in common, a factor that is obviously of huge significance relative to any and all acute respiratory illnesses and deaths from such illnesses.


Wuhan Pneumonia

As far back as February 7th at least some press outlets were willing to consider such a decisive factor relative “Wuhan pneumonia” (a simple and clear term that is far more accurate than the military sounding “Covid-19”) with this information coming from a Cambodian publication:


According to data released by the Wuhan Bureau of Ecology and Environment, the moment when a large number of pneumonia cases emerged in Wuhan was during the period from Jan 19, 2020, to Jan 23, 2020, and the Wuhan air during this period was at the stage of serious pollution. The indices are all higher than 100. This means that the outbreak period of Wuhan pneumonia coincides with the severe period of air pollution and this is one of the reasons. The second supporting reason is that the high incidence areas of Wuhan pneumonia coincide with the severe air pollution areas.

Wuhan had experienced severe influenza outbreaks in the spring of 2018 and 2019 and the number of influenza cases was much higher than the historical average in the same period. On the exponential distribution map of air pollution, it also appears that Wuhan was at the peak of air pollution during the period of time. Therefore, data from a longer period indicates that the occurrence of Wuhan pneumonia is closely related to air pollution. [1]


Mainstream Smokescreen

During April many mainstream publications have now started publishing stories about air pollution, with a clear intent to confuse the issue. Titles and stories along the lines of “air pollution might be key to ‘virus’ deaths” are appearing, yet such is profoundly misleading in truly “Newspeak” style. By removing the term “corona virus” and any words suggesting ambiguity about the lethality of horrific air pollution the communication becomes much simpler and more truthful:


Horrific air pollution causes excess deaths. Period.


Looking at many of the mainstream articles about air pollution published in recent weeks one sees the entirely false meme about air pollution “contributing” to claimed “virus” deaths being sold very consistently. For instance, the UK “Guardian” published a story on April 20th with the title “Air pollution may be ‘key contributor’ to Covid-19 deaths” so this story sells the meme of an unproven “virus” as an obviously intentional way to try and deceive or confuse the readers. The Guardian article of course does not question the existence of the unproven “virus” but some of the statements made are very revealing:


… according to research … of the coronavirus deaths across 66 administrative regions in Italy, Spain, France and Germany, 78% of them occurred in just five regions, and these were the most polluted.

The research examined levels of nitrogen dioxide, a pollutant produced mostly by diesel vehicles, and weather conditions that can prevent dirty air from dispersing away from a city. Many studies have linked NO2 exposure to health damage, and particularly lung disease …

In the UK, NO2 has been at illegal levels in most urban areas for the last decade. [2]


So 78% of deaths claimed to be from a “new virus” in four key claimed European “virus hot-spots” are occurring in the areas with the most air pollution. Then the one liner mention of the fact that NO2 levels in the UK have “been at illegal levels in most urban areas for the last decade”. Wow. It is quite obvious (to anyone who has any O.I. or Own Intelligence [3] at all) that there is no need to bring an unproven “virus” into the discussion about high numbers of deaths in places with “illegal levels” of air pollution.

The quoted article itself states: “Many studies have linked NO2 exposure to health damage, and particularly lung disease”. So, for a moment put aside the claim that an unproven “virus” is causing some claimed amount of deaths globally and take a look at the evidence for yourself. All of the evidence directly points to horrific air pollution being the common factor with the vast majority of those claimed “virus” deaths (with much higher claimed “virus” mortality in highly localized areas where severe air pollution is known to be consistently the case, and over many years).


Pseudo-Science Articles Aplenty

There are pseudo-science articles being published aplenty that continually push the claim about a new unproven “virus” while also slipping in actual facts and truths about lethal air pollution. One such publication has the intentionally misleading title “Air Pollution and the Novel Covid-19 Disease: a Putative Disease Risk Factor” [4] which (based on the title alone) is evidently selling the unproven claim that there is a “new virus” out there. The first couple of paragraphs of this article are obvious “virus” propaganda and then it gets a little more interesting in paragraph three:


The assumption that air pollution conditions facilitate the spread of the virus was shown and supported by [the study from] Cui et al. during the SARS outbreak in mainland China in November 2002. This study analyzed the correlation between the increment of the API (Air Pollution Index) and the rate of fatality due to SARS across 5 regions in China … According to this research, the five regions under investigation … presented a linear relationship between API, in the period April to May 2003, and fatality rateThe lower the API, the lower the mortality rate.


The final sentence from the above quote is a good simple truth-telling one (amidst the propaganda about another claimed though unproven “virus” known as SARS): the lower the API (Air Pollution Index), the lower the mortality rate. Period. In other words, there is a widely known linear relationship between API (Air Pollution Index) and all-cause mortality. No need for a fake “virus” or any other fabricated “disease” to even be brought into the consideration at all. Then in paragraph five is the following statement:


the Italian Northern Regions, which have been the most affected by Covid-19, are also those with a high amount of atmospheric particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) going above the legislative standards (limit, 50 μg/m3 per day) in the month of February 2020.


Sounding familiar? The UK (with high numbers of deaths claimed due an unproven “virus”) is known to have had illegal levels of air pollution in most urban areas for over a decade. The Italian Northern Regions (also with high numbers of deaths claimed to be due an unproven “virus”) is known to have had illegal levels of air pollution (“above the legislative standards”) in the month of February 2020, immediately prior to a “pandemic” due an unproven “virus” being declared. Let us be clear:


Illegal levels of air pollution causes a linear rise in mortality. Period.


Many other toxic environmental factors kill millions of human beings each and every year. For decades such toxic environmental factors have rapidly been worsening in countless places on the planet. Synchronously, the lie about “new viruses” has been sold with increasing fervor over the very same decades. This synchronicity is not a coincidence.

It is immediately clear to anyone capable of using their O.I. (Own Intelligence) that a “big lie” (indeed a massive lie with proven society destroying potential) about “viruses” has been powerfully sold in recent decades to intentionally obscure the fact that millions of deaths around the world are now being caused by highly toxic environmental factors, each and every year (with those numbers of deaths growing in recent years during which there has been absolutely atrocious air quality and extreme pollution in many other forms, occurring in many places on Earth).

Another study released by Harvard (with the usual false assumptions and statements being made about an unproven “virus”) also has a very telling statement:


The study found, for example, that someone who lives for decades in a county with high levels of fine particulate pollution is 15% more likely to die from COVID-19 than someone who lives in a region that has just one unit (one microgram per cubic meter) less of such pollution. [5]


Note that everything excepting the words “from COVID-19” was put in bold to make a point. The words “from COVID-19” are a deception, a lie, inserted to protect big industry (and the big money that funds such big industry) from blame and legal liability. The truth of it all can be simply stated: someone who lives for decades in a county with high levels of fine particulate (PM2.5) pollution is much more likely to die. Period. No story about an unproven “virus” necessary.

Interestingly, the above quoted study was revised (on April 24) and the 15% increase in likelihood of death due 1 μg/m3 increase in PM2.5 has now been reduced to only 8% or about half the original estimate. However, the comments made in the notice about the update once again obscure the actual reality with deceptive nonsense about a claimed “pandemic” and an unproven “virus” being added:


… we have updated our analysis using data up to April 22, and importantly in which we have adjusted for additional confounding factors that also reflect the timing of the epidemic’s spread, the timing of the social distancing policies and the population age distribution. [6]


Population age distribution is certainly a valid factor, in terms of the known fact that elderly people are more susceptible to respiratory illnesses altogether and (typically) elderly people (especially 65-70 years of age and older) tend to die of respiratory illnesses at a much higher rate than people who are younger. Yet the insertion of statements about “the epidemic’s spread” and “social distancing policies” is totally deceptive. Firstly, it is not even validly proven by anything resembling science that there is a “new virus” causing an “epidemic”. Secondly, air pollution does not care aboutsocial distancing”!


Horrific Air Pollution ≠ Infectious Bug

Illegal levels of air pollution does not equal an infectious bug. Such lethal air pollution is brutally arbitrary, in that it poisons all who are in the area affected. Such poisoning from lethal air pollution will inevitably cause an increase in serious respiratory illnesses and inevitably cause an increase in overall mortality (as shown by umpteen medical and scientific studies over however many decades). This is especially true with more elderly people living in the area affected, though even younger people (who are for whatever health or metabolic reason more susceptible) can also die from severe air pollution.

Lethal and illegal levels of air pollution are evidently being falsely obscured by a fake “pandemic” to protect the criminals who are responsible for creating the lethal air pollution. Renowned investigative writer Jim West [7] recently published an article titled “Coronavirus Pandemic 2020: Environment Omitted” that very thoroughly considers all of these matters, with his investigation specifically considering the total environment of the places claimed to be “virus hot-spots”.

Jim West’s article is well worth a full read and thorough consideration by anyone wanting a better sense of what is actually the most likely common factor behind “excess deaths” that are occurring in a small number of places around the world at present. Remember: the vast majority (78% based on one study of four countries in Europe) of those “excess deaths” are happening in highly localized areas, with those exact areas being centers of widely known horrific air pollution.

In the introduction from Jim West’s recent article are these truth-telling statements:


Virus causation, in general, is a protective industrial concept. Please take the time to understand the simple and effective arguments against virus causation.

What else then could have caused the pandemic? Professor Bhakdi states that the common denominator is “horrid air pollution”. [8]


Professor Bhakdi is an infectious medicine specialist and one of the most highly cited medical research scientists in Germany. In an interview in March Dr. Bhakdi made these statements about air pollution:


When patients concurrently have other illnesses, an infectious agent must not be held solely responsible for a lethal outcome. This happens for COVID-19 but such a conclusion is false and gives rise to the danger that other important factors are overlooked.

Different mortality rates may well be due to different local situations. For example, what does Northern Italy have in common with China? Answer: Horrific air pollution, the highest in the world. Northern Italy is the China of Europe. The lungs of inhabitants there have been chronically injured over decades. [9]


Here are a selection of key statements from Jim West’s recent article “Environment Omitted” that give a much fuller and clearer picture relative to what is actually happening around the world at present (in terms of all cause mortality, not mentioning the political moves being made):


COVID-19 symptoms are the same as air pollution symptoms: Fever, tiredness, dry cough. …

Wuhan (China), the initial epicenter, is one of the most polluted cities in the world. China produces and imports toxic fracking fuel and has extremely low environmental standards. Prior to the epidemic, there were street riots against killer air pollution and activists were persecuted.

… the pollution thesis would expect Wuhan COVID-19 deaths to be high and continuous. Yet, China tells the world that they have no more COVID-19 deaths beyond its initial period, all due to their strict quarantine. Western news chooses to believe this lie in order to promote the success of quarantines. This lie was revealed by Steven Mosher, a China expert.

Mosher states that Wuhan’s death incidence is ongoing, at approximately 400 per 100K persons.

Madrid (Spain) has the next highest death incidence. Spain imports its petroleum products from Qatar, major exporters of toxic fracking fuel for industry and power plants. …

Milan (Italy) vies with Spain for most deaths outside of China, and is accused of under reporting. Milan has been called, “Europe’s most polluted city.” Milan imports much of its petroleum products, fracked, from the US. …

The NY/NJ/CT region and the Gulf region of New Orleans and Jefferson Parish, have the highest incidence of COVID-19 disease in the US. What do they have in common? They are within the two largest petrochemical industrial regions in the US.

4/7/2020, in the morning, Plume reported “Excessive” and “Extreme” for New York City, with high and sustained NO2 levels. I predicted record COVID-19 deaths. Then later in the day, the media confirmed my prediction by reporting all-time record high COVID-19 deaths. That evening, I reviewed Plume again and found the air pollution historical data missing for 4/7/2020. …

There is a correlation between missing air pollution data and high COVID-19 death counts. …

New York City and New Orleans are both adjacent and downwind from the largest petrochemical regions in the U.S.

New York City is also downwind from recently installed electric power plants that are fueled with toxic fracking gas.

… What could be the unique trigger for this worldwide pandemic declared in March 2020?

Best guess: A severe increase in air pollution in the form of fracking petrochemical fuel. Fracking petrochemicals could have been changed – by new toxics being added at the refinery or by processing rules being relaxed for the cleaning of fracking petrochemicals …

Some doubt the existence of the pandemic. I see a real pandemic. I believe there are real victims with unique respiratory symptoms, having studied mainstream descriptions and the reports of friends in New York who describe the plenitude of illnesses among their friends, relatives, themselves, and others.


Then under the heading “Conspiracy theory” Jim West makes the following statements:


Fracking is the main trigger of the pandemic. This industry is being closed down. It has long been financially tenuous, with little profit margin, absolutely dependent on environmental exemptions from the government. Fracking is exempt from The Clean Water Act. Hopefully, it’s death knell is tolling, and perhaps the pandemic shutdowns are relevant to its demise. …

The COVID-19 drama and shutdown:

1) Motivates polluting industries to clean up, yet without public blame, because,

2) The fake virus takes the blame.

3) U.S. becomes like China, where pollution filter masks are already common. COVID allows pollution masks to be socially acceptable outside of China.

4) COVID is a continuation of medical public training: Disease is due to germs and defective genes, not industrial pollution.

5) The population is forced to modernize, i.e., to learn about the possibilities of the Internet: Zoom and Skype for work and society, online shopping, bills, and government.

6) COVID expands Medical power and infrastructure.


Much of what he states here under the title “conspiracy theory” is already self-evident (to anyone even vaguely following the events taking place on planet Earth over the recent weeks), so the heading could just as well be “conspiracy facts” (excepting the yet to be fully proven causative link between fracked petroleum products and increase in all-cause mortality). All the available data fits extremely well with the pollution thesis and very poorly with the fake “virus” thesis.

Finally, Jim West makes two very informative summary statements:


Confirmed again, is that disease is the best indicator of pollution. The Medical Media is environmental disinfo.


Australian Anomaly: A “Fly in the Ointment” for Big Pharma

Continuing on with the air pollution thesis let us consider Australia in some depth. There are almost no claimed “virus” deaths in Australia, with still less than 100 total (about 1.5 per day since the “pandemic” was declared) even after all these weeks.

Even with this completely tiny claimed death toll due a claimed “virus” Australia has been strictly locked down in full police state fashion, with huge and cruel fines of $5,000 being handed out to ordinary citizens who dared even get in their car and drive a couple of miles out of whatever town they live in. Of course, it will be falsely claimed by the Australian government (and the various other powers pushing the new medical martial law globally) that the “lockdowns” are “why” there were few deaths, but let’s just back up and consider a few facts for a second.

Australians are known to be frequent international travelers with around 60% of the population holding a passport and a huge 44.4% (11.1 million) of the entire population (25 million) traveling overseas during 2018 [10] according to recent data. Very few US citizens, on the other hand, have historically held passports. In 1989 only a tiny 3% of US citizens held a passport, though this did rapidly increase 14-fold to 42% over only 28 years (to 2017). This increase has evidently been driven largely by travel to Canada and Mexico:


The pace of growth [of US citizens holding passports] accelerated further in January 2007 when U.S. citizens traveling by air between the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda were required to have a valid passport. [11]


The increased demand for passports by US citizens being mainly driven by travel to Canada and Mexico is also accurately reflected by statistics about US citizen travel to “overseas” (anywhere but Canada and Mexico) destinations. In 2018 the number of US citizens traveling overseas hit a record 41.77 million [12] or 12.7% of the total population (327 million in 2018). So even though 42% of US citizens held a passport (in 2017) only 12.7% of US citizens actually traveled further than Canada or Mexico in 2018.

Based on all of these figures, around 3.5 times the number of Australians (per capita) are typically known to travel overseas compared to US citizens (based on data from 2018). Yet even with these known facts that overseas travel is around 3.5 times more common for Australians than US citizens, the death toll due a claimed “virus” is vastly lower “down under” than in the USA.

This makes no sense whatsoever based on the “virus” thesis. There should be far more infections and deaths “down under” than in the US if there is indeed a “new and deadly virus” going around the world, due the known fact that far more Australians per capita would have been “overseas” (relative their home country) when compared to US citizens (around 3.5 times as many, per capita, based on recent data) when the “pandemic” was officially declared.

Now let’s get back to the far more inclusive (based on all evidence, not just a subset of the evidence skewed to a “virus” narrative) and far more sound (it matches all the data extremely well, with high confidence) thesis that air pollution (and pollution in general) is the likely primary contributor to the “excess deaths” seen in certain highly localized regions at present. A recent study (published December 2019) with the title “A Clean Air Plan for Sydney: An Overview of the Special Issue on Air Quality in New South Wales” [13] makes some very telling statements. First there is this in the abstract:


Air pollution in Australian cities is generally low, with typical concentrations of key pollutants at much lower levels than experienced in comparable cities in many other parts of the world.


Hmm hmm, this certainly fits the air pollution thesis extremely well, given we know that Australia has so far only reported 3.8 per million deaths (95 deaths in a population of 25 million, as at May 3rd) that are supposedly from a claimed “new virus” since the “pandemic” was declared.

On the other hand, in New York City there are now a total of 11,425 deaths claimed to be due an unproven “virus” (based on data from May 1st [14] directly from the CDC). In a city of 8.5 million this is an astounding 1,344 per million. Though remember well that doctors, nurses, and funeral directors have been saying for weeks that “all deaths in NYC are now reported as Covid deaths” [15] (so we really don’t know—and probably never will know—how many of these deaths are truly due to an acute respiratory disorder of any kind, and how many deaths were actually from completely distinct causes).

Stepping back and looking at the US as a whole, there are now 68,570 deaths claimed to be due an unproven “new virus” (as at May 3rd) in a population estimated at 331 million. This is about 207 deaths per million which is a mere 15.4% the mortality rate of NYC. So let’s now exclude New York State from the USA death tally for a moment (due the widely known fraud happening there relative however many thousands of death certificates, plus due NYC suffering some of the worst air pollution in the USA) and look at the US minus NY for overall mortality rate due a claimed “virus” (that is not yet proven to exist).

There are an estimated 19.5 million people in NY State, so about 311.5 million in the rest of the US. There are now 24,648 deaths claimed due “virus” in NY [16] leaving 43,922 deaths claimed due “virus” in the rest of the US. So removing only New York (the whole state) immediately lowers the overall US mortality claimed due a “new virus” to about 141 per million (down from 207 per million).

Thus, excluding only 5.9% of the US population from the calculation lowers the overall mortality for the rest of the US by a huge 32% (almost a third)! This is not what one would expect if the deaths were truly due a “virus” that is so often sold as an “equal killer of all” (a statement that is actually more true of horrific air pollution). Though taking into account the “horrific air pollution” in NYC we can immediately see how this huge anomaly (between NYC and the rest of the US) in overall mortality might be the case.

Now let’s look at some additional quotes from the “Clean Air Plan for Sydney” report that are extremely telling, especially in light of all of the above numbers. From Section 1.2 “Air Quality in Sydney” are some statements resembling actual science:


Air pollution has recently been identified as the largest environmental risk factor to human health worldwide, with fine particulate matter the greatest contributor to impacts from poor air quality.

Despite the relatively low air pollutant concentrations in Sydney in relation to comparable international cities, significant health impacts occur in the city. Exposure (even at low concentrations) to pollutants, such as CO, nitrogen oxides (NOX), and fine particulate matter (PM), has been found to increase hospital admissions for five outcomes of cardiovascular disease in elderly people in Sydney.

Despite the limited number of recent air quality exceedances in Sydney, exposure to criteria pollutants below regulated standards are still associated with significant health effects. Exposure to PM2.5 concentrations considered as generally safe has been shown to increase the onset risk of stroke within hours.Long term exposure to PM2.5 concentrations in the greater Sydney region was associated with increased all-cause mortality in a study for the ‘45 and Up’ cohort (people aged 45 years and older).


The report goes on with a lot more data and other information, though these few quoted statements really do say enough. Summarizing the key points of the above, there are known statistically significant correlations between even low levels of air pollutants and the following:

  • Cardiovascular disease – with hospital admission for 5 outcomes of such disease increasing with elderly people.
  • Sudden “onset risk of stroke within hours” – recall the massively propagandized reports in mainstream press of people even in their 40s suddenly dying from stroke.
  • “All-cause mortality” increases for people 45 years and older who have long term exposure to PM2.5 concentrations.

There you have it. Amongst all the other facts is the very telling statement that “all-cause mortality” for those over 45 years of age increases even with low levels of exposure to air pollutants. This is shown clearly by the spike in death tolls in the vast majority of claimed “virus hot-spots” over the recent weeks, when severe air pollution was known to be the case in these claimed “hot-spots” during many periods of time over the very same weeks (and days) of peak deaths.

Again, we also know that in Australia—where the population travels overseas 3.5 times as much as the population of the USA—there is only a tiny mortality rate being claimed due “virus” of 3.8 per million. Quoting the same opening statement from the “Clean Air Plan for Sydney” report once again for emphasis:


Air pollution in Australian cities is generally low, with typical concentrations of key pollutants at much lower levels than experienced in comparable cities in many other parts of the world.


Then these statements to conclude the “abstract” of the quoted report:


The need to avoid complacency [relative air pollution] is highlighted by recent epidemiological research, reporting associations between air pollution and adverse health outcomes even at air pollutant concentrations that are lower than Australia’s national air quality standards. Improving air quality is expected to improve health outcomes at any pollution level, with specific benefits projected for reductions in long-term exposure to average PM2.5 concentrations.



It is true that vast amounts of research does say that “adverse health outcomes” are indeed very directly associated with even minimally polluted air. And with “horrific air pollution” being the common factor for the vast majority of claimed “virus” deaths globally, it is quite obvious that “horrific air pollution” is the most probable causative factor relative the vast majority of the “excess deaths” that are being seen in very localized regions around the world at present. The title of one section of the excellent report from Jim West sums it up well:


Pandemic Air Pollution


That’s a clear global killer and one that is being hugely obscured by the claimed deaths due an unproven “virus” (that will no doubt never be proven by any valid science). To obscure the fact that “horrific air pollution” is a real killer is not useful for humankind, as instead of addressing the problem directly based on proper evidence and valid science, we are instead told to be in a fearful panic about a claimed (unproven) “virus” with the response of many being to immediately behave as if the sky is falling.

What is actually required is that humankind make use of the vast evidence and valid science that is already available to us, such that we can at least begin to address the real causes of “excess deaths” around the world. Without question there are millions upon millions of “excess deaths” being caused each and every year by the many highly polluting, utterly toxic industries (with many of those industries providing the many goods and services we all use).

With an average annual death toll of about 60 million globally, how many of those deaths are in truth caused by exactly such poisonous pollution? Without proper and unbiased scientific investigation we do not know. Even the WHO makes this very significant statement:


Globally more than 1.5 million deaths annually from respiratory infections are attributable to the environment. [17]


When even the WHO says “more than 1.5 million deaths annually from respiratory infections are attributable to the environment” we can be sure that the real numbers are much higher. Anyone using even a little of their O.I. already knows well that fake “science” is being powerfully used by the 21st century “ruling class” to shape the world as they see fit, by having their so-called “science” say whatever they want it to say to sell whatever lies they are selling.

Thus, how many millions of deaths being falsely placed under other headings are also attributable to the environment? We will never know until humankind is freed from the current “medical” tyranny that has just swept the world and until humankind demands (by the billions) a new, ethical, and honest system of governance for all.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~




















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