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Viral Lies, Lies, and More Damn Lies

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A growing body of hard evidence scientifically and medically makes it clear: the “virus” is a lie, a total fabrication, a con-trick, a deception. There is no hard evidence validating the “virus thesis” and there is much hard evidence validating that tens of thousands are dying in very localized “hot-spots” around the world due being poisoned long-term by high levels of environmental toxicity.

When the human body gets poisoned enough by the highly toxic by-products of all the many modern industries the immune system of the human body will eventually be overloaded such that the body dies. That’s the reality which the entire “virus” myth clearly works to hide (and for more than a century).

The lie about “viruses” is a smoke screen, to serve in covering up the fact that billions of people are being poisoned every day of every year by all the toxic by-products from our many and varied industries. Many of the people and industries behind the lie about “viruses” are also the very ones doing their best to poison humankind the most (such as the global pharmaceutical industry). That is not a coincidence.

Consider these facts that destroy the “virus thesis” in about one minute of reading:

* If a “virus” was in truth causing hundreds of thousands of deaths around the world in recent months then deaths per capita should be relatively similar in a wide variety of locations, especially in light of the repeated and highly publicized claims that the supposed “virus” is an “equal killer of all” (even including younger and healthier people).

* However, only in highly localized areas within a handful of countries are high death totals being recorded due a “virus” and all those highly localized areas within those handful of countries are known to suffer from long-term high levels of environmental pollution (with air pollution in particular being an obviously key aspect of the severe respiratory illnesses and deaths being seen).

* New York and New Jersey have so far recorded 43% of claimed “virus” deaths in the USA [1] yet these two states only account for 8.6% of the total US population (using population estimates from 2019 of 19.5 and 8.9 million for NY and NJ respectively, out of a total 331 million population).

* It is remarkably similar on a global scale as just five countries (the USA, the UK, Italy, France, and Spain) have recorded a huge 68.2% of all globally claimed “virus” deaths [2] yet those five countries only account for 7.3% [3] of the global population (meaning recorded deaths due “virus” are 9.3 times higher per capita than expected).

* Adding only NY/NJ to the UK, Italy, France, and Spain numbers makes them even more skewed with 51.8% of all globally recorded deaths due “virus” happening in only 3.4% of the global population (meaning recorded deaths due “virus” are 15 times higher per capita than expected).

* On the other hand, China and India have only recorded a tiny 2.4% of globally claimed “virus” deaths [4] yet they account for 36.2% of the global population [5] (meaning recorded deaths due “virus” are 15 times lower per capita than expected).

* Population density is not the reason more people are dying in NYC than other parts of the USA as there is a much higher death incidence in outer boroughs such as the Bronx, which has only half the population density of Manhattan yet almost twice the incidence [6] (thus a four-fold difference in incidence per population density).

* Australia has still recorded less than 100 deaths in a population of 25 million even though Australians travel overseas 3.5 times more frequently (per capita) than US residents [7] meaning 3.5 times as many Australians (per capita) should have been “exposed” to the “virus” (if such existed) due those many Australians being in the various claimed “virus hot-spot” locations around the world when the “pandemic” was officially declared.

* Cities in Australia are also known to have some of the lowest levels of PM2.5 and other air pollutants compared to many similarly sized cities worldwide [8] which is a critical fact that helps to explain the extremely low “virus” death totals.


The excellent Jim West article “Coronavirus Pandemic 2019: Environment Omitted” (linked below in the references) does not specifically mention France relative air pollution, but it is widely known that France also has terrible urban air quality (similar to northern Italy, Madrid, the UK, and localized parts of NYC/NJ):


France has “systematically and persistently” breached pollution limits since 2010, Europe’s top court ruled … [9]


Thus, all evidence points to illegal levels of air pollution being the critical common factor relative over two-thirds (68.2%) of globally claimed “virus” deaths, with all those deaths being recorded in just five countries and indeed in highly localized areas (mostly urban, though also northern Italy as a whole) of those countries that account for only 7.3% of the global population. Again, removing all of the USA excepting NY/NJ and tallying with the other four mentioned countries makes it more than half (51.8%) of all globally claimed “virus” deaths happening in only 3.4% of the global population.

All of these numbers and a few simple calculations prove without question (to this writer and no doubt to a growing number of millions upon millions of people around the world) that the “virus thesis” is completely false. It is a lie, a deception, a fabrication, being used to cover up high crimes of serious environmental pollution, while also being used to install a new global totalitarianism based on that lie.

One might wonder why China and India are recording 15-fold lower deaths per capita than expected. The fact that both countries are not choosing to record high “virus” death numbers can be explained by a variety of political motivations. With China specifically consider these details from Jim West’s article “Coronavirus Pandemic 2019: Environment Omitted” (and do read his whole article as it is some of the best educational material available about the high mortality in certain highly polluted places):


The pollution thesis would expect Wuhan COVID-19 deaths to be high and continuous. Yet, China tells the world that they have few COVID-19 deaths beyond its initial epidemic period, and that this is due to their strict and successful quarantine.

Steven Mosher, a China expert, investigated cremations and body bag counts. He stated during a Fox News interview, that Wuhan’s death incidence is ongoing, at an incidence of approximately 400/100K persons as of 4/7/20, and rising.

“And then on March 23rd, after the 60-day crematoria frenzy, they began handing out funeral urns,” Mosher added. “Five hundred funeral urns a day to grieving relatives from seven crematoria at times 14 days. Again, that’s about fifty thousand.”

China’s claim of low numbers occurred after it kicked out Western journalists. Yet, Western journalists choose to believe or disbelieve China’s statistics, depending on the agenda the Western medicos are pushing. For example, they disbelieve China’s numbers, as they hype the hazards of the COVID-19 virus, or want to accuse China for starting the epidemic, and they believe China’s numbers, as they point to China’s “successful” lockdown policy.


Looking at the particular “big five” countries recording most of the “virus” deaths there is an obvious common connection. They are all members of NATO and more specifically four of the five countries (not including Spain) are champions of the “war on terror” [10] which it itself another massive lie of the 21st century. These two lies of “terrorism” and “viruses” are being used in very powerful ways to make dramatically negative changes to human societies over the past generation of human life on planet Earth.

If you are someone who gets incensed when reading that the “war on terror” is a massive lie please take a minute to consider a few key facts:


* An average of 21,000 deaths per year (over the past decade) have been recorded due acts of “terrorism” yet around 95% of those deaths have happened in three localized regions of the world [11] being the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

* Many countries in these localized regions have seen huge foreign military intervention and/or harsh military action from local armed forces during the past half century or so, all of which has caused untold destruction to the human societies in the countries in question (especially including Iraq and other Middle Eastern nations).

* When the populations in particular countries in those three regions get bombed, gunned down, burned out of their homes, and generally treated in horrific fashion by armed forces for long enough then some percentage of the population inevitably decides to fight back, even with huge explosive force and even at the cost of the lives of those fighting back (such as with suicide bombings).

* Given that only about 1,000 “terrorism” deaths per year on average over the past decade are in any locations other than the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, it is easy to see that “terrorism” deaths can be more properly described as deaths due retaliation from the human populations who are suffering mass slaughter and suppression over however long a time.

* The very countries championing the “war on terror” (most especially being the USA and UK—who also have the highest claimed “virus” deaths—though also including France and Italy such as relative to Libya) are also the countries most involved in the mass slaughter and suppression of entire human populations in various countries around the world, thus making it clear that the “war on terror” is in fact a “war of terror” (with the intentional misnaming being truly Orwellian “Newspeak”).


Thus, we have two huge lies being sold to the masses of humankind over the past 20 years, being the “war on terror” (= “war of terror”) and the “war on viruses” (= “war on humankind”). These two huge lies are the “twin towers” of deceit being used to justify massive, long-term (possibly irreparable) destruction to all human societies globally.

These “twin towers” of deceit are without question the greatest existential threat humankind is facing. Until the truth behind these lies is known by even billions of people these “twin towers” of deceit will continue to be cynically and ruthlessly used by the current “ruling class” of planet Earth as justification for destroying our lives, stripping us of our fundamental and inviolable human rights and civil liberties, and even carrying out mass poisoning (aka “mass vaccinations”) on a scale that Hitler and his Nazi henchmen could only have wet dreams about just one human lifetime ago.

The mass poisoning (aka “mass vaccination”) of the human race will be brought to all on Earth by Big Pharma, who in the coming months (based on latest news) will be taking unprecedented total control over humankind. How? By the forced poisoning (aka “vaccination”) of each and every one of us.

Enforced poisoning (aka “vaccination”) of any one of us completely violates a fundamental birth right: the right to decide what does and does not go into our own body. To enforce such poisoning is therefore a direct act of war against the people of planet Earth, given that “vaccines” are widely known to be highly toxic cocktails of untested laboratory experiments with such poisons being known to cause severe disability or even death [12] for the recipient in many cases.

According to the latest comments from the US President even the military will be used in the USA to “distribute” the poisons (aka “vaccines”) being rapidly developed in many laboratories right now [13] and such is a very clear and powerful statement to all: the US government has just publicly declared open warfare on all US residents. Blatant tyranny is in all of our faces now and it is up to each and every one of us to make a powerful response to that tyranny.

If humankind does not take a serious stand against such tyrannical and murderous forces at this late hour then humankind will be rapidly doomed to a terrible, dark and diseased destiny. Only totalitarian and evil forces would even suggest such control over each and every one of our own bodies. Yet such forces are presently running amok around the world and doing more than suggesting such control over each and every one of us: such forces are indeed threatening each and every one of us with their “promise” relative the coming mass poisoning of humankind.

It is time (even well past time) for the human race to take a serious stand. Perhaps enough of the human race will wake up to the horrors being sold to us all and make a new choice by the billions (and it will need to be by the billions for humankind to have the necessary power to change the course of events). Such would indeed be a true Miracle and one that each and every one of us would do well to pray for and be a fully participatory part of ourselves.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



[1] (5/14/20 claimed “virus” death totals: NY 27,405 + NJ 9,950= 37,349 of 86,821 total USA = 43%)

[2] (5/14/20 claimed “virus” death totals: USA 86,821 + UK 33,614 + Italy 31,368 + France 27,425 + Spain 27,321 = 206,549 of 302,957 total globally = 68.2%)

[3] (2020 population estimates in millions: USA 331 + UK 67.9 + Italy 60.5 + France 65.3 + Spain 46.8 = 571.5 of 7,795 total = 7.3%)

[4] Ibid (2020 population estimates in millions: China 1,439 + India 1,380 = 2,819 of 7,795 total = 36.2%)

[5] (5/14/20 claimed “virus” death totals: China 4,633 + India 2,649 = 7,282 of 302,957 total = 2.4%)

[6] (“Coronavirus Pandemic 2019: Environment Omitted” – see “Population density” heading towards end of article)

[7] (see “Australian Anomaly” heading about two-thirds of the way down)

[8] (“A Clean Air Plan for Sydney: An Overview of the Special Issue on Air Quality in New South Wales”)

[9] (“France systematically breached air pollution limits, EU court rules”)

[10] (see the final sub-heading at end of article: “The ‘let’s focus on terrorism’ group”)


[12] (study the information here and elsewhere if you want to know the true dangers of “vaccine” poisons)


Written by Free723

May 14, 2020 at 4:40 pm

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