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USA: 314% More Deaths (Per Capita) Claimed Due “Virus” in Democrat States

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Update: Some details about Maine have been updated in the article to reflect the change with the 2nd Congressional District House of Representatives incumbent that occurred (a fact unknown to the writer when this post was published) in the November 2018 election.

Update 2: The language used relative the comparisons and charts has been updated to be more accurate, specifically clarifying that averaged deaths per million are being compared.


There are so many significant statistical anomalies with the data relative deaths being recorded as due an unproven “virus” that it is absurd to continue entertaining the notion that a “virus” has any real part in these deaths. In any case, once again let us step into the “bubble” of corona lies to destroy those lies, using the exact and fraudulent data being sold to all the suckers who are yet to wake up to the lies.

Here are some statistical anomalies relative claimed deaths due the unproven “virus” that completely shred the theory that a “virus” is at all involved in these deaths, especially in light of highly publicized claims that the supposed “virus” is “an equal killer of all” (a claim that has been repeatedly and loudly propagandized as part of the endless mainstream media fear-mongering and lies in recent weeks):


[ Only data from the 50 states plus DC is used for all the below comparisons, so data from US territories such as Puerto Rico plus data from Veteran Affairs is not included. ]

* The “virus” is 314% more deadly (per capita) in Democrat controlled states than Republican states (a new type of “virus” indeed, somehow much more deadly in fascist, leftist states) when comparing averaged deaths per million for Democrat and Republican states, respectively.

* The “virus” is 376% more deadly (per capita) when comparing averaged deaths per million for the top five most populous Democrat and Republican states only (total 89.6 and 86.8 million populations, respectively).

USA deaths charts

[ For the following comparisons, an averaged deaths per million for all 50 states in the USA plus DC is used, with that average being 236 deaths per million using May 24th data. ]

* The “virus” is 636% more deadly (per capita) to those in New York State (1,504 deaths per million) compared to averaged deaths per million for all states in the USA.

* The “virus” is 581% more deadly (per capita) to those in NY & NJ (1,375 deaths per million) compared to averaged deaths per million for all states in the USA.

* The “virus” is 534% more deadly (per capita) to those in NY/NJ/CT (1,262 deaths per million) compared to averaged deaths per million for all states in the USA.

* The “virus” is 497% more deadly (per capita) to those in NY/NJ/CT/MA (1,175 deaths per million) compared to averaged deaths per million for all states in the USA.

* The “virus” is 448% more deadly (per capita) to those in NY/NJ/CT/MA/DC (1,060 deaths per million) compared to averaged deaths per million for all states in the USA.

USA deaths charts


All five of the specifically mentioned states in the list above (NY, NJ, CT, MA, and DC) are Democrat controlled, with most of the population in those states living in urban areas that have known terrible air pollution. Replacing mention of an unproven “virus” in the above list with a few different words makes it read much more truthfully, for example: “the NY Democrats are 636% more fraudulent (per capita)” and so on down the list.

This data also clearly demonstrates what many have already been well aware of for decades, which is that the so-called “Democrat Party” (what a glaring misnomer!) is in truth as desirous of fascist and authoritarian governance as any political party on Earth, with their endless dreams of an all powerful “Nanny State” (Big Government of the worst kind) for the USA. All of these numbers prove that the “Democrat” leaders are serving up fraudulent “plandemic” data from 3-fold to 6-fold as much as the Republican leaders (depending on the combination of states used for the comparison).


Horrific Air Pollution in Democrat Controlled States is Real Killer

The highly poisonous air quality in the “Tri-State Region” of NY/NJ/CT is well documented by great research [1] from long-term writer on environmental cover-ups, Jim West, and air quality in both MA and DC is also known to be significantly bad. Massachusetts is directly adjacent to NY and CT, with new research published by MIT only months ago (in February) revealing that MA suffers the “3rd highest number of deaths from out-of-state air pollution” in the USA (with the petroleum refineries and power plants of the NY/NJ/CT Tri-State Region being the likely main culprits):


Pollution from other states causes more air quality-related deaths in Massachusetts than almost any other state in the country, according to a new study from researchers at MIT.

In 2018, about 950 Massachusetts residents died from air pollution from other states, according to the study. Only New York and New Jersey saw more deaths caused by out-of-state air pollution that year.

Another 1,504 deaths in Massachusetts were caused by emissions generated inside of the state in 2018, researchers said. [2]


This is 2,454 acknowledged deaths from air pollution in MA during 2018. Given that these numbers relative illness and death due toxic industrial poisoning of the environment always tend to be low (to protect the industries involved from blame) it is easy to see that the 6,372 deaths claimed due “virus” so far in MA could well all be primarily due terrible air pollution. In DC air pollution is also known to have been worsening in the past couple of years, with a report one year ago saying that “[t]he District received an F grade for ozone pollution, also known as smog …” [3] (F is the lowest possible grade).

Clearly the deaths per capita from such killer air pollution are high in recent months, with the research by Jim West pointing to toxic fracked fuel (and the many poisonous by-products of that fuel) as the likely single most important factor that is resulting in higher deaths than the past in very localized areas (such as the most affected parts of NY/NJ/CT, with those states being the three with highest deaths per capita claimed due “virus” in the entire country).


Data Used for Analysis Available for Anyone to Verify

A PDF file created from plain text (CSV) data is linked [4] (PDF was required, due WordPress blocking CSV file uploads for some strange reason) for anyone wanting to take a direct look at the data used for the above comparisons. Population estimates for all states [5] are current for 2020. Claimed deaths due “virus” are under the “Corona Lies” heading of the CSV file with those being the exact “official” numbers [6] as of May 25th, 00:00 GMT (in other words, the numbers up through May 24th inclusive, relative GMT).

In relation to the CSV data, note that Maine is split into 1st [7] and 2nd [8] Congressional Districts, due the fact that these were Democrat and Republican controlled, respectively (after the 2016 House of Representatives elections). However, in the November 2018 elections no candidate received a majority and although the Republican candidate had a plurality (more votes than any other single candidate by over 200%) a “ranked choice” system was used to hand the district to the main Democrat candidate.

The Republican candidate filed a lawsuit about these matters though he was ruled against and after some considerable personal expense he dropped his lawsuit. The former Governor of Maine (2011-19) “reluctantly initialed the certificate of election” for the Democrat candidate, adding the words “stolen election” [*] to it to voice his opposition to the methods that were used to put the Democratic Party in power. Based on these facts about the November 2018 election, let us consider the 2nd Congressional District of Maine as Republican (given that the Republican candidate received more than 200% the votes of the now “elected” Democrat) for the sake of the following statistical comparison.

Consistent with the data above relative Democrat controlled states there have so far been 60 deaths claimed due “virus” in the Democrat controlled 1st Congressional District [9] leaving only 18 deaths (of a current total 78 for Maine) that have been recorded in the formerly Republican (though, due facts about the 2018 election, still considered as Republican for this comparison) 2nd Congressional District.

In 2018 the population of Maine was estimated at 1,338,404 [10] with an estimated 652,869 (or 48.78%) in the 2nd Congressional District. Using the latest estimated population for Maine from 2020 of 1,345,790 gives estimates of 689,314 and 656,476 people in the 1st and 2nd Congressional Districts, respectively. Thus, there have been 87 and 28 deaths per million recorded in the 1st and 2nd Congressional Districts, respectively.

This means that 311% more deaths per capita are happening in the Democrat controlled (and where the elected candidate had the most votes) part of Maine, when compared to the formerly Republican controlled (though, due facts about the 2018 election, still considered as Republican for this comparison) part of Maine. This is uncannily consistent with the fact that 314% more deaths are being recorded in Democrat states than Republican states for the entirety of the USA.

Once again it is revealed that the claims about a “virus” are obviously a lie. There is no “virus” that could possibly be 314% more deadly to people who are living in Democrat controlled states. Such a virus simply doesn’t exist, in truth. Highly toxic environmental poisons, most especially from killer air pollution, are evidently the primary cause relative the vast majority [11] of claimed “virus” deaths globally. In the USA, such lethal levels of air pollution are evidently the case very specifically in the urban areas of the five Democrat controlled states (NY, NJ, CT, MA, and DC) recording most “virus” deaths per capita.


Conclusions: “Good Cop, Bad Cop” (Democrat, Republican) Routine

To conclude here are some relevant facts about air pollution:


Breathing in particle pollution can increase the risk of lung cancer, according to the World Health Organization.

Particle pollution can also cause early death and heart attacks, strokes and emergency room visits for people with asthma and cardiovascular disease.

Millions of people are especially vulnerable to the effects of air pollution, including infants, older adults and people with lung diseases like asthma.

People of color and those earning lower incomes are often disproportionately affected by air pollution that put them at higher risk for illnesses.

Air pollution is a serious health threat. It can trigger asthma attacks, harm lung development in children, and can even be deadly.

This Administration is trying to roll back or create loopholes in core healthy air protections under the Clean Air Act. The Lung Association opposes these actions that will add pollution to the air we breathe.

Cutting air pollution through the Clean Air Act will prevent at least 230,000 deaths and save $2 trillion annually by 2020. [12]


This is an excellent example that proves the Democrat and Republican circus is entirely a “good cop, bad cop” routine to fool the brainwashed sheeple masses. On the one hand is the fact that the current Republican administration is working to make air quality in the USA worse, and on the other hand is the “Democrat Party” and their championing of “lockdown” and societal destruction due death counts they are fraudulently claiming due a “virus” though which are evidently mostly due killer air pollution.

Truly, they are the Demokrat and Republikan parties, who both serve the same globalist masters like good little lap dogs. Some people were well aware of the two-party politik being a total charade as far back as the 1930s:


They’ve got a set of Republican waiters on one side and a set of Democratic waiters on the other side, but no matter which set of waiters brings you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared in the same Wall Street kitchen. [13]

— Huey Long, campaign speech for the re-election of Senator Hattie Caraway (D-AR), 1932


True words spoken by an intelligent man, now 88 years ago. When will the sheeple masses wake up to such obvious, age-old truth? Even more importantly at this point of history, the sheeple masses who “believe” in the unproven “deadly virus” need to wake up to the fact that they are participating in a cult created by clever psychopath billionaires, the “Corona Cult” [14] that is based on insane (and absolutely unjustifiable) faith in utterly false pseudo-science.

If significant numbers of the sheeple masses do not wake up to their participation in the Corona Cult (and within months) then the controls over all of humankind [15] will quickly become so absolute that there will not even be any possibility of protest. Remember well that Gates-to-hell is at the center of the deadly spider’s web [16] that is being cast over the world through the endless lies in the recent months.

These current events are the culmination of long-term plans [17] with such plans clearly having the desired result of 10-15% population reduction (a Gates-to-hell dream for many years [18] now). Do the math. This 10-15% equals 780-1,170 hundred million people of the estimated 7.8 billion total population. In other words, Gates-to-hell and his billionaire friends who are behind this “plandemic” [19] or “scamdemic” [20] want to kill around a billion human beings.

Earth to humankind: come in, do you read, are you hearing these facts, do you understand yet? We are many. They are few. This is the truth. It is time for the many to take back planet Earth from total psychopaths who are clearly intent on mass murdering even a billion human beings. Now is the time for that reclamation of this planet by the many from the few. Now.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   ~ ~   ~ ~ ~























[*] (scroll down to sub-heading “General Election” to read the details quoted in this post)

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May 24, 2020 at 7:43 pm

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