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Lunacy of “Lockdowns” Conclusively Proven By Actual Evidence

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The only purpose “lockdowns” have ever had is to control the global human population. All claims about the “lockdowns” being to “protect” and for “our safety” are quite simply total and utter lies. This is unequivocally clear, based on all the actual evidence.

A brutal “takedown” of the shoddy, bug-ridden computer code from Imperial College in London [1] that was used to create absurd “models” of “possible” deaths has been done [2] by a 30 year software programmer. Yet that utterly shoddy, bug-ridden code was a key foundation of the lies that were then used to justify massive destruction to human societies all over the world.

No surprise that Imperial College is one of many Bill Gates (aka “Gates-to-hell”) funded institutions [3] that have been core to the destruction of the lives and livelihoods of now billions of human beings. No surprise that the WHO [4] with their absurd statement in early March about a “3.4% mortality rate” is also another Gates-to-hell funded institution. From the outset the entire “pandemic” has been a complete fabrication and total lie based on systematic fraud, including all the failed and false “models” of doom.


Mortality of Claimed “Virus” is Lower Than “Flu” for Under 50s

Stepping into the “bubble” of lies and assuming there is a “novel coronavirus” going around the world (even though there is no scientific proof whatsoever of such a “virus”) let us look at some hard data relative the mortality rate in the USA, given that the USA has by far the largest number of claimed “virus” deaths. Specifically looking at people under 50 years of age is very relevant given that the closure of schools, plus all the many businesses with staff mostly under 50, has had such an incredibly destructive effect on the human populations all around the world.

Under 50s account for 64.7% [5] or about two-thirds of the US population and based on CDC data for the recent “bad flu season” of 2017-18 there were 3,446 deaths of people under 50 years [6] which equals 16.29 deaths per million. On the other hand, there were 57,653 deaths of people 50 years and over in that same “flu” season, which equals 498.7 deaths per million. This means that there were 30.6 times as many deaths per million in the 50+ age range, which is as expected for severe respiratory illnesses.

Now let us look at data for Massachusetts (currently the 4th ranked state in the USA for “virus” deaths per capita) as the MA data [7] is very detailed. Firstly, the current average age of death in MA is 82 years. The average life expectancy of US residents in 2017 was 78.6 years [8] which means the average age of claimed “virus” deaths in MA is 3.4 years higher than US residents can even expect (on average).

Looking at 2018 data there was 63.0% [9] of the MA population under 50 years old. Using a 2020 population estimate for MA of 6.98 million [10] thus gives an estimated 4.40 million people under 50 years of age and 2.58 million who are 50 years and older. The latest “virus” data (at May 28th) from MA [11] says that 6,640 total “virus” deaths have occurred, with 89 of those being with people under 50 and 6,551 being people 50+ years of age. This equals 20.23 and 2,539 deaths per million, respectively.

Thus, the data for MA in terms of “virus” deaths per capita shows a similar trend to the “flu” data from 2017-18, most specifically in terms of those under 50 being barely affected. The 20.23 recorded “virus” deaths per million for under 50s in MA is very similar to the 16.29 deaths per million for under 50s during the 2017-18 “flu” season. Recalling that MA is the 4th worst state in the USA relative “virus” deaths per capita, with MA having 3.78 times as many deaths per capita [12] than the averaged deaths per capita across the USA (all 50 states plus DC), it is therefore obvious that the overall mortality of the claimed “virus” is actually notably less than that of the “flu” only two years ago.

Dividing the MA under 50s number of 20.23 deaths per million by the 3.78 ratio gives only 5.35 deaths per million as an estimated mortality for the claimed “virus” in the under 50 age range across the entirety of the USA. Or about a third the mortality of the “flu” (16.29 deaths per million) for under 50s in 2017-18. Similarly, dividing the 2,539 deaths per million for 50+ year olds by the 3.78 ratio gives an estimated mortality of 671.7 deaths per million. Compared to 498.7 deaths per million for over 50s in the “flu” season two years ago this is barely different, even for older more vulnerable people!

Yet some billions of people around the world were placed under “lockdown” for a claimed disease that by all evidence is significantly less lethal for the vast majority of the human population (with that vast majority being under 50 years of age) than the “flu” of 2017-18 in the USA. The “lockdowns” have caused untold destruction to human societies all around the world, massive unemployment, as well as the shredding of fundamental human rights and civil liberties through vast numbers of new fascist and totalitarian laws, not forgetting the “mandates” about everyone supposedly having to dramatically change their behavior from this point forwards (through anti-social distancing, endless sanitizing of surfaces, and enforced muzzle wearing).


“Infection Rates” Decrease in Most Locations After “Lockdowns” or “Stay-at-Home” Orders Eased

Continuing with the assumption (for the sake of this consideration) that there is a “novel coronavirus” going around, an analysis of the Rt (“rate of infection”) relative that assumed disease destroys the idea that it is highly infectious. The Rt has consistently stayed below 1.0 (meaning the “rate of infection” is decreasing) even after “lockdowns” have been eased in most locations. This includes in almost all countries [13] as well as most states [14] of the USA.

Of the 11 states in the USA that currently (at May 29th) have an Rt of 1.0 or higher, eight (Alabama, Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and West Virginia) all had increasing “rates of infection” prior to the “lockdowns” or “shelter-at-home” orders being eased, so easing such orders had no observable effect on the progression of “cases”. The Rt is now steady for six of these states (Alabama, Montana, North Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia) and falling for the remaining two states (Arkansas and Texas), all even after easing of restrictions.

One state (Maine) has had a consistently decreasing Rt for weeks with there being no observable change in that downwards trend since easing restrictions. The Rt for one other state (Washington) that has very strict and society-destroying “lockdown” measures has consistently continued to increase, even since the “lockdown” was mandated (so the “lockdown” provided no observable benefit). The last of the 11 states with an Rt of 1.0 or higher (Georgia) is the one state that has seen a notable higher rate of rise in Rt since easing restrictions (with the Rt for Georgia having ceased to increase and now being steady at 1.01).

All of these observed facts were predicted almost two months ago by Professor Knut Wittkowski, who made it very clear in an interview published on April 3rd [15] that the overall results with or without “lockdown” will be essentially identical in relation to any respiratory disease. Why has such expert advice from all manner of world class disease experts been consistently ignored by governments and mainstream media?

The obvious true answer is that it contradicts the false narrative that has been sold 24×7 to billions of people in the recent months. The false narrative that the claimed though unproven “virus” will be far worse if we don’t act like raving lunatics and quickly set about completely destroying human societies everywhere, to “save” us all.


New Study: 0 of 455 People Were Infected By Contact With Asymptomatic “Virus” Carrier

Critical to the false narrative has been the assumption that the unproven “virus” is also extremely infectious. The CDC have a page on their website listing various “planning scenarios” [16] relative the claimed “virus pandemic”. One row in the table presented is labeled “Infectiousness of asymptomatic individuals relative to symptomatic individuals” and under the column “Scenario 5: Current Best Estimate” is the figure 100% (evidently meaning an “estimate” that 100% of asymptomatic individuals are completely infectious).

Note the words under the row label of the mentioned column: “Source: Assumption, ASPR and CDC” (ASPR means “Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response” which is part of the HHS or “Health and Human Services” department, with the ASPR and CDC working closely together during this “pandemic”). Thus, the idea that asymptomatic individuals are infectious is revealed as an assumption, just as all kinds of assumptions, false “models”, and “predictions” of doom have been used throughout this entirely false “virus pandemic” being sold to billions. What about an actual study of the infectiousness of a “test positive” asymptomatic individual?

It so happens that “A Study on Infectivity of Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Carriers” [17] was published just a couple of weeks ago. The results of this study are damning relative the idea or assumption that asymptomatic individuals are 100% as infectious as symptomatic individuals. Of 455 people exposed to the asymptomatic “test positive” person, exactly and precisely zero (0) were subsequently infected.

Once again, another key assumption relative the narrative about a “deadly and infectious virus” has been shown to be completely false and based on no evidence whatsoever. The results provided by the quoted study now make it clear that at least some (maybe many or even all) asymptomatic individuals (such as the asymptomatic “test positive” individual in the study) are not at all infectious. This fits the “pollution thesis” well (the thesis that pollution, especially air pollution, is actually causing the vast majority of claimed “virus” deaths globally) in that pollution is also not infectious (see various posts on this blog discussing air pollution if you want to learn more about the “pollution thesis”).


Democrat Voters Far More Easily Brainwashed By Democrat Loving Mainstream Media Propaganda

In the USA there is a stunning disparity along partisan political lines relative to the amount of “fear and panic” about the “virus”, and relative society returning to something vaguely like normal. Based on survey data from early May, Democrat voters were still many times more fearful about the claimed “virus” at that point, with the vast majority of them being so afraid that they still considered almost all ordinary human activities to be unsafe. The survey data [18] shows that Democrat voters are from 4 to 19 times more fearful than Republicans of resuming 13 distinct types of ordinary activity:


USA deaths charts


Having looked at the extreme disparity with these numbers, recall that the vast majority of mainstream media outlets in the USA are Democrat loving. Evidently a very large percentage of Democrat voters worship the Democrat loving mainstream media and consider such known sources of lies as respectable providers of accurate information.

This stated fact of Democrats often worshiping Democrat loving mainstream media has been proven to this writer many times over the years, when attempting to discuss major issues of the day with Democrat voters (who invariably state their beliefs in essentially all of the propaganda and lies spewing out from their beloved mainstream media). This Democrat voter belief in mainstream media is clearly reflected by the huge percentages of them who have been utterly brainwashed by the endless propaganda about a “virus”, such that they are now completely afraid of almost any ordinary human activity!

Furthermore, the far higher numbers of fearful Democrat voters follows a similar pattern to numbers of claimed “virus” deaths, in that per capita “virus” deaths are more than 300% higher in Democrat states than Republican [19] (in terms of a comparison relative averaged per capita deaths across US states). Thus, it really does seem that this “virus” is most directly one suffered by Democrats, with the eternally Democrat loving mainstream media in the USA being the obvious source of said “virus” (and not just in the USA, given the huge influence of US mainstream media on the entire human population).


Health-Threatening Levels of Indoor Air Pollution in Nursing Homes

As proof of mainstream media in the USA being mostly Democrat loving, consider the fact that New York Governor Cuomo intentionally sent 4,500 “test positive” individuals to nursing homes [20] in a directive issued on March 25th, shortly after the “lockdown” was ordered in NY. As one person said of this decision by Killer Cuomo: “It was the single dumbest decision anyone could make if they wanted to kill people”. It took until May 10 for Killer Cuomo to reverse that directive, which is now claimed to have resulted in more than 5,800 nursing home deaths in New York (more than in any other state).

Meanwhile, the New York Times has attacked UK PM Boris Johnson [21] for an essentially identical policy of sending “test positive” individuals to nursing homes, claiming that it is a “defining scandal of the pandemic” for him. Yet the NYT is utterly blind (intentionally so) to Killer Cuomo doing the same, with his “approval ratings” supposedly being very high in spite of such murderous decision making. Killer Cuomo’s avoidance of responsibility for the entire matter was revealed in a mid-May interview:


In an incredibly cold and callous reply, Cuomo snapped at the reporter for asking about grieving families seeking justice, insisting “nobody” would be prosecuted for the nursing home deaths.

“What is justice? Who can we prosecute for those deaths? Nobody. Nobody,” he rationalized. “Mother nature? God? Where did this virus come from? People are going to die by this virus.”

One could reasonably point the finger at the Governor himself. [22]


No matter, though, as he’s a Democrat and with almost all US mainstream media loving everything Democrat (exemplified by the NYT) he will no doubt never face any justice relative this or many other terribly destructive decisions he has made in recent weeks. Putting aside the “virus thesis” momentarily and considering the “pollution thesis” as the probable cause of most claimed “virus” deaths globally, an extensive study from five years ago covering nursing homes in seven countries revealed critical facts:


The indoor air quality in nursing homes has a serious effect on the lung health of elderly residents, according to the findings of a new study.

The results showed that exposure to high levels of PM10 and NO2 was significantly associated with breathlessness and cough. High levels of PM0.1 were associated with wheeze during the last year and high concentrations of formaldehyde were linked with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The associations were even seen with moderate concentrations of indoor air pollutants that did not exceed the existing international guidelines. The findings were also enhanced in homes with poor ventilation and in residents over the age of 80.

Dr Isabella Annesi-Maesano, lead author of the study, commented: “Our findings have shown an independent effect of several indoor air pollutants on the lung health of the elderly living in nursing homes. This is a worrying problem since the body’s ability to cope with harmful air pollutants decreases as we age. Nursing homes should do more to prevent indoor air pollution by limiting its sources and by improving ventilation in their buildings. The respiratory health of residents should also be checked on a regular basis.” [23]


Even the EPA (US) has known for over 30 years that indoor air pollution is often much worse than outdoor air pollution. A study published in 1988 revealed some startling facts:


… more than 500 chemicals were detected in the 10 buildings sampled in the five-year study, including four homes for the elderly …

… EPA officials said the report made it clear indoor air pollution was a major health concern.

Air inside buildings is typically more polluted than outdoor air,” said Eileen Claussen, acting deputy assistant EPA administrator for air and radiation. “Sometimes twice as polluted, sometimes five times more polluted, sometimes 100 times more polluted.[24]


Given that nursing homes are known to have levels of air pollution that can be seriously deleterious to the health of elderly people, and given that certain localities of NYC and surrounds are known to have terrible outdoor air quality (remembering that “air inside buildings is typically more polluted than outdoor air”), the decision to lock up thousands of elderly people in such environments was an appallingly bad one. This all makes it clear that Killer Cuomo’s directive to send 4,500 elderly people to nursing homes was murderous in terms of the results, if not also in terms of intent.


Catastrophic Destruction of Health Care and Hospitals Globally

Many Democrat voters (and many others too) so brainwashed into fearing an unproven “deadly, infectious virus” have clearly been unable to use their basic cognitive abilities since this false “virus pandemic” was declared (and since all the endless screens of flashing red appeared on their TVs and anti-social media screens). The fear is evidently still preventing such people from applying even basic math, logic, and reason relative all of the highly publicized “virus” numbers. Continual insane fear-mongering has clearly been profoundly effective in “locking down” the brains of such people.

The #FilmYourHospital [25] hashtag has been popular for many weeks now with those who are aware of this entire “pandemic” actually being a “plandemic” or “scamdemic” operation. Hundreds of citizen videos have been uploaded with that hashtag showing hospitals all around the world that are very quiet (and have been so for many weeks).

Such videos were being uploaded even during the supposed “peak” of cases, with key hospitals in NYC having almost no activity even when mainstream media was claiming they were overwhelmed. One of the many good comments with the #FilmYourHospital hashtag is worth quoting here, due the direct connection with levels of fear that many (especially including large numbers of Democrat voters in the USA) are suffering:


You can’t see all the empty hospitals and reality of the situation if the media has you too scared to leave your house. [26]


Question: why have 266 hospitals (at May 28th) in the USA now furloughed tens of thousands of staff [27] if there is actually a “once-in-a-century pandemic” of a “deadly infectious virus” happening? How is such even possible? It is not possible if a “once-in-a-century pandemic” was actually happening. This incredible slowdown of hospital activity again proves that the entire “pandemic” operation has been entirely about something exactly other than caring for people’s health. It’s clear that the operation is all about one and only one political motive: control.

Meanwhile, many of these 266 hospitals are suffering severe revenue shortfalls due having no actual real patients. Patients who would otherwise be receiving all manner of treatments for all manner of health conditions, if it wasn’t for the fake “virus pandemic” being used as justification to stop hospitals from treating anyone but “virus” patients.

All of this amounts to catastrophic and intentional destruction to health care and hospitals globally, which has actually resulted in mass murder around the world. Remember that 2,000 deaths per week (likely 15-20,000 total) in the UK alone [28] at the “peak” of “excess mortality” were exactly due the “lockdowns” and all of the associated insane destruction to health care. None of which would have happened without the endless propaganda and lies, with those lies being used to “justify” such society-destroying madness.


“Lockdowns” Were an Obvious Choice for Power-Mad Western Governments

For many weeks now it has been clear to anyone with any amount of real intelligence relative political matters that the entire “Covid-19” operation has only been about control. This writer was clear about this fact in late January, when China locked down tens of millions due a claimed “virus”.

By early February this writer predicted in various conversations with US residents that exactly such “lockdown” policies would be adopted in the USA. This is due the obvious political fact (to anyone with their eyes open) that the USA and other major Western powers have long been desirous of an excuse to follow exactly such an example of absolute totalitarian control over the populations they are supposed to be representing and protecting.

Interestingly, various US citizens who this writer made such predictions to (in early Feb) strongly contested that such political moves would ever happen in the USA. Several of those who most directly argued that “lockdown” would never happen in the USA are now some of the strongest advocates of continuing that completely destructive political path. And yes, several of those people are life-long Democrat voters (who often seemingly have essentially no ability to see their own delusions and “cognitive dissonance” [29] relative to so many matters).


Divide and Conquer: Age Old Policy Being Used By Billionaire Thugs

Back in 1968-70 a deadly disease outbreak now popularly known as “Hong Kong flu” was recorded as happening around the world, which is said to have killed at least a million people globally [30] (though various sources place the estimate of deaths in the 1-4 million range). Yet, even though the death toll then was so much higher than the approximately 360,000 claimed “virus” deaths (as at May 28th) that have so far been recorded during the current claimed “pandemic”, societies all around the world were not intentionally destroyed by all manner of fascist and totalitarian dictates.

Half a century ago the technology to brainwash hundreds of millions (even billions) of people was not nearly as well developed. Now, in 2020, there is not only wall-to-wall TV with all the talking heads (endlessly spewing all manner of deceptive falsities and lies) enhanced with sound bites and captivating visuals, there is also endless anti-social media.

Many of the people who are addicted to anti-social media evidently embody some of the worst traits of human beings, most especially including the mob mentality demonstrated by such anti-social addicts when faced with anyone who doesn’t “believe” in the latest “cult” being propagandized by mainstream sources. Non-believers are commonly attacked by such addicted fools, with the non-believers being mocked and ridiculed with great hostility and hatred even, by what is truly anti-social mob mind.

The combination of endless mainstream media in combination with anti-social media propaganda has clearly been sufficient to brainwash a large percentage of the human population very rapidly, now some 50 years on from the mentioned “flu” that is claimed to have killed at least a million people. Also, let us not forget the loaded Internet “search results” with information supporting official “narratives” being always prioritized (by being placed much higher up the rankings) while information that contests such official “narratives” is obscured or deleted (thanks to the extremely powerful Nazi Big Tech corporations who control such “search” engines and provide such “answers”).

All of this results in a human population that is seriously divided, with only a minority of people (at this point, it seems) still daring to use their O.I. (Own Intelligence) relative to the important issues of the day. Such application of O.I. then usually leads to a realization that massive lies are being spoken about very significant global issues.

Such continued use of O.I. by a non-brainwashed minority clearly then terrifies those in the mob who have been so effectively brainwashed into being members of the many new fear-and-guilt based cults (of “virus” and “climate” and whatever else). Fear is clearly the primary underlying basis of all belief in the total propaganda of mainstream media and all participation in these 21st century cult movements.

With such levels of fear and conflict in such large numbers of humankind at the present moment, the age old policy of “divide and conquer” is once again shown to be highly effective. It is most critical at this time that human beings work cooperatively with each other, in vast and unprecedented numbers, if there is to be any real chance of changing the terrible course of events that is currently being dictated by billionaire thugs.

Yet with all of the division and polarized ideas flying around due the unrelenting and global fear-mongering propaganda campaign, human beings are instead largely wasting their energy fighting amongst themselves. The billionaire thugs are the true enemy of us all, however, and human beings everywhere need to understand this fact. If that doesn’t happen, the lowlife big money thugs will continue to rip the world apart, to reshape it in their psychotic vision of total control.

It is time for partisan political ideas about critical global issues to be entirely set aside. It is time for human beings all over the world to wake up to the fact that we have been conned, fooled by massive and continuous lies, with those lies intentionally designed to destroy the very fabric of our societies. It is time for people to realize that there are two main demographics on this planet: the tiny number of ultra-wealthy thugs, and then the 7.8 billion human beings who are not in that ultra-rich cult. As has been written numerous times on this blog, we are many and they are few.

The few can only get away with their blatant lies and terrible destruction to human societies all over the world when sufficient numbers of the 7.8 billion human beings believe in those lies. Only such belief by masses of brainwashed sheeple is allowing humankind’s grave to be dug at a rapid pace presently. Thus, anyone involved in such belief needs to start using their O.I. (Own Intelligence) about all these life and death matters (with these matters being such for all of humankind, no less).

If you are a believer in the “Corona Cult” then ask yourself this: do you want to be remembered for all time as a good little Hitler-serving Nazi, who chose to aid and serve the destruction of human societies and human lives all over the world in this year of 2020, all due a disease that is (based on all the best scientific evidence) less bad than the “flu”? If not, then you must move on from your foolish beliefs in totally absurd lies, such that you can begin to work with your 7.8 billion fellow (non-ultra-wealthy) human beings. This is the only way the course of current events can be changed such that there is a chance of a more benign and positive outcome for all.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~







[5] (p.7: 327.2 million total population / 211.6 million 0-49 years and 115.6 million 50+ years)

[6] (3,446 deaths in 211.6 million 0-49 years = 16.29 deaths per million / 57,653 deaths in 115.6 million 50+ years = 498.7 deaths per million)



[9] (6.9 million MA population in 2018, with 4.35 million or 63.0% under 50 years and 2.55 million or 37.0% 50+ years)

[10] (6.98 million MA population estimated in 2020, means estimated 4.40 million or 63.0% under 50 years and 2.58 million or 37.0% 50+ years)

[11] (p.12: 89 deaths in 4.40 million 0-49 years = 20.23 deaths per million / 6,551 deaths in 2.55 million 50+ years = 2,539 deaths per million)

[12] (952 deaths per million for MA compared averaged 252 deaths per million = 3.78 ratio)

[13] (see Figure 2)

[14] (hovering the mouse cursor over any state will reveal faint vertical dotted lines noting when the “shelter-at-home” orders began to ease)

[15] (quotes from interview with Prof. Wittkowski are half-way down)
















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