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Propaganda Terms Used by Believers of the Silliest “Conspiracy Theories”

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In 1946 the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution reading in part, “freedom of information is a fundamental human right, and the touchstone of all the freedoms to which the United Nations is consecrated.

a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.

— John F. Kennedy, address on the 20th Anniversary of the Voice of America
(delivered 26 Feb 1962, Health, Education, and Welfare Building, Washington, D.C.)


This is a brief look at some of the popular propaganda terms that are often used by the sheeple masses who tend to believe the silliest “conspiracy theories” of all (being the absurd and illogical theories that are consistently presented by mainstream media and government agencies, or their proxies). It is quite useful to be able to decipher the actual meaning behind certain commonly used propaganda terms, while also gaining a better understanding of the psychological state of those who resort to the use of such terms.


Mind-Controlled Mob of “Corona Cultists” Poses Grave Threat

The mind-controlled mob [1] of “Corona Cultists” [2] are a rather obvious present-day demographic in terms of those who will likely resort to use of banal propaganda terms that they’ve been brainwashed into parroting. Such people only reveal themselves as the terrified, gullible, anti-science, “dumbshit, insouciant, brainwashed” [3] fools that they are, through their arrogant and ignorant parroting of such banal terms that have been created in recent decades by global masters of propaganda.

It is highly unfortunate that the propaganda campaigns based around such terms have been so wildly successful in the past half century or so, as this has had a massively destructive force in the human world altogether. How has the propagandizing of such terms been such a terrible force of destruction? Due use of such propaganda terms being a significant force in the undermining of what could otherwise be intelligent and useful considerations between even vast numbers of otherwise intelligent human beings.

Open discussion of all facts (not just facts that propaganda sources claim you “need to know”) relative whatever critical political, economic, and social events of the day is what gets “locked down” by the programmed parroting of these clever propaganda terms. The instant any participant in a conversation about whatever events taking place resorts to using such cleverly propagandized terms (with the most common one being “conspiracy theory”) the user of such a term destroys open dialogue in that moment.

Not only does such a person destroy the open dialogue, they reveal that they are themselves precisely the fool they are assuming to accuse the other of by using such a term about the other. Please take a moment to consider the following table of five commonly used terms and an approximate “translation” of the true meaning behind each term, as well as the probable psychological state of the user:


Term Translation
Conspiracy Theorist Anyone using this term to attack another: is typically a sucker for (and believer of) the most absurd and illogical science-denying “conspiracy theories” of all, from known liars and cover-up experts such as Big Media and Big Government, while also being terrified of knowing real truths about the countless easily verified conspiracy facts behind most of the “politics” in the past century (and more).
9/11 Truther Anyone using this term to attack another: is completely terrified of the truth [4] relative the terrible and world-changing events which took place on September 11, 2001, while also being terrified of anyone who dares do any genuine research relative to such truth.
Anti-Vaxxer Anyone using this term to attack another: has been brainwashed into believing the century-old Big Pharma funded lie that “vaccines” are anything other than dangerous poisons, while also being afraid of any (and all) who are not similarly brainwashed into doing self-harm.
Climate Denier Anyone using this term to attack another: is the true denier, of the vast evidence spanning hundreds of millions of years showing extreme, repeated, naturally occurring changes in global climate (due no human inputs), while also denying that CO2 is profoundly beneficial with even twice the current CO2 levels being highly desirable. [5]
Science Denier Anyone using this term to attack another: tends to blindly believe (in the manner of a true cult member) any and all pseudo-science garbage from known liars such as Big Media and Big Government (including the endless fake “models”, “predictions” of doom, and fraudulent data widely promulgated by such liars).


Brainwashed Masses Empower Psychopath Billionaire Thugs in Global Poisoning Mission

This brief “reality check” relative to the propaganda terms that are (sadly) seemingly quite commonly used by a (sadly) possibly quite large number of human beings at present, circa mid-2020, is a necessary backgrounder to any possible positive change in the current path of events. This is due the fact that the brainwashing from such clever propaganda has to be undone in each and every one of us before humankind will have the collective power to choose a more positive path.

Masses of human beings are currently unknowing members of modern day cults, such as the cults of “virus” and “climate” (two of the biggest), and those masses are evidently suffering quite severely handicapped states of cognitive function due their state of brainwashed, unwitting cult membership. Meaning that those masses are quite often no longer even able to use their O.I. (Own Intelligence) at all (including basic math, logic, and reason) in regards to the various significant issues of the day.

That demographic of brainwashed sheeple masses is the co-dependent force in the world that is allowing the dark and destructive current events to happen. Without such masses believing all manner of absurd propaganda and lies, the ultra-wealthy thugs (the force comprising the other “half” of this highly destructive global co-dependency) would not currently be gaining vast wealth by the day [6] (off the present-time suffering of billions of others), nor would such ultra-wealthy scum be able to pull off the global coup that they have apparently all but completely succeeded at pulling off.

Consider that if the vast majority (let’s say 90% or more, for example) of all the estimated 7.8 billion human beings on Earth were not believers in the “death cult” (or “Corona Cult”) of “virus” myths [7] and vaccine “poisons” [8] then that “death cult” would have no power over anyone. When immense numbers of human beings grow out of their childish beliefs in absurd propaganda and lies from both Big Media and Big Government then those vast numbers are no longer going to be lining up for a shot of “vaccine” poisons (or whatever else Big Industry is selling today). Then the whole lie falls apart, under it’s own weight.


“Herd” Behavior and the “Late-Time” Tyrant of “Everyman”

Some observant human beings have been quite aware (and for some time) that humankind often behaves as a mad “herd” as is shown by the following quotation:


Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.

— Charles Mackay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (1841)


To conclude, here is a modern and in-depth consideration of the above quoted statement:


Conflict and destruction take all kinds of forms in the human world and in human history. There has already been a long chain of terrible tyrants in the human sphere—but people everywhere seem to be unaware of the fact that the latest tyrant is everybody—or “Everyman”. The latest—and the last—tyrant is “Everyman”. The last tyrant is “the people”. In this “late-time”, “the people” have, as a collective, become merely another ego-driven, manipulatable, chaotic, and entirely mad entity—a kind of lunatic “herd”, a chaos of gross collectivity. That tyrannical “herd” is subject to the same whims and absurdities as any individual tyrant ever was or is. That terrible “herd” knows no limits—and even all and everything it merely thinks it knows is not Reality and Truth. The “herd” that “the people” have become is simply another tyrant—and the last to rise and fall in human-time.

The “tyranny of everybody” is what is happening now. In the now, every individual wallows in the “Narcissistic self-idea”, demanding immediate satisfaction of the every wanting-need and random impulse in the body-mind, and threatening all-and-All with “consequence”-to-come, if separate “self” is found still wanting or unsatisfied at end of any day. The “neighborhood wars” between all egos, “tribes”, and cults of “thing” are what is happening now. The private wars of “Everyman”, the society of “Everyman”, the religiosity of “Everyman”, the “late-time” of “Everyman” is what is happening now. The “Everyman” is “Narcissus”, the last tyrant—the ego itself. When the tyrant becomes everybody, that is the end-time. When the tyrant is just somebody-in-particular, then there are revolutions, ups and downs and cycles. However, at the last, when the tyrant becomes everybody, there are no more cycles, but only a linearity of sames—and everyone and everything disintegrates in stops. Such is the awful nature of the present time, of ego’s rule of all.

Therefore, it is absolutely urgent that there be an immediate and total transformation at the root of human culture and society and politics. A new kind of human institution must emerge in the world—an institution that truly establishes a global cooperative order. That new (and, necessarily, global) institution must establish and enact a non-tyrannical (and even counter-tyrannical, or entirely post-tyrannical) order of rightly and effectively functioning cooperation between everyone—between all nations, between all cultures and “tribes”, between all the “neighborhoods”.

What is required is not a matter of merely “having a dialogue” and “working toward” unity. In any such effort of “working toward”, there is, in all the works, still plenty of effort to dominate. Therefore, what is required is the establishment of the universal working-presumption of prior unity—such that “the people”, in every guise, lay down their arms, lay down their conflicts and their aggressive competitiveness, and, on that basis, straightforwardly handle all the business that is in the interest of everybody altogether.

That “handling of business” is not being done at the present time. Now, everybody is “on the brink” with everybody else. It is everywhere like that. The “daily news” is that. Everyone’s daily life has become something like an insane sporting event—that is played to the death. The human world of nowtime is like colossal Reality-TV—a dreadful mini-series, a few weeks until death. The common world of nowtime is mere insanity—Reality-madness. Everyone and everything is mad with “Everyman” now—mad with ego, mad with “Narcissus”. The last tyrant is everybody—everybody at war with everybody, to the death.

If this mad world-mummery continues unchecked, the present time of human history is the end of humantime. It is no longer a matter of one principal tyrant somewhere, some head of state somewhere, who is the “whomever”, or the “whatever”, that everyone loves to hate as everybody’s “enemy”. In this “late-time” (or “dark” epoch), everybody is the “enemy”. Everybody is wrong. Everybody is at fault. Everybody is “Narcissus”. Everybody is “Everyman”. “Everyman” is everywhere. The “objectified self” is at large. If “Everyman” is not soon disciplined by the Truth That Is Reality Itself—so that the world of “Everyman” discovers and accepts “its” limits, “its” place—then “Everyman” is going to destroy not only humankind but all life, and the Earth-world itself. [9]

— The World-Friend, Adi Da, Not-Two Is Peace (3rd ed., p.155-157, 2009)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~











[9] (see p.37-39 of the downloadable excerpt from the book for the given quotation)

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June 4, 2020 at 3:24 pm

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