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The Tyrant of “Everyman”

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Conflict and destruction take all kinds of forms in the human world and in human history. There has already been a long chain of terrible tyrants in the human sphere—but people everywhere seem to be unaware of the fact that the latest tyrant is everybody—or “Everyman”. The latest—and the last—tyrant is “Everyman”. The last tyrant is “the people”. In this “late-time”, “the people” have, as a collective, become merely another ego-driven, manipulatable, chaotic, and entirely mad entity—a kind of lunatic “herd”, a chaos of gross collectivity. That tyrannical “herd” is subject to the same whims and absurdities as any individual tyrant ever was or is. That terrible “herd” knows no limits—and even all and everything it merely thinks it knows is not Reality and Truth. The “herd” that “the people” have become is simply another tyrant—and the last to rise and fall in human-time.

The “tyranny of everybody” is what is happening now. In the now, every individual wallows in the “Narcissistic self-idea”, demanding immediate satisfaction of the every wanting-need and random impulse in the body-mind, and threatening all-and-All with “consequence”-to-come, if separate “self” is found still wanting or unsatisfied at end of any day. The “neighborhood wars” between all egos, “tribes”, and cults of “thing” are what is happening now. The private wars of “Everyman”, the society of “Everyman”, the religiosity of “Everyman”, the “late-time” of “Everyman” is what is happening now. The “Everyman” is “Narcissus”, the last tyrant—the ego itself. When the tyrant becomes everybody, that is the end-time. When the tyrant is just somebody-in-particular, then there are revolutions, ups and downs and cycles. However, at the last, when the tyrant becomes everybody, there are no more cycles, but only a linearity of sames—and everyone and everything disintegrates in stops. Such is the awful nature of the present time, of ego’s rule of all.

Therefore, it is absolutely urgent that there be an immediate and total transformation at the root of human culture and society and politics. A new kind of human institution must emerge in the world—an institution that truly establishes a global cooperative order. That new (and, necessarily, global) institution must establish and enact a non-tyrannical (and even counter-tyrannical, or entirely post-tyrannical) order of rightly and effectively functioning cooperation between everyone—between all nations, between all cultures and “tribes”, between all the “neighborhoods”.

What is required is not a matter of merely “having a dialogue” and “working toward” unity. In any such effort of “working toward”, there is, in all the works, still plenty of effort to dominate. Therefore, what is required is the establishment of the universal working-presumption of prior unity—such that “the people”, in every guise, lay down their arms, lay down their conflicts and their aggressive competitiveness, and, on that basis, straightforwardly handle all the business that is in the interest of everybody altogether.

That “handling of business” is not being done at the present time. Now, everybody is “on the brink” with everybody else. It is everywhere like that. The “daily news” is that. Everyone’s daily life has become something like an insane sporting event—that is played to the death. The human world of nowtime is like colossal Reality-TV—a dreadful mini-series, a few weeks until death. The common world of nowtime is mere insanity—Reality-madness. Everyone and everything is mad with “Everyman” now—mad with ego, mad with “Narcissus”. The last tyrant is everybody—everybody at war with everybody, to the death.

If this mad world-mummery continues unchecked, the present time of human history is the end of humantime. It is no longer a matter of one principal tyrant somewhere, some head of state somewhere, who is the “whomever”, or the “whatever”, that everyone loves to hate as everybody’s “enemy”. In this “late-time” (or “dark” epoch), everybody is the “enemy”. Everybody is wrong. Everybody is at fault. Everybody is “Narcissus”. Everybody is “Everyman”. “Everyman” is everywhere. The “objectified self” is at large. If “Everyman” is not soon disciplined by the Truth That Is Reality Itself—so that the world of “Everyman” discovers and accepts “its” limits, “its” place—then “Everyman” is going to destroy not only humankind but all life, and the Earth-world itself. [*]

— The World-Friend, Adi Da, Not-Two Is Peace (3rd ed., p.155-157, 2009)


* (see p.37-39 of the downloadable excerpt from the book for the given quotation)

& (all excerpts from Not-Two Is Peace)

Written by Free723

June 8, 2020 at 11:45 am

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