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People Without Symptoms Are Not Spreading “Virus” Says WHO (and Science)

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It’s proving to be yet another week of high drama and “circus” theatrics (for the “bread and circus” addicted masses) on the “coronavirus news” front. No doubt it’s all part of the “plandemic” operation to sow more seeds of confusion, conflict, and divisive deceptions amongst the generally traumatized human populace of planet Earth.


WHO Says: People Without Symptoms are Not Spreading Infection

On Monday the “big news” (and even from Big News themselves) was that the WHO “technical lead for coronavirus response”, Maria Van Kerkhove, said that asymptomatic “test positive” individuals are not spreading the coronavirus. Ah ha. Seems like kind of an important fact. This comment was based on evidence from a number of countries, which she referred to directly:


“From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual,” Van Kerkhove said on Monday.

We have a number of reports from countries who are doing very detailed contact tracing. They’re following asymptomatic cases, they’re following contacts and they’re not finding secondary transmission onward. It is very rare – and much of that is not published in the literature,” she said. [1]


Well, that’s big news, and reiterating the point, from Big News themselves. After three months of the society-destroying lunatic “lockdowns” around the world, with hundreds of millions unemployed (43 million in the USA alone), with massive destruction of almost every aspect of our lives and human civilizations, plus all the incredibly toxic fear, lack of outdoor activity, lack of oxygen, lack of proper ordinary human contact, we are now told that there was no basis in science or fact for any of that. Phew, how lucky!

The fear porn claim that the bug is infectious with everyone and anyone, even if they look “normal” and healthy by every measure, has been critical to the entirely false narrative since day one. So, why does Big News now report these significant WHO comments so “dutifully” given that they seriously challenge the entire narrative sold in recent months?

It might lead one to conclude that Big News either: a) decided that they had to report the WHO comments to appear “transparent”, as such incredibly significant statements would inevitably come out through other sources; or b) very much wanted to report these landmark statements, such that even more confusion and conflict is created in the minds of millions everywhere.

In fact, it’s probably some of both those angles that has led to this “news” being released this week. It gives the human race something else to argue about amongst ourselves, with the one’s who have their eyes and minds open now having some powerful ammo to blast at the braindead sheeple masses who still think that there’s a dangerous bug going around. Hooray!

All of these events amount to intentional and literally murderous open warfare on the human race. By a very small gang of very, very powerful eugenicist types. It sadly seems to be going well for that bunch of ruthless, amoral thugs. “Dr.” (Jekyll?) Gates is certainly enjoying the progression of his (and his rich friends) long-term plans with all these current events [2] and he is especially pleased with how easily manipulatable the now terrified and completely acquiescent human race of the 21st century is showing themselves to be over these past few months.


Backlash to Science and Facts from Mainstream Propaganda

By simply referring to the evidence that asymptomatic people are not in fact spreading infection the WHO official, Van Kerkhove, and her statements have in the past couple of days predictably been the subject of great contention, with claims she is wrong from the usual suspects and of course hostility from the mad mob of mind-controlled anti-social media glued sheeple. Various paid “physicians” and assorted other “experts” have naturally chimed in with trash-talk such as this (fictional) “opinion” from on high:


“No, she’s sorely mistaken with those naughty statements, which could endanger the lives of billions if such silly talk gets around! This is really, truly, sincerely, a terribly, evilly, dangerous, nasty, tiny, little, invisible horror of a bug that we just know (or at least guess) can and will immediately leap in every direction onto every surface and every living being within 6 feet (or 5 feet, or 3 feet, depending on the country, and the local “health orders” that have been mandated there).”


What a clever bug, this! Somehow it knows the precise details of all the local “health orders” in every country, state, county, city, town, and otherwise, such that it knows exactly how far it can (and cannot) legally leap onto the next unsuspecting mask-wearing good little Corona Cultist who is so carefully obeying their orders! There will no doubt soon be a new “virus” cover story related to mask wearing, to help explain the increase in illness from the oxygen depletion that masses will be suffering, with a good supply of oxygen being core to all of human health!


Pseudo-Science Garbage Sells Big These Days

Amidst the brief truth-telling statements of the Big News article referenced there are also some great quotes that precisely demonstrate the absurdity of all of these fake “official news” sources altogether. As usual, a bunch of mumbo-jumbo pseudo-science language gets thrown out right after (and all around) the truth-telling statements, to put a blender in the poor addled brains of all those heaving, whimpering, scared-out-of-their-wits folk, such that they latch on to something new to fear and scream “sky is falling” about today.

Such garbage pseudo-science from Big News is intended to confuse anyone without a mind (and basic math, logic, and reasoning abilities) of their own, due them being in a state of abject terror brought on by the ritual brainwashing in recent months about a fake “virus pandemic” (that is actually a very real pandemic of lethal air pollution [3] as well as other forms of highly toxic pollution).

Let’s dive in to the mumbo-jumbo and look at a term thrown around in the Big News article: “pre-symptomatic”! Really? It’s just pathetic. These clever little shits pushing this whole global destruction lie, always selling bullshit memes to the masses, based on nonsense like this. Meaningless variations on the facts at hand, to confuse, to bewilder, to bamboozle the feeble-minded. Looking at the quotes now (and in case you ever need a direct citation or reference to psuedo-science garbage, it equals THIS):


Pre-symptomatic refers to the early stages of an illness, before symptoms have developed, whereas asymptomatic may refer to having no symptoms throughout the course of an infection…

Making this distinction between asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic infections remains important – but also between “paucisymptomatic infections,” which refers to having atypical or very mild symptoms…


Wow! What a load of double-speak (or triple-speak, in this case!) nonsense. No, it’s not important for anyone to distinguish between these three types of infection. Let’s stick to the useful terms and ignore the bullshit ones: asymptomatic means no symptoms throughout the entire course of the infection; and symptomatic means there are symptoms at some point, regardless of whether they are mild or severe.

Such silly and useless variations of a term are evidently placed in these Big News stories to complicate and confuse the issue for the weak-minded ones. Rather than having our minds put in a twist by trying to understand or interpret such intentional Escher-esque (in language, rather than pictures) alogical gibberish, let’s take a look at some actual science.


New Study: 0 (ZERO) of 455 People Exposed to “Test Positive” Asymptomatic Person Were Infected

What about an actual study of exposure to a confirmed “test positive” asymptomatic person? This has actually been done [4] and the results released on May 13th. What do those results say? They say that out of 455 people who were exposed to the “test positive” asymptomatic individual, exactly and precisely ZERO (0) were subsequently found to be “test positive”. Again:


Exactly 0 (ZERO) of 455 people who were exposed to a confirmed “test positive” asymptomatic person were subsequently “infected” or “test positive” themselves.


So it turns out that the comments by the WHO “technical lead for coronavirus response” on Monday really do correlate well with other actual science about the matter. All of this makes great sense especially when recalling the “pollution thesis” relative to the bulk of the claimed “virus” death toll globally, with around 70% of “virus” deaths happening in just 10% of the global population (USA, UK, Italy, France, Spain, and now Brazil).

The concentration of deaths in such a small amount of the global population is quite simply a statistical impossibility if an “infectious pathogen” was literally going around the world causing mayhem and death. There would naturally be far more consistent death tolls in many places if such a pathogen actually existed. What is the common factor with the specific locations (urban areas and some wider regions such as northern Italy) where most of the deaths in these six countries are happening? Lethal air pollution.

Do some homework on this blog and at the many other sources linked from articles on this blog if you actually want to learn about the real causes behind most of the claimed “virus” deaths. If you are such a person open to learning, then study the “pollution thesis” and the fact that “viruses” are a cover story for pollution-caused diseases in many instances, with “vaccines” [5] therefore being irrelevant and with no actual true purpose, apart from the eugenicist purpose of poisoning the person injected with the toxins and diseases in the syringe.


Forked-Tongued Fauci: True Servant of “Dr.” Jekyll Gates-to-Hell

Regardless of all science and evidence, the “leading disease expert” in the USA (according to all of Big News at least), forked-tongued Fauci, made predictable and “earnest” statements that contradict all facts and especially the WHO official. He does this to assure all those fearful people in the world, in this kind of fashion (a fictional though truth-telling version of Fauci “snake oil” salesman hot-air):


“She was mistaken and (although there’s no evidence of it whatosever) I’m going to repeat the well worn lie (it’s working so well, after all) that you’ve all had you’re lives destroyed by in these recent months: this bug is a serious menace and it is coming for you and everyone you know, so you must obey and keep up the good work staying at home while those of us behind this scam continue to build your new global prison, and of course do wear your slave masks (that I recently said are not even needed) whenever you step as much as a toe out that door!”


Only a fool with no basic math, logic, and reasoning abilities would believe a single word from this pharmaceutical company front man, Fauci. He is so key to all of the lies, all of the completely destructive tyrannical “mandates”, and to all the multitude of negative events due the fake “virus pandemic” in the past few months. He is a well paid liar, pure and simple, and he is staying true to his job description as given to him by Big Pharma.


Time to Wake Up from Fairytale of “Viruses” and “Vaccines”

At this point a statement on behalf of planet Earth, our only home: “Dear Humankind, please stop drinking the Corona Kool-Aid, as if you do not the implications are quite serious even potentially for all life that is being supported by my planetary efforts. Love, Planet Earth.”

Poisoning the human race with “vaccines” is in kind with poisoning the water, the land, and the air with every kind of environmental toxin (and this does not include life-giving, essential CO2 as it is not a pollutant [6] at all, with CO2 in reality being a most critical source of the global food chain). This real and literal poisoning of the planet is then hidden by the “virus” cover story, with outbreaks of disease in terribly polluted areas being blamed on unproven “pathogens” created by Big Pharma “magic” acts.

So, it’s natural that planet Earth would like us all to wake up, not just to the “scamdemic” happening, but relative all manner of critical issues such as the need to stop poisoning the whole world to death. What a nihilistic bunch of loons the human race has become, so many seemingly enticed and even pleased to have the “killer virus” story to terrify, amuse and entertain them.

All of that “circus” with the endless theatrics and new costumes continues to serve old mythologies. The entire “virus” and “vaccine” story is a literal fairytale, which is used to scare children into obeying orders from their “Nanny State” Big Brother Government. Just as fairytales have been used throughout history by all manner of parents to control the behavior of their children.

It’s really no different with the current situation, except that the clever technology being used makes the constant propaganda push a seamless and rather easy affair. Voila! A new Big Fairytale for everyone to latch onto and to provide meaning and context, orders to obey, “people to save” (doesn’t include the tens of thousands or likely hundreds of thousands by now, who have in actual fact been murdered [7] by the “lockdowns”), much to “feel good about” amidst the constant terror of touching a door knob, or coming within 6 feet (or 5 feet, or 3 feet, again, depending on the location) of another living anything!

Time to wake up now, kiddies, from the nightmare fairytale that so many have bought into lately. Time to wake up, and get on with the ordinary business of living like human beings on planet Earth, creating societies, cultures, art, music, beauty, and all that which is actually worth living for in this place.

Time to get back to reality from this absurd cartoonish “virtual reality” that is being foisted on the human race, cast like a spider’s web over everyone everywhere. Some of us are awake, some of us have cut through the flimsy little spider’s threads of propaganda long ago. Now is a good time for all the rest of you to wake up too, and join the human race (while it lasts).


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~




[2] (under 4 mins, worth every second)






Written by Free723

June 10, 2020 at 5:42 pm

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