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Racist, Hypocrite, Brainwashed Leftist “Protesters” Obey Their Billionaire Overlords

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As you read the information presented below it is important to remember a critical fact about modern politics: both the “left” and “right” of essentially all political systems in all countries are controlled by “the power of industry and money” exactly as they have been for decades (and longer). This has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt to this writer (and from a young age) through the simple noticing of the fact that the same fundamental policies have been consistently implemented for decades now, regardless of whether the “left” or “right” political party is supposedly “in power” in whatever country.

Consider that the Obama adminstration was the same in many ways, and worse in many other ways, compared the Bush administration. Please take a good look at the news headlines from the eight years of Obama’s time [1] if you need to verify this obvious fact (a fact that Democrat voters in the USA especially seem to have a very hard time looking at for even a moment). Similarly, the Trump administration is very much like the Obama administration. The “left” and “right” of politics are in fact “opposames” or the two halves of the same control brain.

Thus, the blunt criticism of the stunning hypocrisy demonstrated by brainwashed leftist, racists who are out “protesting” in recent weeks is most certainly not any kind of implicit validation relative the policies or offerings of the political right (in the USA or any country). Both the “left” and “right” of politics in basically every country can be quite accurately described as terminally diseased, irretrievably corrupted, mass murderous, and truly the enemy of humankind. It is past time to move beyond such failed, false political systems, as without such outgrowing of old destructive paradigms there will not be much of a world left worth living in, even by end of year based on current events.


Brainwashed “Protesters” Not Interested in Murder of White Australian by Minneapolis Police

An unarmed Australian born white woman (who held dual Australian and US citizenship), Justine Damond, was gunned down while in her pajamas by a black police officer, Mohamed Noor, in Minneapolis (the same city as the recent murder of George Floyd) on the night of July 15, 2017:


When Justine Ruszczyk Damond heard someone cry out in the alley behind her home in July 2017, she did what she had spent a lifetime doing: She immediately tried to help. Damond called 911 not once but twice to report what she thought was a sexual assault. When officers arrived, she ran outside in her bare feet and pajamas, prosecutors say. Moments later, she lay dying of a gunshot fired by the officer who is now on trial in her death. [2]


Almost two years later Noor was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter by a “racially diverse jury” due the fact that he had “acted unreasonably” [3] based on all evidence. The New York Times (and all other leftist mainstream media) predictably tried to put a false “social justice” propaganda spin on the story with an implication that perhaps this verdict was “hypocrisy” rather than justice! Revisiting the facts, a cop shot dead an unarmed woman in her pajamas without reasonable grounds, so the guilty verdict is fine and good.

Moving along to current events, the contrast between the above story and the current endless, absurd hype about George Floyd is that no one came out to protest the fact that an unarmed white Australian woman with no criminal record (and a life-long history of helping others) was gunned down by the police in Minneapolis. Whereas people all around the world are now “protesting” the death of a violent misogynist and known criminal, including tens of thousands in Melbourne, Australia.

An Australian reporter of color, Avi Yemini, went to the protest in Melbourne a week or so back [4] and asked many people if they had even heard of Justine Damond. Most had never heard of her, of course, as her death does not fit the narrative being sold by the mostly leftist mainstream media, almost entirely leftist anti-social media, and all the other “news” sources pushing the propaganda about “social justice” (clearly the endless propaganda about a fake “virus” was becoming less effective in recent weeks, so the leftist fascist types have moved on to the next round of deceptions and lies).

The responses to Avi’s questions were quite startling to say the least, in that people literally said that the murder of an unarmed white woman by a Minneapolis cop is not as important as the murder of a violent woman-abusing black man, Floyd. Huh??? The extent of the brainwashing of these racist, leftist fools at that rally in Melbourne (and similar rallies all around the world) is highly disturbing. These “protesters” demonstrate an utter lack of the slightest intelligent, cognitive ability to understand their own total and utter hypocrisy, as well as totally failing to see that they are being blatantly manipulated.

Since when does the life of a violent criminal matter so much more than the life of a woman who devoted her life to helping others? Why were there not mass protests about Damond’s killing in 2017, as Avi repeatedly asked those he questioned? Not only were there no protests against Damond’s brutal murder, some people protested that the murderer was a “victim” himself! What twisted, retarded, brain dead “logic” is that?! To reiterate, Damond’s death is not part of the entirely false narrative being sold and so her death “doesn’t matter” to the fool “protesters” who are simply (and unknowingly) obeying their billionaire overlords in truly mind-controlled fashion.


Anonymous Letter Shreds the “Black Lives Matter” Narrative

A few days ago an anonymous letter was penned by someone claiming to be a UC Berkeley history professor. The writer, who says they are a person of color themselves, made it plain that they are (at this stage) remaining anonymous due fears of losing their job and even being prevented from ever working in their field again (anywhere at all). Regardless of whether or not the writer is indeed a UC Berkeley history professor the letter is a profoundly important and real statement that shreds every aspect of the entire “Black Lives Matter” narrative being pushed by the leftist media and politicians of the world at present. Here is an excerpt specifically about Floyd:


Floyd was a multiple felon who once held a pregnant black woman at gunpoint. He broke into her home with a gang of men and pointed a gun at her pregnant stomach. He terrorized the women in his community. He sired and abandoned multiple children, playing no part in their support or upbringing, failing one of the most basic tests of decency for a human being. He was a drug-addict and sometime drug-dealer, a swindler who preyed upon his honest and hard-working neighbors.

And yet, the regents of UC and the historians of the UCB History department are celebrating this violent criminal, elevating his name to virtual sainthood. A man who hurt women. A man who hurt black women. With the full collaboration of the UCB history department, corporate America, most mainstream media outlets, and some of the wealthiest and most privileged opinion-shaping elites of the USA, he has become a culture hero, buried in a golden casket, his (recognized) family showered with gifts and praise. Americans are being socially pressured into kneeling for this violent, abusive misogynist. A generation of black men are being coerced into identifying with George Floyd, the absolute worst specimen of our race and species. [5]


This is a good summary of the absurdity relative all the “protests” that have taken place in the name of this violent criminal. The entire letter should be carefully read and fully considered by any and every person who has the slightest interest in the real motives behind all these events.

Many critical facts are covered by the letter including the co-opting of black people by the Democrat Party in the USA (shown by the utterly disingenuous use of these events for political gain by those such as the puppet Biden and all his fool supporters), plus the vast support (financially as well as through constant media and corporate attention) for the “BLM” movement being provided by ultra-wealthy billionaires (a huge red flag for any vaguely conscious person, relative to who is truly behind these events), and much more.

Read the letter and understand that all of these events are following a scripted narrative being pushed far and wide by many of the same “ruling class” thugs who have also been pushing the entirely false narrative about a “virus pandemic” in the recent months. This is all part of the scripted plan to create more chaos and division amongst human beings everywhere, turning the brainwashed mob of cult members against all those who still have at least some ability to use their own intelligence about all of these matters. Thus, societies everywhere are being fragmented even further, making it that much more difficult for humankind to make a strong and unified response to all of these events.


Inconvenient Truth: Blacks Commit 52 Times More Violent Crimes Per Capita Against Whites Than Whites Do Against Blacks

The duplicity and hypocrisy of the “Black Lives Matter” movement apparently knows no bounds. A cursory examination of the actual evidence and statistics relative to violent crimes makes it clear that there are serious problems with the entire narrative being sold about “people of color” in the USA being the “victims” of violence from white people. The following chart is based on data from 2018 and it tells a very, very distinct story than is being sold with the false “BLM” narrative:


USA deaths charts


Per million population of the perpetrator’s race, blacks commit more than 52 times the violent crimes against whites than whites against blacks. More than 52 times! This is a significant ratio. Yet such an inconvenient truth is simply swept under the carpet of the completely false narrative that is constantly being propagandized by leftist “liberal” types (meaning most of mainstream media, leftist politicians, and all the brainwashed “believers” who are now part of the “BLM” cult).

The violent crime data for 2018 that was used to create the above chart comes directly from the US Department of Justice [6] with the population estimates from the US Census Bureau [7] and a PDF (of the CSV data) is also available [8] for anyone to easily verify the accuracy of the information shown. Having looked at the facts, one no longer needs to wonder why there are more black people (per capita) incarcerated in the USA than white people (per capita). Black people commit more violent crimes (per capita) than white people (per capita) in the USA, hence more of them being in prison (per capita).


Billionaire Globalist Thugs: the True Criminals and Real Enemy of All

None of the above statistical analysis from recent (2018) data is to belittle the fact that the white race perpetrated gravely destructive crimes against the black people of the world. It is historical fact and no debate is required. Stealing vast numbers of black people from their own countries to be sold into slavery is certainly one of the terrible aspects of “white person” history. In recent times, the continuing assault on black people specifically in Africa has been via “modern” warfare, including direct military action (especially Anglo-American) in many African nations, as well as support of brutal murderous dictators and thus warfare by proxy on the people of Africa.

All of these real facts about mass genocide against black people that is continuing to this day are also obscured by the “BLM” movement, which focuses on one murderous white cop. Rather than giving real consideration to the systematic genocidal acts that kill vast numbers of black people, violence that is funded and controlled by the ultra-wealthy few who run the “military-industrial complex” (which President Eisenhower very seriously warned America about on his departure from public office).

It was the wealthy ones who came on ships across the sea to take the black people from their homelands. It was the wealthy ones who had the most slaves by far in whatever lands where the slaves ended up. It is the wealthy ones now who pit black people against white people, telling white people to “kneel” to their false narrative, in their never ending ruling class “game” of power-mongering “divide and conquer” that seems to always be a defining characteristic of those ultra-wealthy few.

This world is not as much “black versus white” as it is “rich versus not-rich” as has been the case for thousands of years. The rich and powerful have always worked to further their own interests, regardless of their own born “nationality” or race. Thus, the rich are one of the two main demographics on the planet, and the rest of us 7.8 billion are the other main demographic, all of which is cleverly obscured by “BLM” and similar narratives (with those narratives specifically being created by those very rich ones who seek to obscure their real motives).

Thus, the above statistical analysis most certainly does not belittle the high crimes of the ultra-wealthy few. Such people make the laws and so they don’t tend to go to prison, even when their crimes include the mass murder (via warfare, industrial poisoning, “vaccine” poisoning, food-chain poisoning, and the rest) of hundreds of millions of human beings in the past century alone. As stated, the entire “BLM” narrative (and similar narratives) distracts the masses of humankind from focusing on the true criminals who are behind the many high crimes which are literally destroying human societies all over the world.

It’s not only whites who are ultra-wealthy and ultra-powerful, though, as such people are truly their own demographic. Whether white, black, brown, yellow, or otherwise, the ultra-wealthy few are the demographic who most desire total control over all. Whereas most of the 7.8 billion human beings mainly just want a “good life” for themselves and their loved ones, those ultra-wealthy thugs presume to dictate political, economic, and social policies that negatively control the lives of every single person on Earth. Such “god complex” psychology is most certainly a key driver of people including Gates, Soros, Bezos, Zuckerberg, and all the other rich thugs working to move these events along.

Specifically looking at Soros and the various “foundations” he uses to fund and foment all this divisive and racist conflict amongst human beings everywhere, remember that US$33 million was given in just one year [9] to so-called “grass roots” activists. This was about 5-6 years ago now, and so we are seeing the “fruits” of that investment these recent weeks. This huge funding from Soros has gone to “BLM” and other similar groups. This is not pocket change, nor is the US$100 million for left-wing groups from the Ford Foundation since 2016 [10] as well as money from numerous other [11] leftist organizations.

In case the term “god complex” seems a bit strong relative thugs such as Soros, consider these words from the horse’s mouth (or is it the horse’s ass in this case?):


“I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of my self-importance,” [Soros] admitted. “To put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god.” [12]


It’s not an ambiguous statement. Soros fancies himself “as some kind of god” and wants to reshape the world based on his sociopathic and psychopathic ideas. To do so requires an “army” of slaves to create the chaos and turmoil that is the required precursor to making a new world of his (and his ultra-wealthy friends) design. That army of slaves is presently the insane mob of brainwashed, racist, hyopcrite, leftist fools who are “protesting” in the recent weeks.

Thus, rather than an appropriate and real slogan of “All Lives Matter” (which people everywhere could genuinely get behind) we instead have “Black Lives Matter” being blasted around the world by every propaganda mouthpiece. This works wonders in deceiving, confusing, and dividing the people once again, and thus enables the conquering of the world to continue apace. All moving along according to the long-term plans of such insane power-monger lunatics as Soros.


A Few are Woke to the Lies, but Not Brainwashed “Protesters”

Amidst the sea of blatant hypocrisy and lies being spewed out in the past couple of weeks or so there are also a few sane voices out there, thank goodness. For instance, the two black women who stood up to an entire crowd in Chicago, some of whom were defacing a deli, due purported homophobic and racist remarks by the owners a week or so back. These two black women showed courage, intelligence and sanity amidst a mob of mind-controlled hypocrites (mostly white and latino):


The crowd outside Nini’s Deli was starting to thin Sunday afternoon as Justin Starns watched his friend add more spray paint to the plywood boarding up the restaurant: “BLM,” in all caps, in baby blue.

He was taken by surprise, he said, when a black woman walked up and demanded to know: “Oh, is that for me? Does my life matter?”

She and another woman “said I’m getting paid by (liberal hedge fund billionaire) George Soros, I’m a house Negro,” said Starns, who is black.

On a day when Mayor Lori Lightfoot lifted Chicago’s curfew and several peaceful protests were held, an unusual confrontation took place in West Town: Two black women, who only identified themselves as Bevelyn and Edmee, denounced the Black Lives Matter movement as demonic and fraudulent before a group of mostly white and Latino demonstrators.

“I see a lot of ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ” Edmee cried. “This does not represent me! This is ungodly! …”

Edmee, tall and statuesque, spoke in the commanding cadence of a veteran preacher.

“This is demonic!” she said. “You are being used and abused!”

“This man’s business was beat to the ground in the name of Black Lives Matter,” Bevelyn told the Tribune in an interview conducted in shouts between the barrier of police officers. “This is evil. This is ungodly.” [13]


So not everyone is fooled by the horseshit flying from the ass of “god complex” Soros (and his friends). Two black men who are also not fooled released a brief 10 minute video [14] highlighting the hypocritical nature of the entire “BLM” movement through reminding the viewer about numerous incidents where white people were brutally gunned down by police officers. This includes a young white autistic boy, who was shot multiple times while sitting in the car next to his father, yet no mass protests happened for those people, nor any false “eulogies” and crocodile tears from the likes of Biden.


What’s Up Next? War? “Aliens”? Followed by “Pandemic 2”? Or Will All Humankind Be WOKE to the Lies?


USA deaths charts


Given that the mind-control power of the fake “virus pandemic” was obviously starting to wane in the recent weeks, the billionaire thugs behind these events evidently decided to move along the fabrication of a fake “race war” to keep the brainwashed masses entranced, entertained and fooled while those thugs keep the global prison rollout moving along. One might naturally start wondering what’s next on the agenda after this round of deceptions? Will it be war with Iran? Or invasion by “aliens” that might be faked with the latest, greatest technology?

Whatever comes next, there is also “pandemic 2” in the works, which has been repeatedly referred to with words amounting to a direct threat by the mass murdering and mass child paralyzing “vaccine” lover, Gates-to-Hell. Will “pandemic 2” perhaps be caused by the “vaccine” [15] itself, as may have already happened 100 years ago with the falsely named “Spanish Flu” [16] (with those tens of millions dying from bacterial pneumonia, in actual fact, soon after “vaccine” experiments on US soldiers)?

Whatever it takes to keep people’s attention occupied with peripheral matters, one can be sure that the billionaire thugs behind all of these events will continue to roll out crisis after crisis from here onwards. As long as they are not the focus, and people are fighting amongst themselves (“divide and conquer”), the plans for totalitarian rule of planet Earth will continue moving ahead like a train stuck on one track only. A track that leads to a poisoned, hellish future for humankind and the planet altogether.

That is, unless all of humankind (by the billions) be woke to the endless propaganda and lies, with unprecedented numbers needing to be so woke if there is to be the slightest real chance of humankind having the power to actually change the course of events. Only when billions are woke to the truth will we collectively be able to choose a more benign path. May those billions be woke for real, and soon.


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June 16, 2020 at 11:40 am

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  1. Left vs Right paradigms killed even lot of other Conspiracy Theorists for quite a lot of people


    December 18, 2020 at 8:12 pm

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