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A Fairytale to Control Infantile Children: “Viruses and Vaccines”

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Fairytales have been used over the centuries to entertain many, and also largely to scare children into doing what the older people (the parents and other nominal “adults”) want them to do. This is precisely and only what the entire “viruses and vaccines” fairytale is being used to do in the past century of human history.

It has been over three months since the most recent article on this blog. Continuing to look at the constant barrage of insane propaganda and lies every day does get tiring, and as someone who has many other interests (other than writing about the machinations of psychotic billionaire scum and their ever-willing servants) it’s useful to spend time on those other interests too! However, a quick re-visit of the continuing “Global Hysteria” of 2020, as one recently quitting public figure said [*], seems useful.

There is not one iota of valid medical or scientific evidence proving that an infectious transmissible disease pathogen known as “Covid-19” has caused a single death on this planet. The supposed “novel coronavirus” does not in fact exist based on any evidence medically or scientifically, and something that does not exist cannot infect or kill anyone at all. The “Covid-19” deaths are zero. The “Covid-19” so-called “cases” are zero. It is all a lie.

If you are even slightly doubtful about the statements made above, then please do more homework. The science and evidence speaks for itself. There is massive fraud taking place globally since the beginning of 2020 with the obvious intention being to reshape society into a far more controlled, dystopian, totalitarian “shape” where the tiny fraction of 1% (there are only a couple thousand or so billionaires, after all) of the human population with all the supposed power and wealth now dictates what the rest of us are supposedly “allowed” to do from this point forwards.

None of the events of recent months have the slightest to do with protecting human health or with a supposed infectious disease pathogen known as a “virus”. The only real “virus” running rampant around the world in recent months is that of mob stupidity, with that particular “virus” resulting in the mass brainwashing of some hundreds of millions of people, apparently. All scientific and medical evidence says that there was never a danger from a supposed “novel” disease outbreak this year, 2020.

People are dying in generally regular numbers around the world, knowing that around 165,000 people are expected to die a day, on average, globally speaking, so over 1.1 million per week. Excepting 1-2 months directly after “lockdowns” where the immune-vulnerable and elderly were killed off quickly by the tens of thousands, due lack of proper health care resulting from draconian, falsely sold destruction to societies, including to medical services globally. It was mass murder, yet hidden with cynical falsity and lies about “protecting” the very people who were being killed off en masse by the murderous “mandates” and “policies” and laws.

A quick recap of some critical facts relative to the entire supposed “virus pandemic”:

* The tests cannot confirm a “viral” infection, as they do not look at the load (ie. how many) of whatever matched genetic material is found in the subject. This is stated by the inventor of the tests, Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel prize in 1993 for their quite clever invention. When the genius inventor says that the tests cannot detect viral infection, perhaps it’s good for us to listen.

* Knowing that the tests cannot (not just might not, they cannot!) detect viral infections, we immediately know that every single claimed “Covid-19” case is a lie, and every single claimed “Covid-19” death is a lie.

* No one has died from a supposed “deadly novel coronavirus” known as “Covid-19” (an unproven entity), though tens of thousands (no doubt entering the hundreds of thousands now) have certainly died (and even been murdered) due the “Covid-19” effect, the effect of destroying human societies (including critical health care services) globally, for no valid medical or scientific reasons.

* Most people dying (66% of deaths in only 10% of the human population, a statistical impossibility if there was a “novel deadly disease” going around the whole wide world) are dying in areas of long-term known lethal levels of air pollution.

* Even the WHO (“World Health Organization” aka World Hysteria Operation) acknowledge in official detailed reports on global diseases that more than 1.5 million people per year die from respiratory infections known to be caused by environmental air pollution.

* In now nine months of 2020 the claimed “Covid-19” deaths are around one million or only 66% of an officially acknowledged expected death toll from respiratory infections caused by lethal air pollution.

* It is thus clear how easy it is for the perpetrators of this global lie to carry out the fraud that is being used to destroy the human societies and livelihoods and lives for billions of us. Simply “re-accounting” for expected deaths from lethal air pollution sells the lie of a “virus pandemic” to all the children who are still believing in fairytales.

* The extremely broad and non-specific (and ridiculously!) wide range of “Covid-19” symptoms match the symptoms of all manner of illness caused by lethal levels of air pollution. Again, do some research for yourself if you have the slightest doubt about any of these facts. There is not one iota, not even one electron of doubt in this writer about the entire “virus pandemic” being an absolute lie from day one.

* The non-validity of the enforced slave mask wearing policies is proven by valid science dating back 30-40 years, with dozens of high quality, proper scientific and medical studies all unanimously proving that masks do not work to protect members of any community from the spread of respiratory infections.

* Respiratory infections are lethal due the bacteria, not the fictional “viruses” (unproven entities, all). The tens of millions in 1918-19 who supposedly died of so-called “Spanish flu” actually died from lethal bacterial pneumonia. The medical and scientific evidence examined in recent years has proven this, including with it being published on the National Institute of Health’s own website.

* Bacteria kills, fictional “viruses” are a cover story for that fact and for all the other lethal diseases that are caused by mass pollution of the land, water, and air of this planet by industries with almost no care whatsoever (due us billions of humans having almost no care whatsoever, we are the customers after all) as to the huge destruction to Earth by our insane practices.

* Vaccines are proven by hundreds of independent studies to be dangerous laboratory experiments, that have had no real historical role whatsoever in eradicating diseases in the 20th century. It was mainly civil engineering, including far better and more hygienic habitations and living conditions as well as clean water supply and so on, that was actually responsible for the eradication of most diseases.

* Vaccinations have been vastly increased since the mid-1980s when laws were passed giving the huge pharmaceutical companies basically blanket immunity from legal action. In that two and some human generations (40-45 years) the health of young people globally has been destroyed, with a four-fold (ie. 400%) increase in chronic diseases being known as fact in under 18s in the USA (for example) in only those two generations.

* Vaccines are a basic intelligence test. Those willingly receiving them are fool children who have been completely brainwashed by the fairytale about “viruses and vaccines” while those who resist vaccinations with every cell of their being are awake to the truth about the mass poisoning of the human race over the past century.

* That mass poisoning of the human race (via means such as mass vaccinations) is vastly profitable (to the tune of trillions of dollars) for the ultra-wealthy few on this planet who have concocted these banal fairytales to control the weak-minded.

* Plus, the poisoning via toxic “food” and “vaccines” and all manner of environmental poisons from industry really helps keep the “unwashed masses” in a toxic, poisoned stupor and therefore much easier to brainwash with ever more lies and propaganda. All of which is quite clearly used to control and shape society in the manner that those ultra-rich ones want (and not really what any free being of any kind would want or support or be part of whatsoever), exactly as was stated in the first article on this blog back in mid-March, relative to all these events.

* It is all evidently a long-term “plandemic” operation, with many years of incredibly detailed preparations being put into the selling of this global lie known as “Covid-19”. The year 2020 is “go live” date for the lie, clearly, with the October 2019 “simulation” in New York City being the “launch” of this psychotic “project”. A “simulation” that was attended by numerous very notable governmental disease agency representatives, along with the ultra-wealthy billionaire types funding and pushing these events.

All of the necessary articles with all the necessary links to verify all of the above are to be found on this and many other blogs, that are written by human beings who are truly civic-minded in terms of resisting open tyranny and championing fundamental human rights (including as written in supposedly foundational documents of modern society such as the Constitution of the United States of America).

If you are confused about the entire “plandemic” being a pre-planned lie then know this well: your ignorance of the truth is serving the destruction of the human race, as by believing this horseshit lie about a “virus” you are empowering the evil, heinous, malicious, dark, destructive intent behind that lie. Intent that is entirely and only about global totalitarianism and nothing whatsoever to do with an infectious respiratory bug. There is no “virus” called “Covid-19” and the “Covid-19” deaths are zero.

It is indeed the year of Global Hysteria, and Global Stupidity, and Global Insanity, and Global Control. That’s the punchline, the control part, as shown by the deeply sick and very powerful scum who have created all these events out of thin air, due their own vision of how the world should be “run” from here on.

What a testament to the power of modern propaganda, that so many are so utterly brainwashed by it all. If you believe there is a new “virus” killing people this year, you are brainwashed. Period. Your mind is controlled by powerful, dark forces. Wake up, please, if you are such a one. Thank you.

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Written by Free723

October 4, 2020 at 5:21 pm

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