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Two Events Nine Years to the Day, Two Times Riding Into the Fray

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Most of the articles so far published on this blog were written in two main periods of time, when this blogger was doing very intensive research and writing about two particular and very serious existential threats to the human race. Each of those events began exactly nine years apart to the day.

The first of these events was the Fukushima meltdowns, which began on March 11, 2011 (and will be ongoing for a few thousand years to come). The triple nuclear meltdowns were already many times worse (5.6 to 8.1 times worse) than Chernobyl [1] by 2013, as reported then by the World Nuclear Industry. The Pacific Ocean is dying and no one is allowed to mention radiation [2] relative to massive collapses of whole food chains with all kinds of species without serious repercussions and real threat to one’s reputation and job even. It is clear that Fukushima is degrading the health and longevity of all life on Earth at this point with a decade now of constant 24×7 spewing out of radioactive poisons.

So 10 years ago an intensive process of research and writing about Fukushima unfolded with key information from all that then published here on this blog (see “Archives Radioactive”). Then this blog went quiet for years, as it can certainly be a toxic task to spend too much of one’s time looking into what the insane genocidal billionaires who own this world are getting up to right now. There is life to be lived, company to be shared, beautiful places to hike, and a depth of communion with Reality to feel.

Then one year ago today the pandemic lie began, March 11, 2020. Exactly nine years after an event that began constant radioactive poisoning of the global population. Respiratory illnesses going up? You bet they are, and it’s due vast numbers of human beings living in areas with well known lethal levels of air pollution from all kinds of human-made causes.

The World Health Organization acknowledged as long ago as 2006 that over 1.5 million people die globally per annum from respiratory illnesses caused by lethal levels of air pollution. Such air pollution has become far worse in the 15 years since that report was published by the WHO and the population has also gone up by about 20% since then. Millions dying per year from such lethal air pollution is no doubt the case now, based on all scientific evidence (plenty of which is referenced in articles from the first half of 2020 on this site, please spend the time to do some research about these important matters). No need for a “virus” or “pandemic” to even be mentioned to explain millions of such deaths every single year.

There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that there is any kind of medical “pandemic” in the past year. A vast amount of evidence says that it is all a lie. Many of us who are still able to rub a few brain cells together have been calling it out as fraud since it began. The majority of the world’s best disease experts have all been calling it out as fraud. The paid stooges in universities getting millions from the likes of Bill Gates and the paid liars on TV like Bill Gates’ friend “Dr.” Fauci (better known as “Doc Fraudci”), they talk up the lies about an unproven “virus” and the supposed “danger” this non-existent disease poses to everyone, telling us we have to allow our lives to be destroyed by this new totalitarianism that is clearly global medical tyranny.

Thus, the plandemic is the second existential threat coming exactly nine years after Fukushima began, with this true scamdemic seemingly timed intentionally to be nine years after an uncontrolled triple nuclear meltdown started poisoning every form of life on Earth. The global rulers (1% of 1% who own and control almost everything) declared this global war on humankind, as “Covid-19” is without question World War III and it is against most of the human race (excluding the wealthy ones, the “haves” who throughout history do their best to control the lives of the “have nots” being most of the 7.8 billion of us). They declared this war on humankind via their unelect, undemocratic, unconstitutional, unlawful, and illegitimate WEF (World Economic Forum, or more accurately World Enslavement Fools) and WHO (more accurately the World Hysteria Organization) entities.

These two existential threats of triple-nuclear meltdowns of Fukushima and now the “covid” Plandemic were serious enough, catastrophic enough, for it to be my duty as a human being, my true and civic duty, my responsible adult duty, my caring-for-others duty, to research and write about the terrible dangers of these particular events. It’s not that other events haven’t also been very dangerous to all on Earth, but these two particular events nine years apart will destroy all life on Earth, if left unchecked. Is that acceptable to you? Is it? It’s not to me, hence these articles on this blog and all the other work I also do to inform people who are in my local sphere of life, and to do everything I can to serve my fellow human beings with the truth and the facts, as a counterpoint to the utterly cynical, manipulative lies with genocidal intent being sold by “Big News” with all of that only designed to create great fear in the masses to allow the easy taking control.

Large numbers of human beings seem to be sleepwalking right into poisoned and soon to be dead oblivion. It is horrifying to any of us who see what is going on. Utterly horrifying. Sadly, those large numbers are dragging all the many millions (no doubt hundreds of millions globally by now) who are awake to the lies into the same oblivion, like a massive boat anchor pulling us all down, due such vast numbers of the human herd being so incredibly apathetic and apparently quite literally stupid.

It is a pandemic of mass apathy, which was a statement made on this blog in April 2011 during the time of articles about Fukushima. That is the truly dangerous and deadly pandemic. It is only humankind who is allowing all this to happen, a few rich old psycho mass murderous freaks couldn’t do anything much to hurt any of us without such huge numbers of us going along with all these lies. We have the power, the people have the power. Yet so many are so willing to give all of that power to these well known genocidal maniacs. It’s a sad day for humankind and a testament to how much there is for us to learn, how much more our race still needs to mature.

If I was some kind of super-intelligent extraterrestrial observer on a space craft near Earth observing all these events of late then I would be utterly horrified by the apathy above all else. People just not caring enough to call out the lies and the evil for what it is, just “going along with it” to “fit in” and all that childish foolishness. So if I was that extraterrestrial observer right now I’d be thinking or saying something like “this race of humans deserves everything they get as they are so apathetic, they let such a tiny few have such vast power over so many, without ever any real objections or resistance!”

Those who are set on believing the lies are seemingly truly stuck in those lies now, with all kinds of people many of us have known falling by the wayside if we are part of what is sometimes called the “truth movement” (which can also just be described as those who are awake to what is going on). Friends and even relatives no longer speak to so many of us who have put our asses on the line by checking the facts, reading the science, and taking a good reality check about all of the utterly criminal fraud being used to push the plandemic hoax. The evidence that it is all fraud is vast. The evidence it is legitimate is zero, none, zip, zilch, nada, nought, nothing. There isn’t any evidence whatsoever of a legitimate medical “pandemic”.

Only those who want to wake up will wake up at this point. No one can be woken up who is choosing mass destruction of our societies, choosing mass poisoning of billions of human beings, and mass suffocation of the fundamental and inviolable human right to breathe the free air. Those who are involved with all of that by choice (and not just because of maybe getting fired if not obeying the lies) are already dead. It’s a sad truth. They’ve chosen death over life, game over. No point wasting time on them. Only they can have a sudden heart awakening, only they can decide to learn more about what is really happening, about the truth of the genocidal policies being rolled out globally in the past year. We each have to come to the truth in our own time. Meanwhile, those of us awake are urgently doing what we can to continue putting out the message to those who have chosen to wake up, those who have chosen to learn the truth.

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Written by Free723

March 11, 2021 at 6:19 pm

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