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“Covid-19” is a Very Serious Psychological Illness

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“Covid-19” is a very serious psychological (not
respiratory) illness with no pharmaceutical cure

The only known cure for those infected by “Covid-19” is for every one who suffers the illness to want to wake up to the truth. There are three serious primary symptoms common to all who are suffering “Covid-19”.

1) Paranoid delusional psychosis: This is the primary symptom of the “Covid-19” illness, where people believe in an unproven “virus” and an obviously fraudulent “pandemic” and also believe the lie that everyone around them (including all those who are healthy) is suddenly a danger to their health. Those who believe what is on TV and anti-social media are most likely to be infected with this illness due the 24×7, relentless, unprecedented brainwashing that has been pumped out over the past year by these sources known to be peddlers of disinformation and lies.

2) Cognitive dissonance: This is where the person suffering “Covid-19” has become so propagandized that they no longer trust or believe the widely known evidence and facts, such as the fact that hospitals have been unusually quiet, and the fact that there was no excess amount of deaths globally in 2020, even with all the hysteria about the “pandemic” hoax. “Covid-19” sufferers know at some level it is all lies, yet keep on trying to believe the lies due fear of the awful truth about the genocidal maniacs behind the lies. This internal conflict is “cognitive dissonance”.

3) Stockholm syndrome: This is where the person suffering “Covid-19” has actually become involved in a co-dependent relationship with their captors, which include: the lying legacy/anti-social media sources; the snake oil pharmaceutical shills on TV (such as “Dr.” Fraudci); the many “health agencies” and “health officers” pushing the lies; the politicians at all levels of power who have knowingly used the lies to commit high crimes against humanity, by destroying the societies and lives of those they are paid to serve; and the ultra-rich eugenicists who have created and funded all of the lies. Those infected with “Covid-19” are captives of these well known criminals, with such infected people even tending to aggressively defend their captors due this “Stockholm syndrome”.


“Covid-19” = Death Rebranded

Fake “Virus” – FOI Requests to 47 Institutions in 10
Countries and No Documents on Isolation ofVirus

Without “isolating” the claimed “virus” in a laboratory, there is no legal
or scientific basis for the claim of a “pandemic” of the unproven “virus”.

Fake “Tests” – Nobel Prize Winning Inventor Said
for 25 Years: PCR Cannot Detect Infection, Period

The tests are legally fraudulent, pure and simple. This means the true
“Covid-19” numbers (proven “cases” & “deaths”) are exactly zero (0).

Fake “Asymptomatic” Danger – WHO Admits No
Evidence in Numerous Countries Studied (6/2020)

Numerous countries with detailed contact tracing showed no evidence
of healthy people transmitting illness, a lie key to all “lockdown” lunacy.

Fake “Mandates” – “Lockdowns” and “Masks” are
Heretical Anti-Science Destroying Society & Health

All valid medical and scientific evidence says “lockdowns” and “masks”
do not work. These “measures” are only destructive to society & health.

Fake “Pandemic” – Utterly Fraudulent Based on All
Known Facts: No More Deaths than Usual Globally

“Covid-19” is a deceptive new banner for many existing illnesses, used
to enforce medical tyranny. There is no genuine pandemic, it is all lies.


Written by Free723

March 12, 2021 at 11:15 am

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