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Not-TwoIsPeaceBookThis blog is dedicated to helping establish the new (and never yet seen) “global cooperative” movement of humankind. The foundational wisdom for this necessary “global cooperative” movement has been fully and freely given by the World-Friend, Adi Da, in his book titled Not-Two Is Peace [download book here].

The World Friend, Adi Da, provides a perfect “blueprint” for world peace and sanity in Not-Two Is Peace. This is expressed by his vision of a “Global Cooperative Forum” that will allow the voice of “everybody-all-at-once” to be heard in global affairs.

The necessary unity of “everybody-all-at-once” is what is needed to change the course of events, as only “everybody-all-at-once” has the power to oblige the currently ruling forces (such as warring nation-states and competivive global corporations) to “change their act” and start on a new and distinct path than is currently being chosen.

This radical change in the course of events is absolutely necessary and even extremely urgent. Given the current disastrous path of humankind, it is obvious that there is only a handful of years left before this course of events will inevitably lead to terrible outcomes for all, whether it be complete destruction (through total war) or enslavement for the masses in a totalitarian world (by means of dark technology).

Thus, this blog is a “wake up call” to all about the critical moment of history that this is for all Earthkind. In addition, it is a direct call to those who already understand the urgent nature of the situation to get involved with educating all that they know about “everybody-all-at-once” and the “Global Cooperative Forum”.

A seed has been planted in the heart of humankind that must now begin to flower into a new vision of global cooperation. As the World-Friend, Adi Da, states in Not-Two Is Peace:

This is the great project.

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Written by Free723

June 14, 2009 at 3:44 pm

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