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“Covid-19” is a Very Serious Psychological Illness

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“Covid-19” is a very serious psychological (not
respiratory) illness with no pharmaceutical cure

The only known cure for those infected by “Covid-19” is for every one who suffers the illness to want to wake up to the truth. There are three serious primary symptoms common to all who are suffering “Covid-19”.

1) Paranoid delusional psychosis: This is the primary symptom of the “Covid-19” illness, where people believe in an unproven “virus” and an obviously fraudulent “pandemic” and also believe the lie that everyone around them (including all those who are healthy) is suddenly a danger to their health. Those who believe what is on TV and anti-social media are most likely to be infected with this illness due the 24×7, relentless, unprecedented brainwashing that has been pumped out over the past year by these sources known to be peddlers of disinformation and lies.

2) Cognitive dissonance: This is where the person suffering “Covid-19” has become so propagandized that they no longer trust or believe the widely known evidence and facts, such as the fact that hospitals have been unusually quiet, and the fact that there was no excess amount of deaths globally in 2020, even with all the hysteria about the “pandemic” hoax. “Covid-19” sufferers know at some level it is all lies, yet keep on trying to believe the lies due fear of the awful truth about the genocidal maniacs behind the lies. This internal conflict is “cognitive dissonance”.

3) Stockholm syndrome: This is where the person suffering “Covid-19” has actually become involved in a co-dependent relationship with their captors, which include: the lying legacy/anti-social media sources; the snake oil pharmaceutical shills on TV (such as “Dr.” Fraudci); the many “health agencies” and “health officers” pushing the lies; the politicians at all levels of power who have knowingly used the lies to commit high crimes against humanity, by destroying the societies and lives of those they are paid to serve; and the ultra-rich eugenicists who have created and funded all of the lies. Those infected with “Covid-19” are captives of these well known criminals, with such infected people even tending to aggressively defend their captors due this “Stockholm syndrome”.


“Covid-19” = Death Rebranded

Fake “Virus” – FOI Requests to 47 Institutions in 10
Countries and No Documents on Isolation ofVirus

Without “isolating” the claimed “virus” in a laboratory, there is no legal
or scientific basis for the claim of a “pandemic” of the unproven “virus”.

Fake “Tests” – Nobel Prize Winning Inventor Said
for 25 Years: PCR Cannot Detect Infection, Period

The tests are legally fraudulent, pure and simple. This means the true
“Covid-19” numbers (proven “cases” & “deaths”) are exactly zero (0).

Fake “Asymptomatic” Danger – WHO Admits No
Evidence in Numerous Countries Studied (6/2020)

Numerous countries with detailed contact tracing showed no evidence
of healthy people transmitting illness, a lie key to all “lockdown” lunacy.

Fake “Mandates” – “Lockdowns” and “Masks” are
Heretical Anti-Science Destroying Society & Health

All valid medical and scientific evidence says “lockdowns” and “masks”
do not work. These “measures” are only destructive to society & health.

Fake “Pandemic” – Utterly Fraudulent Based on All
Known Facts: No More Deaths than Usual Globally

“Covid-19” is a deceptive new banner for many existing illnesses, used
to enforce medical tyranny. There is no genuine pandemic, it is all lies.


Written by Free723

March 12, 2021 at 11:15 am

Two Events Nine Years to the Day, Two Times Riding Into the Fray

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Most of the articles so far published on this blog were written in two main periods of time, when this blogger was doing very intensive research and writing about two particular and very serious existential threats to the human race. Each of those events began exactly nine years apart to the day.

The first of these events was the Fukushima meltdowns, which began on March 11, 2011 (and will be ongoing for a few thousand years to come). The triple nuclear meltdowns were already many times worse (5.6 to 8.1 times worse) than Chernobyl [1] by 2013, as reported then by the World Nuclear Industry. The Pacific Ocean is dying and no one is allowed to mention radiation [2] relative to massive collapses of whole food chains with all kinds of species without serious repercussions and real threat to one’s reputation and job even. It is clear that Fukushima is degrading the health and longevity of all life on Earth at this point with a decade now of constant 24×7 spewing out of radioactive poisons.

So 10 years ago an intensive process of research and writing about Fukushima unfolded with key information from all that then published here on this blog (see “Archives Radioactive”). Then this blog went quiet for years, as it can certainly be a toxic task to spend too much of one’s time looking into what the insane genocidal billionaires who own this world are getting up to right now. There is life to be lived, company to be shared, beautiful places to hike, and a depth of communion with Reality to feel.

Then one year ago today the pandemic lie began, March 11, 2020. Exactly nine years after an event that began constant radioactive poisoning of the global population. Respiratory illnesses going up? You bet they are, and it’s due vast numbers of human beings living in areas with well known lethal levels of air pollution from all kinds of human-made causes.

The World Health Organization acknowledged as long ago as 2006 that over 1.5 million people die globally per annum from respiratory illnesses caused by lethal levels of air pollution. Such air pollution has become far worse in the 15 years since that report was published by the WHO and the population has also gone up by about 20% since then. Millions dying per year from such lethal air pollution is no doubt the case now, based on all scientific evidence (plenty of which is referenced in articles from the first half of 2020 on this site, please spend the time to do some research about these important matters). No need for a “virus” or “pandemic” to even be mentioned to explain millions of such deaths every single year.

There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that there is any kind of medical “pandemic” in the past year. A vast amount of evidence says that it is all a lie. Many of us who are still able to rub a few brain cells together have been calling it out as fraud since it began. The majority of the world’s best disease experts have all been calling it out as fraud. The paid stooges in universities getting millions from the likes of Bill Gates and the paid liars on TV like Bill Gates’ friend “Dr.” Fauci (better known as “Doc Fraudci”), they talk up the lies about an unproven “virus” and the supposed “danger” this non-existent disease poses to everyone, telling us we have to allow our lives to be destroyed by this new totalitarianism that is clearly global medical tyranny.

Thus, the plandemic is the second existential threat coming exactly nine years after Fukushima began, with this true scamdemic seemingly timed intentionally to be nine years after an uncontrolled triple nuclear meltdown started poisoning every form of life on Earth. The global rulers (1% of 1% who own and control almost everything) declared this global war on humankind, as “Covid-19” is without question World War III and it is against most of the human race (excluding the wealthy ones, the “haves” who throughout history do their best to control the lives of the “have nots” being most of the 7.8 billion of us). They declared this war on humankind via their unelect, undemocratic, unconstitutional, unlawful, and illegitimate WEF (World Economic Forum, or more accurately World Enslavement Fools) and WHO (more accurately the World Hysteria Organization) entities.

These two existential threats of triple-nuclear meltdowns of Fukushima and now the “covid” Plandemic were serious enough, catastrophic enough, for it to be my duty as a human being, my true and civic duty, my responsible adult duty, my caring-for-others duty, to research and write about the terrible dangers of these particular events. It’s not that other events haven’t also been very dangerous to all on Earth, but these two particular events nine years apart will destroy all life on Earth, if left unchecked. Is that acceptable to you? Is it? It’s not to me, hence these articles on this blog and all the other work I also do to inform people who are in my local sphere of life, and to do everything I can to serve my fellow human beings with the truth and the facts, as a counterpoint to the utterly cynical, manipulative lies with genocidal intent being sold by “Big News” with all of that only designed to create great fear in the masses to allow the easy taking control.

Large numbers of human beings seem to be sleepwalking right into poisoned and soon to be dead oblivion. It is horrifying to any of us who see what is going on. Utterly horrifying. Sadly, those large numbers are dragging all the many millions (no doubt hundreds of millions globally by now) who are awake to the lies into the same oblivion, like a massive boat anchor pulling us all down, due such vast numbers of the human herd being so incredibly apathetic and apparently quite literally stupid.

It is a pandemic of mass apathy, which was a statement made on this blog in April 2011 during the time of articles about Fukushima. That is the truly dangerous and deadly pandemic. It is only humankind who is allowing all this to happen, a few rich old psycho mass murderous freaks couldn’t do anything much to hurt any of us without such huge numbers of us going along with all these lies. We have the power, the people have the power. Yet so many are so willing to give all of that power to these well known genocidal maniacs. It’s a sad day for humankind and a testament to how much there is for us to learn, how much more our race still needs to mature.

If I was some kind of super-intelligent extraterrestrial observer on a space craft near Earth observing all these events of late then I would be utterly horrified by the apathy above all else. People just not caring enough to call out the lies and the evil for what it is, just “going along with it” to “fit in” and all that childish foolishness. So if I was that extraterrestrial observer right now I’d be thinking or saying something like “this race of humans deserves everything they get as they are so apathetic, they let such a tiny few have such vast power over so many, without ever any real objections or resistance!”

Those who are set on believing the lies are seemingly truly stuck in those lies now, with all kinds of people many of us have known falling by the wayside if we are part of what is sometimes called the “truth movement” (which can also just be described as those who are awake to what is going on). Friends and even relatives no longer speak to so many of us who have put our asses on the line by checking the facts, reading the science, and taking a good reality check about all of the utterly criminal fraud being used to push the plandemic hoax. The evidence that it is all fraud is vast. The evidence it is legitimate is zero, none, zip, zilch, nada, nought, nothing. There isn’t any evidence whatsoever of a legitimate medical “pandemic”.

Only those who want to wake up will wake up at this point. No one can be woken up who is choosing mass destruction of our societies, choosing mass poisoning of billions of human beings, and mass suffocation of the fundamental and inviolable human right to breathe the free air. Those who are involved with all of that by choice (and not just because of maybe getting fired if not obeying the lies) are already dead. It’s a sad truth. They’ve chosen death over life, game over. No point wasting time on them. Only they can have a sudden heart awakening, only they can decide to learn more about what is really happening, about the truth of the genocidal policies being rolled out globally in the past year. We each have to come to the truth in our own time. Meanwhile, those of us awake are urgently doing what we can to continue putting out the message to those who have chosen to wake up, those who have chosen to learn the truth.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~




Written by Free723

March 11, 2021 at 6:19 pm

Timeline of Critical Ignored Evidence Relative Plandemic

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On the one year anniversary of World War III (the Plandemic) being declared on humankind by the genocidal mass murderers who own and control almost everything (the 1% of the 1%) here is a summary “bibliography” of evidence irrefutably proving it is all a fraudulent hoax.



Oct 13, 2015: Richard A. Rothschild patents “System and Method for Testing for COVID-19” more than four years in advance of the existence of “Covid-19”. This is irrefutable proof of the fraudulent and planned nature of the “pandemic” hoax that since March 2020 has been used to rapidly restructure the human world in ways mainly serving the 1% of the 1% of wealthy few.



Jan 23, 2020: “Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time RT-PCR” paper was published by Eurosurveillance, with this paper being the basis of the “pandemic” hoax. A key person behind this paper was Christian Dorsten of Germany, with him having a history of stirring up panic about false pandemic scares in previous years. The introduction to this very paper reveals that the entire “pandemic” is fraud, as there is clear admission that the “virus” has not been isolated, and that the “tests” were fabricated based on “synthetic” technology:

[Introduction] “In the present case of 2019-nCoV, virus isolates or samples from infected patients have so far not become available to the international public health community. We report here on the establishment and validation of a diagnostic workflow for 2019-nCoV screening and specific confirmation, designed in absence of available virus isolates or original patient specimens. Design and validation were enabled by the close genetic relatedness to the 2003 SARS-CoV, and aided by the use of synthetic nucleic acid technology.”



Feb 7, 2020: News article (approx. 4 printed pages) detailing the critical factor of pollution in “Wuhan pneumonia” (a more accurate term for the unproven so-called “Covid-19” illness).



Mar 5, 2020: 8 page document discussing “Covid-19” deaths and the medical evidence that tuberculosis and bacterial pneumonia are the likely primary causes of death in most cases. & with this document link:



Mar 12 (v6) – Jun 6, 2020 (v8.5): Now 50 page document (final version 8.5) by Canadian virology researcher David Crowe detailing major scientific flaws in coronavirus theory. An excellent look at the utter fallacy of the PCR process as used relative the unproven “virus”. &



Mar 17, 2020: US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) gives full legal immunity to all pharmaceutical (and other) companies for any and all aspects of the so-called “medical countermeasures” relative “Covid-19”. What industry gets such incredible legal protection and within only days of the actual event (in this case the declaration of the plandemic) occurring?



Mar 19, 2020: UK Government officially downgrades “Covid-19” from the “high consequence infectious disease” status as per their website, yet the Prime Minister proceeds with the most draconian “lockdown” of the UK population regardless. The totalitarian police state laws under the banner of the “Coronavirus Act 2020” were also still passed one week later on March 26th.



Apr 9, 2020: Web page (approx. 20 printed pages) detailing the pollution thesis relative the claimed coronavirus, with pollution clearly being the causative factor in respiratory illnesses seen in all the major “Covid-19 hotspots” around the world (ie. Wuhan, northern Italy, all other “hotspot” European population centers, and especially the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area in the USA). & for references:



May 13, 2020: Interview with Bulgarian Pathology Association president Dr. Alexov (reported by Off-Guardian on July 2, 2020) about a very significant webinar held on May 8, 2020, led by six senior European pathology experts. The consensus of the participants was that “no one has died from the coronavirus” as stated emphatically by Dr. Alexov in the May 13 interview.



May 13, 2020: 175 page document released by French Army Reserve Officers detailing the global totalitarian agenda being rolled out under the banner of the “Covid-19” pandemic hoax. The nature of the genocidal, sociopathic power-mongers behind the destruction to the human world in the past year is made clear in the four pages of “Annex 5” (p.128-131), containing very telling on the record public comments by that tiny (1% of the 1%) minority who rule this world.



May 14, 2020: Speech given by Italian MP Sarah Cunial demanding arrest of Bill Gates for “crimes against humanity” due the genocidal agenda of global depopulation he is pushing. & for English translation of speech transcript:



Jun 2, 2020: Working report titled “All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response” published, detailing that the elderly and immune vulnerable have in truth been mass murdered by the global response of governments.



Jun 8, 2020: Rare truth-telling article from one of the world’s best known disinformation outlets, CNN, quoting statements by the WHO’s “technical lead for coronavirus response” that make it clear so-called “asymptomatic transmission” is mythology, based on “a number of reports from countries who are doing very detailed contact tracing”. “They’re following asymptomatic cases, they’re following contacts and they’re not finding secondary transmission onward.” This fact correlates well with the “virus” being fiction (a non-existing pathogen doesn’t get you sick).



Jul 16, 2020: Smoking gun admission by “Dr.” Fauci (a key front man for the plandemic hoax) in the podcast “This Week in Virology” that PCR results are meaningless when run at 35 and more replication cycles. Yet most PCR processing globally since March 2020 has used at least 35 cycles if not 40-45 based on the recommendations by the various (anti-)“health” agencies around the world (the official FDA recommendation during 2020 was to run the PCR process at 40 cycles). This very literally means that all the “positives” and “cases” are totally meaningless. & an article discussing this admission:



Aug 26, 2020: 61 page document from United Health Professionals (an international collective of 1,500 health professionals) detailing that the “pandemic” hoax is the greatest “health” scam of the 21st century, with demands for immediate lifting of restrictions and return to normal life.



Aug 29, 2020: Rare truth-telling article from another of the world’s greatest sources of known disinformation, The New York Times, makes clear the “tests” are nonsense with “up to 90%” of positives being meaningless. Thus, for those who still believe “SARS-CoV-2” is real: divide all publicly stated numbers (“cases” and “deaths” related to “Covid-19”) by 10 to get an estimate of real danger (ie. there is evidently no more danger than any other year in modern history).



Oct 4, 2020: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (of the Corona Committee of Inquiry in Germany) warns of crimes against humanity with the pandemic hoax. He is bringing court cases to prove that PCR is incapable of diagnosing any disease, therefore making the entire “pandemic” criminal fraud. & for a transcript of the statement:



Oct 4, 2020: Great Barrington Declaration authored by medical professors at Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford stating that those not vulnerable to illness should be immediately able to return to normal life, and the main focus of public health policies should be on protecting the vulnerable. This declaration is now signed by over 55,000 medical practitioners and health scientists (as of early March 2021) yet this historic fact that such an incredible number of professionals have all signed to this statement has received basically no attention from any of the lying legacy media. & for the signature count:



Oct 14, 2020: 37 page peer-reviewed study published on the WHO’s own website showing the “infection fatality rate” (IFR) of the claimed “Covid-19” illness across a full 51 locations is 0.23% (corrected). So for those who still really believe the “Covid-19” illness exists this study makes it clear that there is no more danger than the “flu” (with “flu” typically having an IFR of 0.1-0.2%).



Nov 11, 2020: Portuguese court rules that PCR “test” is 97% unreliable and that it is unlawful to quarantine anyone based on the PCR results. A landmark ruling that should have received massive global attention, given the huge implications for every single human being on Earth.



Nov 13, 2020: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich gives interview with Patrick Bet-David of Valuetainment relative the coming PCR court cases, discussing the legal proof about the “pandemic” hoax. (inexplicably deleted from website) & see:



Nov 17, 2020: A good summary article on the fraudulent nature of the entire “pandemic” hoax detailing the failure to “isolate” the “virus” and the inability of the PCR “tests” to detect any kind of scientifically meaningful data about an infection. Conclusion: “pandemic” is criminal fraud.



Nov 20, 2020: 7 page study published by Nature detailing zero (0) instances of “asymptomatic spread” based on screening nearly 10 million Wuhan residents, correlating with the statements by the WHO on June 8, 2020, about there being no evidence of “asymptomatic transmission”.



Nov 27, 2020: International consortium of scientists writes review of Eurosurveillance PCR paper that is the entire foundation of the “pandemic” hoax, as well as a letter to the editorial board of Eurosurveillance demanding retraction of this paper that is full of scientific flaws.



Dec 22, 2020: Class action PCR court case filed in New York State by Dr. Fuellmich’s team.



Dec 30, 2020: Damning official data (from the WHO’s own records) shows the current UK “flu” shots are known to kill 377 out of 100,000 healthy adults aged between 18 and 65 (with much higher mortality for those who are over 65 and/or suffering serious pre-existing health conditions). This is a mortality rate of 0.377% which exceeds the 0.23% IFR of the claimed “Covid-19” illness (in the peer-reviewed study published on Oct 14, 2020, on the WHO’s own website) by 64%! In other words, the “flu” shots kill far more people than the unproven “virus” known as “SARS-CoV-2” that is then claimed to cause the “Covid-19” illnesses. Thus, there is no need to discuss a fictitious “virus” to explain the mass mortality being caused by “flu” shots.



Jan 10, 2021: 40 page document (with 2 page cover letter by Canadian independent MPP Randy Hillier) “penned by top professionals across Canada and the United States, many in the intelligence community” and addressed to intelligence agencies in five key countries details the crime of the millennium: the scientific fraud behind “Covid-19” and the fact that all of the public policies enacted globally since March 2020 are “destroying the western world” (by design).
& links to the letter and document:



Feb 13, 2021: United Health Professionals sent letters to the governments of 30 countries in early February describing the greatest “health” scam of the 21st century and demanding all restrictions, mandates, and laws relative to this scam be lifted and repealed immediately. – countries – USA govt



Feb 21, 2021: Web page (approx. 25 printed pages) detailing all FOI (Freedom Of Information) requests to 47 institutions in 10 countries with every single formal written response from those institutions stating they have no documented evidence of isolation relative to “SARS-CoV-2 ”.


Written by Free723

March 11, 2021 at 2:04 pm

A Fairytale to Control Infantile Children: “Viruses and Vaccines”

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Fairytales have been used over the centuries to entertain many, and also largely to scare children into doing what the older people (the parents and other nominal “adults”) want them to do. This is precisely and only what the entire “viruses and vaccines” fairytale is being used to do in the past century of human history.

It has been over three months since the most recent article on this blog. Continuing to look at the constant barrage of insane propaganda and lies every day does get tiring, and as someone who has many other interests (other than writing about the machinations of psychotic billionaire scum and their ever-willing servants) it’s useful to spend time on those other interests too! However, a quick re-visit of the continuing “Global Hysteria” of 2020, as one recently quitting public figure said [*], seems useful.

There is not one iota of valid medical or scientific evidence proving that an infectious transmissible disease pathogen known as “Covid-19” has caused a single death on this planet. The supposed “novel coronavirus” does not in fact exist based on any evidence medically or scientifically, and something that does not exist cannot infect or kill anyone at all. The “Covid-19” deaths are zero. The “Covid-19” so-called “cases” are zero. It is all a lie.

If you are even slightly doubtful about the statements made above, then please do more homework. The science and evidence speaks for itself. There is massive fraud taking place globally since the beginning of 2020 with the obvious intention being to reshape society into a far more controlled, dystopian, totalitarian “shape” where the tiny fraction of 1% (there are only a couple thousand or so billionaires, after all) of the human population with all the supposed power and wealth now dictates what the rest of us are supposedly “allowed” to do from this point forwards.

None of the events of recent months have the slightest to do with protecting human health or with a supposed infectious disease pathogen known as a “virus”. The only real “virus” running rampant around the world in recent months is that of mob stupidity, with that particular “virus” resulting in the mass brainwashing of some hundreds of millions of people, apparently. All scientific and medical evidence says that there was never a danger from a supposed “novel” disease outbreak this year, 2020.

People are dying in generally regular numbers around the world, knowing that around 165,000 people are expected to die a day, on average, globally speaking, so over 1.1 million per week. Excepting 1-2 months directly after “lockdowns” where the immune-vulnerable and elderly were killed off quickly by the tens of thousands, due lack of proper health care resulting from draconian, falsely sold destruction to societies, including to medical services globally. It was mass murder, yet hidden with cynical falsity and lies about “protecting” the very people who were being killed off en masse by the murderous “mandates” and “policies” and laws.

A quick recap of some critical facts relative to the entire supposed “virus pandemic”:

* The tests cannot confirm a “viral” infection, as they do not look at the load (ie. how many) of whatever matched genetic material is found in the subject. This is stated by the inventor of the tests, Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel prize in 1993 for their quite clever invention. When the genius inventor says that the tests cannot detect viral infection, perhaps it’s good for us to listen.

* Knowing that the tests cannot (not just might not, they cannot!) detect viral infections, we immediately know that every single claimed “Covid-19” case is a lie, and every single claimed “Covid-19” death is a lie.

* No one has died from a supposed “deadly novel coronavirus” known as “Covid-19” (an unproven entity), though tens of thousands (no doubt entering the hundreds of thousands now) have certainly died (and even been murdered) due the “Covid-19” effect, the effect of destroying human societies (including critical health care services) globally, for no valid medical or scientific reasons.

* Most people dying (66% of deaths in only 10% of the human population, a statistical impossibility if there was a “novel deadly disease” going around the whole wide world) are dying in areas of long-term known lethal levels of air pollution.

* Even the WHO (“World Health Organization” aka World Hysteria Operation) acknowledge in official detailed reports on global diseases that more than 1.5 million people per year die from respiratory infections known to be caused by environmental air pollution.

* In now nine months of 2020 the claimed “Covid-19” deaths are around one million or only 66% of an officially acknowledged expected death toll from respiratory infections caused by lethal air pollution.

* It is thus clear how easy it is for the perpetrators of this global lie to carry out the fraud that is being used to destroy the human societies and livelihoods and lives for billions of us. Simply “re-accounting” for expected deaths from lethal air pollution sells the lie of a “virus pandemic” to all the children who are still believing in fairytales.

* The extremely broad and non-specific (and ridiculously!) wide range of “Covid-19” symptoms match the symptoms of all manner of illness caused by lethal levels of air pollution. Again, do some research for yourself if you have the slightest doubt about any of these facts. There is not one iota, not even one electron of doubt in this writer about the entire “virus pandemic” being an absolute lie from day one.

* The non-validity of the enforced slave mask wearing policies is proven by valid science dating back 30-40 years, with dozens of high quality, proper scientific and medical studies all unanimously proving that masks do not work to protect members of any community from the spread of respiratory infections.

* Respiratory infections are lethal due the bacteria, not the fictional “viruses” (unproven entities, all). The tens of millions in 1918-19 who supposedly died of so-called “Spanish flu” actually died from lethal bacterial pneumonia. The medical and scientific evidence examined in recent years has proven this, including with it being published on the National Institute of Health’s own website.

* Bacteria kills, fictional “viruses” are a cover story for that fact and for all the other lethal diseases that are caused by mass pollution of the land, water, and air of this planet by industries with almost no care whatsoever (due us billions of humans having almost no care whatsoever, we are the customers after all) as to the huge destruction to Earth by our insane practices.

* Vaccines are proven by hundreds of independent studies to be dangerous laboratory experiments, that have had no real historical role whatsoever in eradicating diseases in the 20th century. It was mainly civil engineering, including far better and more hygienic habitations and living conditions as well as clean water supply and so on, that was actually responsible for the eradication of most diseases.

* Vaccinations have been vastly increased since the mid-1980s when laws were passed giving the huge pharmaceutical companies basically blanket immunity from legal action. In that two and some human generations (40-45 years) the health of young people globally has been destroyed, with a four-fold (ie. 400%) increase in chronic diseases being known as fact in under 18s in the USA (for example) in only those two generations.

* Vaccines are a basic intelligence test. Those willingly receiving them are fool children who have been completely brainwashed by the fairytale about “viruses and vaccines” while those who resist vaccinations with every cell of their being are awake to the truth about the mass poisoning of the human race over the past century.

* That mass poisoning of the human race (via means such as mass vaccinations) is vastly profitable (to the tune of trillions of dollars) for the ultra-wealthy few on this planet who have concocted these banal fairytales to control the weak-minded.

* Plus, the poisoning via toxic “food” and “vaccines” and all manner of environmental poisons from industry really helps keep the “unwashed masses” in a toxic, poisoned stupor and therefore much easier to brainwash with ever more lies and propaganda. All of which is quite clearly used to control and shape society in the manner that those ultra-rich ones want (and not really what any free being of any kind would want or support or be part of whatsoever), exactly as was stated in the first article on this blog back in mid-March, relative to all these events.

* It is all evidently a long-term “plandemic” operation, with many years of incredibly detailed preparations being put into the selling of this global lie known as “Covid-19”. The year 2020 is “go live” date for the lie, clearly, with the October 2019 “simulation” in New York City being the “launch” of this psychotic “project”. A “simulation” that was attended by numerous very notable governmental disease agency representatives, along with the ultra-wealthy billionaire types funding and pushing these events.

All of the necessary articles with all the necessary links to verify all of the above are to be found on this and many other blogs, that are written by human beings who are truly civic-minded in terms of resisting open tyranny and championing fundamental human rights (including as written in supposedly foundational documents of modern society such as the Constitution of the United States of America).

If you are confused about the entire “plandemic” being a pre-planned lie then know this well: your ignorance of the truth is serving the destruction of the human race, as by believing this horseshit lie about a “virus” you are empowering the evil, heinous, malicious, dark, destructive intent behind that lie. Intent that is entirely and only about global totalitarianism and nothing whatsoever to do with an infectious respiratory bug. There is no “virus” called “Covid-19” and the “Covid-19” deaths are zero.

It is indeed the year of Global Hysteria, and Global Stupidity, and Global Insanity, and Global Control. That’s the punchline, the control part, as shown by the deeply sick and very powerful scum who have created all these events out of thin air, due their own vision of how the world should be “run” from here on.

What a testament to the power of modern propaganda, that so many are so utterly brainwashed by it all. If you believe there is a new “virus” killing people this year, you are brainwashed. Period. Your mind is controlled by powerful, dark forces. Wake up, please, if you are such a one. Thank you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Written by Free723

October 4, 2020 at 5:21 pm

“Second Wave” of Destructive Lies from Humankind Hating Mainstream Media

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The mainstream media outlets of this world clearly demonstrate a deep-seated hatred for humankind. This is proven without a shadow of a doubt by their obvious intent to further ruin the lives of billions of people who are are already suffering the destructive effects to their lives from the previous months of blatant, bald-faced lies.

Billions of people around the world are now without question experiencing real and negative effects emotionally, psychologically, financially, and relative their physical health, from the egregious propaganda and lies of these recent months. Yet that is not sufficient, apparently, to appease the evidently humankind hating scum who own and staff the “mainstream media” outlets.

Now we have a “second wave” of humankind hating lies being spewed out relative this entirely fake “virus pandemic” to re-generate the fear and again blast out the clear message from the power-mongers behind these events to all the sheeple fools out there believing the lies: OBEY! That’s a foundational aspect of the entire “plandemic” operation: teaching the mind-controlled masses to obey and follow their orders from the Corona Cult leaders behind all of this life and society destroying lunacy.


Real Pandemic of Mass Fraud and Real Pandemic of Mass Death from Lethal Air Pollution

There are in fact real pandemics happening at present. There is a pandemic of massive fraud relative death certificate entries [1] and there is also a hidden pandemic of killer air pollution [2] with such air pollution being known to kill 1.5 million per year (and no need of a “virus” cover story). Remember: at the beginning of June some 70% of all claimed “virus” deaths were in only six countries (the USA, the UK, Italy, France, Spain, and Brazil) that comprise a mere 10% of the global population.

This fact that most claimed “virus” deaths are in only 10% of the global population is a statistical impossibility if there was actually a “new dangerous infectious pathogen” going around the world at this time. The deaths in these six countries are mostly happening in areas of long-term, illegal levels of killer air pollution. There is absolutely zero evidence (even now after all these months) to support the false claim that there is a “deadly novel coronavirus” going around.

However, humankind hating mainstream media says evidence, facts, and science be damned! These known liars and sources of entirely fake and society-destroying “news” are not shy of vomiting out round after round of the same fear-mongering propaganda based on pure lies.

For those reading this who are not aware of the strong scientific basis behind the statement that there is absolutely zero proof of a new “virus” then please do some more homework. A recent extensive look at the true history and purpose of “vaccines” [3] on this blog covers key science, facts, and evidence relative to “viruses” so that’s a good place to start if you want to learn some real home truths for yourself.


Dark Truth: Pandemic of Mass Homicide by Governmental and Institutional Actions

Beyond the hidden pandemic air pollution is the evidence showing a pandemic of literal mass homicide in the recent months, by the very governmental and institutional actions that have been claimed to be for our “health” and to “protect” the vulnerable. More like mass murder of the elderly and the immune-vulnerable! There is absolutely no historical epidemiological example of an actual real disease outbreak resulting in anything like the highly bizarre, very short-term, and highly localized spike in mortality seen in the few main places that have recorded most of the claimed “virus” deaths.

A study titled “All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response” was published on June 2nd that provides very strong evidence relative to the dark truth behind the spike in mortality seen globally a few weeks ago:


The latest data of all-cause mortality by week does not show a winter-burden mortality that is statistically larger than for past winters. There was no plague. However, a sharp “COVID peak” is present in the data, for several jurisdictions in Europe and the USA.

This all-cause-mortality “COVID peak” has unique characteristics:

• Its sharpness, with a full-width at half-maximum of only approximately 4 weeks;

• Its lateness in the infectious-season cycle, surging after week-11 of 2020, which is unprecedented for any large sharp-peak feature;

• The synchronicity of the onset of its surge, across continents, and immediately following the WHO declaration of the pandemic; and

• Its USA state-to-state absence or presence for the same viral ecology on the same territory, being correlated with nursing home events and government actions rather than any known viral strain discernment.

These “COVID peak” characteristics, and a review of the epidemiological history, and of relevant knowledge about viral respiratory diseases, lead me to postulate that the “COVID peak” results from an accelerated mass homicide of immune-vulnerable individuals, and individuals made more immune-vulnerable, by government and institutional actions, rather than being an epidemiological signature of a novel virus[4]


No evidence proves that a “novel infectious deadly pathogen” has played any significant role in the higher mortality seen. All evidence points to the governmental and institutional actions being (by their very design and intent) the cause of mass homicide amongst immune-vulnerable people (the elderly in general, as well as all who suffer any chronic and life-threatening diseases whether old or young).

In other words, while being told that all these “health orders” have been about “saving lives” they have in fact been very specifically and purposefully about ending many tens of thousands of lives around the world. To say it bluntly, a significant aspect of the “plandemic” operation is intentional mass murder.

The global cost of maintaining the lives of elderly and immune-vulnerable people has been growing by the year due an aging global population and this cost is now very significant. Some intelligent and sane people have been saying since mid-March [5] that all the various “measures” being legally mandated will inevitably cause the deaths of large numbers of elderly and immune-vulnerable people. This is exactly what has clearly happened, based on all the best data and evidence that is now available.


Scripted Events Brought to All by Eugenicist Billionaire Thugs

Eugenicists such as Gates who are behind these scripted, planned events (meaning the entire “plandemic” operation as well as the “protests” under the “BLM” cult banner [6] about the death of a violent misogynist and multiple felon) in the recent months are certainly not the type to shed a tear when their work results in killing off some old and diseased “useless eaters” [7] thereby reducing the global population. In actual fact, such people as Gates get seemingly giddy with excitement when speaking about reducing the world’s population.

Those billionaire thugs behind all these scripted events are no doubt clinically sociopathic and even psychopathic. To put it even more simply, such people are literally evil, and their intent is quite obviously mass murder to the order of hundreds of millions (even a billion or more) human beings. This is why the Italian MP for Rome, Sara Cunial, called for the arrest of Bill Gates for crimes against humanity [8] in mid-May. She is no fool and has clearly seen the truth behind all these events.

Then there is former congressman Ron Paul, who has been fully critical of the entire “virus pandemic” hoax since it began. This week he made some hard hitting truth-telling statements that quickly expose the utterly hypocritical nature of all the messages being sold by mainstream media, by members of the “medical community”, and by many (mostly leftist) politicians in the recent weeks:


Just a week or so ago the mainstream media and thousands representing the “medical community” told us we must throw out the “stay-at-home” orders and go to the streets to protest the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police. The Covid-19 virus will not bother people who are protesting this injustice, they said. The virus only attacks people leaving their homes to protest the stay-at-home orders.

Now, after thousands of businesses – many of them black-owned – have been reduced to rubble and innocent people in the inner cities no longer have anywhere to shop for the basic necessities of life, the mainstream media has backed off of its non-stop coverage of the protests. Suddenly last week they all simultaneously embraced a new fear story to terrify the masses: a “second wave” of coronavirus was among us. It was targeting those states that dared to “open up” their economies and begin a return to relatively normal lives.

Texas, Florida, and California were singled out to scare the rest of the country into thinking that if you dare leave your homes you will catch coronavirus and die. There was a “spike” in coronavirus “cases” they claimed. Funny, just a month or so ago they were demanding that we massively increase testing, which would produce just that “spike” in coronavirus cases they are now using to scare authorities into reinstating the incredibly destructive stay-at-home orders.

It’s funny that they don’t dare mention Georgia, which has also opened its economy and has seen no “spike” at all.

The same people who were demanding more testing are now screaming that we must shut the economy down again because these tests – which are notoriously unreliable – are showing more coronavirus cases. This is a disease that 99.9 percent of the people who are infected with survive! But 40 million people out of work and the thousands of lives that will end due to the shutdown are never mentioned.

There is something else going on here and it is in no way related to public health. [9]


At least there are a couple of politicians in the world who still have the courage and integrity to speak a few home truths. Not one of the scripted events in recent months has had the slightest to do with public health, so Ron Paul is quite correct.

The scale of the blatant deceptions and the scale of hypocrisy being shown by the pro-leftist mainstream media of the world is off the charts. Anyone who still believes a single word from any of these known liars is suffering a state of severely impaired cognitive abilities. If you are such a one who still believes one word of any of these blatantly deceptive lies about a “virus pandemic” then will you PLEASE WAKE UP! Thank you.


Vastly More Deaths Yet to Come from Massive Unemployment Levels

There is a widely known direct correlation between unemployment levels and mortality. The higher the unemployment the higher the mortality. This fact has been known for decades, with quite significant academic research about such being covered by a book published in 1982:


The actual figure in academic research is a 37,000 increase [in deaths] for each percentage-point rise in the unemployment rate. It comes from a book called “Corporate Flight: The Causes and Consequences of Economic Dislocation” by Barry Bluestone, Bennett Harrison and Lawrence Baker.

“Corporate Flight” was published in 1982 and mainly had to do with companies moving operations overseas. I couldn’t reach Bluestone, Harrison or Baker, but last week I was able to contact Wade Thomas, who teaches economics and business at SUNY Oneonta and who quoted those figures in his own co-written 2005 book called “Economic Issues Today: Alternative Approaches.”

Here’s the paragraph from Thomas’ book that applies: “According to one study [the one by Bluestone et al.] a 1 percent increase in the unemployment rate will be associated with 37,000 deaths [including 20,000 heart attacks], 920 suicides, 650 homicides, 4,000 state mental hospital admissions and 3,300 state prison admissions.”

Thomas says things are different today, but those old studies may help us understand the hidden problems that the coronavirus is causing.

“I would hesitate to extrapolate from the old estimates of corporate flight as a means of quantifying present circumstances,” Thomas wrote to me in an email, adding that “there are too many variables involved now to assert definitive cause and effect between unemployment and the litany of health consequences cited in the 1981 study.”

But, Thomas said, “it informs our thinking about some of the potential problems that may accompany this wave of joblessness.” [10]


Indeed such academic research “informs our thinking” about the devastation being caused by the falsely sold “health orders” in the recent months. Unemployment in the USA has officially increased by at least 10% since the beginning of the “plandemic” operation and it has increased by 12-13% based on unofficial statistics [11] (which include all those who are unemployed, not just a subset of those who are unemployed as per 1994 changes in “unemployment” definitions that happened under Clinton).

Thus, based on the research published in the early 1980s stating that there are about 37,000 extra deaths per 1% of extra unemployment this would result in between 370,000 and 480,000 extra deaths over the coming times, due to the mass unemployment directly created by the “lockdowns” in the USA. If even one quarter of these deaths do indeed happen due the mass unemployment, it already equals the entire claimed “virus” death toll in the USA, and so are we “saving lives” by destroying our societies?

As was suggested by the economics teacher quoted above, Wade Thomas, there are no doubt different variables nowadays (around four decades later) involved in calculating the direct correlation between unemployment and mortality. Though without proper research we don’t know if the different variables will ultimately result in a greater or lesser number of deaths. Suicide rates in general have been sharply rising in the USA [12] with an increase from around 25,000 such deaths in 1981 to around 45,000 in 2016. This is an 80% increase in just 35 years!

Looking at the evidence relative suicide since the society-destroying “lockdowns” were enforced there is also an obvious and widely reported trend of rapidly increasing suicide attempts and suicide deaths. As an example of this trend consider the statements by medical professionals in this article published almost a month ago now (May 21st) with facts about a reasonably affluent (average income of residents being twice the national average) San Francisco “Bay Area” city:


Doctors at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek say they have seen more deaths by suicide during this quarantine period than deaths from the COVID-19 virus.

The head of the trauma in the department believes mental health is suffering so much, it is time to end the shelter-in-place order.

“Personally I think it’s time,” said Dr. Mike deBoisblanc. …

“We’ve never seen numbers like this, in such a short period of time,” he said. “I mean we’ve seen a year’s worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks.”

Kacey Hansen has worked as a trauma nurse at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek for almost 33 years. She is worried because not only are they seeing more suicide attempts, she says they are not able to save as many patients as usual.

What I have seen recently, I have never seen before,” Hansen said. “I have never seen so much intentional injury.” [13]


More deaths from suicide than the unproven “virus” and more suicide attempts in four weeks than are usually seen in one full year (this is a 13-fold increase!). So the evidence is certainly stacking up that in 2020 there will likely end up being even much more than 37,000 “excess deaths” in the USA per extra 1% of unemployment. Based on all the facts, it is clearly reasonable to estimate that in the US alone there will be at least half a million deaths due to the mass unemployment created by the “lockdowns” that were sold based on total and utter lies about a fake “virus pandemic”.


Caring” Mainstream Media Not Satisfied with Current Levels of Chaos and Death

The mainstream media “cares” about us all so much that they are now working to re-generate the fear and panic about this fake “virus pandemic” once again. Apparently the massive increases in suicides and the mass homicide caused by the various actions of governments and institutions has not satisfied the literal blood lust of the sick freaks who consistently push the most fake and false news of all. As proof of this let us consider a single mainstream article written by one of the most false sources of “news” on Earth.

The article in question is titled “US Coronavirus: Florida, Arizona, and Texas report record number of daily Covid-19 cases this week” and the title alone tells you what is being sold: fear. We will get to the utter meaninglessness of increased “cases” in a moment, but first let’s look at the lies being sold in this story about masks, lies being used to destroy human societies and human relationships in the recent months:


States don’t need to shut down again to control the virus, Bromage [an associate professor of biology at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth] said. “They just need clearer messaging to guide their population about what to do.”

“Get masks on the population. We know that helps,” he said.

Nine Texas mayors, including those in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, have urged Gov. Greg Abbott to give them the authority to require masks be worn in public “where physical distancing cannot be practiced.”

In a letter to Abbott, the mayors said “many people in many of our cities are still refusing to wear these face coverings even though these coverings are scientifically proven to help prevent the disease from spreading.”

A growing number of studies show face masks reduce the spread of the coronavirus, especially because many people are contagious before they have symptoms and because this virus can spread by just talking or breathing.

“The findings suggest that requiring face mask use in public might help in mitigating COVID-19 spread” … [14]


It would be hard to fit more falsehoods and lies in such a small number of words. Firstly, the article from this infamous source of propaganda and lies quotes an “associate professor” relative to the lie that masks work. Hmm, so should I trust the words of a single quoted “associate professor” or the scientific studies that have been published over many years based on the work by many, many scientists? Note to Erin Bromage: going to go with the science on this one, which based on studies over many years says that masks don’t work, rather than believing your unverified claim (backed up by zero evidence) about masks:


Masks and respirators do not work. There have been extensive randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies, and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, which all show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like illnesses, or respiratory illnesses believed to be transmitted by droplets and aerosol particles.

In light of the medical research, therefore, it is difficult to understand why public-health authorities are not consistently adamant about this established scientific result, since the distributed psychological, economic and environmental harm from a broad recommendation to wear masks is significant, not to mention the unknown potential harm from concentration and distribution of pathogens on and from used masks. [15]


The article quoted above was censored by deletion on June 3rd by [16] (an organization which has at least some amount of funding that can be traced directly to the billionaires behind all these events) due it providing hard evidence contrary to the “masks work” mantra and lie being constantly pushed in recent weeks. Such blatant and blanket censorship of science is the norm these days, of course, so nothing surprising there. It does very clearly prove that there are powerful interests that do not want people to know that masks don’t work.

Apparently nine Texas mayors are also buying (and selling) the lie about masks, with them urging the Texas governor to legally mandate mask wearing. In the statement from these mayors they make the false claim that face coverings are “scientifically proven to help prevent the disease from spreading” yet there is absolutely no such scientific proof.

Even the WHO acknowledges that masks don’t work in their 91 page report on mitigating the effects of pandemic influenza published in October 2019. Under “Overall Result of Evidence On Face Masks” (p.26) is this very clear conclusion, based on an analysis of ten scientific studies on the matter:


Ten RCTs [randomized controlled trials] were included in the meta-analysis [statistical analysis], and there was no evidence that face masks are effective in reducing transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza. [17]


Regardless of these facts, the article about “record case numbers” quoted above then links to a couple of new so-called “studies” that have been done since this fake “virus pandemic” was announced. And what do those “studies” claim? That supposedly masks now suddenly work, even though all scientific studies over many years have conclusively proven that masks do not work.

Looking at the specific words used relative the claim that masks now suddenly work: “findings suggest that requiring face mask use in public might help”! The words “suggest” and “might” do not indicate scientific proof of anything. They indicate unproven guesses and unproven lies, that are being used to push the legally mandated use of slave masks.

At the beginning of March the World Health Organization released a video that clearly states the fact that masks are not needed for healthy people. Again, this direct communication from the supposedly senior “health advisory body” on Earth is being completely ignored in this torrent of lies about masks:


If you do not have any respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough or runny nose, you do not need to wear a mask.” – Dr. April Baller, WHO Health Emergencies Programme. “Masks should only be used by healthcare workers, caretakers or by people who are sick with symptoms of fever and cough.” [18]


So, based on all studies done over many years (prior to this current fake “virus pandemic”) science has consistently proven that masks do not work. Not only that, science also says that wearing of cloth masks specifically can increase the chances of infection! Yet, cloth masks are specifically being sold as good and useful for everyone who doesn’t have access to a medical grade mask. Such a total lie is likely endangering the health of all those wearing cloth masks, based on actual science. From a study published by The BMJ (formerly known as the “British Medical Journal”) in 2015:


This study is the first RCT of cloth masks, and the results caution against the use of cloth masks. This is an important finding to inform occupational health and safety. Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection. [19]


Further proof of exactly how much the mainstream media “cares” for human beings. They “care” so much that they not only lie about masks providing some benefit, they hide the fact that cloth masks are likely endangering the health of all who wear them. How comforting it is to have such “caring” folk writing such “news” stories. The Orwellian reversal of truth is quite simply off the charts with the entirety of the mainstream propaganda story that is now shredded, based on actual science.


More Testing Naturally Results in More “Positives” Yet Positivity Rate is Trending Downwards

The quoted mainstream propaganda story implies that this spike in “cases” is due the unproven “virus” somehow starting to “infect” more people than previously. Backing up a step for a second, let’s just use a tiny, little bit of logic and consider: if vastly more “tests” are done there will naturally be more “test positives” as well. So, looking at an article from another mainstream propaganda “news” outlet might give us some clues as to why there are suddenly more “cases” in certain places (as was discussed by Ron Paul in his own article relative this “second wave” of fear-mongering presently taking place):


… are caseloads the best measure of how well California is controlling COVID-19?

Not necessarily, one of California’s top health officials said Friday …

Dr. Mark Ghaly, the state’s secretary of Health and Human Services, said Friday that overall case counts are not necessarily a measure of how the state is faring in its fight against the novel coronavirus. Increased testing can drive up the number of cases as more infections are identified among those who are not seriously ill.

We’ve ramped up testing in an extraordinary way, nearly hitting our goal that was set for August — not June, not July, but August — of getting to 60,000 to 80,000 tests a day,” Ghaly said. “We’re already knocking on that door, averaging in the mid- to high 50s over the past few days across the state.”

Instead, officials are closely monitoring two metrics: the positivity rate, which is the proportion of people who have tested positive out of all those who have been tested, and the daily number of hospitalizations. A rise in the former could indicate an uptick in community transmission that’s taking place separately from increased testing. A rise in the latter could mean that more people are becoming seriously ill, possibly jeopardizing the ability of the healthcare system to deal with the influx in patients.

So far, California’s positivity rate has continued to trend downward, and hospitalizations have remained within the range of stability, Ghaly said Friday. [20]


So some valid facts do still sometimes slip out even in articles from known sources of propaganda and lies. When testing is ramped up “in an extraordinary way” one would expect more “test positives” to be the result (and remember that the “test” does not prove in any way whatsoever that a “virus” is present in the person tested, only that a certain RNA is possibly being matched [21] that was supposedly from the six shoddy autopsies done in China earlier this year, with the atrociously poor quality “science” of those autopsies and the “tests” being the basis of the entire “virus pandemic”).

Yet, even with the ramping up of testing to much higher levels (levels that were intended to be hit by August, not June) the “positivity rate has continued to trend downward” meaning that there are fewer “positives” per tests done than previously. Thus, the “disease” is not spreading faster at all, which was the entirely false implication of the “record” cases article quoted earlier! The spread of the presumed “disease” (again, remembering that the tests are useless and do not show presence of a “virus” in the person tested) is in fact slowing down.

More people die of chronic respiratory diseases (and other diseases) in winter by a margin, as shown by the regular, rhythmic pattern of seasonal mortality all over the world (a pattern covered by the excellent quoted research paper discussing mass homicide by governmental and institutional actions). Thus, one would expect that illness and death from all diseases will be slowing down in the northern hemisphere during June, as the weather warms and the immune-vulnerable are not as much in danger as when it is very cold (when infectious bugs tend to thrive). This is exactly as the results from the hugely ramped up testing in California are showing.


Hatred of Africans (and African Americans) is Clearly Demonstrated by “Vaccine” Loving Eugenicists

The eugenicist billionaire thugs behind all these events truly hate humankind in general. However, they especially hate black (and other non-white) people and would certainly like to maim and kill vast numbers of blacks. This clear hatred of blacks is of course hidden by false words about “caring” for blacks (in the same way that mainstream media “cares” for us all, shown by such “news” sources pushing all the false and society-destroying “health orders” that make absolutely no difference to the overall outcomes with respiratory infections).

Here is a prime example of exactly such off the charts levels of hypocrisy and duplicity, with these words from Melinda Gates:


What happened to George Floyd was brutal and horrible and should never happen to anyone, anywhere. This is a moment of reckoning in the United States. We all need to really pause during this time and learn as best we can from it. Even before we saw this senseless death, COVID had already started to show us gaps and structural problems in our country. We are seeing black men die at a disproportionate rate. We know the way out of COVID-19 will be a vaccine, and it needs to go out equitably. [22]


Pushing the meme about the violent misogynist, Floyd, is predictable for the wife of billionaire thug Gates. Chaos is good for the ultra-wealthy few as it serves their purposes well. Then the statement that “black men die at a disproportionate rate” and of course, the lie that a “vaccine” for a non-existent “virus” will somehow be beneficial. Again, it would be hard to fit more deceptive falsehoods in one paragraph.

Let’s look at some actual evidence relative to the statement that black men are dying at a higher rate. A brave former military nurse, Erin Marie Olszewski, who was working at Elmhurst Hospital in NYC during the supposed “peak” of “cases” there has recently spoken out powerfully saying “it’s murder” relative to the treatments being used for “Covid-19” patients. The higher death rate for black men specifically is at least largely due to these exact and murderous treatment “protocols” in use. Here is a summary of her findings and the implications:


At the hospital, poverty-stricken patients, mostly black and Latino, come in and are tested for COVID-19. When the conventional tests read negative—meaning no COVID—some of these people are nevertheless marked down as COVID-19 cases.

That puts them on a train to death.

For no good reason, they’re placed on breathing ventilators. They’re sedated, to keep them from moving around and feeling the discomfort and pain of the invasive intubation.

But these patients are HEAVILY sedated for long periods. As much as a MONTH.

Completely cut off from the outside world, they never wake up.

This is no mystery. Any medical professional, doctor or nurse, WOULD KNOW DEATH IS THE INEVITABLE OUTCOME. It’s a protocol for killing.

And of course, the patients’ deaths are marked down as “caused by the virus.”

I can think of at least 20 New York and federal agencies who should be swarming all over the Elmhurst Hospital. But there is no action of any kind from them. [23]


This is how much the powerful people in the world “care” for the black and Latino people. They “care” so much that they make sure such murderous “treatment protocols” are enforced, which in turn kills more (per capita) of the people comprising those targeted demographics. The Gates wife and her pure falsity is made apparent by this evidence from the brave nurse who has spoken out. This nurse is not the only one to say that ventilators are killing people, as such was revealed almost two months ago:


The largest analysis of hospitalized U.S. COVID-19 patients to date finds that most did not survive after being placed on a mechanical ventilator.

The study included the health records of 5,700 COVID-19 patients hospitalized between March 1 and April 4 at facilities overseen by Northwell Health, New York State’s largest health system.

Among the 2,634 patients for whom outcomes were known, the overall death rate was 21%, but it rose to 88% for those who received mechanical ventilation, the Northwell Health COVID-19 Research Consortium reported. [24]


In other words, people put on a ventilator have a four-fold likelihood of death. This is a statistically very significant ratio. Recall the huge hype about “not enough ventilators” a couple months back, which is all shown to be more deception and distraction. The actual facts show that ventilators (like masks) do not work at all (unless the desired outcome is mass homicide, which is evidently the case with such “protocols” as are being used during this fake “virus pandemic”).

Back to Gates wife and her bald-faced lie that a “vaccine” is the “way out” with it needing to be distributed “equitably” let us look at some brief history about “vaccines” and the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” in Africa:


Bill Gates and his surrogates, GAVI and WHO, made DTP a priority for African babies. The Danish government and Novo Nordisk Foundation commissioned this study by a team of the world’s leading experts on African vaccination. The two most prominent names, Drs. Soren Mogensen and Peter Aaby, are both vocal vaccine supporters. They were shocked when they examined years of data from a so called “natural experiment” in Guinea Bissau where 50% of children die before age five. In that west African nation, half the children were vaccinated with the DTP vaccine at three months and the other half at six months. Dr. Mogenson and his team found that girls vaccinated with the DTP vaccine died at 10 times the rate of unvaccinated kids. [25]


Re-read the last quoted sentence to let it sink in fully. That’s how much the Gates husband and wife (him being true global trouble, and her being real global strife) “care” for black people. They “care” so much that they make sure deadly poisons are pumped into as many vulnerable young black bodies as possible, bodies that haven’t even had a chance to develop their immune systems. Resulting in 10-fold the mortality for vaccinated kids when compared to unvaccinated kids, based on peer reviewed science.

No wonder that the mainstream media loves everything Gates, given how much mainstream media also “cares” for humankind. No wonder that Time Magazine interviewed the Gates wife, hanging on the every word of a known mass murderer. If you question the use of the term “mass murderer” understand that it is an accurate enough term for a woman peddling known poisons resulting in 10-fold mortality rates for the young kids injected.


Time to Disembark the Gates-to-Hell and Co. Train of Lies

This train that the Gates pair and their cronies are trying to get all of humankind aboard is a train that follows one track and one track only: a track that will take all on that train to a diseased and totalitarian hell, a world where mass poisonings and totalitarian controls over all are the normal order of business. It is past time for humankind to wake up and realize the truth about this train of lies being sold by every sick, sub-human scum pushing the “fake pandemic” and the “fake race war” and every other kind of false and destructive narrative.

If you are someone who has foolishly boarded the train of murderous lies then now is a good time for you to disembark. If after reading all of this evidence you still want to be aboard that train then your condition is indeed serious, as in that case you are evidently desirous of real bodily harm (through the dangerous poisons known as “vaccines”) as well as being demonstrative of support for the continuing propagation of society-destroying lies. Perhaps some type of psychological help would be useful for any such reader who still wants to be aboard the train to a poisoned hellish future. Just a suggestion.

All those who are already well aware of the utterly fake and false nature of this “virus pandemic” would do well to continue the daily work of bringing facts, evidence, and truth to all those who are yet undecided about boarding the Gates and Co. train to hell. It is urgent work to bring such truth to as many as possible at this time, as without vast numbers being woke to the lies and the real motives being played out through all these scripted events there will not be enough resistance to the coming mass poisonings that are being planned for all of humankind.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~









[7] (under 4 mins, worth every second)



















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June 17, 2020 at 6:21 pm

Racist, Hypocrite, Brainwashed Leftist “Protesters” Obey Their Billionaire Overlords

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As you read the information presented below it is important to remember a critical fact about modern politics: both the “left” and “right” of essentially all political systems in all countries are controlled by “the power of industry and money” exactly as they have been for decades (and longer). This has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt to this writer (and from a young age) through the simple noticing of the fact that the same fundamental policies have been consistently implemented for decades now, regardless of whether the “left” or “right” political party is supposedly “in power” in whatever country.

Consider that the Obama adminstration was the same in many ways, and worse in many other ways, compared the Bush administration. Please take a good look at the news headlines from the eight years of Obama’s time [1] if you need to verify this obvious fact (a fact that Democrat voters in the USA especially seem to have a very hard time looking at for even a moment). Similarly, the Trump administration is very much like the Obama administration. The “left” and “right” of politics are in fact “opposames” or the two halves of the same control brain.

Thus, the blunt criticism of the stunning hypocrisy demonstrated by brainwashed leftist, racists who are out “protesting” in recent weeks is most certainly not any kind of implicit validation relative the policies or offerings of the political right (in the USA or any country). Both the “left” and “right” of politics in basically every country can be quite accurately described as terminally diseased, irretrievably corrupted, mass murderous, and truly the enemy of humankind. It is past time to move beyond such failed, false political systems, as without such outgrowing of old destructive paradigms there will not be much of a world left worth living in, even by end of year based on current events.


Brainwashed “Protesters” Not Interested in Murder of White Australian by Minneapolis Police

An unarmed Australian born white woman (who held dual Australian and US citizenship), Justine Damond, was gunned down while in her pajamas by a black police officer, Mohamed Noor, in Minneapolis (the same city as the recent murder of George Floyd) on the night of July 15, 2017:


When Justine Ruszczyk Damond heard someone cry out in the alley behind her home in July 2017, she did what she had spent a lifetime doing: She immediately tried to help. Damond called 911 not once but twice to report what she thought was a sexual assault. When officers arrived, she ran outside in her bare feet and pajamas, prosecutors say. Moments later, she lay dying of a gunshot fired by the officer who is now on trial in her death. [2]


Almost two years later Noor was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter by a “racially diverse jury” due the fact that he had “acted unreasonably” [3] based on all evidence. The New York Times (and all other leftist mainstream media) predictably tried to put a false “social justice” propaganda spin on the story with an implication that perhaps this verdict was “hypocrisy” rather than justice! Revisiting the facts, a cop shot dead an unarmed woman in her pajamas without reasonable grounds, so the guilty verdict is fine and good.

Moving along to current events, the contrast between the above story and the current endless, absurd hype about George Floyd is that no one came out to protest the fact that an unarmed white Australian woman with no criminal record (and a life-long history of helping others) was gunned down by the police in Minneapolis. Whereas people all around the world are now “protesting” the death of a violent misogynist and known criminal, including tens of thousands in Melbourne, Australia.

An Australian reporter of color, Avi Yemini, went to the protest in Melbourne a week or so back [4] and asked many people if they had even heard of Justine Damond. Most had never heard of her, of course, as her death does not fit the narrative being sold by the mostly leftist mainstream media, almost entirely leftist anti-social media, and all the other “news” sources pushing the propaganda about “social justice” (clearly the endless propaganda about a fake “virus” was becoming less effective in recent weeks, so the leftist fascist types have moved on to the next round of deceptions and lies).

The responses to Avi’s questions were quite startling to say the least, in that people literally said that the murder of an unarmed white woman by a Minneapolis cop is not as important as the murder of a violent woman-abusing black man, Floyd. Huh??? The extent of the brainwashing of these racist, leftist fools at that rally in Melbourne (and similar rallies all around the world) is highly disturbing. These “protesters” demonstrate an utter lack of the slightest intelligent, cognitive ability to understand their own total and utter hypocrisy, as well as totally failing to see that they are being blatantly manipulated.

Since when does the life of a violent criminal matter so much more than the life of a woman who devoted her life to helping others? Why were there not mass protests about Damond’s killing in 2017, as Avi repeatedly asked those he questioned? Not only were there no protests against Damond’s brutal murder, some people protested that the murderer was a “victim” himself! What twisted, retarded, brain dead “logic” is that?! To reiterate, Damond’s death is not part of the entirely false narrative being sold and so her death “doesn’t matter” to the fool “protesters” who are simply (and unknowingly) obeying their billionaire overlords in truly mind-controlled fashion.


Anonymous Letter Shreds the “Black Lives Matter” Narrative

A few days ago an anonymous letter was penned by someone claiming to be a UC Berkeley history professor. The writer, who says they are a person of color themselves, made it plain that they are (at this stage) remaining anonymous due fears of losing their job and even being prevented from ever working in their field again (anywhere at all). Regardless of whether or not the writer is indeed a UC Berkeley history professor the letter is a profoundly important and real statement that shreds every aspect of the entire “Black Lives Matter” narrative being pushed by the leftist media and politicians of the world at present. Here is an excerpt specifically about Floyd:


Floyd was a multiple felon who once held a pregnant black woman at gunpoint. He broke into her home with a gang of men and pointed a gun at her pregnant stomach. He terrorized the women in his community. He sired and abandoned multiple children, playing no part in their support or upbringing, failing one of the most basic tests of decency for a human being. He was a drug-addict and sometime drug-dealer, a swindler who preyed upon his honest and hard-working neighbors.

And yet, the regents of UC and the historians of the UCB History department are celebrating this violent criminal, elevating his name to virtual sainthood. A man who hurt women. A man who hurt black women. With the full collaboration of the UCB history department, corporate America, most mainstream media outlets, and some of the wealthiest and most privileged opinion-shaping elites of the USA, he has become a culture hero, buried in a golden casket, his (recognized) family showered with gifts and praise. Americans are being socially pressured into kneeling for this violent, abusive misogynist. A generation of black men are being coerced into identifying with George Floyd, the absolute worst specimen of our race and species. [5]


This is a good summary of the absurdity relative all the “protests” that have taken place in the name of this violent criminal. The entire letter should be carefully read and fully considered by any and every person who has the slightest interest in the real motives behind all these events.

Many critical facts are covered by the letter including the co-opting of black people by the Democrat Party in the USA (shown by the utterly disingenuous use of these events for political gain by those such as the puppet Biden and all his fool supporters), plus the vast support (financially as well as through constant media and corporate attention) for the “BLM” movement being provided by ultra-wealthy billionaires (a huge red flag for any vaguely conscious person, relative to who is truly behind these events), and much more.

Read the letter and understand that all of these events are following a scripted narrative being pushed far and wide by many of the same “ruling class” thugs who have also been pushing the entirely false narrative about a “virus pandemic” in the recent months. This is all part of the scripted plan to create more chaos and division amongst human beings everywhere, turning the brainwashed mob of cult members against all those who still have at least some ability to use their own intelligence about all of these matters. Thus, societies everywhere are being fragmented even further, making it that much more difficult for humankind to make a strong and unified response to all of these events.


Inconvenient Truth: Blacks Commit 52 Times More Violent Crimes Per Capita Against Whites Than Whites Do Against Blacks

The duplicity and hypocrisy of the “Black Lives Matter” movement apparently knows no bounds. A cursory examination of the actual evidence and statistics relative to violent crimes makes it clear that there are serious problems with the entire narrative being sold about “people of color” in the USA being the “victims” of violence from white people. The following chart is based on data from 2018 and it tells a very, very distinct story than is being sold with the false “BLM” narrative:


USA deaths charts


Per million population of the perpetrator’s race, blacks commit more than 52 times the violent crimes against whites than whites against blacks. More than 52 times! This is a significant ratio. Yet such an inconvenient truth is simply swept under the carpet of the completely false narrative that is constantly being propagandized by leftist “liberal” types (meaning most of mainstream media, leftist politicians, and all the brainwashed “believers” who are now part of the “BLM” cult).

The violent crime data for 2018 that was used to create the above chart comes directly from the US Department of Justice [6] with the population estimates from the US Census Bureau [7] and a PDF (of the CSV data) is also available [8] for anyone to easily verify the accuracy of the information shown. Having looked at the facts, one no longer needs to wonder why there are more black people (per capita) incarcerated in the USA than white people (per capita). Black people commit more violent crimes (per capita) than white people (per capita) in the USA, hence more of them being in prison (per capita).


Billionaire Globalist Thugs: the True Criminals and Real Enemy of All

None of the above statistical analysis from recent (2018) data is to belittle the fact that the white race perpetrated gravely destructive crimes against the black people of the world. It is historical fact and no debate is required. Stealing vast numbers of black people from their own countries to be sold into slavery is certainly one of the terrible aspects of “white person” history. In recent times, the continuing assault on black people specifically in Africa has been via “modern” warfare, including direct military action (especially Anglo-American) in many African nations, as well as support of brutal murderous dictators and thus warfare by proxy on the people of Africa.

All of these real facts about mass genocide against black people that is continuing to this day are also obscured by the “BLM” movement, which focuses on one murderous white cop. Rather than giving real consideration to the systematic genocidal acts that kill vast numbers of black people, violence that is funded and controlled by the ultra-wealthy few who run the “military-industrial complex” (which President Eisenhower very seriously warned America about on his departure from public office).

It was the wealthy ones who came on ships across the sea to take the black people from their homelands. It was the wealthy ones who had the most slaves by far in whatever lands where the slaves ended up. It is the wealthy ones now who pit black people against white people, telling white people to “kneel” to their false narrative, in their never ending ruling class “game” of power-mongering “divide and conquer” that seems to always be a defining characteristic of those ultra-wealthy few.

This world is not as much “black versus white” as it is “rich versus not-rich” as has been the case for thousands of years. The rich and powerful have always worked to further their own interests, regardless of their own born “nationality” or race. Thus, the rich are one of the two main demographics on the planet, and the rest of us 7.8 billion are the other main demographic, all of which is cleverly obscured by “BLM” and similar narratives (with those narratives specifically being created by those very rich ones who seek to obscure their real motives).

Thus, the above statistical analysis most certainly does not belittle the high crimes of the ultra-wealthy few. Such people make the laws and so they don’t tend to go to prison, even when their crimes include the mass murder (via warfare, industrial poisoning, “vaccine” poisoning, food-chain poisoning, and the rest) of hundreds of millions of human beings in the past century alone. As stated, the entire “BLM” narrative (and similar narratives) distracts the masses of humankind from focusing on the true criminals who are behind the many high crimes which are literally destroying human societies all over the world.

It’s not only whites who are ultra-wealthy and ultra-powerful, though, as such people are truly their own demographic. Whether white, black, brown, yellow, or otherwise, the ultra-wealthy few are the demographic who most desire total control over all. Whereas most of the 7.8 billion human beings mainly just want a “good life” for themselves and their loved ones, those ultra-wealthy thugs presume to dictate political, economic, and social policies that negatively control the lives of every single person on Earth. Such “god complex” psychology is most certainly a key driver of people including Gates, Soros, Bezos, Zuckerberg, and all the other rich thugs working to move these events along.

Specifically looking at Soros and the various “foundations” he uses to fund and foment all this divisive and racist conflict amongst human beings everywhere, remember that US$33 million was given in just one year [9] to so-called “grass roots” activists. This was about 5-6 years ago now, and so we are seeing the “fruits” of that investment these recent weeks. This huge funding from Soros has gone to “BLM” and other similar groups. This is not pocket change, nor is the US$100 million for left-wing groups from the Ford Foundation since 2016 [10] as well as money from numerous other [11] leftist organizations.

In case the term “god complex” seems a bit strong relative thugs such as Soros, consider these words from the horse’s mouth (or is it the horse’s ass in this case?):


“I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of my self-importance,” [Soros] admitted. “To put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god.” [12]


It’s not an ambiguous statement. Soros fancies himself “as some kind of god” and wants to reshape the world based on his sociopathic and psychopathic ideas. To do so requires an “army” of slaves to create the chaos and turmoil that is the required precursor to making a new world of his (and his ultra-wealthy friends) design. That army of slaves is presently the insane mob of brainwashed, racist, hyopcrite, leftist fools who are “protesting” in the recent weeks.

Thus, rather than an appropriate and real slogan of “All Lives Matter” (which people everywhere could genuinely get behind) we instead have “Black Lives Matter” being blasted around the world by every propaganda mouthpiece. This works wonders in deceiving, confusing, and dividing the people once again, and thus enables the conquering of the world to continue apace. All moving along according to the long-term plans of such insane power-monger lunatics as Soros.


A Few are Woke to the Lies, but Not Brainwashed “Protesters”

Amidst the sea of blatant hypocrisy and lies being spewed out in the past couple of weeks or so there are also a few sane voices out there, thank goodness. For instance, the two black women who stood up to an entire crowd in Chicago, some of whom were defacing a deli, due purported homophobic and racist remarks by the owners a week or so back. These two black women showed courage, intelligence and sanity amidst a mob of mind-controlled hypocrites (mostly white and latino):


The crowd outside Nini’s Deli was starting to thin Sunday afternoon as Justin Starns watched his friend add more spray paint to the plywood boarding up the restaurant: “BLM,” in all caps, in baby blue.

He was taken by surprise, he said, when a black woman walked up and demanded to know: “Oh, is that for me? Does my life matter?”

She and another woman “said I’m getting paid by (liberal hedge fund billionaire) George Soros, I’m a house Negro,” said Starns, who is black.

On a day when Mayor Lori Lightfoot lifted Chicago’s curfew and several peaceful protests were held, an unusual confrontation took place in West Town: Two black women, who only identified themselves as Bevelyn and Edmee, denounced the Black Lives Matter movement as demonic and fraudulent before a group of mostly white and Latino demonstrators.

“I see a lot of ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ” Edmee cried. “This does not represent me! This is ungodly! …”

Edmee, tall and statuesque, spoke in the commanding cadence of a veteran preacher.

“This is demonic!” she said. “You are being used and abused!”

“This man’s business was beat to the ground in the name of Black Lives Matter,” Bevelyn told the Tribune in an interview conducted in shouts between the barrier of police officers. “This is evil. This is ungodly.” [13]


So not everyone is fooled by the horseshit flying from the ass of “god complex” Soros (and his friends). Two black men who are also not fooled released a brief 10 minute video [14] highlighting the hypocritical nature of the entire “BLM” movement through reminding the viewer about numerous incidents where white people were brutally gunned down by police officers. This includes a young white autistic boy, who was shot multiple times while sitting in the car next to his father, yet no mass protests happened for those people, nor any false “eulogies” and crocodile tears from the likes of Biden.


What’s Up Next? War? “Aliens”? Followed by “Pandemic 2”? Or Will All Humankind Be WOKE to the Lies?


USA deaths charts


Given that the mind-control power of the fake “virus pandemic” was obviously starting to wane in the recent weeks, the billionaire thugs behind these events evidently decided to move along the fabrication of a fake “race war” to keep the brainwashed masses entranced, entertained and fooled while those thugs keep the global prison rollout moving along. One might naturally start wondering what’s next on the agenda after this round of deceptions? Will it be war with Iran? Or invasion by “aliens” that might be faked with the latest, greatest technology?

Whatever comes next, there is also “pandemic 2” in the works, which has been repeatedly referred to with words amounting to a direct threat by the mass murdering and mass child paralyzing “vaccine” lover, Gates-to-Hell. Will “pandemic 2” perhaps be caused by the “vaccine” [15] itself, as may have already happened 100 years ago with the falsely named “Spanish Flu” [16] (with those tens of millions dying from bacterial pneumonia, in actual fact, soon after “vaccine” experiments on US soldiers)?

Whatever it takes to keep people’s attention occupied with peripheral matters, one can be sure that the billionaire thugs behind all of these events will continue to roll out crisis after crisis from here onwards. As long as they are not the focus, and people are fighting amongst themselves (“divide and conquer”), the plans for totalitarian rule of planet Earth will continue moving ahead like a train stuck on one track only. A track that leads to a poisoned, hellish future for humankind and the planet altogether.

That is, unless all of humankind (by the billions) be woke to the endless propaganda and lies, with unprecedented numbers needing to be so woke if there is to be the slightest real chance of humankind having the power to actually change the course of events. Only when billions are woke to the truth will we collectively be able to choose a more benign path. May those billions be woke for real, and soon.


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People Without Symptoms Are Not Spreading “Virus” Says WHO (and Science)

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It’s proving to be yet another week of high drama and “circus” theatrics (for the “bread and circus” addicted masses) on the “coronavirus news” front. No doubt it’s all part of the “plandemic” operation to sow more seeds of confusion, conflict, and divisive deceptions amongst the generally traumatized human populace of planet Earth.


WHO Says: People Without Symptoms are Not Spreading Infection

On Monday the “big news” (and even from Big News themselves) was that the WHO “technical lead for coronavirus response”, Maria Van Kerkhove, said that asymptomatic “test positive” individuals are not spreading the coronavirus. Ah ha. Seems like kind of an important fact. This comment was based on evidence from a number of countries, which she referred to directly:


“From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual,” Van Kerkhove said on Monday.

We have a number of reports from countries who are doing very detailed contact tracing. They’re following asymptomatic cases, they’re following contacts and they’re not finding secondary transmission onward. It is very rare – and much of that is not published in the literature,” she said. [1]


Well, that’s big news, and reiterating the point, from Big News themselves. After three months of the society-destroying lunatic “lockdowns” around the world, with hundreds of millions unemployed (43 million in the USA alone), with massive destruction of almost every aspect of our lives and human civilizations, plus all the incredibly toxic fear, lack of outdoor activity, lack of oxygen, lack of proper ordinary human contact, we are now told that there was no basis in science or fact for any of that. Phew, how lucky!

The fear porn claim that the bug is infectious with everyone and anyone, even if they look “normal” and healthy by every measure, has been critical to the entirely false narrative since day one. So, why does Big News now report these significant WHO comments so “dutifully” given that they seriously challenge the entire narrative sold in recent months?

It might lead one to conclude that Big News either: a) decided that they had to report the WHO comments to appear “transparent”, as such incredibly significant statements would inevitably come out through other sources; or b) very much wanted to report these landmark statements, such that even more confusion and conflict is created in the minds of millions everywhere.

In fact, it’s probably some of both those angles that has led to this “news” being released this week. It gives the human race something else to argue about amongst ourselves, with the one’s who have their eyes and minds open now having some powerful ammo to blast at the braindead sheeple masses who still think that there’s a dangerous bug going around. Hooray!

All of these events amount to intentional and literally murderous open warfare on the human race. By a very small gang of very, very powerful eugenicist types. It sadly seems to be going well for that bunch of ruthless, amoral thugs. “Dr.” (Jekyll?) Gates is certainly enjoying the progression of his (and his rich friends) long-term plans with all these current events [2] and he is especially pleased with how easily manipulatable the now terrified and completely acquiescent human race of the 21st century is showing themselves to be over these past few months.


Backlash to Science and Facts from Mainstream Propaganda

By simply referring to the evidence that asymptomatic people are not in fact spreading infection the WHO official, Van Kerkhove, and her statements have in the past couple of days predictably been the subject of great contention, with claims she is wrong from the usual suspects and of course hostility from the mad mob of mind-controlled anti-social media glued sheeple. Various paid “physicians” and assorted other “experts” have naturally chimed in with trash-talk such as this (fictional) “opinion” from on high:


“No, she’s sorely mistaken with those naughty statements, which could endanger the lives of billions if such silly talk gets around! This is really, truly, sincerely, a terribly, evilly, dangerous, nasty, tiny, little, invisible horror of a bug that we just know (or at least guess) can and will immediately leap in every direction onto every surface and every living being within 6 feet (or 5 feet, or 3 feet, depending on the country, and the local “health orders” that have been mandated there).”


What a clever bug, this! Somehow it knows the precise details of all the local “health orders” in every country, state, county, city, town, and otherwise, such that it knows exactly how far it can (and cannot) legally leap onto the next unsuspecting mask-wearing good little Corona Cultist who is so carefully obeying their orders! There will no doubt soon be a new “virus” cover story related to mask wearing, to help explain the increase in illness from the oxygen depletion that masses will be suffering, with a good supply of oxygen being core to all of human health!


Pseudo-Science Garbage Sells Big These Days

Amidst the brief truth-telling statements of the Big News article referenced there are also some great quotes that precisely demonstrate the absurdity of all of these fake “official news” sources altogether. As usual, a bunch of mumbo-jumbo pseudo-science language gets thrown out right after (and all around) the truth-telling statements, to put a blender in the poor addled brains of all those heaving, whimpering, scared-out-of-their-wits folk, such that they latch on to something new to fear and scream “sky is falling” about today.

Such garbage pseudo-science from Big News is intended to confuse anyone without a mind (and basic math, logic, and reasoning abilities) of their own, due them being in a state of abject terror brought on by the ritual brainwashing in recent months about a fake “virus pandemic” (that is actually a very real pandemic of lethal air pollution [3] as well as other forms of highly toxic pollution).

Let’s dive in to the mumbo-jumbo and look at a term thrown around in the Big News article: “pre-symptomatic”! Really? It’s just pathetic. These clever little shits pushing this whole global destruction lie, always selling bullshit memes to the masses, based on nonsense like this. Meaningless variations on the facts at hand, to confuse, to bewilder, to bamboozle the feeble-minded. Looking at the quotes now (and in case you ever need a direct citation or reference to psuedo-science garbage, it equals THIS):


Pre-symptomatic refers to the early stages of an illness, before symptoms have developed, whereas asymptomatic may refer to having no symptoms throughout the course of an infection…

Making this distinction between asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic infections remains important – but also between “paucisymptomatic infections,” which refers to having atypical or very mild symptoms…


Wow! What a load of double-speak (or triple-speak, in this case!) nonsense. No, it’s not important for anyone to distinguish between these three types of infection. Let’s stick to the useful terms and ignore the bullshit ones: asymptomatic means no symptoms throughout the entire course of the infection; and symptomatic means there are symptoms at some point, regardless of whether they are mild or severe.

Such silly and useless variations of a term are evidently placed in these Big News stories to complicate and confuse the issue for the weak-minded ones. Rather than having our minds put in a twist by trying to understand or interpret such intentional Escher-esque (in language, rather than pictures) alogical gibberish, let’s take a look at some actual science.


New Study: 0 (ZERO) of 455 People Exposed to “Test Positive” Asymptomatic Person Were Infected

What about an actual study of exposure to a confirmed “test positive” asymptomatic person? This has actually been done [4] and the results released on May 13th. What do those results say? They say that out of 455 people who were exposed to the “test positive” asymptomatic individual, exactly and precisely ZERO (0) were subsequently found to be “test positive”. Again:


Exactly 0 (ZERO) of 455 people who were exposed to a confirmed “test positive” asymptomatic person were subsequently “infected” or “test positive” themselves.


So it turns out that the comments by the WHO “technical lead for coronavirus response” on Monday really do correlate well with other actual science about the matter. All of this makes great sense especially when recalling the “pollution thesis” relative to the bulk of the claimed “virus” death toll globally, with around 70% of “virus” deaths happening in just 10% of the global population (USA, UK, Italy, France, Spain, and now Brazil).

The concentration of deaths in such a small amount of the global population is quite simply a statistical impossibility if an “infectious pathogen” was literally going around the world causing mayhem and death. There would naturally be far more consistent death tolls in many places if such a pathogen actually existed. What is the common factor with the specific locations (urban areas and some wider regions such as northern Italy) where most of the deaths in these six countries are happening? Lethal air pollution.

Do some homework on this blog and at the many other sources linked from articles on this blog if you actually want to learn about the real causes behind most of the claimed “virus” deaths. If you are such a person open to learning, then study the “pollution thesis” and the fact that “viruses” are a cover story for pollution-caused diseases in many instances, with “vaccines” [5] therefore being irrelevant and with no actual true purpose, apart from the eugenicist purpose of poisoning the person injected with the toxins and diseases in the syringe.


Forked-Tongued Fauci: True Servant of “Dr.” Jekyll Gates-to-Hell

Regardless of all science and evidence, the “leading disease expert” in the USA (according to all of Big News at least), forked-tongued Fauci, made predictable and “earnest” statements that contradict all facts and especially the WHO official. He does this to assure all those fearful people in the world, in this kind of fashion (a fictional though truth-telling version of Fauci “snake oil” salesman hot-air):


“She was mistaken and (although there’s no evidence of it whatosever) I’m going to repeat the well worn lie (it’s working so well, after all) that you’ve all had you’re lives destroyed by in these recent months: this bug is a serious menace and it is coming for you and everyone you know, so you must obey and keep up the good work staying at home while those of us behind this scam continue to build your new global prison, and of course do wear your slave masks (that I recently said are not even needed) whenever you step as much as a toe out that door!”


Only a fool with no basic math, logic, and reasoning abilities would believe a single word from this pharmaceutical company front man, Fauci. He is so key to all of the lies, all of the completely destructive tyrannical “mandates”, and to all the multitude of negative events due the fake “virus pandemic” in the past few months. He is a well paid liar, pure and simple, and he is staying true to his job description as given to him by Big Pharma.


Time to Wake Up from Fairytale of “Viruses” and “Vaccines”

At this point a statement on behalf of planet Earth, our only home: “Dear Humankind, please stop drinking the Corona Kool-Aid, as if you do not the implications are quite serious even potentially for all life that is being supported by my planetary efforts. Love, Planet Earth.”

Poisoning the human race with “vaccines” is in kind with poisoning the water, the land, and the air with every kind of environmental toxin (and this does not include life-giving, essential CO2 as it is not a pollutant [6] at all, with CO2 in reality being a most critical source of the global food chain). This real and literal poisoning of the planet is then hidden by the “virus” cover story, with outbreaks of disease in terribly polluted areas being blamed on unproven “pathogens” created by Big Pharma “magic” acts.

So, it’s natural that planet Earth would like us all to wake up, not just to the “scamdemic” happening, but relative all manner of critical issues such as the need to stop poisoning the whole world to death. What a nihilistic bunch of loons the human race has become, so many seemingly enticed and even pleased to have the “killer virus” story to terrify, amuse and entertain them.

All of that “circus” with the endless theatrics and new costumes continues to serve old mythologies. The entire “virus” and “vaccine” story is a literal fairytale, which is used to scare children into obeying orders from their “Nanny State” Big Brother Government. Just as fairytales have been used throughout history by all manner of parents to control the behavior of their children.

It’s really no different with the current situation, except that the clever technology being used makes the constant propaganda push a seamless and rather easy affair. Voila! A new Big Fairytale for everyone to latch onto and to provide meaning and context, orders to obey, “people to save” (doesn’t include the tens of thousands or likely hundreds of thousands by now, who have in actual fact been murdered [7] by the “lockdowns”), much to “feel good about” amidst the constant terror of touching a door knob, or coming within 6 feet (or 5 feet, or 3 feet, again, depending on the location) of another living anything!

Time to wake up now, kiddies, from the nightmare fairytale that so many have bought into lately. Time to wake up, and get on with the ordinary business of living like human beings on planet Earth, creating societies, cultures, art, music, beauty, and all that which is actually worth living for in this place.

Time to get back to reality from this absurd cartoonish “virtual reality” that is being foisted on the human race, cast like a spider’s web over everyone everywhere. Some of us are awake, some of us have cut through the flimsy little spider’s threads of propaganda long ago. Now is a good time for all the rest of you to wake up too, and join the human race (while it lasts).


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~




[2] (under 4 mins, worth every second)






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The Tyrant of “Everyman”

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Conflict and destruction take all kinds of forms in the human world and in human history. There has already been a long chain of terrible tyrants in the human sphere—but people everywhere seem to be unaware of the fact that the latest tyrant is everybody—or “Everyman”. The latest—and the last—tyrant is “Everyman”. The last tyrant is “the people”. In this “late-time”, “the people” have, as a collective, become merely another ego-driven, manipulatable, chaotic, and entirely mad entity—a kind of lunatic “herd”, a chaos of gross collectivity. That tyrannical “herd” is subject to the same whims and absurdities as any individual tyrant ever was or is. That terrible “herd” knows no limits—and even all and everything it merely thinks it knows is not Reality and Truth. The “herd” that “the people” have become is simply another tyrant—and the last to rise and fall in human-time.

The “tyranny of everybody” is what is happening now. In the now, every individual wallows in the “Narcissistic self-idea”, demanding immediate satisfaction of the every wanting-need and random impulse in the body-mind, and threatening all-and-All with “consequence”-to-come, if separate “self” is found still wanting or unsatisfied at end of any day. The “neighborhood wars” between all egos, “tribes”, and cults of “thing” are what is happening now. The private wars of “Everyman”, the society of “Everyman”, the religiosity of “Everyman”, the “late-time” of “Everyman” is what is happening now. The “Everyman” is “Narcissus”, the last tyrant—the ego itself. When the tyrant becomes everybody, that is the end-time. When the tyrant is just somebody-in-particular, then there are revolutions, ups and downs and cycles. However, at the last, when the tyrant becomes everybody, there are no more cycles, but only a linearity of sames—and everyone and everything disintegrates in stops. Such is the awful nature of the present time, of ego’s rule of all.

Therefore, it is absolutely urgent that there be an immediate and total transformation at the root of human culture and society and politics. A new kind of human institution must emerge in the world—an institution that truly establishes a global cooperative order. That new (and, necessarily, global) institution must establish and enact a non-tyrannical (and even counter-tyrannical, or entirely post-tyrannical) order of rightly and effectively functioning cooperation between everyone—between all nations, between all cultures and “tribes”, between all the “neighborhoods”.

What is required is not a matter of merely “having a dialogue” and “working toward” unity. In any such effort of “working toward”, there is, in all the works, still plenty of effort to dominate. Therefore, what is required is the establishment of the universal working-presumption of prior unity—such that “the people”, in every guise, lay down their arms, lay down their conflicts and their aggressive competitiveness, and, on that basis, straightforwardly handle all the business that is in the interest of everybody altogether.

That “handling of business” is not being done at the present time. Now, everybody is “on the brink” with everybody else. It is everywhere like that. The “daily news” is that. Everyone’s daily life has become something like an insane sporting event—that is played to the death. The human world of nowtime is like colossal Reality-TV—a dreadful mini-series, a few weeks until death. The common world of nowtime is mere insanity—Reality-madness. Everyone and everything is mad with “Everyman” now—mad with ego, mad with “Narcissus”. The last tyrant is everybody—everybody at war with everybody, to the death.

If this mad world-mummery continues unchecked, the present time of human history is the end of humantime. It is no longer a matter of one principal tyrant somewhere, some head of state somewhere, who is the “whomever”, or the “whatever”, that everyone loves to hate as everybody’s “enemy”. In this “late-time” (or “dark” epoch), everybody is the “enemy”. Everybody is wrong. Everybody is at fault. Everybody is “Narcissus”. Everybody is “Everyman”. “Everyman” is everywhere. The “objectified self” is at large. If “Everyman” is not soon disciplined by the Truth That Is Reality Itself—so that the world of “Everyman” discovers and accepts “its” limits, “its” place—then “Everyman” is going to destroy not only humankind but all life, and the Earth-world itself. [*]

— The World-Friend, Adi Da, Not-Two Is Peace (3rd ed., p.155-157, 2009)


* (see p.37-39 of the downloadable excerpt from the book for the given quotation)

& (all excerpts from Not-Two Is Peace)

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Propaganda Terms Used by Believers of the Silliest “Conspiracy Theories”

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In 1946 the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution reading in part, “freedom of information is a fundamental human right, and the touchstone of all the freedoms to which the United Nations is consecrated.

a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.

— John F. Kennedy, address on the 20th Anniversary of the Voice of America
(delivered 26 Feb 1962, Health, Education, and Welfare Building, Washington, D.C.)


This is a brief look at some of the popular propaganda terms that are often used by the sheeple masses who tend to believe the silliest “conspiracy theories” of all (being the absurd and illogical theories that are consistently presented by mainstream media and government agencies, or their proxies). It is quite useful to be able to decipher the actual meaning behind certain commonly used propaganda terms, while also gaining a better understanding of the psychological state of those who resort to the use of such terms.


Mind-Controlled Mob of “Corona Cultists” Poses Grave Threat

The mind-controlled mob [1] of “Corona Cultists” [2] are a rather obvious present-day demographic in terms of those who will likely resort to use of banal propaganda terms that they’ve been brainwashed into parroting. Such people only reveal themselves as the terrified, gullible, anti-science, “dumbshit, insouciant, brainwashed” [3] fools that they are, through their arrogant and ignorant parroting of such banal terms that have been created in recent decades by global masters of propaganda.

It is highly unfortunate that the propaganda campaigns based around such terms have been so wildly successful in the past half century or so, as this has had a massively destructive force in the human world altogether. How has the propagandizing of such terms been such a terrible force of destruction? Due use of such propaganda terms being a significant force in the undermining of what could otherwise be intelligent and useful considerations between even vast numbers of otherwise intelligent human beings.

Open discussion of all facts (not just facts that propaganda sources claim you “need to know”) relative whatever critical political, economic, and social events of the day is what gets “locked down” by the programmed parroting of these clever propaganda terms. The instant any participant in a conversation about whatever events taking place resorts to using such cleverly propagandized terms (with the most common one being “conspiracy theory”) the user of such a term destroys open dialogue in that moment.

Not only does such a person destroy the open dialogue, they reveal that they are themselves precisely the fool they are assuming to accuse the other of by using such a term about the other. Please take a moment to consider the following table of five commonly used terms and an approximate “translation” of the true meaning behind each term, as well as the probable psychological state of the user:


Term Translation
Conspiracy Theorist Anyone using this term to attack another: is typically a sucker for (and believer of) the most absurd and illogical science-denying “conspiracy theories” of all, from known liars and cover-up experts such as Big Media and Big Government, while also being terrified of knowing real truths about the countless easily verified conspiracy facts behind most of the “politics” in the past century (and more).
9/11 Truther Anyone using this term to attack another: is completely terrified of the truth [4] relative the terrible and world-changing events which took place on September 11, 2001, while also being terrified of anyone who dares do any genuine research relative to such truth.
Anti-Vaxxer Anyone using this term to attack another: has been brainwashed into believing the century-old Big Pharma funded lie that “vaccines” are anything other than dangerous poisons, while also being afraid of any (and all) who are not similarly brainwashed into doing self-harm.
Climate Denier Anyone using this term to attack another: is the true denier, of the vast evidence spanning hundreds of millions of years showing extreme, repeated, naturally occurring changes in global climate (due no human inputs), while also denying that CO2 is profoundly beneficial with even twice the current CO2 levels being highly desirable. [5]
Science Denier Anyone using this term to attack another: tends to blindly believe (in the manner of a true cult member) any and all pseudo-science garbage from known liars such as Big Media and Big Government (including the endless fake “models”, “predictions” of doom, and fraudulent data widely promulgated by such liars).


Brainwashed Masses Empower Psychopath Billionaire Thugs in Global Poisoning Mission

This brief “reality check” relative to the propaganda terms that are (sadly) seemingly quite commonly used by a (sadly) possibly quite large number of human beings at present, circa mid-2020, is a necessary backgrounder to any possible positive change in the current path of events. This is due the fact that the brainwashing from such clever propaganda has to be undone in each and every one of us before humankind will have the collective power to choose a more positive path.

Masses of human beings are currently unknowing members of modern day cults, such as the cults of “virus” and “climate” (two of the biggest), and those masses are evidently suffering quite severely handicapped states of cognitive function due their state of brainwashed, unwitting cult membership. Meaning that those masses are quite often no longer even able to use their O.I. (Own Intelligence) at all (including basic math, logic, and reason) in regards to the various significant issues of the day.

That demographic of brainwashed sheeple masses is the co-dependent force in the world that is allowing the dark and destructive current events to happen. Without such masses believing all manner of absurd propaganda and lies, the ultra-wealthy thugs (the force comprising the other “half” of this highly destructive global co-dependency) would not currently be gaining vast wealth by the day [6] (off the present-time suffering of billions of others), nor would such ultra-wealthy scum be able to pull off the global coup that they have apparently all but completely succeeded at pulling off.

Consider that if the vast majority (let’s say 90% or more, for example) of all the estimated 7.8 billion human beings on Earth were not believers in the “death cult” (or “Corona Cult”) of “virus” myths [7] and vaccine “poisons” [8] then that “death cult” would have no power over anyone. When immense numbers of human beings grow out of their childish beliefs in absurd propaganda and lies from both Big Media and Big Government then those vast numbers are no longer going to be lining up for a shot of “vaccine” poisons (or whatever else Big Industry is selling today). Then the whole lie falls apart, under it’s own weight.


“Herd” Behavior and the “Late-Time” Tyrant of “Everyman”

Some observant human beings have been quite aware (and for some time) that humankind often behaves as a mad “herd” as is shown by the following quotation:


Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.

— Charles Mackay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (1841)


To conclude, here is a modern and in-depth consideration of the above quoted statement:


Conflict and destruction take all kinds of forms in the human world and in human history. There has already been a long chain of terrible tyrants in the human sphere—but people everywhere seem to be unaware of the fact that the latest tyrant is everybody—or “Everyman”. The latest—and the last—tyrant is “Everyman”. The last tyrant is “the people”. In this “late-time”, “the people” have, as a collective, become merely another ego-driven, manipulatable, chaotic, and entirely mad entity—a kind of lunatic “herd”, a chaos of gross collectivity. That tyrannical “herd” is subject to the same whims and absurdities as any individual tyrant ever was or is. That terrible “herd” knows no limits—and even all and everything it merely thinks it knows is not Reality and Truth. The “herd” that “the people” have become is simply another tyrant—and the last to rise and fall in human-time.

The “tyranny of everybody” is what is happening now. In the now, every individual wallows in the “Narcissistic self-idea”, demanding immediate satisfaction of the every wanting-need and random impulse in the body-mind, and threatening all-and-All with “consequence”-to-come, if separate “self” is found still wanting or unsatisfied at end of any day. The “neighborhood wars” between all egos, “tribes”, and cults of “thing” are what is happening now. The private wars of “Everyman”, the society of “Everyman”, the religiosity of “Everyman”, the “late-time” of “Everyman” is what is happening now. The “Everyman” is “Narcissus”, the last tyrant—the ego itself. When the tyrant becomes everybody, that is the end-time. When the tyrant is just somebody-in-particular, then there are revolutions, ups and downs and cycles. However, at the last, when the tyrant becomes everybody, there are no more cycles, but only a linearity of sames—and everyone and everything disintegrates in stops. Such is the awful nature of the present time, of ego’s rule of all.

Therefore, it is absolutely urgent that there be an immediate and total transformation at the root of human culture and society and politics. A new kind of human institution must emerge in the world—an institution that truly establishes a global cooperative order. That new (and, necessarily, global) institution must establish and enact a non-tyrannical (and even counter-tyrannical, or entirely post-tyrannical) order of rightly and effectively functioning cooperation between everyone—between all nations, between all cultures and “tribes”, between all the “neighborhoods”.

What is required is not a matter of merely “having a dialogue” and “working toward” unity. In any such effort of “working toward”, there is, in all the works, still plenty of effort to dominate. Therefore, what is required is the establishment of the universal working-presumption of prior unity—such that “the people”, in every guise, lay down their arms, lay down their conflicts and their aggressive competitiveness, and, on that basis, straightforwardly handle all the business that is in the interest of everybody altogether.

That “handling of business” is not being done at the present time. Now, everybody is “on the brink” with everybody else. It is everywhere like that. The “daily news” is that. Everyone’s daily life has become something like an insane sporting event—that is played to the death. The human world of nowtime is like colossal Reality-TV—a dreadful mini-series, a few weeks until death. The common world of nowtime is mere insanity—Reality-madness. Everyone and everything is mad with “Everyman” now—mad with ego, mad with “Narcissus”. The last tyrant is everybody—everybody at war with everybody, to the death.

If this mad world-mummery continues unchecked, the present time of human history is the end of humantime. It is no longer a matter of one principal tyrant somewhere, some head of state somewhere, who is the “whomever”, or the “whatever”, that everyone loves to hate as everybody’s “enemy”. In this “late-time” (or “dark” epoch), everybody is the “enemy”. Everybody is wrong. Everybody is at fault. Everybody is “Narcissus”. Everybody is “Everyman”. “Everyman” is everywhere. The “objectified self” is at large. If “Everyman” is not soon disciplined by the Truth That Is Reality Itself—so that the world of “Everyman” discovers and accepts “its” limits, “its” place—then “Everyman” is going to destroy not only humankind but all life, and the Earth-world itself. [9]

— The World-Friend, Adi Da, Not-Two Is Peace (3rd ed., p.155-157, 2009)


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[9] (see p.37-39 of the downloadable excerpt from the book for the given quotation)

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Vaccines are Dangerous Poisons that Destroy the Immune System

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“Selling virus fear, to promote vaccine cheer.”


To reiterate the title: vaccines are dangerous poisons that destroy the immune system. This is simply true, based on all actual scientific and medical evidence. There is essentially no notable independent evidence (scientifically, medically, or otherwise) that suggests any valid reason to even occasionally (let alone regularly) inject the poisons known as “vaccines” into the human body. Significant numbers of independent studies (not bought and paid for by Big Pharma) are in agreement that vaccines pose many and significant dangers to health, all of which evidence will be discussed in this post.


“Pathogenic Viruses” Have Never Been Proven to Exist

The foundation of the argument that the poisons known as “vaccines” are “useful” is the unproven idea that “pathogenic viruses” (pathogenic simply meaning “able to cause disease”) exist “out there” in the big, bad world, just waiting to pounce! However, there has not yet been any valid scientific proof of the existence of such “pathogenic viruses”, not even in a century and more of such claims and theories. It is clear to any honest researcher with even a basic science background that claimed “pathogenic viruses” are actually “only typical components and characteristics of cells.” [1]

Especially during the past century the “virus” myth has been greatly propagated, including it becoming a foundation of the medical and pharmaceutical industries (and being used to achieve huge control over much of humankind). Yet this myth of “viruses” is fundamentally a cover for the real causes of disease, often caused by poisoning from toxicity in the environment. As has been stated by the long-term researcher into environmental cover-ups, Jim West, in his recent writings about air pollution being the most probable cause of “excess mortality” this year (that is being falsely labeled as “virus” mortality):


Virus causation, in general, is a protective industrial concept.[2]


Excellent and thorough research by Jim West relative the claimed “polio virus” [3] reveals two very important facts. Firstly, the claimed “virus” has never been proven to exist [4] (meaning purifying and isolating, in laboratory conditions, multiple samples of the exact same claimed “virus”). Secondly, the obviously causal link between DDT (and other toxic chemicals used in mass farming, such as arsenic and lead) and the disease known as “polio” is easily shown by historical evidence:


The non-funded, ostracized theory of poison causality far exceeds all other theories in simplicity, exactitude, and directness regarding correlations within all data areas: dosage, physiology, etiology, epidemiology, economics, and politics.

The historical non-relationship between vaccination and paralytic polio can be viewed graphically, in terms of the official numbers… [5]


Viewing the chart of DDT usage versus polio cases, including versus the penetration of “vaccines” (for the unproven “virus”) into the population, it is immediately obvious that “polio vaccines” have actually done essentially nothing to eradicate the polio disease. Cessation of the use of DDT is clearly the most dominant factor in the disappearance of this disease that affects the central nervous system.

Similarly, the “measles virus” is clearly one caused by environmental toxicity, as shown again by Jim West’s research. The “measles outbreak” that occurred in New York City from late 2018 through early 2019 [6] was also clearly an outbreak of disease due highly toxic environmental pollution (especially severe air pollution). With regards to the claimed “measles virus” it has been upheld in the Supreme Court of Germany that there is no valid scientific evidence demonstrating the existence of said “virus”. As stated by Dr. Stefan Lanka, the dissident virologist who took the case to the Supreme Court:


“With the Supreme Court judgment in the measles virus trial any national and international statements on the alleged measles virus, the infectivity of measles, and on the benefit and safety of vaccination against measles, are since then of no scientific character and have thus been deprived of their legal basis.” [7]


Historical Evidence: “Vaccines” Played Almost No Role in Eradicating Chronic Diseases

In 1970, Harvard’s Dr. Edward H. Kass, gave a speech to his colleagues at the annual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (of which Dr. Kass was President at that time). During that speech he presented charts which show that various diseases (including measles, pertussis or “whooping cough”, and scarlet fever) had all but disappeared prior to vaccines being available (with no vaccine for scarlet fever ever actually being created). These words spoken by Dr. Kass in that speech are worthy of serious consideration:


“This decline in rates of certain disorders, correlated roughly with socioeconomic circumstances, is merely the most important happening in the history of the health of man, yet we have only the vaguest and most general notions about how it happened and by what mechanisms socioeconomic improvement and decreased rates of certain diseases run in parallel.” [8]


Then in 1977, Boston University epidemiologists John and Sonja McKinlay (husband and wife), published a landmark study: “The Questionable Contribution of Medical Measures to the Decline of Mortality in the United States in the Twentieth Century.” In that study McKinlay & McKinlay used data to prove that “the introduction of specific medical measures and/or the expansion of medical services are generally not responsible for most of the modern decline in mortality.”

Since 1900 a 74% decline in mortality has been observed in so-called “developed” countries. The McKinlay & McKinlay study came to some very significant conclusions relative this decline in mortality and the contribution (or not) of “medical measures” including “vaccines”:


* 92.3% of the mortality rate decline happened between 1900 and 1950, before most vaccines existed.

* Medical measures appear to have contributed little to the overall decline in mortality in the United States since about 1900—having in many instances been introduced several decades after a marked decline had already set in and having no detectable influence in most instances.”

* Vaccines (and other medical interventions like antibiotics) were responsible for somewhere between 1% and 3.5% (at best) of that decline in mortality.


The McKinlay & McKinlay study makes it clear that “vaccines” provided negligible (in truth probably close to zero) real impact on the eradication of diseases from modern societies. What then was the main reason for the massive decline in diseases and mortality? Civil engineering was evidently key, as made very clear by CDC scientists in a study titled “Annual Summary of Vital Statistics: Trends in the Health of Americans During the 20th Century” that was published December 2000 in the Pediatrics Journal:


Thus vaccination does not account for the impressive declines in mortality seen in the first half of the century … nearly 90% of the decline in infectious disease mortality among US children occurred before 1940, when few antibiotics or vaccine were available.


This CDC scientist study then described the significant societal changes that were actually responsible for the massive decline in mortality which included “water treatment, food safety, organized solid waste disposal, and public education about hygienic practices” amongst other factors (such as better housing). All of this makes good sense and “vaccines” are essentially nowhere to be found in the actual data and actual published science relative the decline in diseases during the first half of last century.


Utterly Flawed “Tests” and Mass Delusion Relative Unproven “Virus”

The current claimed “virus pandemic” would not even exist without the utterly flawed “tests” that are the very foundation of the global events in the recent months. Without any “test positive cases” there is also no “virus pandemic”, plain and simple. In an excellent research paper by well known biomedical science critic, David Crowe, titled “Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory” are these statements:


[1. Executive Summary] The world is suffering from a massive delusion based on the belief that a test for RNA is a test for a deadly new virus, a virus that has emerged from wild bats or other animals in China, supported by the western assumption that Chinese people will eat anything that moves.

If the virus exists, then it should be possible to purify viral particles. From these particles RNA can be extracted and should match the RNA used in this test. Until this is done it is possible that the RNA comes from another source, which could be the cells of the patient, bacteria, fungi etc. There might be an association with elevated levels of this RNA and illness, but that is not proof that the RNA is from a virus. Without purification and characterization of virus particles, it cannot be accepted that an RNA test is proof that a virus is present.

[9. Conclusions] The coronavirus panic is just that, an irrational panic, based on an unproven RNA test, that has never been connected to a virus. And which won’t be connected to a virus unless the virus is purified. Furthermore, even if the test can detect a novel virus the presence of a virus is not proof that it is the cause of the severe symptoms that some people who test positive experience (but not all who test positive). …

There is very little science happening. There is a rush to explain everything that is happening in a way that does not question the viral paradigm, does not question the meaningfulness of test results, and that promotes the use of untested antiviral drugs. [9]


It is well worth reading the entire paper to gain a good grounding in actual science relative the world changing events that have been taking place in recent months. All manner of evidence destroys the “virus thesis” relative deaths happening around the world this year, such as the fact that people repeatedly “test positive” a second time, even after an initial quarantine period has passed.

Relative to five US sailors aboard an aircraft carrier who retested positive, John Swartzberg, a UC Berkeley infectious disease expert said: “This is not behaving like any infectious disease I have heard of, if these tests are accurate. None of this makes any sense.

However, all of it makes sense knowing that the “tests” are detecting particular cellular matter (RNA) that can evidently be present in the body due many possible reasons, including all manner of illnesses and/or stresses that the “test positive” person might be suffering. Based on the many known facts about the utterly flawed “coronavirus tests” the entire theory of a current “virus pandemic” falls apart.

Without proper scientific verification of the claimed “coronavirus” actually even existing (meaning purification and isolation of multiple samples showing the exact same claimed “virus” particle when viewed by an electron microscope) the tests are utterly useless and no “cases” or death counts that are based on those “tests” are valid or meaningful. This means that every single claimed “case” and death relative “Covid-19” is unproven. Therefore, the claimed “coronavirus pandemic” does not exist, at least not based on any actual scientific evidence.


Pandemic Air Pollution is Common Factor for Most “Virus” Deaths

With regards to the current claimed “virus pandemic” the facts and data reveal that the diseases people are actually dying from are most especially being caused by horrific air pollution [10] in urban areas and certain wider regions (such as northern Italy) well known to have had illegal and lethal levels of air pollution [11] for years if not decades. The latest updates from Jim West in his ongoing research into the “pandemic air pollution” causing “excess mortality” points to cyanide [12] being a possible key to the severity of disease and death in particular locations (such as the Tri-State area of NY/NJ/CT).

A simple and good analysis of all “official” data relative claimed “virus” deaths (in the current claimed “pandemic”) makes it clear that no “deadly and infectious virus” could possibly be causing the deaths. This is obvious on many counts, such as the fact that more than 300% the deaths per capita (compared an average for all US states) are happening in Democrat controlled states of the USA [13] with the vast majority of “virus” deaths in those states happening in urban areas with known killer air pollution.

Repeated and highly publicized claims have been made that the unproven “virus” is an “equal killer of all” yet the evidence is completely distinct to that obviously false claim. People are mostly dying in very specific locations that have known killer air pollution, with at least 1.5 million air pollution deaths globally due environmental factors expected every year (stated in a 2006 report from the WHO).

So far the claimed “virus” deaths since this “pandemic” was declared are only 25% of that 1.5 million. This means there is much more room for fraudulent “virus” death numbers to be pumped higher and higher for many months to come, to keep pushing the fear of the unproven “virus” while continuing to enforce more and more controls over all of humankind. Notably, such continuation of the false “virus pandemic” hides the real causes of the disease and death happening in specific locations, with one of the most significant real causes obviously being the killer air pollution in such locations.


Unsafe “Vaccines” for Unproven “Viruses” (Pollution Diseases)

Knowing that pandemic air pollution is the common link between most claimed “virus” deaths in the current claimed “virus pandemic” immediately brings into question the very purpose of a “vaccine” in this instance. A “vaccine” for the unproven claimed “virus” will obviously do nothing to protect anyone from the lethal and pandemic pollution that is obviously the real killer in the recent months (and years).

What then is the real purpose of the global push for mass poisoning (aka “vaccination”)? This push has multiple purposes, evidently, especially including doing intentional damage to the immune systems of even billions of people (through the poisons known as “vaccines”). The ensuing “pandemic” of disease and death that will inevitably follow such a mass poisoning campaign is all part of the eugenicist plan of billionaire thugs such as Bill Gates and his friends, which is to reduce global population by 10-15% [14] in part through “vaccines” being forced on even most of humankind.

Looking at the actual evidence relative to the poisons known as “vaccines” confirms that such are the cause of illness and disease on a vast scale in the recent decades. In 2017, after some 490,000 children in India had been paralyzed [15] between 2000 and 2017 evidently due the “polio vaccine” campaign of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Indian government asked Gates and his “Foundation” to leave the country for good. Subsequently, the rates of child paralysis “dropped precipitously”.

Even the WHO has admitted that the recent global explosion in “polio” is “predominantly vaccine strain” meaning caused by the “vaccines” themselves. Not forgetting the 1,200 young girls in remote Indian provinces that suffered severe side effects from the “Gates and friends” HPV vaccines, with seven of those girls dying due to the “vaccine”. Then there is the WHO’s popular DTP vaccine that is killing more African children than the diseases it is claimed to prevent.


Studies of “Vaccine” Dangers Hidden from Public View

Here is a long list of findings from many and varied studies [16] (including from CDC unpublished data and from many independently published studies) that should help anyone be very clear in choosing not to have a shot (and choosing to ensure their beloved baby or child does not have a shot) of any kind of “vaccine” poisons:


* CDC’s Unpublished Verstraeten Study on Hep B Showed Dramatic Increased Risk of Autism (7.6X), Sleep Disorders (5X), Speech Disorders (2.1X) and Neurodevelopmental Disorders (1.8X)

* DTP and Tetanus Vaccinations Increase the Odds of Allergies (1.63X) in Children

* Hepatitis B Vaccines Increase the Odds for Special Education by 8.63X

* Hepatitis B Vaccines in Male Newborns Increased the Odds of Autism 3X

* Flu Shot Increases Rate of Non-Flu Infection 4.4X

* DTP Increases Mortality in Girls 10X

* Vaccination of Preemies Increased Odds of Neurodevelopmental Disorders 6.6X

* Vaccination Increases Risk of Allegic Rhinitis (30X), Allergy (3.1X), ADHD (4.2X), Autism (4.2X), Eczema (2.9X), Learning Disability (5.2X) and Neurodevelopmental Disorders (3.7X)

* Vaccination Increases Type I Diabetes 3X

* Polio Vaccination Increases Type I Diabetes 2.5X

* Raw CDC Data Shows Vaccination on Time with MMR Increased Odds of Autism 3.64X [in African American Boys and 1.49X for All Children]

* Thimersosal-Containing Hepatitis B Series Increases Odds of Autism 3.39X

* Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine Increases the Odds of Asthma 8.01X

* Thimerosal-Containing Hepatitis B Series Increases Odds of Premature Puberty 2.1X

* MMR Vaccine Increases Risk of Crohn’s Disease 3.01X and Ulcerative Colitis 2.53X

* Thimerosal Containing Hepatitis B Vaccines – When Compared to Children Vaccinated Without Thimerosal – Increased Odds of ADHD 1.98X

* Highest Levels of Thimerosal Exposure Increase Autism Risk 11.35X

* Two H1N1-Containing Influenza Vaccines Prior to and During Pregnancy Increases Miscarriage Odds by 7.7X

* H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Increases Risks of Bell’s Palsy (1.34X), Paraesthesia (1.25X) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (1.25X) in High Risk Patients

* HPV Vaccination Increases Odds of Memory Impairment (1.23X) and Involuntary Movement (1.53X)

* Thimerosal Containing Triple HepB Series in the First Six Months of Life Increase Odds of Emotional Disturbances by 2.37X

* HPV Vaccine Increases the Risk of Celiac Disease by 1.56X

* The H1N1 and Seasonal Influenza Vaccines Both Given During Pregnancy Increase Fetal Loss by 11.4X Compared to the Seasonal Flu Vaccine Only

* Swine Flu Vaccine (Pandemrix) Increases Rate of Narcolepsy in Swedish Children by 25X

* Risk of Chorioamnionitis in Pregnant Women Vaccinated with Tdap [1.19X] Versus Pregnant Women Not Vaccinated with Tdap

* First Dose of Rotavirus Vaccine (Rotarix) Increases Intussusception Odds by 5.8X

* Measles Vaccination Versus Measles Infection Increases the Odds of Atop (Allergy) by 2.8X

* Higher Exposure to Thimerosal from Infant Vaccines Increases the Odds of Motor Tics (2.19X) and Phonic Tics (2.44X) in Boys

* Delaying the First Three DPT Vaccine Doses Reduces Asthma Risk by 61%

* Exposure to Higher Levels of Thimerosal in Infant Vaccines Before 13 Months of Age Increases the Rate of Premature Puberty by 6.45X

* Addition of the Hepatitis B Vaccine in 1988 Increased the Rate of Type I Diabetes 1.62X in Children in New Zealand

* DTP Vaccination Increases Mortality by 2.45X in Girls Previously Receiving the BCG (Tuberculosis) Vaccines

* Higher Number of Vaccine Doses Prior to One Year of Age Increases Infant Mortality by 1.83X

* One Dose of the DTP Vaccine Increases Infant Mortality by 1.84X

* Early DTP Vaccination in Girls Increased Infant Mortality by 5.68X

* Receipt of Both the BCG and DTP Vaccines Increased Infant Mortality in Girls by 2.4X

* Receipt of the Second and Third Dose of the DTP Vaccine Increases Infant Mortality by 4.36X

* Vaccination increases the risk of asthma (11.4X) and hay fever (10X) in children with no family history of those disorders

* Vaccination with DTP simultaneously with measles vaccine or DTP after measles vaccine increased risk of death (2.59X)

* Hepatitis B Vaccination Increases the Odds (3.1X) of a Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

* 70% of SIDS Deaths Occur Within Three Weeks of DPT Vaccination

* Netherlands Fully Vaccinated Versus Unvaccinated Study, 2004 [showed increased incidence of Ear Infections (2.69X), Throat Inflammation (4.05X), Aggressive Behavior Events (11.4X), Convulsions/Collapse (7X), Antibiotics Administered (2.2X), Fever >40°C (1.6X), Febrile Convulsions (2.71X), Hospital Admission (1.46X), Sickly (4.37X), Chronic Eczema (1.65X), Asthma/Chronic Lung Disease (2.42X), Allergic Reactions (1.45X), and Difficulty Sleeping (1.58X)]

* January 2020 Pentagon Study Shows Influenza Vaccination Increases Risk of Coronavirus by 36%

* Influenza Vaccination Increases the Risk of Non-Influenza Virual Respiratory Infections by 4.4X

* Influenza Vaccination Increases Rick of Acute Viral Respiratory Infections by 4.8X

* Influenza Vaccination Increases the Risk of Non-Influenza Viral Lung Infections in Children by 55%

* Influenza Vaccination Increases the Rate of Non-Influenza “Influenza-Like Infections” in Children by 1.6X

* Vaccinated Children Have a 5.9X Greater Risk of Pneumonia and a 3.8X Greater Risk of Ear Infections

* Pandemrix Flu Shot Increases Odds of Narcolepsy by 14.4X in Children and Adolescents

* Influenza Vaccination Increases Inflammatory Response by 39% in Pregnant Women

* Influenza Vaccination Increase Inflammatory Response by 173% and Induces Platelet Activation and Cardiac Imbalance

* Influenza Vaccination Increases Susceptibility to and Damage Caused by Non-Target Flu Strains [with 3X Macroscopic Lesions and 2.67X Microscopic Lesions]

* Influenza Vaccination Increases Hospitalizations in Asthmatic Patients by 2.97X

* Multiple Vaccinations Given Simultaneously Increases Odds of Cardiac Events in Premature Infants by 3.62X


What an incredible list of health horrors and deaths that are shown to be caused by the poisons known as “vaccines”! Anyone who reads that list of summaries from 54 studies and still wants to have any kind of “vaccine” poison injected into their body perhaps needs another kind of health care (meaning real psychological help, due such a person evidently being unable to stop themselves from choosing self-harm through having known poisons administered to them).


“Flu Shot” Dangers (includes 36% Higher Risk of “Coronavirus”)

Looking at the “influenza vaccination” study summaries above is shocking, given that the “flu shot” is such a common “vaccine” injected into vast numbers of people around the world each year. Especially note the study summary that “influenza vaccination” results in a 36% increased risk of “coronavirus” disease (a Pentagon study from January 2020).

The increased risk of “coronavirus” is due to so-called “virus interference” which is where a “vaccine” for one disease is actually responsible for increasing the chances (sometimes significantly) of other diseases. So all those who have had a recent “flu shot” are over a third more likely to suffer “coronavirus” disease due that “flu shot”. Yet people are still being told (all around the world) to get “flu shots” as a “protection” from “coronavirus” even though such a recommendation is counter to the scientific evidence.

For the 2019-2020 “flu season” a brand new type of quadrivalent (means it contains four “flu viruses”) vaccine was approved and introduced in the US and EU [17] which is based on mammalian cells, rather than on embryonated chicken eggs. Here are critical excerpts from the results of clinical trials with this new type of cell-based “influenza vaccine”:


[Reactogenicity and Safety] Serious adverse events (SAEs; collected ≤ 6 months after vaccination) were reported in 1.7%, 1.8% and 1.5% of QIVc, TIV1c and TIV2c recipients aged 18 to < 65 years, while the respective rates in adults aged ≥ 65 years were 6.2%, 4.7% and 4.7%. New onset of chronic disease (NOCD) was reported in 3.6% of QIVc recipients aged 18 to < 65 years (vs. 3.0% and 3.7% of TIV1c and TIV2c recipients) and 5.8% of QIVc recipients aged ≥  65 years (vs. 4.4% and 5.0%) … [18]


The above paragraph is something like hieroglyphics, which makes it harder for people who are not so science-minded to understand the truth that is being stated in black-and-white. Deciphering the above, QIVc refers to the “quadrivalent” (four disease) vaccine while TIV1c and TIV2c refer to two distinct trivalent (three disease) vaccines (with differing “influenza B viruses”). Given that the average age of claimed “coronavirus” deaths is around 80 globally, the elderly age group is of particular interest.

The data for people 65 years and up is shocking, to say the least. It says that “serious adverse events” happened with 6.2% (1 in 16) of those receiving the four disease “vaccine”, compared 4.7% with either of the three disease “vaccines”. In other words, the four disease “vaccine” is a third more dangerous than the three disease “vaccine”, which correlates well with the fact that there is a third more poison (“influenza virus” and whatever else) contained in the syringe.

What then is a “serious adverse event” or SAE? The FDA says an SAE has occurred [19] when the outcome is:

* Death

* Life-threatening

* Hospitalization

* Disability or Permanent Damage


A couple of other types of outcomes are also listed by the FDA, but these four are the relevant ones in terms of the SAE definition and elderly people. Knowing that 1 in 16 elderly people who received the four-disease “vaccine” experienced an SAE the odds are certainly not good for taking such a risk with one’s life. Then 5.8% (1 in 17) of the four disease “vaccine” recipients over 65 years experienced the onset of a new chronic disease post-“vaccination” (a 32% and 16% increase, respectively, compared the two types of “vaccines” with three diseases).

To get a real sense of how much damage “influenza vaccinations” cause to the health of elderly people let us consider the population of the Lombardy region in northern Italy, which accounts for about half of all claimed “coronavirus” deaths [20] in Italy. The population of the Lombardy region is about 10 million with an estimated 22.6% [21] being 65 and over, and data from 2017-18 (for the city of Brescia) says that around 40% of 65+ year olds [22] received “influenza vaccination”. This gives a broad estimate (assuming the same 40% amount) of around 904,000 “influenza vaccinated” 65+ year olds in Lombardy for the 2019-20 “flu season” (northern hemisphere winter).

Using the above percentages observed relative the quadrivalent (four disease) vaccine in the referenced study gives these estimates for the Lombardy region of Italy (following “influenza vaccination”): a Serious Adverse Effect (SAE) for around 56,000 of 65+ year olds; and onset of a new chronic disease for around 52,500 of 65+ year olds. These are serious numbers and in only 10 million people (a sixth of Italy’s total population).

Assuming a similar number of “vaccinated” elderly (40%) throughout Italy (60 million people, with about 23% being 65 and older) for the sake of a comparison with annual “flu” deaths in Italy gives an estimate of 5.52 million 65+ year olds in Italy receiving the “influenza vaccination” for 2019-20. This then equates to these shocking numbers: a Serious Adverse Effect (SAE) for around 342,000 of 65+ year olds; and onset of a new chronic disease for around 320,000 of 65+ year olds!

In the 2016-17 “flu season” some 25,000 Italians are said to have died from “influenza” [23] (which was the worst of several recent “flu seasons” in Italy). This poses the very serious question: is it worth an estimated 662,000 elderly Italians experiencing either a “serious adverse effect” or onset of a new chronic disease due being “vaccinated” for a disease that at worst kills only around 25,000 people? And these quoted numbers don’t even include the under 65s who experience either an SAE or the onset of a new chronic disease post-“vaccination”!

When considering all of the above numbers it is clear that there is something very wrong with the constantly repeated mantra that people should get a “flu shot”. Recalling that northern Italy was a claimed “epicenter” of the claimed “pandemic” in March/April and that northern Italy “ranks among the most air polluted areas of Europe” [24] it is clear that the “virus” is once again a cover for killer pollution, and that “vaccinations” are in fact causing illness and disease for significantly higher numbers of people than the numbers who might die from the diseases “vaccines” are said to prevent.


“Coronavirus Vaccine” Trial: Serious Injury for 20% of Healthy People in High Dose Group

Results from one of the first clinical trials of a “coronavirus vaccine” made by the “vaccine” company Moderna (who have yet to release a single product to market, but whose stock value is skyrocketing based on speculation of their success) are now in and they are shocking:


The vaccine, developed and championed by Anthony Fauci and financed by Bill Gates, used an experimental mRNA technology that the two men hoped would allow rapid deployment to meet President Trump’s ambitious “warp speed” time line …

Three of the 15 human guinea pigs in the high dose cohort (250 mcg) suffered a “serious adverse event” within 43 days of receiving Moderna’s jab. …

Moderna allowed only exceptionally healthy volunteers to participate in the study. A vaccine with those reaction rates could cause grave injuries in 1.5 billion humans if administered to “every person on earth”. That is the threshold that Gates has established for ending the global lockdown. [25]


Wow. These results from the “coronavirus vaccine” trial make it clear that “vaccines” are something of a basic intelligence test for any one of us (as has been stated by numerous writers on this subject). All who voluntarily choose to be injected with the poisons known as “vaccines” have sadly failed that test of intelligence. With the percentages of “serious adverse events” that all kinds of “vaccines” for all kinds of diseases cause, anyone who chooses such poisoning is choosing the risk of serious self-harm for no proven benefit, and is thus demonstrating a real lack of basic intelligence.


Aluminum in “Vaccines” Shown As Key Contributor to Autism

Research published in the last five years has shown that aluminum (spelled aluminium in English, as opposed to aluminum in “American English”) in the brain is a primary factor in autistic people. Dr. Chris Exley of Keele University, England, and his colleagues published a study relative amounts of aluminum in brain tissue of subjects with autism and the findings were extremely telling:


… while the aluminium content of each of the 5 brains [of people with autism] was shockingly high it was the location of the aluminium in the brain tissue which served as the standout observation … The new evidence strongly suggests that aluminium is entering the brain in ASD [autism spectrum disorders] via pro-inflammatory cells which have become loaded up with aluminium in the blood and/or lymph, much as has been demonstrated for monocytes [a type of white blood cells] at injection sites for vaccines including aluminium adjuvants.” [26]


In other words, aluminum enters the brain via cells that are loaded with aluminum after injection with “vaccines” containing aluminum “adjuvants” (“adjuvants” are added to stimulate an immune system response). In the mid-1980s the cumulative aluminum a baby would have received by 18 months of age (if fully vaccinated, based on the vaccine schedule then) would have been 1,250 micrograms. Whereas that number today is 4,925 micrograms or an almost four-fold (394%) increase.

This strong connection between aluminum adjuvants in vaccines and autism resulted in serious communications being made to US health authorities: “In the middle of 2017, three of the most important scientists in the field of aluminum adjuvant toxicity—Dr. Christopher Shaw of Canada, Dr. Chris Exley of England, and Dr. Romain Gherardi of France—took the extraordinary step of writing letters of caution to our American public health authorities.” In the mentioned letters, each scientist made the statement that the CDC’s claim on its website that “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism” is wholly unsupported by the scientific evidence.

A clear and straight forward brochure summarizing the science around aluminum and autism [27] is available online that is worth sending to anyone considering “vaccination” for their baby or child. From that brochure:


Aluminum (Al) adjuvant is necessary in many vaccines for stimulating immunity. The Al adjuvant dosages infants receive in the CDC schedule cause neurological injury, brain inflammation, learning and memory impairment, and behavioral abnormalities in animal experiments …

It is now clear that vaccines contain brain-damaging amounts of Al adjuvant.


Chronic Diseases in Children Up 423% Since “Vaccine” Schedule Rapidly Expanded

In 1986 the “National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act” was signed into law, which gives absolute legal indemnity to the mass poisoners known as “vaccine” manufacturers. “Since 1988, the U.S. childhood immunization schedule has rapidly expanded to accommodate the introduction of new, universally recommended vaccines …” [28] as stated by the CDC. The legal indemnity was clearly a “green light” for the various “vaccine” manufacturers (mass poisoners) to inject far more “vaccines” into US children.

How has that rapid expansion of the “immunization schedule” worked out for children in the USA? Based on the available data and scientific studies it has not worked out well at all. It is clear that the stated “immunization schedule” can be more accurately described as an “immune system destruction schedule” for children in the US:


* 12.8% of 2-8 year olds born 1980-1986 had chronic diseases (study period 1988-1994).

* 54.1% of 0-17 year olds born 1990-2007 had chronic diseases (study year 2007). [29]


Thus, in less than one generation (20 years) of human life chronic diseases have increased by an absolutely shocking 423% in US children, in “lock step” with the rapid expansion of the “vaccination” schedule. This 423% increase also closely correlates with the 394% increase in aluminum adjuvants making their way into US children due this massively expanded “immunization schedule” since 1988.


Over US$4 Billion Compensation Paid for Fewer Than 1% of “Vaccine Injuries” Since 1989

If “vaccines are safe” as is constantly claimed by the persistently promulgated pro-poison propaganda, then why does a “National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program” (NVICP) [30] even exist in the USA? Also, why has over US$4 billion [31] in compensation been paid for “vaccine injuries” via that NVICP in a little over 30 years? This includes around US$900 million for “influenza vaccine” injuries [32] alone. Over this 30 year period the trend of “compensated award” numbers is shown to be clearly on the rise:


USA deaths charts


What is even more shocking is the fact that an HHS-funded review concluded that “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported” [33] which means that the true picture is likely around 100 times as bad as the above chart reflects. Thus, if all the people who have suffered “vaccine injury” were aware of the option to pursue compensation (and were able to obtain legal assistance) then the total payments for such injuries could well have been more like US$400 billion in only three decades. Yet the total lie and mantra of “vaccines are safe” is constantly blasted around the world. Big Pharma has massive power and influence, clearly.


Conclusion: Pandemic Poor Health Due Increase in “Vaccinations”

As stated by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman of Children’s Health Defense, in his article “10 Facts Every Parent Needs to Know About Vaccinations” published earlier this year (February 28):


CDC, frankly, is a vaccine company; it owns 56 vaccine patents and buys and distributes $4.6 billion in vaccines annually through the Vaccines for Children program. Further, Pharma directly funds, populates and controls dozens of CDC programs through the CDC Foundation. The CDC and FDA have become dominated by the interests of vaccine manufacturers rather than acting in the public interest.


Now a little over 30 years since the “immunization schedule” was “rapidly expanded” in the US the facts speak for themselves. Children have never been sicker in the USA than the present day, chronic diseases are up more than 4-fold in the same timeframe as the rapid increase in “vaccinations” of US children (with the commensurate 4-fold increase in aluminum “adjuvant” getting into US children). All of this makes it exceedingly clear that the “vaccine” poisons being pumped into young, vulnerable bodies in the USA are a primary causal reason for the “pandemic poor health” being seen.

If you are a parent, then you would do well to seriously consider all of these facts before you ever consent to your child receiving any “vaccination” whatsoever. Allowing a child to be “vaccinated” puts the lifelong health of that young person at risk. Apart from parents, anyone who is considering getting any “vaccine” or “flu shot” at all should again carefully read all the information above, and really note all the many, many serious health effects that such a “shot of poison” can cause for the recipient.

In conclusion, it is glaringly obvious that all of the best data and scientific studies do not say “vaccines are safe” at all. In fact, the actual data and real studies show exactly the opposite: “vaccines” are quite typically dangerous cocktails of poisons which are proven to cause varying levels of immune system destruction (with the amount of immune system destruction evidently being dependent on the age and also health of the recipient and how many “vaccines” are administered over whatever amount of time).

Based on all of this evidence, it is clear that “vaccines” should not be administered to the general human population at all.


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Further Research

Some links for further research about “vaccine” safety and related matters:





* (movie recommended by Robert De Niro)







[5] (especially see final chart)











[16] (13MB file)


















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