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“Virus” Not Dangerous to Violent Anarchists, Only to Peaceful “Lockdown” Protesters

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The “official” narrative goes on. The boring, tired, Big Money and Big Industry funded fairytale of “viruses” and “vaccines” [1] that is being used to control almost the whole of humankind at this point. The “official” narrative that entirely amounts to a vast expanse of endless deceptions and lies, that is being strewn across newspapers, TV screens, and every anti-social media platform, as well as most of the online “news” sources too (with the food chain of money for most such sources leading to the same “ruling class” or ultra-wealthy few responsible for the entire global “plandemic” operation).

The narrative being sold 24×7 by all “official” sources entirely amounts to a huge pile of steaming shite. To put it bluntly. All designed to bewitch and entrance any and all fools in the Corona Cult, who are still continuing to believe in the fake “virus news” that is being funded by eugenicist billionaires.

Does anyone remember the lies to do with Saddam’s supposed “weapons of mass destruction” and the fact that this was another entirely false narrative? A narrative that was sold to the believing masses hypnotized by clever brainwashing, just as now with the false “virus pandemic” operation. Such utterly false “news” is the order of the day, and for decades. Anyone not hip to this fact by now, with all the evidence, is still suffering severe mind-control from their over-exposure to clever propaganda.


Clever “Virus” Supposedly Obeys Leftist Mainstream Media

On May 1st there were many peaceful protests around the USA [2] demanding an end to the unlawful, unconstitutional, society and economy destroying, life and livelihood destroying “lockdowns” that were sold to everyone based on completely fraudulent “models” and data relative the claimed “virus pandemic” (which happens to be a literal pandemic of killer air pollution [3] and other highly toxic pollution). These protests were attacked viciously by the mostly pro-Democrat mainstream press in the USA, even with wishes of death for the civic minded folk who actually give a shit about fundamental human rights, the constitution, and other small matters like that.

Statements like “hope the virus kills them all” and “what a bunch of morons” were of course common on the mostly leftist hate-filled anti-social “media platforms” as well. It was in general a rather vile demonstration of the nature of cultic mob-mind, with masses of mostly leftist Democrat voting fools spitting out all manner of nasty little epithets. The mostly leftist press in the USA really wants there to be a killer bug, you see, as that narrative is what is being used to justify the blatantly fascist political moves in recent months, moves that have no legal or scientific or medical basis whatsoever.

So the leftist press and at least many (thankfully not all) people in leftist states in the USA seem to truly “love” this bug (with that “love” being shown by the abject terror of the fake bug that is being suffered by all the many fools who have been sucked in by the lies), and the bug sure loves all the people in those leftist states back in kind. It does this through being three times more lethal (deaths per capita) in Democrat controlled states than Republican [4] (when comparing averaged deaths per capita) which is just another “slight” statistical impossibility amidst the dozens of such glaring statistical anomalies relative the fake “virus pandemic”.

In line with the higher “virus” deaths per capita in Democrat states is the much higher fear being suffered by many Democrat voters. A survey in early May [5] revealed that Democrat voters were (at that time) from 4 to 19 times more fear about ordinary activities than Republican voters. Further evidence that the “virus” is in fact exactly equal to the propaganda being sold by mainstream media and governments around the world.

Back to the subject of protests, just a month after the peaceful protests against society destroying and unconstitutional “lockdowns” with all the mainstream press hatred towards those involved, the mostly leftist US mainstream press is full of compliments and praise for the violent and anarchistic “protests” (more like mass hate-filled vandalism and senseless stupidity) that are supposedly all about “social justice” [6] (is violent anarchy “social justice” or am I missing something here?). According to the presstitutes it is fine for these mass “protests” to happen in spite of the supposed “virus pandemic”.

Thus, the bug supposedly takes orders from leftist media and won’t kill violent anarchists when they congregate by the thousands, with no anti-social “distancing” being observed anywhere. It really is a unique and amazing bug, unlike any other in the history of planet Earth. Not forgetting that the bug also apparently has conscious understanding of the fine details contained in every “health order” around the world (in every single town, city, county, state, and country) such that the bug knows how far it is and isn’t allowed to leap (3 or 5 or 6 feet, depending on location) onto the next unsuspecting, slave mask wearing, brainwashed Corona Cultist following their orders so carefully.


Pro-Democrat Press Loves “Virus” & Republican President Loves “Vaccines”

Let’s not let the Republican party off the hook here in this whole “scamdemic” operation. Anyone who has the slightest clue about politics in recent decades is well aware that the major political parties in the USA do in truth ultimately serve the same masters. Just as all major political parties all over the world ultimately serve the same masters: Big Money and Big Industry.

It is quickly proven that the Republican party is ultimately subservient to the same money powers as the Democrat party simply by remembering the pro-vaccine statements from the President in the past couple of years. A President who was supposedly all about “vaccine safety” a few years back, but turns out to be a lying fraud just like all the other lying frauds (especially since late 1963) who have played the puppet in that supposedly highest and most powerful position of US public office.

When the “measles outbreak” happened in New York City from late 2018 through early 2019, the current Presi-puppet made extremely clear pro-vaccine statements in response. Given that the disease known as measles is pollution related [7] (and nothing to do with a “virus”, therefore not needing any “vaccine”) it makes it clear that Trump is bought and owned by Big Pharma, just as almost every other senior political figure all around the world appears to be at present. Here’s what Trump said last April (2019) relative the NYC “measles outbreak” (means pollution disease outbreak):


They have to get the shot. The vaccinations are so important,” Trump said outside the White House … “This is really going around now, they have to get their shot.” [8]


Couldn’t be clearer really. Since this current “plandemic” operation began various memes have been going around that Presi-puppet Trump is somehow going to stand up for the rights of US citizens or some such nonsense, yet it is actually quite clear that he takes his orders from the snake-oil salesman, forked-tongued Fauci, standing at his side during the past few months. Fauci is of course simply doing his highly paid front man job for Big Pharma which is “selling virus fear, to promote vaccine cheer”.

Trump is once again pro-vaccine in this current situation, with the insane “Operation Warp Speed” [9] being all about rushing a “coronavirus vaccine” through with less testing or any proven effectiveness than is even the usual for the dangerous poisons known as vaccines. One of the first vaccines to be tested so far is from Moderna (who don’t even have a single product on the market, yet whose stock prices have been soaring), and the results were shockingly bad. In the high dose group 20% of volunteers suffered “serious injury” with one of those very healthy people chosen for that group being the “sickest in his life” [10] after his shot of poisons.

Letting everyone know exactly how much powerful interest is behind getting such health and immune system destroying poisons injected into as many US residents as possible (all 330 million being the goal, no doubt), the Presi-puppet said some sobering words about what is apparently to come. In mid-May he said that the military will be mobilized to “distribute” the vaccine, which is very serious talk and amounts to a declaration of warfare on all US residents, given that vaccines are such dangerous and potentially lethal cocktails:


We’re mobilizing our military and other forces but we’re mobilizing our military on the basis that we do have a vaccine. You know, it’s a massive job to give this vaccine. Our military is now being mobilized so at the end of the year we’re going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly,” the president said.

We will have a tremendous force because assuming we get it, then you have to distribute it,” he added. “And unless you’re mobilized and ready, you’re not going to be able to do it for a long time. So we’re starting now.” [11]


That’s how much the current Presi-puppet “cares” for US residents and their rights. Not at all. Not one iota. It’s a fundamental and inviolable human birthright to decide what does or does not go into our own bodies. This is not up for debate and any and all politicians selling the idea of mass poisonings (aka “mass vaccinations”) are utterly untrustworthy due such politicians being in the deep pockets of Big Pharma. Exactly as Trump is himself. He is no different, just another opposame.


Democrat, Republican = Good Cop, Bad Cop = Opposames

Summarizing the above, while one major party sells the love of “virus fear” to all (with US states that are controlled by that political party also having three-fold the “virus” deaths per capita, which is a statistical impossibility if there was actually a “dangerous and infectious pathogen” going around) the other major party sells “vaccine cheer”, with such pro-poison propaganda being sold by the Presi-puppet himself.

It is the same old same old, the “good cop, bad cop” routine, the two wings (blue and red) of the same killer Eagle, the two halves of the same Big Money and Big Industry “brain”, the two sides of the same coin of control. It doesn’t really matter which party is in power, nor has it for many decades. The two parties simply play their two roles in the completely rigged game of politics, for all the fool “bread and circus” loving masses to be entertained and deceived by, again and again and again.


Beyond the Rigged Game of Two-Party Politik

The only force on Earth that has the power to alter the current dark path to a poisoned, totalitarian hell-realm for even all of humankind is the force of “everybody-all-at-once” meaning the vast billions of human beings working together on the basis of true unity, for the first time in history. The creation of a Global Cooperative Forum that represents humankind as a whole is the necessary outcome from such an unprecedented demonstration of unity. Here are some words about this absolutely critical matter from the World-Friend, Adi Da:


A Global Cooperative Forum representing humankind as a whole would operate based on the principle of “prior unity”—meaning an acknowledgement of the fundamental unity of humanity and of all existence.

The human family would be represented at a Global Cooperative Forum by morally-enlightened leaders capable of moving the world population into a separatism-transcending view, and, thus, into modes of cooperation.

On the basis of the working-presumption of prior unity, such a Global Cooperative Forum would deal with all the urgent issues that humankind has in common.

The principle of the Global Cooperative Forum is that the prior unity of everybody-all-at-once must become the basis of global politics.

The purpose of the Global Cooperative Forum is to ensure that the totality of humankind, or everybody-all-at-once, is participating in a global political reality, and demonstrating the self-organizing means for making it right and keeping it right.

The power of industry and money has actually become senior to the power of governments, and is now controlling the entire world.

The only power that can deal with these powers that are on the verge of destroying the Earth-world is everybody-all-at-once—meaning not merely mob power, but a new cooperative system for dealing with issues.

The efforts of separate nation-states and vested interests to control the people are not going to work forever. Sooner or later, the global population is going to demand a cooperative, benign situation.

That is why there needs to be a Global Cooperative Forum, in which all of humankind participates through right representation.

Such a Global Cooperative Forum would not be subordinate to a “tribalization” program imposed by nation-states, but would inform all of the existing political entities benignly and cooperatively.

Humankind has got to get down to its own business and choose itself—and the Global Cooperative Forum is the means to do that.

Humankind needs to be relieved of the burden of its past, and step beyond its past, like a butterfly out of a cocoon, or like a snake shedding its skin. [12]


It is indeed time for humankind to choose: shed the skin of the old “snake” (“the power of industry and money” that is “now controlling the entire world”) and get down to the business of self-responsibility relative all political, economic and social matters; or continue as a mad mob of nihilistic cultists, believing all the absurd propaganda and lies currently being used to control and rule the world. What will it be, humankind? Truth and freedom, or lies and slavery. Now is the time for that choice. Let’s make it a good one.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~














[12] The World-Friend, Adi Da, Not-Two Is Peace (p.48-50, 3rd Ed., 2009) with downloadable excerpts at

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June 13, 2020 at 2:06 pm

Vaccines are Dangerous Poisons that Destroy the Immune System

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“Selling virus fear, to promote vaccine cheer.”


To reiterate the title: vaccines are dangerous poisons that destroy the immune system. This is simply true, based on all actual scientific and medical evidence. There is essentially no notable independent evidence (scientifically, medically, or otherwise) that suggests any valid reason to even occasionally (let alone regularly) inject the poisons known as “vaccines” into the human body. Significant numbers of independent studies (not bought and paid for by Big Pharma) are in agreement that vaccines pose many and significant dangers to health, all of which evidence will be discussed in this post.


“Pathogenic Viruses” Have Never Been Proven to Exist

The foundation of the argument that the poisons known as “vaccines” are “useful” is the unproven idea that “pathogenic viruses” (pathogenic simply meaning “able to cause disease”) exist “out there” in the big, bad world, just waiting to pounce! However, there has not yet been any valid scientific proof of the existence of such “pathogenic viruses”, not even in a century and more of such claims and theories. It is clear to any honest researcher with even a basic science background that claimed “pathogenic viruses” are actually “only typical components and characteristics of cells.” [1]

Especially during the past century the “virus” myth has been greatly propagated, including it becoming a foundation of the medical and pharmaceutical industries (and being used to achieve huge control over much of humankind). Yet this myth of “viruses” is fundamentally a cover for the real causes of disease, often caused by poisoning from toxicity in the environment. As has been stated by the long-term researcher into environmental cover-ups, Jim West, in his recent writings about air pollution being the most probable cause of “excess mortality” this year (that is being falsely labeled as “virus” mortality):


Virus causation, in general, is a protective industrial concept.[2]


Excellent and thorough research by Jim West relative the claimed “polio virus” [3] reveals two very important facts. Firstly, the claimed “virus” has never been proven to exist [4] (meaning purifying and isolating, in laboratory conditions, multiple samples of the exact same claimed “virus”). Secondly, the obviously causal link between DDT (and other toxic chemicals used in mass farming, such as arsenic and lead) and the disease known as “polio” is easily shown by historical evidence:


The non-funded, ostracized theory of poison causality far exceeds all other theories in simplicity, exactitude, and directness regarding correlations within all data areas: dosage, physiology, etiology, epidemiology, economics, and politics.

The historical non-relationship between vaccination and paralytic polio can be viewed graphically, in terms of the official numbers… [5]


Viewing the chart of DDT usage versus polio cases, including versus the penetration of “vaccines” (for the unproven “virus”) into the population, it is immediately obvious that “polio vaccines” have actually done essentially nothing to eradicate the polio disease. Cessation of the use of DDT is clearly the most dominant factor in the disappearance of this disease that affects the central nervous system.

Similarly, the “measles virus” is clearly one caused by environmental toxicity, as shown again by Jim West’s research. The “measles outbreak” that occurred in New York City from late 2018 through early 2019 [6] was also clearly an outbreak of disease due highly toxic environmental pollution (especially severe air pollution). With regards to the claimed “measles virus” it has been upheld in the Supreme Court of Germany that there is no valid scientific evidence demonstrating the existence of said “virus”. As stated by Dr. Stefan Lanka, the dissident virologist who took the case to the Supreme Court:


“With the Supreme Court judgment in the measles virus trial any national and international statements on the alleged measles virus, the infectivity of measles, and on the benefit and safety of vaccination against measles, are since then of no scientific character and have thus been deprived of their legal basis.” [7]


Historical Evidence: “Vaccines” Played Almost No Role in Eradicating Chronic Diseases

In 1970, Harvard’s Dr. Edward H. Kass, gave a speech to his colleagues at the annual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (of which Dr. Kass was President at that time). During that speech he presented charts which show that various diseases (including measles, pertussis or “whooping cough”, and scarlet fever) had all but disappeared prior to vaccines being available (with no vaccine for scarlet fever ever actually being created). These words spoken by Dr. Kass in that speech are worthy of serious consideration:


“This decline in rates of certain disorders, correlated roughly with socioeconomic circumstances, is merely the most important happening in the history of the health of man, yet we have only the vaguest and most general notions about how it happened and by what mechanisms socioeconomic improvement and decreased rates of certain diseases run in parallel.” [8]


Then in 1977, Boston University epidemiologists John and Sonja McKinlay (husband and wife), published a landmark study: “The Questionable Contribution of Medical Measures to the Decline of Mortality in the United States in the Twentieth Century.” In that study McKinlay & McKinlay used data to prove that “the introduction of specific medical measures and/or the expansion of medical services are generally not responsible for most of the modern decline in mortality.”

Since 1900 a 74% decline in mortality has been observed in so-called “developed” countries. The McKinlay & McKinlay study came to some very significant conclusions relative this decline in mortality and the contribution (or not) of “medical measures” including “vaccines”:


* 92.3% of the mortality rate decline happened between 1900 and 1950, before most vaccines existed.

* Medical measures appear to have contributed little to the overall decline in mortality in the United States since about 1900—having in many instances been introduced several decades after a marked decline had already set in and having no detectable influence in most instances.”

* Vaccines (and other medical interventions like antibiotics) were responsible for somewhere between 1% and 3.5% (at best) of that decline in mortality.


The McKinlay & McKinlay study makes it clear that “vaccines” provided negligible (in truth probably close to zero) real impact on the eradication of diseases from modern societies. What then was the main reason for the massive decline in diseases and mortality? Civil engineering was evidently key, as made very clear by CDC scientists in a study titled “Annual Summary of Vital Statistics: Trends in the Health of Americans During the 20th Century” that was published December 2000 in the Pediatrics Journal:


Thus vaccination does not account for the impressive declines in mortality seen in the first half of the century … nearly 90% of the decline in infectious disease mortality among US children occurred before 1940, when few antibiotics or vaccine were available.


This CDC scientist study then described the significant societal changes that were actually responsible for the massive decline in mortality which included “water treatment, food safety, organized solid waste disposal, and public education about hygienic practices” amongst other factors (such as better housing). All of this makes good sense and “vaccines” are essentially nowhere to be found in the actual data and actual published science relative the decline in diseases during the first half of last century.


Utterly Flawed “Tests” and Mass Delusion Relative Unproven “Virus”

The current claimed “virus pandemic” would not even exist without the utterly flawed “tests” that are the very foundation of the global events in the recent months. Without any “test positive cases” there is also no “virus pandemic”, plain and simple. In an excellent research paper by well known biomedical science critic, David Crowe, titled “Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory” are these statements:


[1. Executive Summary] The world is suffering from a massive delusion based on the belief that a test for RNA is a test for a deadly new virus, a virus that has emerged from wild bats or other animals in China, supported by the western assumption that Chinese people will eat anything that moves.

If the virus exists, then it should be possible to purify viral particles. From these particles RNA can be extracted and should match the RNA used in this test. Until this is done it is possible that the RNA comes from another source, which could be the cells of the patient, bacteria, fungi etc. There might be an association with elevated levels of this RNA and illness, but that is not proof that the RNA is from a virus. Without purification and characterization of virus particles, it cannot be accepted that an RNA test is proof that a virus is present.

[9. Conclusions] The coronavirus panic is just that, an irrational panic, based on an unproven RNA test, that has never been connected to a virus. And which won’t be connected to a virus unless the virus is purified. Furthermore, even if the test can detect a novel virus the presence of a virus is not proof that it is the cause of the severe symptoms that some people who test positive experience (but not all who test positive). …

There is very little science happening. There is a rush to explain everything that is happening in a way that does not question the viral paradigm, does not question the meaningfulness of test results, and that promotes the use of untested antiviral drugs. [9]


It is well worth reading the entire paper to gain a good grounding in actual science relative the world changing events that have been taking place in recent months. All manner of evidence destroys the “virus thesis” relative deaths happening around the world this year, such as the fact that people repeatedly “test positive” a second time, even after an initial quarantine period has passed.

Relative to five US sailors aboard an aircraft carrier who retested positive, John Swartzberg, a UC Berkeley infectious disease expert said: “This is not behaving like any infectious disease I have heard of, if these tests are accurate. None of this makes any sense.

However, all of it makes sense knowing that the “tests” are detecting particular cellular matter (RNA) that can evidently be present in the body due many possible reasons, including all manner of illnesses and/or stresses that the “test positive” person might be suffering. Based on the many known facts about the utterly flawed “coronavirus tests” the entire theory of a current “virus pandemic” falls apart.

Without proper scientific verification of the claimed “coronavirus” actually even existing (meaning purification and isolation of multiple samples showing the exact same claimed “virus” particle when viewed by an electron microscope) the tests are utterly useless and no “cases” or death counts that are based on those “tests” are valid or meaningful. This means that every single claimed “case” and death relative “Covid-19” is unproven. Therefore, the claimed “coronavirus pandemic” does not exist, at least not based on any actual scientific evidence.


Pandemic Air Pollution is Common Factor for Most “Virus” Deaths

With regards to the current claimed “virus pandemic” the facts and data reveal that the diseases people are actually dying from are most especially being caused by horrific air pollution [10] in urban areas and certain wider regions (such as northern Italy) well known to have had illegal and lethal levels of air pollution [11] for years if not decades. The latest updates from Jim West in his ongoing research into the “pandemic air pollution” causing “excess mortality” points to cyanide [12] being a possible key to the severity of disease and death in particular locations (such as the Tri-State area of NY/NJ/CT).

A simple and good analysis of all “official” data relative claimed “virus” deaths (in the current claimed “pandemic”) makes it clear that no “deadly and infectious virus” could possibly be causing the deaths. This is obvious on many counts, such as the fact that more than 300% the deaths per capita (compared an average for all US states) are happening in Democrat controlled states of the USA [13] with the vast majority of “virus” deaths in those states happening in urban areas with known killer air pollution.

Repeated and highly publicized claims have been made that the unproven “virus” is an “equal killer of all” yet the evidence is completely distinct to that obviously false claim. People are mostly dying in very specific locations that have known killer air pollution, with at least 1.5 million air pollution deaths globally due environmental factors expected every year (stated in a 2006 report from the WHO).

So far the claimed “virus” deaths since this “pandemic” was declared are only 25% of that 1.5 million. This means there is much more room for fraudulent “virus” death numbers to be pumped higher and higher for many months to come, to keep pushing the fear of the unproven “virus” while continuing to enforce more and more controls over all of humankind. Notably, such continuation of the false “virus pandemic” hides the real causes of the disease and death happening in specific locations, with one of the most significant real causes obviously being the killer air pollution in such locations.


Unsafe “Vaccines” for Unproven “Viruses” (Pollution Diseases)

Knowing that pandemic air pollution is the common link between most claimed “virus” deaths in the current claimed “virus pandemic” immediately brings into question the very purpose of a “vaccine” in this instance. A “vaccine” for the unproven claimed “virus” will obviously do nothing to protect anyone from the lethal and pandemic pollution that is obviously the real killer in the recent months (and years).

What then is the real purpose of the global push for mass poisoning (aka “vaccination”)? This push has multiple purposes, evidently, especially including doing intentional damage to the immune systems of even billions of people (through the poisons known as “vaccines”). The ensuing “pandemic” of disease and death that will inevitably follow such a mass poisoning campaign is all part of the eugenicist plan of billionaire thugs such as Bill Gates and his friends, which is to reduce global population by 10-15% [14] in part through “vaccines” being forced on even most of humankind.

Looking at the actual evidence relative to the poisons known as “vaccines” confirms that such are the cause of illness and disease on a vast scale in the recent decades. In 2017, after some 490,000 children in India had been paralyzed [15] between 2000 and 2017 evidently due the “polio vaccine” campaign of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Indian government asked Gates and his “Foundation” to leave the country for good. Subsequently, the rates of child paralysis “dropped precipitously”.

Even the WHO has admitted that the recent global explosion in “polio” is “predominantly vaccine strain” meaning caused by the “vaccines” themselves. Not forgetting the 1,200 young girls in remote Indian provinces that suffered severe side effects from the “Gates and friends” HPV vaccines, with seven of those girls dying due to the “vaccine”. Then there is the WHO’s popular DTP vaccine that is killing more African children than the diseases it is claimed to prevent.


Studies of “Vaccine” Dangers Hidden from Public View

Here is a long list of findings from many and varied studies [16] (including from CDC unpublished data and from many independently published studies) that should help anyone be very clear in choosing not to have a shot (and choosing to ensure their beloved baby or child does not have a shot) of any kind of “vaccine” poisons:


* CDC’s Unpublished Verstraeten Study on Hep B Showed Dramatic Increased Risk of Autism (7.6X), Sleep Disorders (5X), Speech Disorders (2.1X) and Neurodevelopmental Disorders (1.8X)

* DTP and Tetanus Vaccinations Increase the Odds of Allergies (1.63X) in Children

* Hepatitis B Vaccines Increase the Odds for Special Education by 8.63X

* Hepatitis B Vaccines in Male Newborns Increased the Odds of Autism 3X

* Flu Shot Increases Rate of Non-Flu Infection 4.4X

* DTP Increases Mortality in Girls 10X

* Vaccination of Preemies Increased Odds of Neurodevelopmental Disorders 6.6X

* Vaccination Increases Risk of Allegic Rhinitis (30X), Allergy (3.1X), ADHD (4.2X), Autism (4.2X), Eczema (2.9X), Learning Disability (5.2X) and Neurodevelopmental Disorders (3.7X)

* Vaccination Increases Type I Diabetes 3X

* Polio Vaccination Increases Type I Diabetes 2.5X

* Raw CDC Data Shows Vaccination on Time with MMR Increased Odds of Autism 3.64X [in African American Boys and 1.49X for All Children]

* Thimersosal-Containing Hepatitis B Series Increases Odds of Autism 3.39X

* Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine Increases the Odds of Asthma 8.01X

* Thimerosal-Containing Hepatitis B Series Increases Odds of Premature Puberty 2.1X

* MMR Vaccine Increases Risk of Crohn’s Disease 3.01X and Ulcerative Colitis 2.53X

* Thimerosal Containing Hepatitis B Vaccines – When Compared to Children Vaccinated Without Thimerosal – Increased Odds of ADHD 1.98X

* Highest Levels of Thimerosal Exposure Increase Autism Risk 11.35X

* Two H1N1-Containing Influenza Vaccines Prior to and During Pregnancy Increases Miscarriage Odds by 7.7X

* H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Increases Risks of Bell’s Palsy (1.34X), Paraesthesia (1.25X) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (1.25X) in High Risk Patients

* HPV Vaccination Increases Odds of Memory Impairment (1.23X) and Involuntary Movement (1.53X)

* Thimerosal Containing Triple HepB Series in the First Six Months of Life Increase Odds of Emotional Disturbances by 2.37X

* HPV Vaccine Increases the Risk of Celiac Disease by 1.56X

* The H1N1 and Seasonal Influenza Vaccines Both Given During Pregnancy Increase Fetal Loss by 11.4X Compared to the Seasonal Flu Vaccine Only

* Swine Flu Vaccine (Pandemrix) Increases Rate of Narcolepsy in Swedish Children by 25X

* Risk of Chorioamnionitis in Pregnant Women Vaccinated with Tdap [1.19X] Versus Pregnant Women Not Vaccinated with Tdap

* First Dose of Rotavirus Vaccine (Rotarix) Increases Intussusception Odds by 5.8X

* Measles Vaccination Versus Measles Infection Increases the Odds of Atop (Allergy) by 2.8X

* Higher Exposure to Thimerosal from Infant Vaccines Increases the Odds of Motor Tics (2.19X) and Phonic Tics (2.44X) in Boys

* Delaying the First Three DPT Vaccine Doses Reduces Asthma Risk by 61%

* Exposure to Higher Levels of Thimerosal in Infant Vaccines Before 13 Months of Age Increases the Rate of Premature Puberty by 6.45X

* Addition of the Hepatitis B Vaccine in 1988 Increased the Rate of Type I Diabetes 1.62X in Children in New Zealand

* DTP Vaccination Increases Mortality by 2.45X in Girls Previously Receiving the BCG (Tuberculosis) Vaccines

* Higher Number of Vaccine Doses Prior to One Year of Age Increases Infant Mortality by 1.83X

* One Dose of the DTP Vaccine Increases Infant Mortality by 1.84X

* Early DTP Vaccination in Girls Increased Infant Mortality by 5.68X

* Receipt of Both the BCG and DTP Vaccines Increased Infant Mortality in Girls by 2.4X

* Receipt of the Second and Third Dose of the DTP Vaccine Increases Infant Mortality by 4.36X

* Vaccination increases the risk of asthma (11.4X) and hay fever (10X) in children with no family history of those disorders

* Vaccination with DTP simultaneously with measles vaccine or DTP after measles vaccine increased risk of death (2.59X)

* Hepatitis B Vaccination Increases the Odds (3.1X) of a Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

* 70% of SIDS Deaths Occur Within Three Weeks of DPT Vaccination

* Netherlands Fully Vaccinated Versus Unvaccinated Study, 2004 [showed increased incidence of Ear Infections (2.69X), Throat Inflammation (4.05X), Aggressive Behavior Events (11.4X), Convulsions/Collapse (7X), Antibiotics Administered (2.2X), Fever >40°C (1.6X), Febrile Convulsions (2.71X), Hospital Admission (1.46X), Sickly (4.37X), Chronic Eczema (1.65X), Asthma/Chronic Lung Disease (2.42X), Allergic Reactions (1.45X), and Difficulty Sleeping (1.58X)]

* January 2020 Pentagon Study Shows Influenza Vaccination Increases Risk of Coronavirus by 36%

* Influenza Vaccination Increases the Risk of Non-Influenza Virual Respiratory Infections by 4.4X

* Influenza Vaccination Increases Rick of Acute Viral Respiratory Infections by 4.8X

* Influenza Vaccination Increases the Risk of Non-Influenza Viral Lung Infections in Children by 55%

* Influenza Vaccination Increases the Rate of Non-Influenza “Influenza-Like Infections” in Children by 1.6X

* Vaccinated Children Have a 5.9X Greater Risk of Pneumonia and a 3.8X Greater Risk of Ear Infections

* Pandemrix Flu Shot Increases Odds of Narcolepsy by 14.4X in Children and Adolescents

* Influenza Vaccination Increases Inflammatory Response by 39% in Pregnant Women

* Influenza Vaccination Increase Inflammatory Response by 173% and Induces Platelet Activation and Cardiac Imbalance

* Influenza Vaccination Increases Susceptibility to and Damage Caused by Non-Target Flu Strains [with 3X Macroscopic Lesions and 2.67X Microscopic Lesions]

* Influenza Vaccination Increases Hospitalizations in Asthmatic Patients by 2.97X

* Multiple Vaccinations Given Simultaneously Increases Odds of Cardiac Events in Premature Infants by 3.62X


What an incredible list of health horrors and deaths that are shown to be caused by the poisons known as “vaccines”! Anyone who reads that list of summaries from 54 studies and still wants to have any kind of “vaccine” poison injected into their body perhaps needs another kind of health care (meaning real psychological help, due such a person evidently being unable to stop themselves from choosing self-harm through having known poisons administered to them).


“Flu Shot” Dangers (includes 36% Higher Risk of “Coronavirus”)

Looking at the “influenza vaccination” study summaries above is shocking, given that the “flu shot” is such a common “vaccine” injected into vast numbers of people around the world each year. Especially note the study summary that “influenza vaccination” results in a 36% increased risk of “coronavirus” disease (a Pentagon study from January 2020).

The increased risk of “coronavirus” is due to so-called “virus interference” which is where a “vaccine” for one disease is actually responsible for increasing the chances (sometimes significantly) of other diseases. So all those who have had a recent “flu shot” are over a third more likely to suffer “coronavirus” disease due that “flu shot”. Yet people are still being told (all around the world) to get “flu shots” as a “protection” from “coronavirus” even though such a recommendation is counter to the scientific evidence.

For the 2019-2020 “flu season” a brand new type of quadrivalent (means it contains four “flu viruses”) vaccine was approved and introduced in the US and EU [17] which is based on mammalian cells, rather than on embryonated chicken eggs. Here are critical excerpts from the results of clinical trials with this new type of cell-based “influenza vaccine”:


[Reactogenicity and Safety] Serious adverse events (SAEs; collected ≤ 6 months after vaccination) were reported in 1.7%, 1.8% and 1.5% of QIVc, TIV1c and TIV2c recipients aged 18 to < 65 years, while the respective rates in adults aged ≥ 65 years were 6.2%, 4.7% and 4.7%. New onset of chronic disease (NOCD) was reported in 3.6% of QIVc recipients aged 18 to < 65 years (vs. 3.0% and 3.7% of TIV1c and TIV2c recipients) and 5.8% of QIVc recipients aged ≥  65 years (vs. 4.4% and 5.0%) … [18]


The above paragraph is something like hieroglyphics, which makes it harder for people who are not so science-minded to understand the truth that is being stated in black-and-white. Deciphering the above, QIVc refers to the “quadrivalent” (four disease) vaccine while TIV1c and TIV2c refer to two distinct trivalent (three disease) vaccines (with differing “influenza B viruses”). Given that the average age of claimed “coronavirus” deaths is around 80 globally, the elderly age group is of particular interest.

The data for people 65 years and up is shocking, to say the least. It says that “serious adverse events” happened with 6.2% (1 in 16) of those receiving the four disease “vaccine”, compared 4.7% with either of the three disease “vaccines”. In other words, the four disease “vaccine” is a third more dangerous than the three disease “vaccine”, which correlates well with the fact that there is a third more poison (“influenza virus” and whatever else) contained in the syringe.

What then is a “serious adverse event” or SAE? The FDA says an SAE has occurred [19] when the outcome is:

* Death

* Life-threatening

* Hospitalization

* Disability or Permanent Damage


A couple of other types of outcomes are also listed by the FDA, but these four are the relevant ones in terms of the SAE definition and elderly people. Knowing that 1 in 16 elderly people who received the four-disease “vaccine” experienced an SAE the odds are certainly not good for taking such a risk with one’s life. Then 5.8% (1 in 17) of the four disease “vaccine” recipients over 65 years experienced the onset of a new chronic disease post-“vaccination” (a 32% and 16% increase, respectively, compared the two types of “vaccines” with three diseases).

To get a real sense of how much damage “influenza vaccinations” cause to the health of elderly people let us consider the population of the Lombardy region in northern Italy, which accounts for about half of all claimed “coronavirus” deaths [20] in Italy. The population of the Lombardy region is about 10 million with an estimated 22.6% [21] being 65 and over, and data from 2017-18 (for the city of Brescia) says that around 40% of 65+ year olds [22] received “influenza vaccination”. This gives a broad estimate (assuming the same 40% amount) of around 904,000 “influenza vaccinated” 65+ year olds in Lombardy for the 2019-20 “flu season” (northern hemisphere winter).

Using the above percentages observed relative the quadrivalent (four disease) vaccine in the referenced study gives these estimates for the Lombardy region of Italy (following “influenza vaccination”): a Serious Adverse Effect (SAE) for around 56,000 of 65+ year olds; and onset of a new chronic disease for around 52,500 of 65+ year olds. These are serious numbers and in only 10 million people (a sixth of Italy’s total population).

Assuming a similar number of “vaccinated” elderly (40%) throughout Italy (60 million people, with about 23% being 65 and older) for the sake of a comparison with annual “flu” deaths in Italy gives an estimate of 5.52 million 65+ year olds in Italy receiving the “influenza vaccination” for 2019-20. This then equates to these shocking numbers: a Serious Adverse Effect (SAE) for around 342,000 of 65+ year olds; and onset of a new chronic disease for around 320,000 of 65+ year olds!

In the 2016-17 “flu season” some 25,000 Italians are said to have died from “influenza” [23] (which was the worst of several recent “flu seasons” in Italy). This poses the very serious question: is it worth an estimated 662,000 elderly Italians experiencing either a “serious adverse effect” or onset of a new chronic disease due being “vaccinated” for a disease that at worst kills only around 25,000 people? And these quoted numbers don’t even include the under 65s who experience either an SAE or the onset of a new chronic disease post-“vaccination”!

When considering all of the above numbers it is clear that there is something very wrong with the constantly repeated mantra that people should get a “flu shot”. Recalling that northern Italy was a claimed “epicenter” of the claimed “pandemic” in March/April and that northern Italy “ranks among the most air polluted areas of Europe” [24] it is clear that the “virus” is once again a cover for killer pollution, and that “vaccinations” are in fact causing illness and disease for significantly higher numbers of people than the numbers who might die from the diseases “vaccines” are said to prevent.


“Coronavirus Vaccine” Trial: Serious Injury for 20% of Healthy People in High Dose Group

Results from one of the first clinical trials of a “coronavirus vaccine” made by the “vaccine” company Moderna (who have yet to release a single product to market, but whose stock value is skyrocketing based on speculation of their success) are now in and they are shocking:


The vaccine, developed and championed by Anthony Fauci and financed by Bill Gates, used an experimental mRNA technology that the two men hoped would allow rapid deployment to meet President Trump’s ambitious “warp speed” time line …

Three of the 15 human guinea pigs in the high dose cohort (250 mcg) suffered a “serious adverse event” within 43 days of receiving Moderna’s jab. …

Moderna allowed only exceptionally healthy volunteers to participate in the study. A vaccine with those reaction rates could cause grave injuries in 1.5 billion humans if administered to “every person on earth”. That is the threshold that Gates has established for ending the global lockdown. [25]


Wow. These results from the “coronavirus vaccine” trial make it clear that “vaccines” are something of a basic intelligence test for any one of us (as has been stated by numerous writers on this subject). All who voluntarily choose to be injected with the poisons known as “vaccines” have sadly failed that test of intelligence. With the percentages of “serious adverse events” that all kinds of “vaccines” for all kinds of diseases cause, anyone who chooses such poisoning is choosing the risk of serious self-harm for no proven benefit, and is thus demonstrating a real lack of basic intelligence.


Aluminum in “Vaccines” Shown As Key Contributor to Autism

Research published in the last five years has shown that aluminum (spelled aluminium in English, as opposed to aluminum in “American English”) in the brain is a primary factor in autistic people. Dr. Chris Exley of Keele University, England, and his colleagues published a study relative amounts of aluminum in brain tissue of subjects with autism and the findings were extremely telling:


… while the aluminium content of each of the 5 brains [of people with autism] was shockingly high it was the location of the aluminium in the brain tissue which served as the standout observation … The new evidence strongly suggests that aluminium is entering the brain in ASD [autism spectrum disorders] via pro-inflammatory cells which have become loaded up with aluminium in the blood and/or lymph, much as has been demonstrated for monocytes [a type of white blood cells] at injection sites for vaccines including aluminium adjuvants.” [26]


In other words, aluminum enters the brain via cells that are loaded with aluminum after injection with “vaccines” containing aluminum “adjuvants” (“adjuvants” are added to stimulate an immune system response). In the mid-1980s the cumulative aluminum a baby would have received by 18 months of age (if fully vaccinated, based on the vaccine schedule then) would have been 1,250 micrograms. Whereas that number today is 4,925 micrograms or an almost four-fold (394%) increase.

This strong connection between aluminum adjuvants in vaccines and autism resulted in serious communications being made to US health authorities: “In the middle of 2017, three of the most important scientists in the field of aluminum adjuvant toxicity—Dr. Christopher Shaw of Canada, Dr. Chris Exley of England, and Dr. Romain Gherardi of France—took the extraordinary step of writing letters of caution to our American public health authorities.” In the mentioned letters, each scientist made the statement that the CDC’s claim on its website that “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism” is wholly unsupported by the scientific evidence.

A clear and straight forward brochure summarizing the science around aluminum and autism [27] is available online that is worth sending to anyone considering “vaccination” for their baby or child. From that brochure:


Aluminum (Al) adjuvant is necessary in many vaccines for stimulating immunity. The Al adjuvant dosages infants receive in the CDC schedule cause neurological injury, brain inflammation, learning and memory impairment, and behavioral abnormalities in animal experiments …

It is now clear that vaccines contain brain-damaging amounts of Al adjuvant.


Chronic Diseases in Children Up 423% Since “Vaccine” Schedule Rapidly Expanded

In 1986 the “National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act” was signed into law, which gives absolute legal indemnity to the mass poisoners known as “vaccine” manufacturers. “Since 1988, the U.S. childhood immunization schedule has rapidly expanded to accommodate the introduction of new, universally recommended vaccines …” [28] as stated by the CDC. The legal indemnity was clearly a “green light” for the various “vaccine” manufacturers (mass poisoners) to inject far more “vaccines” into US children.

How has that rapid expansion of the “immunization schedule” worked out for children in the USA? Based on the available data and scientific studies it has not worked out well at all. It is clear that the stated “immunization schedule” can be more accurately described as an “immune system destruction schedule” for children in the US:


* 12.8% of 2-8 year olds born 1980-1986 had chronic diseases (study period 1988-1994).

* 54.1% of 0-17 year olds born 1990-2007 had chronic diseases (study year 2007). [29]


Thus, in less than one generation (20 years) of human life chronic diseases have increased by an absolutely shocking 423% in US children, in “lock step” with the rapid expansion of the “vaccination” schedule. This 423% increase also closely correlates with the 394% increase in aluminum adjuvants making their way into US children due this massively expanded “immunization schedule” since 1988.


Over US$4 Billion Compensation Paid for Fewer Than 1% of “Vaccine Injuries” Since 1989

If “vaccines are safe” as is constantly claimed by the persistently promulgated pro-poison propaganda, then why does a “National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program” (NVICP) [30] even exist in the USA? Also, why has over US$4 billion [31] in compensation been paid for “vaccine injuries” via that NVICP in a little over 30 years? This includes around US$900 million for “influenza vaccine” injuries [32] alone. Over this 30 year period the trend of “compensated award” numbers is shown to be clearly on the rise:


USA deaths charts


What is even more shocking is the fact that an HHS-funded review concluded that “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported” [33] which means that the true picture is likely around 100 times as bad as the above chart reflects. Thus, if all the people who have suffered “vaccine injury” were aware of the option to pursue compensation (and were able to obtain legal assistance) then the total payments for such injuries could well have been more like US$400 billion in only three decades. Yet the total lie and mantra of “vaccines are safe” is constantly blasted around the world. Big Pharma has massive power and influence, clearly.


Conclusion: Pandemic Poor Health Due Increase in “Vaccinations”

As stated by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman of Children’s Health Defense, in his article “10 Facts Every Parent Needs to Know About Vaccinations” published earlier this year (February 28):


CDC, frankly, is a vaccine company; it owns 56 vaccine patents and buys and distributes $4.6 billion in vaccines annually through the Vaccines for Children program. Further, Pharma directly funds, populates and controls dozens of CDC programs through the CDC Foundation. The CDC and FDA have become dominated by the interests of vaccine manufacturers rather than acting in the public interest.


Now a little over 30 years since the “immunization schedule” was “rapidly expanded” in the US the facts speak for themselves. Children have never been sicker in the USA than the present day, chronic diseases are up more than 4-fold in the same timeframe as the rapid increase in “vaccinations” of US children (with the commensurate 4-fold increase in aluminum “adjuvant” getting into US children). All of this makes it exceedingly clear that the “vaccine” poisons being pumped into young, vulnerable bodies in the USA are a primary causal reason for the “pandemic poor health” being seen.

If you are a parent, then you would do well to seriously consider all of these facts before you ever consent to your child receiving any “vaccination” whatsoever. Allowing a child to be “vaccinated” puts the lifelong health of that young person at risk. Apart from parents, anyone who is considering getting any “vaccine” or “flu shot” at all should again carefully read all the information above, and really note all the many, many serious health effects that such a “shot of poison” can cause for the recipient.

In conclusion, it is glaringly obvious that all of the best data and scientific studies do not say “vaccines are safe” at all. In fact, the actual data and real studies show exactly the opposite: “vaccines” are quite typically dangerous cocktails of poisons which are proven to cause varying levels of immune system destruction (with the amount of immune system destruction evidently being dependent on the age and also health of the recipient and how many “vaccines” are administered over whatever amount of time).

Based on all of this evidence, it is clear that “vaccines” should not be administered to the general human population at all.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Further Research

Some links for further research about “vaccine” safety and related matters:





* (movie recommended by Robert De Niro)







[5] (especially see final chart)











[16] (13MB file)


















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Climate Lies, Lies, and More Damn Lies

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One of the most influential cults based on absurd beliefs and false “science” that has dominated discussion about global issues in recent decades is the cult of “anthropic climate change” (meaning the unproven idea that CO2 from human emissions has the power to change the entire global climate). The leaders of this cult have for over 30 years made outrageous “predictions” about the climate, based on endless fictional computer “models”. An ensuing onslaught of fear-mongering and “sky is falling” doom has then continuously been communicated far and wide, relative what is “going to happen” (with at least 0% certainty!) relative the global climate in the coming years and decades.

However, it must be noted for the historical record and for the sake of actual valid science (and helping restore the good name of science altogether) that these endless “models” and “predictions” of doom have consistently been shown to be total failures and completely incorrect, based on the actual facts and evidence, accumulated as the years have progressed. Here are a few key examples of the many wild claims based on completely failed “models” and “predictions” of doom that have been made by the “climate cult” leaders over more than 30 years now:


* Claims that “permanent drought” will be the “new normal” for large parts of countries including the USA and Australia, yet record-breaking rainfall has been happening in exactly such parts of the USA [1] and Australia [2] in recent months.

* Claims that “snow will be a thing of the past” yet there has been record-breaking snowfall happening in many parts of the northern hemisphere in recent years, with the trend of northern hemisphere snow extent being decisively upwards [3] over the past 50 years.

* Claims (again and again and again!) that the Arctic will be “ice free” [4] yet the Arctic “sea ice extent” has been following the same trend as for many years [5] and is in fact higher than some of the most recent handful of years.

* Claims that “extreme weather” events will be more frequent yet numerous scientific papers [6] on the matter show that the opposite is proving true in many cases (that is, “extreme weather” is becoming less frequent), with no trends observable at all [7] in many other cases.

* Claims that the global temperature will be 1.2°C higher by 2020 (with “models” from 1988) if the CO2 emissions continue at the same rate, yet even with CO2 emissions increasing the temperature has followed the “zero emissions scenario” [8] meaning human activity has had no observable impact on the global temperature (at least according to the failed “models” and claims made relative such “models”).


The list goes on. For more than 50 years such “predictions” of doom [9] have continually failed to come true, thus making it quite a surprise that any human beings on Earth continue to put the slightest faith in the charlatans and crooks behind all of these “predictions”. With those “predictions” being used for decades now to reshape the human world in completely negative and destructive ways. At least for the 99% (and more) of us who are not making big money from such grand climate lies, which certainly includes the lies about a supposed need for “carbon trading” (as well as all the other corrupt schemes):


Al Gore was also able to leverage his high visibility, his movie awards, his Nobel Prize, and his involvement in various carbon trading and other schemes into a personal fortune. When he ended his tenure as Vice President in 2001, his net worth was $2 million. By 2013, it exceeded $300 million. [10]


Science Fails When Using Known False Preconceptions and Assumptions

There is a widely known website titled “Wood for Trees” run by a “British software developer” (his words) by the name of Paul Clark. While I do sincerely appreciate the efforts of Paul in maintaining a quite useful site for global temperature data—specifically (and only) from the satellite era—there is a glaring problem with Paul’s logic. He talks about “mis-use of trends” quite a bit on his site, yet he himself bases all his own statements about temperature trends on data that only begins in late 1978! Under “About this site” [11] on the homepage for Paul’s “Wood for Trees” site is this statement:


I started this site in 2008 because I wanted to dig underneath what seemed like extreme claims and counter-claims in the “Global Warming Debate”. Ten years on, it now seems clear to me that CO2 is indeed the primary driver of global warming, which is proceeding at roughly 1.5°C per century …

Then clicking on the “1.5°C per century” [12] hyperlink loads a new page with various graphs and these words:


Depending on your preconceptions, by picking your start and end times carefully, you can now ‘prove’ that:

Temperature is falling!
Temperature is static!
Temperature is rising!
Temperature is rising really fast!


Indeed. Now let us be clear: planet Earth did not begin in late 1978 (when satellite “temperature data” became commonly available—with temperatures being inferred from the satellite-based measurements of radiances in variance wavelength bands). Nor did temperature records begin in late 1978, nor did the global climate and changes to the global climate begin in late 1978.


Historical CO2 Increases Lag 800 Years Behind Temperature Increases

There have been huge temperature changes and extreme variations in climate on planet Earth over the past million years alone (let alone all the eons of time before that) including no less than 10 ice ages, for example! Even the mainstream “Wikipedia” (a propagator of true dis-information about all manner of critical global issues, always sticking to “official” narratives and censoring truth from non-”official” sources) cannot easily lie about temperatures over geologic time [13] due the mountain of evidence.

Take a look at the graph of temperatures for the past 5 million years [14] which shows that the world was in fact warmer than recent millennia for at least the first half of the past 5 million years. Then it is seen that the most recent million years has been the most extreme of these past 5 million years in terms of huge cyclic temperature changes, with 10 ice ages being clearly shown (sharp up and down temperature spikes). Also note the “100 kyr cycle” heading, meaning an “inter-glacial period” of beautiful warmer temperatures (such as the one we are fortunately in right now) happens about every 100,000 years.

Looking at the Vostok (Antarctica) ice core data [15] it is quite clear that the planet has in fact been under “ice age” conditions most of the time during the past 420,000 years. We are currently in the wonderful (though typically brief) “inter-glacial period” which allows all life on the planet (including human) to thrive. Being very, very grateful for any consistent periods of global warmth is thus an appropriate attitude, given that for vast amounts of the past million years much of the planet has been in a deep freeze and thus extremely inhospitable to any carbon-based life (such as human beings).

The Vostok ice core data also shows the fact that significant global CO2 increases actually lag behind significant global temperature increases [16] in the order of about 800 years (on average). This inherently makes good sense, due higher temperatures meaning more carbon based life can grow and thrive (and with more carbon based life, there will naturally be more CO2 exchange happening, including more in the atmosphere). It is also known that high CO2 levels did nothing to prevent the most recent glaciation and ice age (which began about 137,000 years ago) with atmospheric CO2 levels taking 14,000 years after the beginning of the ice age [17] to significantly decrease.


Much Warmer Several Times in Past 5,000 Years (Even With Low CO2)

Looking at the data for the current “inter-glacial period” [18] the well known “Medieval Warm Period” (MWP) is clearly visible about 1,000 years ago, with average temperatures evidently being more than 1°C lower (often close to 1.5°C lower) for most of the entire millennium since then. During the MWP it was possible for all kinds of farming in Greenland, Iceland, and the UK [19] (including grain crops in Greenland and Iceland, plus wine grapes in England and Scotland) all of which is utterly impossible now with the cooler global temperatures (compared to that lovely MWP).

The inter-glacial data also shows even higher temperatures than the MWP during the past 5,000 years alone. These spikes in temperature happened about 2,000 years ago (almost 2°C warmer than most of the past millennium) and about 3,200 years ago (when it was more than 2.5°C warmer than most of the past millennium!). And that’s just during the past 5,000 years, yet we are still constantly sold a total lie that temperatures in recent years are “unprecedented”. They are not. It has been much warmer than now even in well recorded periods of human civilization within the past 5,000 years alone.

Thus, to start trend lines from the arbitrary date of late 1978 (only half a human lifetime ago) and then make the statement that “CO2 is indeed the primary driver of global warming, which is proceeding at roughly 1.5°C per century” is an exact demonstration of “preconceptions” in action. Such is sadly a total failure of good science, and is itself an egregious example of “mis-use of trends”!

It is obvious that the preconceptions of Paul who runs the “Wood for Trees” website include a false assumption that CO2 can possibly affect the global temperature. It can’t, as proven by the Vostok ice core data. To say it more precisely, the influence of CO2 on the global temperature is so negligible that over a million years of ice core samples show no evidence of significant increases in CO2 leading to significant rises in global temperatures. In fact, exactly the contrary is shown by the ice core evidence.


Temperatures Changed at 2°C Per Century Several Times in Past 135 Years

Starting all trend lines for global temperature a mere half human lifetime ago relative discussions of long-term global climate is therefore quite obviously absurd. Half a human lifetime is a tiny, tiny blip of time in “climate” terms. Records show that the global temperature dropped at least 0.6°C in only about 30 years from the late 1930s to the late 1960s [20] which is seen in a graph published by the “Science News” magazine [21] on March 1, 1975:


… the temperature of the Northern Hemisphere has been steadily falling: Having risen about 1.1 degrees C. between 1885 and 1940, according to one estimation, the temperature has already fallen back some 0.6 degrees, and shows no signs of reversal.


Firstly, a quick analysis of the numbers just quoted. In only 55 years (1885 to 1940) an estimated 1.1°C temperature rise took place in the Northern Hemisphere (which is where most of the human population lived then and still lives, therefore the most important relative global “climate changes” that affect our entire race). That is a “rate of rise” of 0.02°C per year (which equals 2°C per century).

In other words, the rate of change was even more extreme from 1885 to 1940 than that being shown in the recent decades by satellite data (meaning the 1.5°C per century stated on the “Wood for Trees” website). Note well that this significant rate of change also took place prior to CO2 levels exceeding 311 ppm [22] (which was the CO2 level consistently shown by ice core samples from 1937-1943).

Then, even though CO2 levels rose by over 10 ppm (to more than 320 ppm) by the late 1960s the temperature dropped back down more than 0.6°C over that 30 year period, meaning a “rate of fall” of over 0.02°C per year or 2°C per century! Thus, not only the ice core data proves that CO2 does not drive temperature (with big increases in CO2 consistently lagging an average of 800 years behind big increases in global temperature during the recent few hundred thousand years), the recent temperature data from only the past 135 years also proves that CO2 does not drive global temperatures.

Specifically looking at the past 41.5 years of satellite data (which started in late November 1978) the trend line (back at the “Wood for Trees” page of notes about “trends”) shows about 0.56°C of warming overall (from late 1978 through to now, May 2020). This is actually a trend of about 1.35°C rise in temperature per century, which is about a third less than the 2°C rate of rise per century from 1885 to about 1940. In other words, none of the changes being observed with global temperatures over the past half human lifetime are at all unusual.


Past 24 Years: 19 Years of No Warming, then El Niño, Now 4.5 Years of Cooling

The entire foundation of the unproven “anthropic climate change” argument is that higher CO2 levels cause higher temperatures. Apart from the evidence from last century (from the late 1930s through late 1960s showing an average 0.02°C temperature drop per year for 30 years, even while CO2 increased by over 10 ppm) there was also a very recent 19 year period when global temperatures showed a “flatline” trend, meaning no observable rise or fall (in terms of the trend). This happened even as CO2 levels increased by almost 40 ppm, going from around 362 ppm to the “mythical” 400 ppm level.

The 19 year period in question was from mid-1996 through mid-2015 [23] which was immediately prior to a recent peak in global temperatures due the very significant 2015-16 El Niño event. Without that El Niño event the global temperature would no doubt still be flatlining or even decreasing (as a trend) for the entirety of the past quarter century.

This makes it interesting to look at global temperature data for the 4.5 year period from late October 2015 [24] which was the peak of Pacific Ocean temperature anomalies due the recent and significant 2015-16 El Niño event. It is also important to note that El Niño events are a key driver of CO2 levels [25] (and not the other way around) with El Niño events being “naturally occurring climate phenomena that occur roughly every 3-7 years” [26] thus meaning that the temperature spike of late 2015 into early 2016 was naturally caused (and nothing to do with CO2 levels).

What is seen by looking at only the past 4.5 years of temperature data is that a cooling trend is again emerging. Interestingly, the trend line shows a decrease of about 0.09°C over the past 4.5 years, which is once more the same 0.02°C per year (or 2°C per century) “rate of change” of global temperature as happened (upwards) from 1885 to 1940 and then happened again (downwards) from the late 1930s until the late 1960s. Clearly, such a rate of change is common!

This planet is incredibly dynamic and (without any human inputs) repeatedly goes through short and long term cycles of extreme temperature and climate changes. These climate changes (quite distinct from unproven claims about “anthropic climate change”) have taken place for millions of years and will continue to take place for millions more years. None of those climate changes have anything to do with humankind or any of our tiny influences on such vast forces and vast systems.


Systematic Fraud by Major Agencies to Hide Past Warmth

These dramatic climate changes that have taken place in only the past 135 years (firstly of increasing temperatures for over half a century, then decreasing temperatures for several decades, followed by increasing temperatures over several more decades) have been significantly erased from published temperature records. This has been done by systematic fraud that is being practiced by the “leading” climate and weather agencies in countries including the USA, UK, and Australia.

In the USA temperature data is repeatedly “adjusted” [27] (with multiple “adjustments” happening over the past two decades) while in the UK and Australia [28] it is repeatedly “homogenized”. If you’re paying any attention at all to the evidence and facts you will already be aware that these two words (“adjusted” and “homogenized”) mean one very clear thing: the temperature record is being completely falsified. It is fraud, pure and simple.

Anyone who has done any real climate research knows that “global cooling” was in fact the “climate” scare of the 1970s and some people [29] persistently insist on basing their investigations, articles, and statements about the global climate on nonfraudulent historical temperature data and on actual science. This rather than promulgating all the lunatic fear-mongering and pseudo-science, with all the endless, false, failed “models” and “predictions” that liars behind such fear-mongering spew out endlessly. All those lies are simply to sell fear and the supposed “need” for total control over humankind.


CO2 is Essential to Oxygen Breathing Life and More CO2 is Good

More CO2 is good. CO2 is essential to all oxygen breathing life on Earth. Without sufficient CO2 levels, all green living plants start to struggle and even die. The planet needs at least 400 parts per million, without question, and 100% more than that would also be really helpful. The world is greener due more CO2 [30] and no amount of pseudo-science spin on such a fact changes the truth: more green is good (and anyone claiming otherwise is quite simply insane and should not be trusted).

All of the human industries have resulted in incredible destruction to the green, growing things in this world in recent decades and centuries. Thus, the counter-balance of more green happening due more CO2 is proving to be a true saving grace for humankind. We need green leafy plants to grow and thrive abundantly for our survival. This is an urgent and real matter, given that there are now an estimated 7.8 billion people living on the planet.

With more CO2 all of the green leafy plants (our primary food) grow better and thrive better. With higher CO2 levels the trees grow well and thrive better, giving us that beautiful and essential oxygen without which we’d all be dead. Let us be clear: CO2 is in truth awesome and more is better than less. All of the massive lies that have been sold about CO2 over the recent decades are just that, lies.

Consider these factual statements about CO2 relative to the critical matter of global food security, facts that all the constant lies and failed “models” relative “anthropic climate change” continually obscure:


[How Rising Atmospheric CO2 Increases Crop Yields, p.4] … the modern rise in atmospheric CO2 is proving to be a powerful ally in staving off regional food shortages that are projected to occur just a few decades from now. The unique characteristics of this miracle molecule are helping to raise crop yields per unit of land area, per unit of nutrients applied, and per unit of water used.

[Conclusion, p.20] Elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations have conclusively been shown to stimulate all three of the factors needed to maintain global food security: (1) raising the land-use efficiency of agriculture by increasing plant photosynthesis, biomass and yield, (2) increasing plant nutrient-use efficiency, which also stimulates yields per unit of nutrients applied or that are available in nutrient-deficient soils, and (3) enhancing plant water-use efficiency, which enables greater yields under the same or reduced unit of water applied, and which helps counteract the growth-inhibiting impacts associated with water stress.

Consequently, it would appear that a continuation of the current upward trend in the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration is essential for securing future food security … [31]


There is significant evidence that CO2 levels of at least double the present 416 ppm (May 2020) level would actually be of huge benefit for humankind and the planet altogether. This includes a multitude of studies, such as those showing various types of grasses that thrive with CO2 levels above 900 ppm [32] and other evidence that more than 1,000 ppm CO2 is optimal [33] for the growth of many types of plants.

All of this makes it very clear: anyone who speaks negatively of (and attacks) the absolutely healthy, beneficial, and essential CO2 (as if CO2 is a “problem” of some kind) is in truth as anti-“green” and anti-life as anyone can be. This most specifically includes the entire cult of actual “climate deniers” being the fools who deny or ignore mountains of scientific evidence that the climate changes on this planet, eternally, dynamically, and repeatedly, with no human inputs needed, and over millions upon millions of years.


Actual Poisoning of the Planet is Hidden by Lies About CO2

What we actually need is the individual and collective intelligence to cease destroying the planet through all the toxic human industries that constantly spew out actual poisons. All those industries that have been running full-steam-ahead for decades (some for centuries) that fill the environment with their many poisons, causing disease and death [34] in the human populations living in such locations.

If you are someone who blindly attacks those who speak out about the “anthropic climate change” lie, due you being in the cult of belief about that lie, then hear this well: the claimed “fight against CO2” has been one of the dumbest, most destructive wastes of billions upon billions of dollars, billions upon billions of human hours of life and work, and all of this while making fat cat scum like Al Gore (and all the truly powerful “back end” cronies of his, the powers of Big Money et al) billions upon billions of dollars profit. Apart from the fascist controls over our societies that continue to be rolled out in the name of “saving the planet” from the essential and life-giving CO2.

The real and massive environmental problems facing humankind today do not involve the benign and essential trace gas of CO2 whatsoever. Excessive poisoning of the planet by industrial “civilization” in the past couple of hundred years is one such real and massive problem. Relative to this, here are some powerfully relevant statements made by Stanford graduate (with distinction in mathematics), Richard Moore, who wrote the now widely known article “Climate Change Demystified” (published December 2019) containing the Vostok ice core data:


Human activity, or more accurately the activity of industrial civilization, is destroying topsoil, lowering water tables, creating desertification, poisoning our rivers and streams, depleting natural resources, and the list goes on. …

If we wanted to make a serious effort to reduce our impact on the Earth, there are a lot of things that we as a society should be pursuing. It would make sense to reform agricultural practices, getting rid of toxic pesticides, industrial agriculture, and factory farming. We could revitalize local and national economies, undoing the ravages of globalization, and minimizing the need for long-distance transport of goods. We could get smarter about light rail, zoning, and minimizing the need for commuting. I’m sure we could all make a long list here. Instead, the belief in ‘climate science’ has narrowed the vision of environmental activism, concentrating almost exclusively on CO2 levels. [35]


That’s a good summary right there of numerous real and critical environmental issues. Richard Moore is correct in noting that the obsessive focus on CO2 has reduced “environmental activism” to useless and massively resource wasting pursuits. Yet all of that obsessive focus on CO2 does nothing to address any of the real poisoning of the planet, which is ongoing on a daily basis.


No Evidence of Anthropic CO2 Emissions Causing Climate Change

An Australian farmer said it well almost 11 years ago (which happens to be the length of the shortest observed solar cycle), back in June 2009:


There is understandably, considerable uncertainty amongst the majority of the general public about the veracity of the claims made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that anthropogenic (man induced) emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gasses, are the cause of the present warming period being experienced by planet Earth.

There is no empirical evidence available to demonstrate or prove this relationship, despite the expenditure of some $50 billion directed to this end.

The IPCC theory is in fact only supported by computer models that due to the complexities and lack of detailed knowledge of many of the processes involved, are little more than best guesses, designed to accommodate the anticipated outcomes.

They are not scientifically credible and are incapable of predicting future climate, yet are assumed by many to be an accurate and trustworthy indication of future climatic trends.

The purpose of this paper is to show, by a variety of methods, that CO2 is not and cannot be the primary cause of the present warming as claimed.

The implications from politicians and others from ‘getting this wrong’, by accepting this theory and its alarming consequences without checking the science, are potentially devastating.

There is a scientific truism that says, “Correlation can not prove causation, but a failure to correlate can prove non-causation”.

This paper cites a number of demonstrative examples that prove conclusively that the theory of anthropogenic global warming is wrong. [36]


His paper is a good summary of the false science and his conclusion is completely correct. Due a marketing problem with the entire climate lie, during the recent 19 years of “flatline” relative global temperatures, the slogan for the climate cult was disingenuously changed from anthropogenic global warming to anthropogenic (or anthropic) “climate change” meaning that the liars heading the cult can then claim that whatever changes happen with the climate it is the fault of naughty, naughty CO2 (meaning that naughty, CO2 farting humankind—or our naughty CO2 farting industries and modern lifestyles—is to blame).

This entire climate scam is 100% based on fear and guilt, in exactly the same way that the current scam about an unproven “virus” (with all the failed “models” and “predictions” of doom relative to that unproven theory) is 100% based on fear-mongering and guilt-mongering in the general human population. Then brainwashed fools are trained well by constant mainstream media and government propaganda to treat anyone using their O.I. (Own Intelligence) about these matters with suspicion.

Cult members are taught well that anyone not “believing” in the false “science”, the absurd “models”, and the “predictions” of doom (thus anyone who is not a member of the “climate” cult or “virus” cult or whatever other cult) is suddenly to be feared and scorned. Such is the base, sub-human mob mentality that evidently much of the sheeple herd has been taught to demonstrate even aggressively and viciously.

Too bad for such brainwashed, mind-controlled fools who only show their own fears plainly to all (fears of using their O.I. and finding out they’ve been lied to, fears of losing face, fears relative all the “sky is falling” lies they’ve lapped up like good little children). Too bad that such narrow-minded foolishness has become such a massive human society destroying “pandemic” in the recent years and decades of history.

How can there be true human society when clever billionaire thugs constantly brainwash billions into “dumbed down” fear and obedience? That is not “human” society, it is the fascist and totalitarian wet dream of technocratic, global banking, military-industrial psychopaths.


“It’s the Sun, Stupid!”

This is a statement made numerous times by numerous articles about the global climate over the past couple of decades. While it is a little blunt, it is also to the point. A vast amount of research shows very strong correlations between the energy output from the Sun and the climate of planet Earth (and not just the climate of Earth, but the climate of other planets in the solar system), in contrast to the vast amount of research that shows no causal relationship between CO2 levels and the climate.

Key research about the Sun and the climate includes that pioneered by Theodor Landscheidt (who sadly died in 2004). He was indeed a “man FAR ahead of his time” due his extensive work [37] documenting the cyclic relationship between solar energy and Earth’s climate. Those paying attention to that great ball of fire, the Sun, that gives the energy and light for all life on Earth, have been warning for years that it is heading into a very quiet part (energetically speaking) of the natural and ongoing solar cycle.

One such person warning about the quiet Sun has been Professor Valentina Zharkova of the University of Northumbria who in November 2018 [38] predicted exactly what is now happening: a grand solar minimum with unusually low sunspot counts [39] meaning that less solar energy is reaching Earth from the Sun. Thus, the best science, evidence and facts relative the global climate make the clear prediction that the coming decade will be notably cooler [40] due the unusually quiet Sun.

A cooler world then brings many and seriously negative on-flow effects, such as mass crop failures and mass starvation globally. Rather than wasting astronomical money, human work hours, and incredible amounts of resources on the total lie that positive, life-giving CO2 is any kind of problem, humankind could have been intelligently making real preparations globally for the cooling that is now upon us. A cooling that will last for around 33 years based on the best science, due the Sun being in such an unusually quiet phase of the longer term solar cycles.

The Businessworld publication in India ran an article on January 4th, 2008, with the exact title “It’s the Sun, Stupid!” That article is no longer available on the Businessworld website though is viewable using the “Wayback Machine” provided by the excellent service. No doubt the article is gone due to it most definitely not fitting the prevailing lie and false narrative that rising CO2 levels affect global climate. Here are some key statements made in that article published more than 12 years ago:


There are many sets of figures describing both, temperature and solar activity, but taking some of the best data available over the past century, the correlation between CO2 levels and temperature has been about 0.2 (below 0.3 is considered a weak correlation). The correlation between solar activity and temperature is about 0.8, and values above 0.7 are usually considered strong. In addition, mechanisms have now been described that explain the amplification effect of solar radiation. Too complex to describe here, but the mix involves the solar magnetic field, cosmic rays and the Earth’s cloud cover, not just the radiant heat from the Sun. The numbers add up well; with this theory now explaining the temperature changes we have been seeing. [41]

Don’t be fooled by this idea of a ‘scientific consensus’ against this type of theory. The fine details of this modern theory are being investigated at CERN, the European Centre for Nuclear Research, one of the world’s most prestigious scientific organisations.

If we could erase all the publicity on this subject during the past 30 years, and the hysterical nonsense from the likes of former US Vice President Al Gore, and look at this issue anew, there would be no need to consider CO2 as the main driver of climate change; as an American politician might say, “It’s the Sun, stupid!”

The Earth’s climate is always changing and we humans have always had to learn to adapt to these changes. We need to continue to do so, rather than wasting huge resources pretending that we are actually changing the weather and trying to do something about it. CO2 is not a pollutant, but the very base of the food-chain on this planet. The extra CO2 that we produce has actually helped increase plant growth; no bad thing on this hungry planet of ours. Countries like India also need to use fossil fuels that produce CO2 to help lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. Believing the hysteria generated by Al Gore and the IPCC would be a serious disaster for this and other countries. [42]


Indeed it has now (more than 12 years after the above quoted article was written) proven to be a very serious disaster that so many around the world have believed the hysteria and lies promulgated by the leaders of the “anthropic climate change” cult.



There is no scientific evidence or proof whatsoever that CO2 has any notable role in the global climate. No evidence. None! Any brainwashed fool who is part of the climate cult is simply a believer in all manner of nonsensical unproven rubbish, nothing more, nothing less. Any such fool needs to pull their head out of their proverbial and start using their O.I. about all matters (not just climate), rather than being a merely childish and believing cult member.

Such belief in absurdity has not only resulted in massive resource wastage, it has been the justification behind endless new draconian and dictatorial controls being placed on all manner of human activity for some billions of us now. It has included everything from the outlawing of wood fuel stoves in newly built houses in many countries (absolute stupidity!) to the endless bureaucratic requirements for “energy efficient” homes (making the costs of a new home prohibitive to many more people than prior to such endless laws and regulations), and it has especially included the ever increasing taxes we all pay to fund the “carbon trading” schemes making fat cat scum even wealthier.

Earth to humankind: CO2 is essential, more CO2 is good, more green leafy plants growing healthily are good. It is time for people in unprecedented numbers to get hip to the lies, by those unprecedented numbers of people taking a personal interest in actual climate science (specifically meaning research that is not funded by those known to be making completely false assumptions, with false assumptions only resulting in pseudo-scientific falsity, with such falsity then being sold far and wide for many years now).

By all of this, it is critical that unprecedented numbers of people gain a clear and simple understanding that the Sun is the obvious primary driver of climate on Earth, with the quietness of the Sun at present being a serious global issue. This is what needs urgent attention, yet once again another false and fabricated “crisis” (the “virus”) is being used to distract the masses of sheeple from real and urgent global issues.

Lie upon lie upon lie is being used in recent years and decades to destroy human societies, destroy our lives and our livelihoods, with the clear intention to turn the masses of our race into subservient, obedient, and “dumbed down” fools who do exactly what their masters (the ultra-wealthy few, with their globalist ambitions, and all the willing servants of those evil few) tell them to do.

WAKE UP HUMANKIND! This is the moment of truth! Figure out what any 10 year old with a basic proper school education can easily see: we are being lied to on a grand scale about many key events and happenings, including those related to “climate” and “terrorism” and “viruses” [43] (amongst the many other lies being sold), with all of these lies being used to re-shape the world in the psychotic vision of billionaire thugs and their friends. The motive behind it all can be stated in one simple word: control.

If you are a believer in any of these cults based around lies and utterly false science, then you are assisting with digging humankind’s grave. If you are such a one then hear this well: YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO BELIEVE SUCH LIES ANY LONGER, AS YOUR BELIEF IN SUCH LIES IS DRAGGING US ALL INTO A HELLISH GLOBAL PRISON! Hopefully this is clear enough, hmm?

Do your own research, do your own homework, use your O.I. (Own Intelligence) about all of these matters (rather than eating up the rubbish that powerful liars claim you “need to know”), and come to your own conclusions based on all of that.

It’s time for humankind to move on from being a race of mere and childish believers. Such believers are the most controllable fools of all, due them lapping up whatever fear-mongering propaganda gets blasted over the airwaves this week or next. Such believers are dragging all of humankind into a hellish, dystopian, totalitarian future. Such believers are old hat and humankind needs to collectively grow up and move beyond such childishness.

Now is the time that this maturing of humankind most urgently needs to happen. Now.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

















[15] (see first graph)

[16] (especially see the 6th graph covering 150,000 to 100,000 years ago at is has the most accurate CO2 data)





[21] (“Climate Change: Chilling Possibilities”)














[35] (see heading “Jan & Richard Discuss Climate”)






[41] (page 1/2)

[42] (page 2/2)


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May 20, 2020 at 3:46 pm

MSM Believers: Stop Digging Humankind’s Grave!

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Here is a simple logical proof about the fact that no one has the right to continue believing the lies from any mainstream media sources:

* Anyone (or any group) believing mainstream lies about an unproven “virus” (lies being used to justify destroying human societies) is assisting with digging humankind’s grave.

* No one (and no group) has the slightest right to assist with digging humankind’s grave.

* Therefore, no one (and no group) has the slightest right to believe any mainstream lies about an unproven “virus” (lies being used to justify destroying human societies).


It is deeply saddening that so many of 21st century humankind have been so incredibly “dumbed down” with all of the decades of relentless, sophisticated, multimedia, in-your-face 24×7 propaganda. That is the “weapon” that has been steadily used by super clever ultra-wealthy scum since the end of WWII. Billions of people have been taught to “obey!” their master’s voice by all of that super clever programming. It is an incredible trance state of “sleepwalking into totalitarianism” that so many appear to be in at the start of the third decade of the 21st century.

Regardless of how saddening it all is, such a “dumbed down” modality of existence is no longer acceptable as such is literally endangering the lives of all 7.8 billion of us human beings. Such “lock step” obedient foolishness is actually digging the collective grave of humankind right now. Unless literally billions of human beings fully resist the coming mass poisonings (aka “vaccinations”) that very powerful forces are pushing to legally enforce all around the world (and at gunpoint if necessary) then humankind will be doomed to a terrible fate from here.

So-called “vaccines” are poisons. They have no place in the human body. They contain numerous highly toxic chemical compounds that can readily cause all manner of illness, disease, disability, and even death. Anyone threatening anyone else with mandated “vaccination” is threatening serious and potential lethal force. Hence, the announcement yesterday by the US President that the military will be used to “distribute” the coming hundreds of millions of “vaccines” to US residents is a declaration of war on everyone residing in the USA.

There is no science behind “vaccines” being even slightly useful for anything whatsoever (unless “useful” includes population reduction, as per the eugenicist dreams of people such as Gates-to-hell). If you are someone who perceives any positive benefit whatsoever from “vaccines” then please do your homework * and stop being a brainwashed, mind-controlled fool who is willingly dragging all of us into a dark, poisoned, totalitarian hell. Thank you.



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May 15, 2020 at 5:10 pm

“Horrific Air Pollution” is Probable Cause of Most Claimed “Virus” Deaths

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Update (5/14/20): An article documenting the role of air (and other) pollution in the “excess deaths” being seen in particular “hot-spots” has been significantly updated by the author, Jim West, a renowned investigative writer relative large scale cover-ups of mass environmental (and human) poisoning by big industries. Given the key information presented by Jim in his article here is a direct link for easy access:

The link below referenced by this post has been updated to a copy from that accurately reflects the content of Jim West’s article at the time this post was written.



There is a critical common factor with all claimed “virus hot-spots” (including Wuhan, northern Italy, Madrid, New York City, and other key locations) that has not been fully and properly investigated with valid science in the recent weeks of “virus” mania. That critical common factor is horrific air pollution. Locations where most of the deaths claimed to be “from” a “new virus” are happening have this critical factor in common, a factor that is obviously of huge significance relative to any and all acute respiratory illnesses and deaths from such illnesses.


Wuhan Pneumonia

As far back as February 7th at least some press outlets were willing to consider such a decisive factor relative “Wuhan pneumonia” (a simple and clear term that is far more accurate than the military sounding “Covid-19”) with this information coming from a Cambodian publication:


According to data released by the Wuhan Bureau of Ecology and Environment, the moment when a large number of pneumonia cases emerged in Wuhan was during the period from Jan 19, 2020, to Jan 23, 2020, and the Wuhan air during this period was at the stage of serious pollution. The indices are all higher than 100. This means that the outbreak period of Wuhan pneumonia coincides with the severe period of air pollution and this is one of the reasons. The second supporting reason is that the high incidence areas of Wuhan pneumonia coincide with the severe air pollution areas.

Wuhan had experienced severe influenza outbreaks in the spring of 2018 and 2019 and the number of influenza cases was much higher than the historical average in the same period. On the exponential distribution map of air pollution, it also appears that Wuhan was at the peak of air pollution during the period of time. Therefore, data from a longer period indicates that the occurrence of Wuhan pneumonia is closely related to air pollution. [1]


Mainstream Smokescreen

During April many mainstream publications have now started publishing stories about air pollution, with a clear intent to confuse the issue. Titles and stories along the lines of “air pollution might be key to ‘virus’ deaths” are appearing, yet such is profoundly misleading in truly “Newspeak” style. By removing the term “corona virus” and any words suggesting ambiguity about the lethality of horrific air pollution the communication becomes much simpler and more truthful:


Horrific air pollution causes excess deaths. Period.


Looking at many of the mainstream articles about air pollution published in recent weeks one sees the entirely false meme about air pollution “contributing” to claimed “virus” deaths being sold very consistently. For instance, the UK “Guardian” published a story on April 20th with the title “Air pollution may be ‘key contributor’ to Covid-19 deaths” so this story sells the meme of an unproven “virus” as an obviously intentional way to try and deceive or confuse the readers. The Guardian article of course does not question the existence of the unproven “virus” but some of the statements made are very revealing:


… according to research … of the coronavirus deaths across 66 administrative regions in Italy, Spain, France and Germany, 78% of them occurred in just five regions, and these were the most polluted.

The research examined levels of nitrogen dioxide, a pollutant produced mostly by diesel vehicles, and weather conditions that can prevent dirty air from dispersing away from a city. Many studies have linked NO2 exposure to health damage, and particularly lung disease …

In the UK, NO2 has been at illegal levels in most urban areas for the last decade. [2]


So 78% of deaths claimed to be from a “new virus” in four key claimed European “virus hot-spots” are occurring in the areas with the most air pollution. Then the one liner mention of the fact that NO2 levels in the UK have “been at illegal levels in most urban areas for the last decade”. Wow. It is quite obvious (to anyone who has any O.I. or Own Intelligence [3] at all) that there is no need to bring an unproven “virus” into the discussion about high numbers of deaths in places with “illegal levels” of air pollution.

The quoted article itself states: “Many studies have linked NO2 exposure to health damage, and particularly lung disease”. So, for a moment put aside the claim that an unproven “virus” is causing some claimed amount of deaths globally and take a look at the evidence for yourself. All of the evidence directly points to horrific air pollution being the common factor with the vast majority of those claimed “virus” deaths (with much higher claimed “virus” mortality in highly localized areas where severe air pollution is known to be consistently the case, and over many years).


Pseudo-Science Articles Aplenty

There are pseudo-science articles being published aplenty that continually push the claim about a new unproven “virus” while also slipping in actual facts and truths about lethal air pollution. One such publication has the intentionally misleading title “Air Pollution and the Novel Covid-19 Disease: a Putative Disease Risk Factor” [4] which (based on the title alone) is evidently selling the unproven claim that there is a “new virus” out there. The first couple of paragraphs of this article are obvious “virus” propaganda and then it gets a little more interesting in paragraph three:


The assumption that air pollution conditions facilitate the spread of the virus was shown and supported by [the study from] Cui et al. during the SARS outbreak in mainland China in November 2002. This study analyzed the correlation between the increment of the API (Air Pollution Index) and the rate of fatality due to SARS across 5 regions in China … According to this research, the five regions under investigation … presented a linear relationship between API, in the period April to May 2003, and fatality rateThe lower the API, the lower the mortality rate.


The final sentence from the above quote is a good simple truth-telling one (amidst the propaganda about another claimed though unproven “virus” known as SARS): the lower the API (Air Pollution Index), the lower the mortality rate. Period. In other words, there is a widely known linear relationship between API (Air Pollution Index) and all-cause mortality. No need for a fake “virus” or any other fabricated “disease” to even be brought into the consideration at all. Then in paragraph five is the following statement:


the Italian Northern Regions, which have been the most affected by Covid-19, are also those with a high amount of atmospheric particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) going above the legislative standards (limit, 50 μg/m3 per day) in the month of February 2020.


Sounding familiar? The UK (with high numbers of deaths claimed due an unproven “virus”) is known to have had illegal levels of air pollution in most urban areas for over a decade. The Italian Northern Regions (also with high numbers of deaths claimed to be due an unproven “virus”) is known to have had illegal levels of air pollution (“above the legislative standards”) in the month of February 2020, immediately prior to a “pandemic” due an unproven “virus” being declared. Let us be clear:


Illegal levels of air pollution causes a linear rise in mortality. Period.


Many other toxic environmental factors kill millions of human beings each and every year. For decades such toxic environmental factors have rapidly been worsening in countless places on the planet. Synchronously, the lie about “new viruses” has been sold with increasing fervor over the very same decades. This synchronicity is not a coincidence.

It is immediately clear to anyone capable of using their O.I. (Own Intelligence) that a “big lie” (indeed a massive lie with proven society destroying potential) about “viruses” has been powerfully sold in recent decades to intentionally obscure the fact that millions of deaths around the world are now being caused by highly toxic environmental factors, each and every year (with those numbers of deaths growing in recent years during which there has been absolutely atrocious air quality and extreme pollution in many other forms, occurring in many places on Earth).

Another study released by Harvard (with the usual false assumptions and statements being made about an unproven “virus”) also has a very telling statement:


The study found, for example, that someone who lives for decades in a county with high levels of fine particulate pollution is 15% more likely to die from COVID-19 than someone who lives in a region that has just one unit (one microgram per cubic meter) less of such pollution. [5]


Note that everything excepting the words “from COVID-19” was put in bold to make a point. The words “from COVID-19” are a deception, a lie, inserted to protect big industry (and the big money that funds such big industry) from blame and legal liability. The truth of it all can be simply stated: someone who lives for decades in a county with high levels of fine particulate (PM2.5) pollution is much more likely to die. Period. No story about an unproven “virus” necessary.

Interestingly, the above quoted study was revised (on April 24) and the 15% increase in likelihood of death due 1 μg/m3 increase in PM2.5 has now been reduced to only 8% or about half the original estimate. However, the comments made in the notice about the update once again obscure the actual reality with deceptive nonsense about a claimed “pandemic” and an unproven “virus” being added:


… we have updated our analysis using data up to April 22, and importantly in which we have adjusted for additional confounding factors that also reflect the timing of the epidemic’s spread, the timing of the social distancing policies and the population age distribution. [6]


Population age distribution is certainly a valid factor, in terms of the known fact that elderly people are more susceptible to respiratory illnesses altogether and (typically) elderly people (especially 65-70 years of age and older) tend to die of respiratory illnesses at a much higher rate than people who are younger. Yet the insertion of statements about “the epidemic’s spread” and “social distancing policies” is totally deceptive. Firstly, it is not even validly proven by anything resembling science that there is a “new virus” causing an “epidemic”. Secondly, air pollution does not care aboutsocial distancing”!


Horrific Air Pollution ≠ Infectious Bug

Illegal levels of air pollution does not equal an infectious bug. Such lethal air pollution is brutally arbitrary, in that it poisons all who are in the area affected. Such poisoning from lethal air pollution will inevitably cause an increase in serious respiratory illnesses and inevitably cause an increase in overall mortality (as shown by umpteen medical and scientific studies over however many decades). This is especially true with more elderly people living in the area affected, though even younger people (who are for whatever health or metabolic reason more susceptible) can also die from severe air pollution.

Lethal and illegal levels of air pollution are evidently being falsely obscured by a fake “pandemic” to protect the criminals who are responsible for creating the lethal air pollution. Renowned investigative writer Jim West [7] recently published an article titled “Coronavirus Pandemic 2020: Environment Omitted” that very thoroughly considers all of these matters, with his investigation specifically considering the total environment of the places claimed to be “virus hot-spots”.

Jim West’s article is well worth a full read and thorough consideration by anyone wanting a better sense of what is actually the most likely common factor behind “excess deaths” that are occurring in a small number of places around the world at present. Remember: the vast majority (78% based on one study of four countries in Europe) of those “excess deaths” are happening in highly localized areas, with those exact areas being centers of widely known horrific air pollution.

In the introduction from Jim West’s recent article are these truth-telling statements:


Virus causation, in general, is a protective industrial concept. Please take the time to understand the simple and effective arguments against virus causation.

What else then could have caused the pandemic? Professor Bhakdi states that the common denominator is “horrid air pollution”. [8]


Professor Bhakdi is an infectious medicine specialist and one of the most highly cited medical research scientists in Germany. In an interview in March Dr. Bhakdi made these statements about air pollution:


When patients concurrently have other illnesses, an infectious agent must not be held solely responsible for a lethal outcome. This happens for COVID-19 but such a conclusion is false and gives rise to the danger that other important factors are overlooked.

Different mortality rates may well be due to different local situations. For example, what does Northern Italy have in common with China? Answer: Horrific air pollution, the highest in the world. Northern Italy is the China of Europe. The lungs of inhabitants there have been chronically injured over decades. [9]


Here are a selection of key statements from Jim West’s recent article “Environment Omitted” that give a much fuller and clearer picture relative to what is actually happening around the world at present (in terms of all cause mortality, not mentioning the political moves being made):


COVID-19 symptoms are the same as air pollution symptoms: Fever, tiredness, dry cough. …

Wuhan (China), the initial epicenter, is one of the most polluted cities in the world. China produces and imports toxic fracking fuel and has extremely low environmental standards. Prior to the epidemic, there were street riots against killer air pollution and activists were persecuted.

… the pollution thesis would expect Wuhan COVID-19 deaths to be high and continuous. Yet, China tells the world that they have no more COVID-19 deaths beyond its initial period, all due to their strict quarantine. Western news chooses to believe this lie in order to promote the success of quarantines. This lie was revealed by Steven Mosher, a China expert.

Mosher states that Wuhan’s death incidence is ongoing, at approximately 400 per 100K persons.

Madrid (Spain) has the next highest death incidence. Spain imports its petroleum products from Qatar, major exporters of toxic fracking fuel for industry and power plants. …

Milan (Italy) vies with Spain for most deaths outside of China, and is accused of under reporting. Milan has been called, “Europe’s most polluted city.” Milan imports much of its petroleum products, fracked, from the US. …

The NY/NJ/CT region and the Gulf region of New Orleans and Jefferson Parish, have the highest incidence of COVID-19 disease in the US. What do they have in common? They are within the two largest petrochemical industrial regions in the US.

4/7/2020, in the morning, Plume reported “Excessive” and “Extreme” for New York City, with high and sustained NO2 levels. I predicted record COVID-19 deaths. Then later in the day, the media confirmed my prediction by reporting all-time record high COVID-19 deaths. That evening, I reviewed Plume again and found the air pollution historical data missing for 4/7/2020. …

There is a correlation between missing air pollution data and high COVID-19 death counts. …

New York City and New Orleans are both adjacent and downwind from the largest petrochemical regions in the U.S.

New York City is also downwind from recently installed electric power plants that are fueled with toxic fracking gas.

… What could be the unique trigger for this worldwide pandemic declared in March 2020?

Best guess: A severe increase in air pollution in the form of fracking petrochemical fuel. Fracking petrochemicals could have been changed – by new toxics being added at the refinery or by processing rules being relaxed for the cleaning of fracking petrochemicals …

Some doubt the existence of the pandemic. I see a real pandemic. I believe there are real victims with unique respiratory symptoms, having studied mainstream descriptions and the reports of friends in New York who describe the plenitude of illnesses among their friends, relatives, themselves, and others.


Then under the heading “Conspiracy theory” Jim West makes the following statements:


Fracking is the main trigger of the pandemic. This industry is being closed down. It has long been financially tenuous, with little profit margin, absolutely dependent on environmental exemptions from the government. Fracking is exempt from The Clean Water Act. Hopefully, it’s death knell is tolling, and perhaps the pandemic shutdowns are relevant to its demise. …

The COVID-19 drama and shutdown:

1) Motivates polluting industries to clean up, yet without public blame, because,

2) The fake virus takes the blame.

3) U.S. becomes like China, where pollution filter masks are already common. COVID allows pollution masks to be socially acceptable outside of China.

4) COVID is a continuation of medical public training: Disease is due to germs and defective genes, not industrial pollution.

5) The population is forced to modernize, i.e., to learn about the possibilities of the Internet: Zoom and Skype for work and society, online shopping, bills, and government.

6) COVID expands Medical power and infrastructure.


Much of what he states here under the title “conspiracy theory” is already self-evident (to anyone even vaguely following the events taking place on planet Earth over the recent weeks), so the heading could just as well be “conspiracy facts” (excepting the yet to be fully proven causative link between fracked petroleum products and increase in all-cause mortality). All the available data fits extremely well with the pollution thesis and very poorly with the fake “virus” thesis.

Finally, Jim West makes two very informative summary statements:


Confirmed again, is that disease is the best indicator of pollution. The Medical Media is environmental disinfo.


Australian Anomaly: A “Fly in the Ointment” for Big Pharma

Continuing on with the air pollution thesis let us consider Australia in some depth. There are almost no claimed “virus” deaths in Australia, with still less than 100 total (about 1.5 per day since the “pandemic” was declared) even after all these weeks.

Even with this completely tiny claimed death toll due a claimed “virus” Australia has been strictly locked down in full police state fashion, with huge and cruel fines of $5,000 being handed out to ordinary citizens who dared even get in their car and drive a couple of miles out of whatever town they live in. Of course, it will be falsely claimed by the Australian government (and the various other powers pushing the new medical martial law globally) that the “lockdowns” are “why” there were few deaths, but let’s just back up and consider a few facts for a second.

Australians are known to be frequent international travelers with around 60% of the population holding a passport and a huge 44.4% (11.1 million) of the entire population (25 million) traveling overseas during 2018 [10] according to recent data. Very few US citizens, on the other hand, have historically held passports. In 1989 only a tiny 3% of US citizens held a passport, though this did rapidly increase 14-fold to 42% over only 28 years (to 2017). This increase has evidently been driven largely by travel to Canada and Mexico:


The pace of growth [of US citizens holding passports] accelerated further in January 2007 when U.S. citizens traveling by air between the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda were required to have a valid passport. [11]


The increased demand for passports by US citizens being mainly driven by travel to Canada and Mexico is also accurately reflected by statistics about US citizen travel to “overseas” (anywhere but Canada and Mexico) destinations. In 2018 the number of US citizens traveling overseas hit a record 41.77 million [12] or 12.7% of the total population (327 million in 2018). So even though 42% of US citizens held a passport (in 2017) only 12.7% of US citizens actually traveled further than Canada or Mexico in 2018.

Based on all of these figures, around 3.5 times the number of Australians (per capita) are typically known to travel overseas compared to US citizens (based on data from 2018). Yet even with these known facts that overseas travel is around 3.5 times more common for Australians than US citizens, the death toll due a claimed “virus” is vastly lower “down under” than in the USA.

This makes no sense whatsoever based on the “virus” thesis. There should be far more infections and deaths “down under” than in the US if there is indeed a “new and deadly virus” going around the world, due the known fact that far more Australians per capita would have been “overseas” (relative their home country) when compared to US citizens (around 3.5 times as many, per capita, based on recent data) when the “pandemic” was officially declared.

Now let’s get back to the far more inclusive (based on all evidence, not just a subset of the evidence skewed to a “virus” narrative) and far more sound (it matches all the data extremely well, with high confidence) thesis that air pollution (and pollution in general) is the likely primary contributor to the “excess deaths” seen in certain highly localized regions at present. A recent study (published December 2019) with the title “A Clean Air Plan for Sydney: An Overview of the Special Issue on Air Quality in New South Wales” [13] makes some very telling statements. First there is this in the abstract:


Air pollution in Australian cities is generally low, with typical concentrations of key pollutants at much lower levels than experienced in comparable cities in many other parts of the world.


Hmm hmm, this certainly fits the air pollution thesis extremely well, given we know that Australia has so far only reported 3.8 per million deaths (95 deaths in a population of 25 million, as at May 3rd) that are supposedly from a claimed “new virus” since the “pandemic” was declared.

On the other hand, in New York City there are now a total of 11,425 deaths claimed to be due an unproven “virus” (based on data from May 1st [14] directly from the CDC). In a city of 8.5 million this is an astounding 1,344 per million. Though remember well that doctors, nurses, and funeral directors have been saying for weeks that “all deaths in NYC are now reported as Covid deaths” [15] (so we really don’t know—and probably never will know—how many of these deaths are truly due to an acute respiratory disorder of any kind, and how many deaths were actually from completely distinct causes).

Stepping back and looking at the US as a whole, there are now 68,570 deaths claimed to be due an unproven “new virus” (as at May 3rd) in a population estimated at 331 million. This is about 207 deaths per million which is a mere 15.4% the mortality rate of NYC. So let’s now exclude New York State from the USA death tally for a moment (due the widely known fraud happening there relative however many thousands of death certificates, plus due NYC suffering some of the worst air pollution in the USA) and look at the US minus NY for overall mortality rate due a claimed “virus” (that is not yet proven to exist).

There are an estimated 19.5 million people in NY State, so about 311.5 million in the rest of the US. There are now 24,648 deaths claimed due “virus” in NY [16] leaving 43,922 deaths claimed due “virus” in the rest of the US. So removing only New York (the whole state) immediately lowers the overall US mortality claimed due a “new virus” to about 141 per million (down from 207 per million).

Thus, excluding only 5.9% of the US population from the calculation lowers the overall mortality for the rest of the US by a huge 32% (almost a third)! This is not what one would expect if the deaths were truly due a “virus” that is so often sold as an “equal killer of all” (a statement that is actually more true of horrific air pollution). Though taking into account the “horrific air pollution” in NYC we can immediately see how this huge anomaly (between NYC and the rest of the US) in overall mortality might be the case.

Now let’s look at some additional quotes from the “Clean Air Plan for Sydney” report that are extremely telling, especially in light of all of the above numbers. From Section 1.2 “Air Quality in Sydney” are some statements resembling actual science:


Air pollution has recently been identified as the largest environmental risk factor to human health worldwide, with fine particulate matter the greatest contributor to impacts from poor air quality.

Despite the relatively low air pollutant concentrations in Sydney in relation to comparable international cities, significant health impacts occur in the city. Exposure (even at low concentrations) to pollutants, such as CO, nitrogen oxides (NOX), and fine particulate matter (PM), has been found to increase hospital admissions for five outcomes of cardiovascular disease in elderly people in Sydney.

Despite the limited number of recent air quality exceedances in Sydney, exposure to criteria pollutants below regulated standards are still associated with significant health effects. Exposure to PM2.5 concentrations considered as generally safe has been shown to increase the onset risk of stroke within hours.Long term exposure to PM2.5 concentrations in the greater Sydney region was associated with increased all-cause mortality in a study for the ‘45 and Up’ cohort (people aged 45 years and older).


The report goes on with a lot more data and other information, though these few quoted statements really do say enough. Summarizing the key points of the above, there are known statistically significant correlations between even low levels of air pollutants and the following:

  • Cardiovascular disease – with hospital admission for 5 outcomes of such disease increasing with elderly people.
  • Sudden “onset risk of stroke within hours” – recall the massively propagandized reports in mainstream press of people even in their 40s suddenly dying from stroke.
  • “All-cause mortality” increases for people 45 years and older who have long term exposure to PM2.5 concentrations.

There you have it. Amongst all the other facts is the very telling statement that “all-cause mortality” for those over 45 years of age increases even with low levels of exposure to air pollutants. This is shown clearly by the spike in death tolls in the vast majority of claimed “virus hot-spots” over the recent weeks, when severe air pollution was known to be the case in these claimed “hot-spots” during many periods of time over the very same weeks (and days) of peak deaths.

Again, we also know that in Australia—where the population travels overseas 3.5 times as much as the population of the USA—there is only a tiny mortality rate being claimed due “virus” of 3.8 per million. Quoting the same opening statement from the “Clean Air Plan for Sydney” report once again for emphasis:


Air pollution in Australian cities is generally low, with typical concentrations of key pollutants at much lower levels than experienced in comparable cities in many other parts of the world.


Then these statements to conclude the “abstract” of the quoted report:


The need to avoid complacency [relative air pollution] is highlighted by recent epidemiological research, reporting associations between air pollution and adverse health outcomes even at air pollutant concentrations that are lower than Australia’s national air quality standards. Improving air quality is expected to improve health outcomes at any pollution level, with specific benefits projected for reductions in long-term exposure to average PM2.5 concentrations.



It is true that vast amounts of research does say that “adverse health outcomes” are indeed very directly associated with even minimally polluted air. And with “horrific air pollution” being the common factor for the vast majority of claimed “virus” deaths globally, it is quite obvious that “horrific air pollution” is the most probable causative factor relative the vast majority of the “excess deaths” that are being seen in very localized regions around the world at present. The title of one section of the excellent report from Jim West sums it up well:


Pandemic Air Pollution


That’s a clear global killer and one that is being hugely obscured by the claimed deaths due an unproven “virus” (that will no doubt never be proven by any valid science). To obscure the fact that “horrific air pollution” is a real killer is not useful for humankind, as instead of addressing the problem directly based on proper evidence and valid science, we are instead told to be in a fearful panic about a claimed (unproven) “virus” with the response of many being to immediately behave as if the sky is falling.

What is actually required is that humankind make use of the vast evidence and valid science that is already available to us, such that we can at least begin to address the real causes of “excess deaths” around the world. Without question there are millions upon millions of “excess deaths” being caused each and every year by the many highly polluting, utterly toxic industries (with many of those industries providing the many goods and services we all use).

With an average annual death toll of about 60 million globally, how many of those deaths are in truth caused by exactly such poisonous pollution? Without proper and unbiased scientific investigation we do not know. Even the WHO makes this very significant statement:


Globally more than 1.5 million deaths annually from respiratory infections are attributable to the environment. [17]


When even the WHO says “more than 1.5 million deaths annually from respiratory infections are attributable to the environment” we can be sure that the real numbers are much higher. Anyone using even a little of their O.I. already knows well that fake “science” is being powerfully used by the 21st century “ruling class” to shape the world as they see fit, by having their so-called “science” say whatever they want it to say to sell whatever lies they are selling.

Thus, how many millions of deaths being falsely placed under other headings are also attributable to the environment? We will never know until humankind is freed from the current “medical” tyranny that has just swept the world and until humankind demands (by the billions) a new, ethical, and honest system of governance for all.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~




















Written by Free723

May 3, 2020 at 5:37 pm

Calling “Everybody-All-At-Once”: Global Freedom Rally 7/23 (July 23, 2020)

You and everyone you know are called to help organize and participate in an inaugural Global Freedom Rally on 7/23 (July 23, 2020). This date will be the 14th anniversary of the World-Friend Adi Da writing significant words about the future of humankind (please see below). A Global Freedom Rally on July 23, 2020, can bring powerful focus to many urgent political, economic, and social matters that are now significantly affecting us all.

Hundred of millions (and even billions) of human beings need to get together and rally around these simple and ordinary demands relative our individual and collective future:


  • Full legal revocation of any and all new “corona virus” related laws and policies in any and all countries that have passed such laws and policies in the recent months.


  • Restoration of fundamental rights for all of humankind, including (but not limited to):
    • Freedom of speech (including fully ceasing all mass censorship of information that disagrees with “official” views about health or indeed about any other matter).
    • Freedom of association (including revocation of all new “social distancing” laws and policies, all new restrictions on size of gatherings, and all new restrictions on use of public places).
    • Freedom of movement (including revocation of all new restrictions on both national and international travel that have been enforced in recent weeks).
    • Freedom of choice relative all health matters (specifically including the inviolable legal right to refuse all “vaccines” and with no social restrictions for so choosing).
    • The right to privacy (including freedom from any and all government and/or corporate harassment/surveillance relative the fake “pandemic” or any other false political reasons).


Furthermore, relative the massively destructive political, economic, and social events of the recent weeks, those most responsible must be held fully accountable for their high crimes against humanity including these very specific actions:


  • Full legal investigations of all the key organizations and individuals who are known to be most involved with the fake “pandemic” including (but not limited to):
    • the World Economic Forum
    • the World Health Organization
    • the United Nations
    • the Centers for Disease Control
    • Dr. Anthony Fauci
    • Bill Gates
    • the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    • GAVI (the “Vaccine Alliance”)
    • Microsoft (providing technology for “ID2020”)
    • Accenture (consulting firm for “ID2020”)
    • the Rockefeller Foundation (funding for “ID2020”)
    • the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (providing key “pandemic” data)
    • Imperial College London (with false “models” of huge “possible” death tolls)
  • Criminal trials against all parties found to be complicit in aiding with the creation of the entirely fake “pandemic” (including all who intentionally publicized false and deceptive information; all who are behind the creation of policies requiring fraudulent death certificate entries; all who are behind the creation of new “corona virus” laws and policies in all countries; as well as all who are pushing mandatory vaccinations and stand to profit greatly from such policies).
  • Bringing all to justice who were complicit in the deception which served to falsely manufacture mass fear and panic globally, resulting in untold destruction to national economies and untold destruction to the livelihoods of billions of human beings, all due the “lockdowns” that were claimed to be “needed” based on the falsehoods being sold to all—those committing these high crimes against humanity must be held fully accountable!


The mentioned actions above—including the revocation of all new “corona virus” laws and policies, the restoration of fundamental and inviolable human rights and liberties, as well as holding all those involved in these high crimes against humanity legally accountable—would certainly be a very positive place for humankind to begin, relative the entirely new political paradigm that must now be incarnated if this world is to be a benign and safe place to live from here onwards for us 7.7 billion human beings.

There are certainly many other issues that need addressing which are not mentioned above, so if you feel passionately about another issue then bring that to the table in conversations with those you know. It is up to us, the people, to quickly become clear about the real and important global issues. It is up to us, the people, to rally for freedom en masse while we can still do so, prior to us all being even more fully locked down through dark technological means (drones, police robots, and more) which will make it even harder for such gatherings of the people to take place.

If you care about your future, the future of your loved ones, and the future of humankind and this world altogether, then do choose to be part of a new global political movement. A simple place to start is with helping to organize and then participating in the great and history-changing Global Freedom Rally on July 23rd, 2020, to be held in every country all around the world. In conclusion, here are the sobering prophetic words written by the World-Friend Adi Da on July 23rd, 2006, now almost 14 years ago:


The old moral, social, and political “order” of humankind is now dead. A new and true and right order of humankind is, now, and forever hereafter, necessary. This Free Declaration is the Seed-Utterance of that new and necessary true and right (and truly globally, totally, and universally cooperative) order.

This moment in human-time—July 23, 2006—is the precise and decisive moment of the uniquely new human necessity for all of humankind. Therefore, all signs say and illustrate that, if the new Way of true and right and truly human civilization herein and hereby Freely Declared is not now and everywhere chosen and enacted, the return to a natural and ego-based and inherently immoral chaos of separateness, division, mutual opposition, deadly competition, global conflagration, universal suffering, universal darkness, and universal death will have its global mandate of indifference—to move by nature’s “twos” of human species’ double-minded left and right of hands, to terminally and conclusively replace the civilization of this always fateful all of humankind.

One and all, consider this Free Declaration of your possibility on Earth.

One and all, Be of this Free Wisdom Blessed and made all right—together and at once.


Written by Free723

April 26, 2020 at 5:02 pm

Open Letter to Everybody-All-At-Once



Dear Brothers and Sisters of this world of Earth,

This open letter to everyone is written by “a conscientious citizen of planet Earth”. It is a most critical time in human history and the information covered here is of import, not the authorship. This letter could just as well be written by any one of us who is awakening to a fuller and more inclusive view of the political, economic, and social happenings of today.

You (and everyone you care about, and indeed everyone altogether) are invited to fully consider the information presented here. Doing so could well help in saving your health (and life) as well as the health (and lives) of those you love. This letter is around 2,000 words long (similar to a longer undergrad essay) and it is worth your time to read and consider the entire communication.

The destructive political decisions made globally in the recent weeks are having terrible effect on now billions of people (26.5 million people in the USA alone have filed for unemployment in 5 weeks, for example). The official claim is that these political decisions have been made due a supposed “new deadly virus that came out of China”. Yet there is vast counter-evidence to that claim (growing daily) readily found on the Internet by anyone with genuine interest in the truth behind these events.

Essential counter-evidence to the claimed “pandemic” relates to the “virus tests” themselves. The PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction—a process in DNA) “tests” are key to the entire flow of events since earlier this year in China, with such “tests” now being used everywhere. Understand clearly that without the “tests” there is also no “pandemic” (and some investigative writers have noted accurately that it is actually a “pandemic of tests”).

You might not be aware that the “test” itself is fundamentally flawed due no actual virus isolate ever yet being purified in a laboratory (so there has not yet been any definitive proof of a new and deadly corona virus provided by any laboratory, anywhere in the world!). This fact (that the “test” was entirely made up) is openly acknowledged in official publications about the “test” itself.

An excellent video (in just over a quarter hour) covers the key medical and scientific facts relative this “test” for a supposed new “virus” being used everywhere. The information is presented by a registered UK nurse, Kate Shemirani, a conscientious and civic-minded human being. With loads of charm and in only 16 or so minutes she demolishes the entire foundation of the claimed “pandemic” – the foundation being the totally flawed and useless “tests”.

It really is worth your time (and that of everyone you know) to watch this video:

* UK Nurse Explains The Corona Virus PCR Test Fraud

If you watch Kate’s full presentation it will directly serve your greater understanding about the current global events. The political decisions being made everywhere are destroying entire societies and destroying the livelihoods of billions of human beings, with fundamental human rights and civil liberties (that are the inviolable birthright of all us 7.7 billion human beings) being destroyed by the many new laws and regulations, all based on a complete fabrication about a “new deadly virus”.

Many world-class experts in the fields of epidemiology and microbiology have for weeks been providing solid counter-evidence to the claims of a “new deadly virus” yet such world-class experts are being completely ignored by all “official” and mainstream powers. This is due the fact that the solid counter-evidence they are presenting (based on their world-class expertise) does not fit the completely false “narrative” being sold 24×7 for weeks on end by governments and mainstream media worldwide.

Attached is a document with key facts about the claimed “pandemic” which in just 2 pages covers the essential information to help anyone understand exactly how and why it is fake. Following the 2 page summary (in the attached) are 3 more pages with 20 linked references to back up the statements made in the first 2 pages. Many links are to official information (government and agency websites) about the claimed “pandemic” while other links are to excellent evidence being ignored (and/or ridiculed) by mainstream media and governments alike. Anyone truly wanting to know what is going on would do well to thoroughly consider the attached, including all information at the 20 links.

Everyone needs to be made aware of the many critical facts relative this fake “pandemic” that are being ignored by the governments and mainstream media around the world. Everyone needs to wake up to the massive lies that are being sold 24×7 and to the actual truth behind these events. The truth that the “ruling class” on Earth are now, in 2020 (“ID2020”), rapidly and openly working towards global totalitarianism. Relative to that claim please consider the next two quotes:

The power of industry and money has actually become senior to the power of governments, and is now controlling the entire world.
– The World-Friend Adi Da, Not-Two Is Peace (3rd ed., p.37, 2009)

In actual practice, law is nothing but organized force used by the ruling class to shape the social order in a way favorable to itself.
– Nelson Mandela (quoted by Richard Stengel, Mandela’s Way, p.110, 2010)

It is easy to find hard evidence of the plans of the “ruling class” (the “power of industry and money”) on the Internet, with the bulk of that evidence being on the very websites of the organizations that are spearheading those plans. Anyone new to such matters wanting to know more would do well to start by thoroughly researching the WEF (World Economic Forum), the WHO (World Health Organization), and the UN (United Nations), plus the inter-relationships between these three key organizations.

All of this is not mere “conspiracy theory” which is itself a term coined by the CIA in 1964. The CIA created this term to shut down intelligent consideration between citizens about key political events, by stigmatizing anyone disagreeing with “official” government explanations (with those explanations quite often being completely absurd). Proof that the CIA created the term “conspiracy theory” was gained by a Freedom of Information Act request as covered by the book “Conspiracy Theory in America” (2013):

Let us be clear: the plans of the WEF (in conjunction with the WHO and the UN) are easily verified conspiracy fact, with the plans and agendas of those various organizations being quite openly published on their various websites (and many other websites). It is a literal conspiracy, right in the public view, yet it’s not heavily publicized by mainstream media so most people don’t know about it. Consider that on March 31st the UN proposed a global tax of at least 10% of the GDP of every UN member nation:

* United Nations wants 10% of entire planet’s annual income in fund for coronavirus response

Have you even heard mention of such massive news relative a proposed global tax from any of the mainstream media sources? Such a world-changing UN proposal is utterly ignored, as news of it might alert even more people to the fact that the entirely fake “pandemic” is fundamentally designed to serve the rapid installation of a global totalitarian governance system that none of us 7.7 billion voted on.

Being clear that it is a completely fake “pandemic” one might wonder what the US$8.7 trillion (10% of annual world GDP) tax per year is actually going to be used to accomplish. Whatever the true purposes are for such immense “global tax” (if it becomes a reality) those purposes are most certainly not in the interests of us 7.7 billion human beings, who have not even been asked about any of these plans.

There are millions upon millions of people around the world right now awakening to the truth of the current political events, directly shown by the vast numbers of “my eyes have been opened for the first time” type comments (and “my eyes have been open for a long time” comments, as well) on the many excellent non-mainstream blogs and many excellent non-mainstream news websites. People around the world are clearly thirsty for true political change, but certainly not the change that the WEF, the WHO, and the UN are trying to enforce on the world (through deceptions, lies, and poisons).

A German economist and financial journalist, Norbert Häring (, has written a good summary relative key aspects of what the WEF is doing at present and what they are working to achieve over the coming few years. To learn more details about these concrete plans (again, plans that are clearly and openly stated in many publications totaling many thousands of pages, publications released by these very same international organizations) please see his recent article:

* The Totalitarian Dystopia of the World Economic Forum is Becoming Reality (April 11)

Rather than such a dystopian world of totalitarian control over all, what we (humankind, and all living creatures and entities on Earth) truly need is the Global Cooperative Forum. This is a most urgent need at this time, as such a true Forum for political process is the only avenue that humankind will be able to resort to in future for any positive political, economic, and social change. The immense power of the “ruling class” (the “power of industry and money”) that is currently controlling the world can only be countered by the even more immense power of “everybody-all-at-once” working together:

* We Need the Global Cooperative Forum, Not the World Economic Forum

Only with billions of people waking up to the truth behind these events will humankind be able to fully incarnate the necessary power to create a distinct and more benign future for all on Earth. This is truly the historical moment when “everybody-all-at-once” (a term coined by the World-Friend Adi Da) is required. This means that every one of us is obliged to now engage self-responsibility relative the global political process, thus each and all are called to move on from looking to the “Parent-State” for solutions to the current urgent global issues. It is time for us, everybody-all-at-once, the people, to make a new political process from the ground up (and thus not from the rich and powerful on down).

Will you choose to be such a one and take on self-responsibility relative the global political process? Will you participate as an awake, happy, positive, and cooperative integral part of “everybody-all-at-once”? All are called on to do so, including you and every single person you know. If you care about your loved ones and the future of the human race and this precious Earth (our only home) then please pass this message and this information far and wide.

Furthermore, if you are one who is motivated to actually help effect the great and positive political and economic and social change on planet Earth then please begin the process in earnest with those you know who might be similarly inclined. Real conversations need to be had, gatherings and meetings and events (many small, some large) need to be planned and held. People all around the world need to very urgently start this conversation and this consideration, which needs to spread the Earth like wildfire, the wildfire of billions of free human beings in unprecedented cooperation, at last.

Thank you!

Blessings to you and to all!

Written by Free723

April 25, 2020 at 10:52 pm

Lockdowns actually amount to mass murder of the elderly and ill

with one comment

We are told by all the propaganda mouthpieces of government and media that “lockdowns are about protecting the vulnerable” and we must “obey!” or else we are “killing” the “vulnerable” (generally meaning the elderly and the seriously ill). Yet this is exactly the opposite of the truth, in the style of perfect “Newspeak” as described by George Orwell.

In actual fact, lockdowns amount to mass murder of the elderly and seriously ill. Some writers and commentators, such as Dr. Vernon Coleman, have been well aware of this fact since over a month ago and have written and spoken about it a number of times (with much mob hatred being directed back at Dr. Coleman and others who are daring to speak the truth about these realities).

Dr. Coleman released a video statement on March 18th in which he made some critical observations about the very negative effects of the lockdown and new government policies specifically in the UK, particularly for the elderly whom the lockdown and policies are falsely claimed to protect:


[00:26] … the panic and the hysteria are wildly overblown. There really isn’t any need to stop all non-urgent [medical] operations, and there is no need to close shops and cafes, and put people out of work, which is what’s going to happen.

The economies all around the world are going to be in a terrible state. Loads of people are going to lose their jobs and when people lose their jobs then the death rate goes up. There’s a well known correlation between unemployment and death rates.

[04:40] One of the things that the government has done, in the UK in particular, is to say that all people over 70 have to stay in their homes … they’re talking about it might be a year and it might be 18 months, and people have been told that they shouldn’t leave their homes, and that food should be left on the doorsteps, so that they don’t have any contact with people at all.

[06:45] … it’s a pretty obvious fact that there are an enormous number of people in the community who have the corona virus, but who haven’t been tested and haven’t been shown to have the corona virus. Now that means that the death rate is nowhere near as bad as they’re saying it is … the death rate, the percentage of dying [relative actually infected people] is much smaller. And it’s just I think another way to exaggerate the importance of this infection.

Now why would they be doing it, what’s going on? I think it’s all part of a demonization, marginalization, dehumanization of the elderly. I think that’s one of the hidden agendas. That’s why they want to lock up over 70 year olds, and don’t forget that doctors all around the world have said they won’t be able to treat over 70s if they get the corona virus. And in fact it has been said by a number of doctors that they won’t be able to treat over 70s whatever they have wrong with them

[08:02] Now you have to remember that old people around the world are costing governments a lot of money. They’re costing trillions in care and pensions. And in order to deal with this governments have been for a long time trying to reduce the amount of care they provide

[09:03] … don’t forget that the UK invented the “Liverpool Care Pathway”in which old people, people in hospital in particular, were deprived of food and water so that they would die, and the hospital bed could then be used for someone else. [1]


From numerous perspectives it is therefore clear the lockdowns have nothing to do with saving lives. The massive unemployment resulting from the lockdowns will cause depression rates to skyrocket globally, with big increases in suicides to follow. Then there is the explicit fact that the elderly are being denied proper care simply due to their age!

Remember these observations well as you consider the two news stories below, which are just a sample of the horrors these falsely sold lockdowns and policies are causing. Specifically recall the so-called “Liverpool Care Pathway” which is direct proof that official government policies to intentionally murder people (without calling it that, of course) are not new. The lockdown and cancellation of all medical care and appointments that are not related to the current hyped virus are exactly such murderous policies. Consider this information from a mainstream media story on April 15th:


England and Wales have experienced a record number of deaths in a single week, with 6,000 more than average for this time of year.

Only half of those extra numbers were attributed to the coronavirus. Experts said they were shocked by the rise, particularly in non-Covid-19 deaths, and expressed concern that the lockdown might be having unintended consequences for people’s health.

The figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed the highest weekly death total in England and Wales — 16,387 — since recording began in 2005, but many were not recorded as being related to Covid-19.

The number of deaths above the five-year average, at more than 6,000, was far greater than the number recorded as related to coronavirus, at 3,475. [2]


Thus, there were over 2,500 “excess deaths” (compared the annual average at this time of year) in a single week that had nothing to do with the virus whatsoever. No doubt the vast majority of these deaths were due to lack of proper medical care, resulting from the harsh lockdown and all of the associated government policies restricting needed medical treatments especially for the elderly.

Note also that the article title “Coronavirus: Record weekly death toll as fearful patients avoid hospitals” is pure sensationalism and deception. The claimed “record” of 16,387 deaths is relative the current estimated 67.5 million UK population. That is 243 deaths per million people in the UK for the week ending April 3rd, 2020. Back in the week ending January 9th, 2015, there were 16,237 deaths [3] with an estimated 65 million UK population. This equals 250 deaths per million people who died that week. So per capita the figures for the week ending April 3rd are actually no record at all! And this even with all the 3,475 “excess deaths” that are being claimed as “from” the virus during that week.

Beyond all of that obvious and intentional fear-mongering deception, the so-called “experts” claiming “they were shocked” by supposedly “unintended consequences for people’s health” are evidently only experts at either stupidity or deception (or perhaps both, and intentionally so on the part of the unnamed “experts”). A simple intelligent analysis relative the effect of the lockdown and the associated policies (especially relating to health care for the elderly) done even weeks ago made it clear that these very consequences were likely, just as Dr. Coleman’s analysis from March 18th concluded. Then the loaded term “fearful patients” implies that people over 70 dying due to not getting proper care have a choice: they don’t, as the government has dictated policies that tell them to stay home.

Other pure horror stories are also coming out around the world, such as one from Quebec where 31 old people in a nursing home were found dead primarily due lack of proper care! The title of one article describing this horror is “31 Deaths: Toll at Quebec Nursing Home in Pandemic Reflects Global Phenomenon” and one needs to ask oneself precisely what “global phenomenon” is being reflected here? It is the phenomenon that was accurately described by Dr. Vernon Coleman over a month ago, the “phenomenon” of the elderly being blatantly marginalized and savagely ignored, even to death.

This amounts to mass murder which is specifically resulting from the lockdown and associated policies:


The [31] deaths in Canada were discovered late last week at Résidence Herron, a private home for seniors in Montreal, after the local health authority, alarmed by staff shortages and the spread of coronavirus at the home, took control of the residence.

They found dehydrated residents lying listless in bed, unfed for days, with excrement seeping out of their diapers.

I’d never seen anything like it in my 32-year nursing career,” said Loredana Mule, a nurse on the team. “It was horrific — there wasn’t enough food to feed people, the stench could’ve killed a horse.”

After she left the home, she said, she collapsed in her car and wept. [4]


So before you go and march in lock-step with all the many fools believing the lie that these “lockdowns protect the vulnerable” just remember these facts about the literal mass murder of the elderly and the ill that is taking place right now globally. It is absolutely obvious to any sane observer of all these events that the global lockdowns have absolutely nothing to do with a virus pandemic. The lockdowns are only to do with the “pandemic” of totalitarianism that has raced around the world in the recent weeks.

If you want to help protect any loved ones who are elderly and ill, then be part of the mass protest that is growing globally against these lockdowns. Ending the lockdowns, including allowing the resumption of the basic medical care that elderly and ill people need, will save many lives! Humankind needs you right now and indeed everyone you know to be part of the growing global mass protest against these lockdowns that destroy our lives and are far more deadly than any new type of common cold going around.


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April 20, 2020 at 2:42 pm

Thank you Sweden for showing a little sanity

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Sweden is under major attack by the global mainstream presstitutes in the past couple of weeks, with article after article criticizing Sweden’s choice to maintain some semblance of actual democracy. Many of the headlines have used the word “controversial” about Sweden’s choice, with a crowd of clamoring voices saying that Sweden “must” lockdown.

Ask yourself, is it actually “controversial” of Sweden to not destroy many fundamental and inviolable human rights and liberties? Or is it in fact “controversial” to basically throw out democracy all around the world and trash all our fundamental rights due what is (based on all the best scientific evidence) an illness that is perhaps as significant as a bad cold? It seems some powerful forces are annoyed with Sweden not getting in line with the new totalitarianism of the 21st century, which can be accurately described as semi-permanent (no doubt soon becoming permanent) medical martial law.

Pandemics of respiratory illnesses happen each and every year globally, not just this year. Remember that 650,000 people die globally in a bad “flu” year (numbers directly from the WHO). This is 162,500 deaths from “flu” and pneumonia every three months if averaged over the entire year. Yet, we know that most of these 650,000 deaths from “flu” and pneumonia occur in the northern hemisphere winter months, so even 200,000 in three months during the “flu” season wouldn’t be surprising. So far there are about 160,000 deaths that are claimed to be “corona virus” over about three months (since Jan 22nd when China reported their first “corona virus” death). Thus, even if all of these deaths were truly from “corona virus” it is nothing unusual compared other bad “flu” years.

But we know that only a fraction of reported corona virus deaths globally are possibly “from” the corona virus, with most deaths being “with” the virus merely present (and the virus not being the cause of death). This is based on various evidence including: in Italy where only 12% of official government death numbers claimed from virus were actually “from” the virus; in New York where only 2% of official government death numbers from virus have no underlying conditions; plus the WHO mandates along with confirmation from officials and physicians globally that even when a person only died “with” the virus and not “from” it the virus must still be put as cause of death. This is gross fraud.

In spite of such basic facts that completely and utterly contradict the prophets of death and doom (the usual mainstream media outlets and government agencies) we are being told by the billions to accept that the destruction of human societies globally is somehow “necessary”. The WHO (World Hysteria Organization) chimed in relative Sweden the other day saying it is “imperative” that they get in line with the rest of the nations rolling out the new 21st century totalitarianism. Even Trump chimed in claiming “Sweden’s suffering very, very badly.” [1]

Yet non-lockdown Sweden is not suffering any more than total lockdown United Kingdom in terms of officially claimed deaths from this corona virus. There is really no significant difference between the two nations in terms of officially stated deaths per million people. Here is an updated chart of deaths per million claimed from virus which shows an almost identical trend for both lockdown UK and non-lockdown Sweden:


USA deaths charts


Some people criticize this comparison saying it should be done against neighbors Denmark or Norway with similar population density. But what does population density have to do with the ultimate spread of a virus or the lethality of a virus in a population? Any respiratory bug spreads throughout any population over whatever amount of time based on human-to-human contact, regardless of the population density. What is more important is the expected mortality of a population per 1,000 people when comparing claimed corona virus deaths from different countries. In a country with higher average mortality there are obviously higher numbers per capita who have serious pre-existing conditions, thus resulting in that higher mortality rate.

The mortality rate of Sweden [2] is actually much closer to that of the UK [3] than that of neighboring Norway [4] being 9.1 deaths per 1,000 people in 2017. The UK had 9.2 deaths per 1,000 people in 2017 while Norway had only 7.7 deaths per 1,000 people in 2017. Thus, to compare Sweden to the UK for this corona virus is more appropriate, give that the mortality rate in the two countries is almost identical (while being almost 20% higher than the mortality rate of Norway).

Thus, while the UK and Sweden are suffering approximately the same stated deaths per capita from corona virus, the UK is suffering far more at all kinds of other levels due the lockdown. The spiritual, mental and emotional damage to the residents of the UK will be off the charts due all these falsely sold society destroying measures. While Sweden is certainly suffering some amount of that, such as with the loss of employment due huge economic downturn from the measures that have been taken (measures short of total lockdown) they are certainly not suffering that kind of effect near as much as the other countries around the world that have very strictly locked down their people.

Anyone who understands anything about democracy, fundamental human rights and liberties, and any other basic political matters knows that the “controversial” politics of this historical moment are not at all what Sweden is doing. No, the controversial politics of the day are that almost every country on Earth suddenly got in lock-step following orders from the new world leaders, the WEF, WHO and UN.

The true controversy is that so many nations have locked down their people in this new totalitarianism, based on the flimsiest of data and modeling about a supposedly new dangerous virus. Simultaneous with these lockdowns, the even greater controversy is that vast numbers of new laws and regulations restricting all manner of fundamental human rights and liberties are being implemented all over the world. And all of this due a virus that by any measure is nothing worse than a bad cold.

Here are some intelligent words about the situation with Sweden:


My foreign friends are stunned. They can’t fathom that there are still people enjoying the fruits of civilisation, as if the natural reaction to pandemics is to embrace totalitarianism. And they wrestle with another conundrum: how on earth did Sweden end up being the final bastion of liberty? How did this country of mild-mannered conformists end up rebelling against lockdown culture?

… our approach to fighting the pandemic starts from something more fundamental: in a liberal democracy you have to convince and not command people into action. If you lose that principle, you will lose your soul. [5]


Then compare this to the situation in the UK that is described well by one commentator:


Without any more evidence than has been present in dozens of previous years, seasonal flu has suddenly been elevated to an existential threat. We are told that the only thing to do is to accept house arrest, or else we are “killing people”. Our economy is shut down, our society changed out of all recognition. And this despite there being no increase in death rates compared to the norm.

… lacking faith, and driven by fears, our society has consented to the destruction of its economy and has sacrificed liberties fought for over centuries without a backward glance. And what monster do we run from? One summoned from seasonal flu, corona virus and tales from China. Without any excess death in our society, we have allowed experts from Imperial College to assure us that half a million or more will die unless we acquiesce to our national destruction. [6]


Rather than Sweden following the rest of the world into totalitarianism, the rest of the world should be following Sweden’s example and working to maintain democracy without trashing most of our fundamental rights and liberties. Thank you Sweden for showing a little sanity in response to the vastly over-hyped new version of the common cold that is currently going around the world.


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April 18, 2020 at 2:52 pm

Class Action Lawsuits Required Against WEF, WHO, UN, CDC and Others

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Did the CDC advertise the position of “Public Health Advisor (Quarantine Program)” on November 15th [1] for a period extending to May 15th, 2020, for every major city in the USA by “coincidence”? Are we supposed to believe it is “coincidence” that lockdowns are now being extended to exactly May 15th in various places (including L.A. County [2] and Vermont [3] for example)?

No, it is not “coincidence” at all. The CDC are very much a key part of the planned destruction of our lives right now, and they know the script well. Class action lawsuits need to be filed against the CDC as well as the many, many other utterly corrupt organizations and people behind this false pandemic scare. There are provable, intentional falsehoods and lies that they have sold to the American people (and to people everywhere in the world) as justification for the totalitarian lockdowns:



All lawful residents of the USA vs. WEF, WHO, UN, CDC (and Others)


People’s lives are being destroyed by the deception and the lies from these truly evil organizations. There really isn’t a better word than “evil” for such organizations. Mass destruction to the lives and financial livelihoods of billions of human beings has resulted from all of the total lies and falsely sold totalitarian lockdowns. Before long tens of millions of Americans will have filed for unemployment benefits (already 17 million now) just to keep themselves and their families alive. And all due these total lies, this total fraud, these falsehoods that are easily provable scientifically, these fabrications that have been sold aggressively and 24×7 to the American people during this past month.

The criminals include every mainstream media outlet selling the lies, every government agency and department knowingly participating in these lies, every corporation who is financially backing these lies and who stands to benefit from these lies. It is a long list of criminals, for certain. It specifically includes Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, plus the many others who have funded these lies and now sold these lies to the people of the USA.

These people and these organizations need to be brought to trial in a just international court that is truly non-partisan. The host of people behind this destruction of human society globally need to be tried and when found guilty (which they surely would be in any just court, based on the now voluminous evidence) they need to be locked up for the rest of their natural lives.

Key players include the so-called “World Economic Forum” (World Enslavement Fools) and the “World Health Organization” (World Hysteria Organization) and the “United Nations” (Unelected Nazis). The CDC (Center for Deceptive Con-tricks) is the local “branch” of the whole charade in the USA.

Are we supposed to believe it is another mere “coincidence” that the WEF, in combination with Gates Foundation (vaccine funders) and Hopkins University (whose “cases” and “deaths” numbers are publicized far and wide) ran a “simulation” of a “corona virus” pandemic [4] in mid-October? What sort of dummy are you if you buy the nonsense about it being a mere “coincidence”? It is quite obviously not coincidence that such a remarkably similar “simulation” (so-called “Event 201”) took place just the month prior to a “corona virus” pandemic supposedly beginning.

According to their own statements about this pandemic “simulation” the WEF is supposedly worried about a loss of 0.7% global GDP. Yet we now know that the WEF and WHO and UN are absolutely behind this entire false pandemic, with the intentionally deceptive statements made by the WHO on March 3rd being a key trigger for the global lockdowns. Plus we know the WEF and WHO are in partnership based on their March 11 announcement about that very fact. Plus we know the UN is now wanting a 10% global tax for a virus pandemic that we know is a hoax and fake! These three organizations are thus shown to be utterly corrupt and criminal and they must be stopped.

The economic damage is already being measured as 3-4% of GDP [5] and higher for various countries, so the cute bullshit idea from the WEF that they are somehow trying to prevent loss of GDP is just that: cute bullshit. They are key perpetrators of the deception and the lies and the falsehoods that are being sold, with those lies being used to justify the naked totalitarianism being fast implemented all around the world.

Note the presence of “health” officials from various places at the pandemic simulation (read through the list of key attendees), including from the USA (CDC) and Australia (which is under vicious, police state lockdown, even though barely any “virus” deaths have even been claimed there) as well as other places. These people are criminals. They are part of a clear criminal conspiracy globally to lock down the human population based on lies. This is not “theory” as there is now overwhelming evidence and facts that make it clear (to anyone that is capable of using basic math, logic and reason) that such conspiracy is exactly what is behind all of these events.

Listen: if you still believe that this is all some wild “conspiracy theory” even with all of the evidence then you are literally a mind-controlled fool [6] who doesn’t know that the CIA is ruling much of your brain. Look into the facts and open your eyes if you’re such a person, maybe you’ll at last “see the light” and wake up to the truth that you were brainwashed and the truth that the actual events taking place right now are remarkably distinct than the lies being sold on TV.

At least a few people in Ohio are not brainwashed zombies quite yet, shown by an active demonstration [7] that took place only a few days ago. Some key slogans yelled repeatedly [8] by the people gathered:


Freedom Is Essential!

Our Constitutional Rights Are Essential!

Open Ohio Now!

Show Us the Data!

Cite Your Sources!

Quarantine Worse Than Virus!


Yes, the quarantine is worse than the virus by many magnitudes. People who need real medical care are being sidelined through cancellation of all appointments and elective surgeries, so people will be dying during this time due the lack of medical care. We know that “quarantine” actually means global totalitarianism (“1984”) and we know that this is destroying billions of people’s lives, so the voice of every single one of us is truly needed in protesting these illegal actions. These society destroying changes based on lies are completely and utterly unacceptable.

Humankind needs to get hip and let these brave few who gathered in Ohio the other day be a shining example. These few who gave voice to legitimate grievances about all of these draconian, fascist, destructive laws and restrictions of fundamental and inviolable human rights and liberties. Billions of human beings need to wake up and take to the streets saying “NO!” to these false lockdowns, “NO!” to these lies, and “NO!” to global totalitarianism that is now being rolled out so very fast all around the world.


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