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One Human Family

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It is true that we are all part of one “human family” whatever our particular nationality, religion, ethnicity, and history. Even science has confirmed this fact in recent years by stating that at the level of DNA (the most basic building blocks of life) all human beings are about 99% identical. Thus, all the superficial variations of our physical appearance can be accounted for by a tiny 1% distinction in our DNA, yet we still generally make much of this tiny distinction in politics, the daily news, and our daily lives. Obviously, this is the continuation of “tribal” mind, whereby we identify with one particular group (based on nationality, religion, ethnicity, and history) and presume ourselves to be entirely separate from any “other” particular group(s) of human beings.

This primitive “tribal” mode of human relations must come to an end and immediately, such that it can be replaced with the presumption of “prior unity” – meaning the inherent unity of existence, which therefore includes all life on Earth (humans, animals, plants, and the rest!). Without the relinquishment of this “tribal” mind and the establishment of the principle of “prior unity” throughout the world, it is clear that humankind is headed towards either certain destruction (through the “nuclear project” and other weapons of war) or total enslavement (through technologically aggressive means). So, noticing that we are all part of the one “human family” is an important first step in our own personal understanding that will allow each of us to begin participating in the necessary “global cooperative” movement of humankind.

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Only everybody-all-at-once can change the current chaos.” —Adi Da

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Not-Two Is Peace

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Written by Free723

May 1, 2011 at 6:05 pm

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