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Beyond the Death Cult of “Virus” Myths and “Vaccine” Poisons

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The current global “ruling class” (the 0.0001% who are currently controlling the entire world) are the head of a literal “death cult” and they are doing all in their power to “install” this death cult on planet Earth (and for a potentially very, very long time). If they succeed it will without question be the end of “humankind” and “human culture” and “human societies” in any recognizable form, possibly for centuries or even forever.

It is obvious to anyone not paralyzed by the constant fear-mongering propaganda and lies that the entire operation in recent months is about inducting or initiating the billions on Earth into this now openly declared “death cult”. These insane “ruler” types are using incredibly persistent propaganda to manipulate masses of people into obeying their new “cult rules” such as anti-social distancing and muzzle wearing.

All who willingly obey these new cult rules are unfortunately brainwashed fools and that large collective of “believers” in the newly declared death cult are in fact dragging each and every one of us into a terrible and dark totalitarian prison. It is long past time when anyone has the right to “believe” the obvious propaganda being pushed by lying mainstream corporate interests and by lying corporate controlled government officials.

If you are such a brainwashed fool who believes a “virus” is killing people of late and that “vaccines” are anything other than pure poisons in a syringe, then hear this well: PLEASE WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT LIES ARE BEING SOLD AND PLEASE STOP DRAGGING ALL OF US INTO A HELLISH PRISON DUE YOUR FOOLISH BELIEF IN THOSE LIES. Thank you.


Death by Industrial Poisoning Hidden by “Virus” Myths

People die, don’t you know? It’s a sad and challenging aspect of life that confronts every single one of us and this fact has been suppressed and denied at basically every level of modern “culture” (which is only actually anti-culture, based on the actual meaning of the word “culture”). Over 60 million people die a year on this planet, including millions from highly toxic environmental poisons that get spewed out constantly by many big industries.

Even the WHO acknowledges at least 1.5 million deaths per annum from terrible air pollution [1] with such lethal air pollution evidently being the key factor in the “excess mortality” being seen in some highly localized regions of the world at present. The whole “virus” myth has been used in the past century and more to cover-up industrial poisoning of the environment.

This includes the claimed “polio virus” [2] (never proven to exist) with all evidence showing that the “polio” disease is actually caused by highly toxic industrial poisons (particularly DDT). Similarly, all the other unproven “viruses” are used to “explain” many other debilitating diseases and many other deaths in the human populations who live in such poisoned environments. And this very specifically includes the current unproven “coronavirus” [3] that is being used to justify global totalitarianism.

It is true that no “virus” has ever been proven [4] by anything resembling valid science and only a few years ago a landmark court trial in Europe [5] concluded that there is no valid scientific evidence (that is good enough to satisfy any international scientific standards) that the “measles virus” even exists. Read all the very well researched articles linked from this post if you need help understanding these matters. It is really quite simple: no scientific proof of any “infectious virus” has ever been provided. This is due “Koch’s postulates” never being satisfied [6] by any valid scientific proof, not even once.


Vast Evidence of “Vaccines” Being Poisonous Cocktails

Also, there are no poisons known as “vaccines” that have ever been proven to be other than highly toxic cocktails of laboratory experiments, with well known potential to cause permanent disability and even death. Even the “vaccine” inserts make this very clear in black and white print [7] stating that no independent trials have shown any “effectiveness” (relative the claimed purpose of whatever “vaccine”), while those inserts also clearly state a huge range of potential injuries and health issues [8] that might occur from whatever “vaccine” in question.

Any fool who willingly asks to be poisoned (“vaccinated”) even with the standard so-called “flu shot” [9] is proving to all that they have failed a very basic test of human intelligence. That test is simply to use one’s O.I. (Own Intelligence) and do some real homework about “virus” myths and “vaccine” poisons such that one can learn the truth behind these conjoined lies. The truth that Big Pharma and their many minions are peddling pure poisons to all on Earth and making trillions upon trillions in profit over the past century of all these massive lies.

The sociopathic and psychopathic thugs who want to peddle their true poisons (aka “vaccines”) to all on Earth are not working in the interests of us 7.8 billion people, no. They are working to protect their own kind, that tiny minority of ultra-wealthy few who own and control most of the world’s resources and wealth. These people include Bill Gates who has poured his toxic money into key organizations behind the marketing push for the current global “plandemic” operation.


Ultra-Wealthy Eugenicists Declare War on Humankind

Gates (to hell, as many are saying) has long been an outspoken advocate of population reduction. He talks excitedly like a giddy little school boy about wanting to reduce the world’s population, including via his poisons (“vaccines”) that he now wants to peddle to all on Earth, whether we want them or not. He is not alone. Many ultra-wealthy people clearly share his eugenicist views. And then there are all the many willing servants of those ultra-wealthy few, all the many other rich and “connected” assholes, as well as all the military and police, who are working to enforce the new false death cult rules.

This literal death cult that is ruling the world at present sells fear and death as their “product” and their “service” to all. That is all they sell. It is as anti-culture and sub-human and deranged as anything that could be imagined. These people behind the current events (the international bankers, the Big Pharma and Big Tech corporations, the military-industrial complex, and the rest) are in truth deranged and evil in ways that are beyond most ordinary people’s imagination. It is not pretty to look at who these people are in truth, as they are all (and only) about fear and death. That’s their “message” to the world.


Earth to Humankind: WAKE UP and Use Your O.I.

Unfortunately, it seems that there are still too many of us who are not living up to the term “human” just yet. It seems that vast masses of people are still willing to crumble into abject, paralyzing fear and terror given enough constant, 24×7, brainwashing propaganda and screens of flashing red. Any and all who choose to expose themselves to such negative, false propaganda are choosing destruction of their O.I. and choosing to throw their own self-responsibility and self-determination out the windows.

It is NOT OK that people are still paying attention to the obviously lying mainstream news and lying governments. All who are doing so need to turn off the TV, turn off the anti-social media, turn off all of the “official” voices, and do some actual research about the truth of these events for themselves. AND DO IT NOW. We don’t have time any more to indulge the foolishness of masses who do not understand the true purpose of these current events, which are entirely and only about global totalitarianism.


Resist the Pyramid of Full Spectrum Technological Control

In only one human lifetime (80 years) the technological apparatus for manipulating and controlling the masses of humankind has come very far. Lies can now be sold 24×7 on a global scale with constant flashing images and “sound bites” to entrance the sheeple masses of humankind in paralyzing fear. Not forgetting the extraordinary level of surveillance and also mass censorship (magnitudes beyond the book burning in Nazi Germany) that is taking place 24×7 all around the world.

Four key corners of the “pyramid” of mass surveillance and censorship are corporations with names we all know well (listed here in chronological order of founding dates): Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook. These corporations are super-Nazi or beyond-Nazi, which is unequivocally proven by the many fascist actions taken by these exact corporations in recent years. They are all about full spectrum surveillance and absolute control over all of humankind. And so these corporations are only evil. Is it any wonder that Google’s own slogan used to be “don’t be evil” in perfect “Newspeak” style.

Due the significant existential threat that these four Big Tech corporations pose to all of humankind at this point in history every single human being needs to begin the process of ceasing use of any and all products and services they provide. This is quite obviously a huge task as it will include the following actions that might be seemingly impossible to many 21st century citizens (though remember that for thousands upon thousands of years humankind survived without any of the below mentioned tech junk, so humankind can certainly survive again without any of it):

* Throwing the “smart phone” (= “spy phone”) in the trash, or at the least only buying older models (or simple mobile phones) that can be effectively freed (by a technically capable person) from at least most corporate control (meaning the phone must be “jail broken” or “rooted”), such that a much higher level of privacy can still be maintained even while using said spy phone.

* Ceasing all use of the biggest anti-social media platform (= “surveillance advertising platform”) that is now a daily addiction of hundreds of millions of people, with many businesses depending upon said surveillance platform for their marketing and very survival (thus meaning those businesses would need to find alternative means of advertising and marketing themselves).

* Ceasing use of either big name proprietary computer operating system (break the panes of glass and toss the rotten fruit) by switching to free and open source operating systems that do not constantly spy on almost every virtual action of the user, with logs of all those actions sent “back to base” to be part of the permanent record of each and every person using either of those spyware-based operating systems.

* Ceasing using the biggest search engine who are well known to constantly manipulate the masses of humankind with their loaded “search results” [10] (always focusing on answers they want to give you) and who are involved in an incredible censorship campaign (on a vast global scale) of all information that does not agree with the prevailing political, economic, and social narratives being sold to the fool masses by corporate media and corporate-controlled governments.

To cease using the products and services from these four Big Tech corporations (that are cornerstones of the pyramid of surveillance and control) will obviously take real effort and won’t happen in an instant. However, if humankind does not (and by the billions) take the real time and effort to very decisively move on from these four Big Tech corporations (and all the many other similar corporations who are working to install this new global totalitarianism) then humankind will be choosing constant surveillance and constant manipulation by the dark motives driving these global corporations.


Globalist Organizations Declare Rule Over Planet Earth

Three key “international” (= “globalist”) organizations also need to be stopped through every legal means and every person on Earth must be properly informed about these literally evil entities: the WEF (World Enslavement Fools), the WHO (World Hysteria Organization), and the UN (Unelected Nazis). These organizations are principal ones behind the current “plandemic” and this (via the WEF and the WBCSD) very directly includes 200 of the most powerful corporations [11] on Earth with combined revenues of US$8.5 trillion per annum.

The WEF and the WBCSD make completely disingenuous claims about “putting people first” in their slick, world-class marketing propaganda. Yet it is quite obvious to anyone using their O.I. that the WEF and WBCSD actually put people very last. Big industry, robotics, automation, and the doing away with people as much as possible is quite clearly the motive of these literally evil organizations.

It is not a surprise that Google, Microsoft, and Apple are all members [12] of the WBCSD. Look through the list and you will see many familiar “big brand names”. Big Pharma is well represented, of course, as well as Big Chem, Big Food, Big Oil, and Big Consulting. These corporations are quite openly and quite literally working to enslave and destroy humankind and none of them can be trusted. None.

It is also no surprise that the global tax proposed by the UN (Unelected Nazis) at the end of March [13] of of at least 10% of all global GDP has still not had one iota of attention from mainstream press, lest the masses be alerted to the true nature of the recent events. The recent events are a global coup in broad daylight, and none of the events have anything to do with a “virus” (except the “virus” of fascism and totalitarianism).

This global coup is only about total control of the world and also evidently about the forced poisoning of even billions of human beings. Such evil has been planned for decades and we are now all seeing the fruition of these plans made by sociopathic and psychopathic thugs. To be ultra-wealthy is the height of thuggery, as only thugs work to accumulate and own and control so much. What possible human need is there for any such mode of life? It only causes massive toxicity in the world, terrible imbalance in all political, economic, and social matters, leading only to exactly the current situation of global insanity.


Pulling the Power Plug of the Globalist Thugs

We need to pull the plug on the assumed power of the sociopathic and psychopathic “ruling class” that is currently destroying all of our lives and destroying all of human society all around the world. It is extremely urgent that billions of people stop buying the lies and stop buying the products and services of the many corporations behind these dark events. We have given away our power by being consumers for decades now of all this false and destructive trash being sold by Big Corporate.

We, humankind, need to reclaim our inherent power by ceasing to fund our own enslavement, which really does mean stopping giving our money and life force to these evil corporations and starting to use our money and life force for more positive purposes. It will indeed take billions of us doing this and in a mere matter of months if the masses of humankind are to have a chance of anything like enjoyable life on planet Earth from here onwards. Now is the time. We are many. They are few. This is the truth. Wake up and help all you know wake up too. We must act now.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~




[2] and especially









[11] (see page 13 for summary details of the WBCSD)



Written by Free723

May 15, 2020 at 2:43 pm

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  1. …(the international bankers, the Big Pharma and Big Tech corporations, the military-industrial complex, and the rest) , and also secret institutions challenging all free governments .
    All have to be brave and say No to the mercantile advocates and blackmailers .


    May 24, 2020 at 1:43 pm

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